The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 980

Chapter 980 Reward For The Champion

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Gongsun Wuxie delivered her words through telepathy. “Brother Yuxian, that’s a great item, accept it quickly! It’s a gel from ancient times, produced by some strong demonic beasts that had become deceased. When their bodies perished, the essence contained in them was enclosed by the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, which prevented it from draining away. As time passed and they sedimented, the spiritual energy became denser, eventually forming crystalline bodies, leaving behind all of the essences of the demonic beasts.”

“Such gel is the purest form of energy and can be directly absorbed by not just humans, but any living creatures. It has a great effect on breaking through the bottleneck!” she said. “Depending on the size of the gel, at the very least it contains the energy of All Creations Stage One demonic beast. After ingesting it, you could surely make it into the Almighty level.”

There were two requirements for breaking through to the Almighty. The first was Soul Energy. Most people were restricted by this threshold, hence they failed to pass up to the Almighty level. The second was the power of one’s Vital Energy. Once the Dantian expanded to a point where it reached its limit, and was at a state at which it couldn’t accommodate anything more, the Dantian would undergo drastic changes and evolve into a fetal crystal. Su Yu had accomplished the former. Now all that was left was the latter.

However, Su Yu owned one-tenth of the Mortal Fairy’s Strength of the Central Prefecture’s King, which was even purified by the Tree God’s leaf with a power that was no weaker than the gel’s. Although the gel was precious, it wasn’t exactly important to Su Yu.

Su Yu could understand the reason behind Mo Tianxuan’s anger. An outstanding student of the Red Blood Palace, stuck at the bottleneck of ninth-grade fairy wasn’t rewarded, yet was receiving special help from the Purple Cloud Palace. Wouldn’t an outsider think that the excellent students of the Red Blood Palace ended up needing help from other factions? Su Yu was amused as he came to the realization.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud still had a smile on his face. “It’s not right to say that, Palace Master Mo. The Purple Cloud Palace owes Master Su a debt of gratitude. What he needs the most right now must be the great remedy to break through to the Almighty. This is also the biggest reward the Purple Cloud Palace can give. We hope Palace Master Mo won’t stop us.”

Once he had finished talking, he passed the gel over to Su Yu with an outstretched hand. Su Yu smiled, completely ignoring the warning look in Mo Tianxuan’s eyes. He accepted it graciously. “Thanks a lot, True Man,” he said.

Mo Tianxuan was annoyed. Does this fellow want to embarrass me in front of outsiders? Her pride had vanished into nothingness in an instant.

Mo Tianxuan gritted her teeth and flashed a smile. “Su Yuxian, you have made a great contribution this time. Not only did you save the Red Blood Palace, but also all of the students from different factions right here. You even saved the Purple Cloud Palace. You deserve a hefty reward!”

“I’ll especially reward you with a million merit points, besides…” Mo Tianxuan fetched a fiery red hairpin from her hair and handed it to Su Yu. “This is the hairpin that I always carry with me. It’s been with me all year, and it contains an amount of magical power. You take it as a life-saving item.”

The True Man of the Purple Cloud was slightly stunned by her act. How could the hairpin be that simple? It had traces of being instilled with All Creations Mighty Force over a long period of time.

He could sense that the hairpin could at least unleash the destructive power of All Creations Stage Three once it erupted, which was similar to the self-explosion of the puppet just now. Yet Mo Tianxuan had given such a dangerous item to a student to simply manipulate him. This made the True Man of the Purple Cloud marvel inwardly. Mo Tianxuan truly went to great lengths to keep her pride.

Some had astonished looks on their faces. Hairpins had a special meaning to a woman. As a single woman, Mo Tianxuan presented her hairpin, which she carried all the time, to a man. It was rather inappropriate. Nonetheless, was anyone daring enough to voice their doubts?

“This student is truly fortunate to receive such good care from Palace Master Mo,” the True Man of the Purple Cloud Palace said. He looked at the disheveled secret realm and glanced at the students. He said, “The Fengyun Great Assembly can’t continue anymore. Now we can announce the closing in advance.”

Mo Tianxuan had no objection to that. She nodded and said, “Of course, more than a hundred individuals have been eliminated. It can end here.”

Long before the puppet exploded on its own, more than a hundred had been eliminated already. In other words, there were less than a hundred people remaining in the secret realm now, so the competition could be considered finished.

“Hold on!” Suddenly, a soft bellow sounded.

People turned to look in the direction of the voice, and strange looks appeared on their faces. The one who spoke was none other than Gu Taixu! It was a humiliation to him that the crisis he failed to solve had been settled by an outsider.

“What do you mean?” The True Man of the Purple Cloud asked.

Gu Taixu stared right at Su Yu, and said, “I just think that before the Fengyun Great Competition ends, it’s necessary to thoroughly investigate who started the trouble!”

Upon hearing that, many people came to understand his meaning.

Mo Tianxuan’s eyes turned cold. “Oh? You suspect that our Red Blood Palace’s student, Su Yuxian, has caused trouble on purpose and stepped forth to resolve it, in order to gain fame?”

Indeed, Su Yuxian was a nobody in terms of cultivation, but he happened to achieve something that Gu Taixu could not, which put him under suspicion.

However, Gu Taixu replied indifferently, “No, I do not believe he is capable of that!” Apparently, they had misunderstood what Gu Taixu meant.

Mo Tianxuan was surprised. “What did you mean then?”

“I just want to expose the person behind the scene!” Gu Taixu scanned the remaining prodigies with cold eyes, and said gravely, “This person is most probably one of us who showed up later.” After the crisis, none of the students had been transported out until the very end when everyone was transported at once. Undoubtedly, the puppet’s manipulator was among them.

Even though Su Yuxian ruined Gu Taixu’s reputation, the person behind the scene was the root of all troubles.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud and Mo Tianxuan exchanged glances, and then the True Man stepped forward. Slowly, he said, “The person-in-charge of our faction will surely investigate. You may step down first.”

Such a drastic twist had occurred to the Fengyun Great Assembly of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands. How could the two of them let it go just like that? However, so far, there wasn’t any evidence to target the person who did it, so they were at a loss at what to do, and could only call upon the people in charge of the factions to investigate one another.

Gu Taixu nodded and gazed intensely at Su Yu before slowly stepping back.

“In that case, the Fengyun Great Assembly has come to an end. Now, all students who still have their Purple Cloud Vital Energy, please step forward,” the True Man of the Purple Cloud shouted.

One by one, the students stepped forward. But the number of individuals was far less than 100: there was only around 60 of them. Most of them possessed two whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy, and quite a number of them even had more than three whiffs, especially the students of the Purple Cloud Palace. Almost no one had only obtained one, which roused the jealousy of the eliminated students.

The rule stated that just one whiff was enough to make it past the qualifying round. Why had they needed extra?

The first ones to be inspected were students from small factions, who mostly only had one or two whiffs. Occasionally some could be seen with three, which was remarkable.

Wei Bufan, the first genius of the Soul Seizing Palace, was worth mentioning. To outsiders, he was only an eighth-grade Almighty, but under the Transparent Eye, Su Yu detected the traces of ninth-grade Almighty. He had acquired the most Purple Cloud Vital Energy out of 18 students, which was four whiffs!

“Not bad!” The True Man of the Purple Cloud gave him a praising smile.

“You compliment me too much, True Man,” Wei Bufan said, calm and composed.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud nodded, and looked at Mo Tianxuan. “Your faction and mine are the only two left now. Shall we check yours first, or mine?”

Mo Tianxuan snorted. “Whichever. The final rewards of the secret realm have all been occupied by the Purple Cloud Palace. It doesn’t matter who’s checked first.”

Su Yu’s eyes shone when he heard that…There really are rewards at the end of the secret realm. No wonder all the Purple Cloud Palace students put in their best efforts to obtain more Purple Cloud Vital Energy. He wasn’t certain if he could make it into the ranking with the 12 whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy that he had.