The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 98

Chapter 98: The cruel truth

Just what kind of constitution was that?

Su Yu's heart was beating fast, his mind utterly confused.

Was it a Yellow Class constitution? Or could it be a Dark Class constitution? Was it a legendary Heaven or Earth Class constitution?

After all, Su Yu's results were abnormalthe crystal ball was displaying two different results at the same time.


The red light flickered and a line of words was clearly reflected.

"Low Grade Abnormal Spirit constitution!"

Li Guang's pupils contracted, losing his voice to shock, "Abnormal Spirit constitution?"

Su Yu was lost. It was not within the four classes of Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow.

He was uneasy, nervously asking, "Holy King, is the Abnormal Spirit constitution suitable for cultivation?"

Coming back to his senses, Li Guang observed Su Yu as if seeing a monster for the first time. The edges of his mouth curled up, "It seems naturally suitable for cultivation!"

Su Yu finally eased his heavy heart! The grief in his heart was completely gone, replaced by a newfound excitement.

This would be his revival.

Xianer and Jingyu, wait for me! I, Su Yu, will also step on the Zhenlong continent!

Toning down the excitement in his heart, he pursed his lips, "Holy King, what is an Abnormal Spirit?"

"Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow constitutions cover the commonly seen constitutions, leaving out the rarer constitutions. These rare constitutions are all generally called Abnormal Spirits," Li Guang explained in shock, "Some special people cannot absorb spirit energy and have worthless spirits, but within their bodies contain special items, like ingested treasures, or immortal personas These treasures or personas can absorb spirit energy by themselves and help the owners cultivate it. These are Abnormal Spirits.

"You were tested to have a worthless spirit, which means you cannot absorb spirit energy by yourself. But a special item in your body can do that for you, and thus a second result appeared Abnormal Spirit."

Su Yu understood. If his guess was correct, the red liquid from the Nine-Dragon Cauldron had fused with his blood. He could not absorb spirit energy, but the mysterious red liquid could.

When Cao Xuan tested him, he had been labeled a Worthless Spirit.

That was because, after the test, Su Yu immediately had retracted his hand, leaving the crystal ball to display the words Abnormal Spirit.

Li Guang continued, "Abnormal Spirits are divided into high grade, medium grade, and low grade, based on their rate of absorption of spirit energy. But the lowest grade of Abnormal Spirits is equivalent to Medium Grade Yellow Class constitutions, the level Zhao Guang was at."

There was something Li Guang had left out. Abnormal Spirits were as rare as the Heaven and Earth classes and were often highly regarded.

This was due to the fact that most objects that could automatically absorb spirit energy were wondrous treasures, and thus their owners could have unbelievable power. They are unique.

Su Yu's incredible level of perception might have something to do with the special item within him. He smiled in relief. Not to mention MediumGrade Yellow Class constitution, Su Yu was confident that he could compete at the mainland, even with a Low Grade Yellow constitution!

"The Garuda has left. Follow me and Xu Rong to the Zhenlong continent," Li Guang said before he lifted his head to look at Xu Rong.

Xu Rong coldly nodded, she agreed Su Yus' fate should not end here. He would ultimately step onto the Zhenlong continent.

Two days later, they hurried to the edge of the Fenghuang empire, facing the vast ocean.

The two Holy Kings combined their holy powers, awakening a great deep sea turtle from its slumber. This turtle was the same one they had taken here a hundred years ago.

"The journey is long, twenty days. I don't have many days to live, and will spend all my effort teaching you," Li Guang said. He sternly looked at Su Yu as they boarded the turtle.

Su Yu thanked him in gratitude. The Holy King had a month to live, this would be his last chance to teach Su Yu.

Sitting down, Su Yu attentively listened to the Holy King.

"Your level of perception is out of the ordinary, and you have learned ice and thunder techniques. Your techniques are magnificent and I cannot critique them. All I can give you are pointers about the path your cultivation should follow.

"The realm of the Holy Kings is split into seven levels; the secret is to improve your physical limits. For example, why did the strongest weapon in your arsenal, the Purple Star Thunderbolt, only leave Xu Rong with minor wounds? That was because her physical body had already surpassed a mortal's.

"Thus, after you enter the realm of the Holy King, passing on to the next level is secondary. Absorbing spirit energy to improve your physical limits is the most important. Otherwise, you will never reach the realm of the Dragon."

Li Guang spoke of valuable experiences, and Su Yu would keep them forever etched in his heart.

"Within the Liuxian Faction, there are four techniques to boost your spirit energy. Of those, three are deity level techniques. A book with the name Thousand Thread Mantra is the remnant of a spirit level technique. With your level of perception, you should choose spirit level techniques to cultivate and boost your spirit energy. This would be greatly beneficial for your future push into the Realm of the Dragon."

Su Yu creased his brows slightly, "Are there no complete spirit level techniques?"

Li Guang laughed, "You think spirit level techniques are like cabbages on the street? Mortal level techniques are split into basic, medium, advanced, saint, and deity levels. Spirit level techniques can also be divided. Spirit level techniques are split into legacy, immortal, and legendary levels.

"In the Liuxian Faction, Holy Kings can only come into contact with fractions of legacy level techniques. Your Purple Star Thunderbolt is a fragment of a legacy level technique. Only powerful warriors within the realm of the Dragon can come into contact with the entire legacy level technique."

Su Yu was surprised. Was a complete legacy level technique so difficult to obtain?

"What about immortal level and legendary level techniques?" Su Yu asked.

Li Guang thought for a moment before saying, "It is rumored that the master of the faction has a fragment of an immortal level technique. As for legendary level techniques, they are but the stuff of legends.

"Thus, it would be good for you to give Thousand Thread Mantra a read. Every person who had broken through to the Realm of the Dragon had read the Thousand Thread Mantra.

"Lastly, your Holy Decree is very special." Li Guang looked almost confused, "There's a unique rhythm to your Holy Decree, never before seen, even in the Holy Decrees of Seventh Level Holy Kings. I hope you can continue developing your Holy Decree, and perhaps one day you could achieve a breakthrough."

Holy Decree? Su Yu's Holy Decree was born from the elder in the wall painting. Could the Holy Decree pictured in that mural be extremely special?

In the next twenty days, Su Yu achieved much progress with the help of the Holy King.

After a good two weeks, the Zhenlong continent's shore came into view like a great monster rising from the waves.

Su Yu awoke from his state of cultivation, his eyes flickering with excitement.

The thirteen saint grade elixirs and the valuable divine grade elixir given to him by Xianer had been fully internalized with the help of Li Guang's spirit energy.

Su Yu's cultivation level had risen from Level Eight Upper Tier to Level Nine Upper Tier!

The divine grade elixir had unbelievable effects. Under the speedup of time, Su Yu had attained considerable progress with Purple Star Thunderbolt and his Holy Decree.

Equivalent to eleven years of learning, he had finally touched the border of Stage One Top Class for Purple Star Thunderbolt. A few more days of practice and he may breakthrough.

His Holy Decree had gone from saint grade to nearly divine grade, with just a bit more to go.

Su Yu was grateful. The Holy King had gone from taunting and berating Su Yu, to becoming a treasured mentor in his final days. Both he and the Duke of Xianyu had given him a new lease on life, providing him the opportunities to change his life.

Without them, Su Yu might still be a student in the martial arts training institute.

"Xu Rong, please, help me bring Xi Ruolan a message. Before I return to the faction, I wish to meet with her privately." Li Guang would not immediately return to the faction after reaching the shore. Instead, he wanted to see Xi Ruolan.

He had less than ten days left to live, he couldn't wait for the faction to investigate. He wanted to meet Xi Ruolan to tell her the whole truth.

Xu Rong nodded, "Alright."

Their meeting point would be where they currently stood, as it was close to Li Guang's family.

His family resided at the top of the mountain range. They were a family close to the Liuxian faction, famous for their levels of cultivation. Returning from Shenyue Island after a hundred years, Li Guang naturally had to visit his family before he died.

"Su Yu, before I die, I will definitely arrange a path for you in the faction." Li Guang had a charitable smile.

After spending two weeks with Su Yu, he had grown fond of Su Yu's wit and personality.

It caused regret to stir in his heart. All the other Holy Disciples were his personal disciples, but Su Yu, from the start until now, had never called him his teacher.

Li Guang had not spent much time with Su Yu and had taught him far too little, and he had felt that it was inappropriate for Su Yu to call him his teacher...

But on his deathbed, he wished he could hear those words just once

Li Guang stood with his hands behind his back, looking toward the vast ocean with a little disappointment.

According to the plan, Xi Ruolan could reach the meeting place within two days.

But, she had not come.

"Xi Ruolan Does she still hate me?" Li Guang sighed. The person he had loved for a hundred years would not even give him the chance to explain himself on his deathbed. This was his life's greatest regret.

Su Yu's purple eyes scanned the horizon, "The person you are waiting for may have finally come."

The Holy King looked in the direction Su Yu was facing. After a while, he clearly saw a human figure.

Su Yu's vision, after the transformation of the Nine-Dragon Cauldron, had improved tremendously. In the past, he could only see up to five miles. Now he could see clearly up to twenty miles away.

At this moment, a woman flew over.

She was dressed in a colorful robe, noble and elegant. Her appearance was gentle and prudent.

As she landed, a sweet fragrance spread into the surroundings.

"Ruo Lan" Li Guang's voice was shaking, his old frame trembling.

He could not pull his eyes away from her.

The woman before him was the lover he had pined for over a hundred years, Xi Ruolan!

She was a Seventh Level Holy King, her biological limits far superior to a mortal's. Thus, she only looked forty even after a hundred years had passed.

Li Guang was a Second Level Holy King, his biological limits were only a little above a mortal's and so he was old and haggard.

Compared to Li Guang, Xi Ruolan was calm. Her eyes showed no emotion.

"Li Guang, you have become old," Xi Ruolan's cold tone was unfeeling.

The strang tone of voice brought Li Guang back to his senses.

His face was laced with bitterness. After a hundred years, any love or relationship they once had was gone.

"Xi Ruolan, I invited you here to explain that the incident years ago was not caused by me! It was Han Zhi! You do not be deceived by him! Please, leave him as soon as possible!" Li Guang recollected himself, his voice high-pitched with anxiety, "Now i have obtained the Liuxian Token. I will ask the master to investigate the matter thoroughly and our names will be cleared."

Xi Ruolan calmly looked over, her gentle eyes encircled with a cold glow. "Yes, I know Han Zhi violated me, not you," She said, her face unfeeling and distant.

Li Guang froze as if he had been struck by lightning. "You you knew it was Han Zhi and not me? Then why did you never say so? Why would you marry Han Zhi!?"

Xi Ruolan was silent for a moment, "Because after Han Zhi He said it would never happen again, that he would take me as his woman and help me cultivate my skills He just, he made me promise to blame it on you," she murmured.


Li Guang's brain ached!

He had once thought Xi Ruolan had been lied to and that she thought he was the violator.

But the truth was that Xi Ruolan had framed him, together with Han Zhi!


He had waited for a hundred yearsjust to prove to Xi Ruolan that he, Li Guang, was innocent.

But after waiting for a hundred years, he now learned the cruel truth!

"Xi Ruolan, were you forced by Han Zhi?" Li Guang could not accept it. He would not believe his once-love, the light that had kept him going for so long, was involved in the defamation of his name.

Xi Ruolan was unfeeling, her expression getting colder by the minute.

Su Yu supported the Holy King, his eyes harboring a merciless aura, "What a selfish woman, betraying her love for her future. Holy King, you do not need to demean yourself! You should be more concerned about why she's finally here to see you!"

Li Guang's heart skipped a beat!

Xi Ruolan had confessed to everything, how could she leave any witnesses?

Xi Ruolan's reason for coming today was to kill him!

She was a Seventh Level Holy King, Li Guang was only a Second Level Holy King. The difference in ability was heaven and Earth!

She could exterminate them with a flick of her finger!

Li Guang would not even have the ability to fight back!

"Li Guang, how great would it have been if you had died of old age at Shenyue Island? Why must you force my hand?" Xi Ruolan calmly lifted a finger.

Her killing intent materialized on the tips of her fingers.

At that moment, Su Yu felt a tingle in his spine. His body went ramrod straight!

With just a finger, he was paralyzed.