The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 979

Chapter 979 Destruction Of The Secret Realm

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Su Yu decided to resort to another method. He would temporarily divert the puppet.

His right eye shone with red light, and a wine-red flying dragon could be faintly seen hovering in it.

“Space Vortex!” Accompanied by a soft yell, a humongous Space Vortex appeared behind the giant puppet. The force of the vortex quickly began to suck the hundred-feet-tall giant in.

The giant seemed to have sensed the approaching crisis, as it shoved its hands thirty feet into the ground in an attempt to secure its entire body and resist the pulling force of the Space Vortex.

The giant was now alarmingly close to detonating. Seeing that they were hopeless in escaping the catastrophe, Su Yu flicked his sleeves and several silver-colored round balls shot out like ammo. They bombarded the body of the giant puppet, carrying strings of silver remnant shadows.

The body surface of the puppet hadn’t been affected by Gu Taixu’s assault, yet now it was being indented by eight round pearls. When the last yellow-blue pearl struck the puppet’s body, the giant could not resist it any longer. Its body was sent flying backward, and it fell into the Space Vortex.


Right at that moment, the giant exploded. Horrendous shock waves caused by the blast shook the region. The entire secret realm shuddered insanely as shock waves appeared everywhere. It was as if the space of the secret realm was about to collapse.


Boundless space power shrouded the people present at the scene. The secret realm must have detected that everyone had encountered a problem, and it triggered the space power in order to transport them out.

Su Yu used his mind to extract the round pearls. Just as he was about to leave, he realized that as the Space Vortex closed, a residual shock wave had gushed out with lots of the puppet’s fragments bundled in it. Su Yu’s eyes shone as he extracted the fragments. They belonged to the part of the puppet’s head and were made of a very unique material.

After touching them, Su Yu ascertained that they were made of the same material as the silver puppet which Su Yu had captured back in the Heavenly Mysterious Divine Pavilion.

“Who on earth was manipulating the puppet in secret?” Su Yu thought to himself.

He didn’t need to be too concerned with this matter, because Mo Tianxuan and the True Man of the Purple Cloud would place even more importance on it, and he would gladly leave the headache to them.

Just as he was about to store the fragments, all of a sudden, Su Yu sensed several whiffs of Vital Energy hidden within the puppet. He brushed aside the fragments to have a look. Much to his surprise, there were eight whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy in it!

With the giant puppet’s capacity, seizing only eight whiffs of Vital Energy in half a day’s time was most likely because it had withheld part of its strength. Otherwise, no one could hold it off besides Gu Taixu.

Su Yu’s eyes turned hot with desire. He took the Purple Cloud Vital Energy without any second thoughts and placed them on top of his head. The purple virtual shadow of the crown above his head became solid. There were 12 whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy in total, which were sufficient for attaining a crown.

Just then, they were all transported out. The instant they were back in the outside world, deafening rumbling noises resonated from beneath their feet. Wherever the naked eye could see, pitch-black, terrifying space seams were rupturing the space, engulfing the Purple Cloud Secret Realm.

It lasted for quite a while. When the tremor in the secret realm had dissipated, the entire Purple Cloud Secret Realm had been burnt to the ground, and all of the formations devised were gone without a trace.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud’s face was somber and glum. The elders of the Purple Cloud Palace didn’t look well either. Setting up in the Purple Cloud Secret Realm had cost the faction a great deal of their fortune, resources, and manpower. Now that it had sustained intentional devastation, how could they not be infuriated?

Nonetheless, they all also felt a little pleased and relieved. Based on their estimation, the number of casualties would have skyrocketed if the entire secret realm, or even just the Purple Cloud Palace, had been razed to the ground during the explosion. The secret realm was the only thing that was damaged, and that seemed to be the best possible outcome.

The problem was uncovering what had actually happened towards the end. Even Gu Taixu decided to give up on destroying the puppet, so why had the explosion diminished to such a mild degree? The people in charge of the factions were secretly asking their faction students about it.

After the great battle ended and the fuzzy mist dissipated, the students’ visions weren’t restricted anymore, enabling them to take in everything within the area of the nearest miles. They must have seen what had happened.

When they learned about the mysterious person with a silver mask from the Red Blood Palace who used the space power and the incredibly powerful pearls, the faction leaders were utterly stunned.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud raised his eyebrows and stared at Su Yu from afar. This was the first time he had truly scrutinized the person.

In fact, there were more than a few participants who wore masks during the selection, but Su Yu was the only one whose true appearance the True Man wanted to take a look at right now. The True Man stared at him as if trying to penetrate the silver mask with his vision. Much to True Man’s surprise and fascination, the mask wasn’t an ordinary object. What he saw was an expanse of emptiness.

“A space-based mask?” The True Man moved closer and fixed his gaze on Su Yu. Space-based masks were rare. They were not an item that a ninth-grade fairy student could afford.


But right at that moment, a gorgeous figure clad in a black dress teleported into the space between them. “True Man, if you keep staring at my student like that, he’s going to get shy.” Mo Tianxuan was half-smiling. Su Yu’s tactics just now weren’t a surprise to her. She had known about him being the Ancient Space Spiritual Body early on and was aware that it wouldn’t be a problem for him to perform mystical tactics like the Space Vortex.

The only problem was the nine round pearls he had used towards the end, which were of unknown origins. Those were Su Yu’s private treasure, so it was reasonable that she had never heard about them. Seeing the True Man’s attitude, Mo Tianxuan certainly had to get involved.

The True Man didn’t panic even when she stopped him. Instead, he smiled and said, “Palace Master Mo has misunderstood. I am just curious about whether he’s Master Su whose name is worldly renowned.”

Su Yu was mostly recognized by the world through his proficiency in Mu words. He had fought all the experts of the Heavenly Knife Region during the sacrifice offering of the Desolate Evil Jungle and had managed to defeat all of his opponents and seize back the territory that they had lost ten years ago. This phenomenal deed of his was known by the whole wide world.

After that, although the news about Su Yu revealing his hidden Ancient Space Spiritual Body during the battle at the Situ family was deliberately withheld, he still couldn’t escape the attention and notice of people.

“Exactly. Do you have any opinions on that, True Man?” Mo Tianxuan replied, feeling unusually proud.

Gu Taixu had always proclaimed himself the best expert of the younger generation of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands. But when the crisis concerning the life and death of the Purple Cloud Palace arose, the savior who came to their rescue was one from the Red Blood Palace, not the famous Gu Taixu.

Gu Taixu was incapable of stopping the puppet, but the Red Blood Palace managed to resolve the danger with ease. Was there anything more deserving of pride?

The True Man of the Purple Cloud was rather speechless. He said, “Congratulations on having a student like him, who is an Ancient Space Spiritual Body and proficient in Mu words. It’s hard to not be envious of you.” He was quite frank and honest about it.

“Master Su, thank you so much for your kind efforts in helping my faction to pull through the calamity.” the True Man greeted Su Yu with cupped fists, which was rather sincere considering that he was a True Man. “Here are some gifts to express my gratitude. I hope you can accept them, Master Su.”

The True Man retrieved a condensed gel wrapped in crystal from his sleeve. The gel came from ancient times and did not seem like an object from the last hundred years. Instead, it seemed to have been sealed within the crystal many years ago. The gel contained a mysterious energy, which instilled an extraordinary sense of comfort in people, even with the crystal as a barrier. Su Yu even had the vague feeling of experiencing the signs of a breakthrough into the Almighty level.

Before Su Yu could accept it, Mo Tianxuan said with a grave look on her face, “What do you mean, True Man? Are you trying to embarrass me by giving away such a thing as a gift?”

Su Yu was full of astonishment when he heard that… What is actually happening?