The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 981

Chapter 981 The Divine Art Relic

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Just as expected, the inspection showed that the amount of Purple Cloud Vital Energy obtained by the Purple Cloud Palace students was indeed enough to rouse the jealousy of others.

Ten of the students who had been inspected had at least three whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy, while the strongest, Gu Taixu and Lü Chuyi, were yet to be checked.

“Yi-er, let us look at yours,” the True Man of the Purple Cloud said with a smile. He was especially benevolent toward Lü Chuyi.

Lü Chuyi fetched her Purple Cloud Vital Energy, but there were only two of them. In other words, she had only robbed one person.

“Why is there only one whiff?” True Man questioned, still smiling.

Lü Chuyi face reddened as she replied, “I think that it’s enough to rob from just one person. There’s no need to ruin others’ future.”

Her words pulled at Su Yu’s heartstrings. She really was the Lü Chuyi whom he had known.

The True Man smiled and shook his head as if he was assured about her yet powerless to control her. He looked over at Gu Taixu. Everyone’s gaze followed his. Gu Taixu was the strongest individual of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, so the amount of Purple Cloud Vital Energy he obtained was something to pay attention to.

“Needless to say, Senior Brother Gu will surely be the champion for the Purple Cloud Secret Realm this time.” a pretty female student cast him a longing look.

“Right, Senior Brother Gu has been the champion every year, there’s no doubt.” A male student from the Purple Cloud Palace was smiling bitterly, yet respectful at the same time.

Without any expression on his face, Gu Taixu tapped on the top of his head, and a mass of dazzling violet light flickered slowly. “Ten whiffs!” many people exclaimed. In such an environment, it was difficult enough to find just one person, let alone rob them of their Purple Cloud Vital Energy. Acquiring ten whiffs was truly an exceptional performance. However, the students of the Purple Cloud Palace all looked placid, as if they did not find it unusual at all.

“Senior Brother Gu was held up by the giant puppet that turned up suddenly; otherwise, based on past experience, he could have at least gotten 15.” A female student tried to justify his performance, but it never occurred to her that others had been held up as well.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud flashed a smile of satisfaction. There couldn’t be any more suspense, now that he had gotten ten whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy in merely half a day.

The Red Blood Palace was up next.

Compared to the 16 other factions, students of the Red Blood Palace surely had greater performances, but they were at a disadvantage when compared to the Purple Cloud Palace.

Many had only robbed one whiff of Vital Energy and had hidden until the end of the Fengyun Great Assembly. There were not many who had robbed two to three whiffs, only ten people or so, and so far no one with more than four whiffs of Vital Energy had appeared.

“I remember, you have the surname Bai, and your name is Shanliang, right?” The True Man of the Purple Cloud walked up to Bai Shanliang and smiled. In contrast to the other students, his attitude toward him was rather unusual.

Bai Shanliang laughed. “It’s my great honor that the True Man knows me.”

When everyone focused on him, his usually pallid face was extraordinarily florid, the redness almost gleaming through the white of his skin. Combined with his handsome face, he appeared remarkably charming, attracting looks of interest from many female students.

“Haha, show us your Purple Cloud Vital Energy,” the True Man of the Purple Cloud said.

Bai Shanliang nodded with a smile, and a mass of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy materialized above his head. It was far less spectacular compared to Gu Taixu’s, but better than the others nonetheless.

“Five whiffs of Purple Cloud Vital Energy?” Many were astounded. This was the person who was in second place after Gu Taixu.

Among those who were eliminated, five geniuses were lying on the ground, whimpering with green faces as they spluttered white froth. They glowered at Bai Shanliang from afar, with eyes full of contempt and hatred. Their faces told stories of their tragic experiences, and how Bai Shanliang used the most shameless, despicable means to poison their entire team.

“Not bad,” the True Man of the Purple Cloud said in praise. If one mastered the poisoning techniques well, it was very suitable for killing enemies in a broad area.

The True Man looked at the remaining people.

Gongsun Wuxie had gotten two whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy, whereas Senior Sister Tianyu had obtained four whiffs. Bing Wuxin had got six whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy, which stupefied many.

The True Man nodded to compliment her, then his gaze settled on Bing Wuqing, and some complex emotions flashed through his eyes. “Bing Wuqing, how about you?” True Man asked.

Bing Wuqing was as gentle as the calm water as she tapped lightly on the top of her head, revealing two whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy. One of them belonged to her, while the other one was stolen.

“Only one?” The True Man of the Purple Cloud was slightly surprised. As a strong opponent who had defeated Lü Chuyi and the first Heaven Ruler of the Red Blood Palace, she had only gotten one whiff of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy. It was a jaw-dropping surprise.

Bing Wuqing flashed a tender smile. “Yes, with Junior Brother Su here, no matter how hard I tried, I would never be able to rival him, so why waste the effort?”

Her words stunned many people. Did she, the strongest individual of the Red Blood Palace, truly think that Su Yuxian’s cultivation was greater than hers? Was that possible?

Gu Taixu could not help but look dispassionately at Su Yu, his brows slightly creased.

Many other people glanced at him too. This fellow who has saved the day at the final juncture, how much Purple Cloud Vital Energy could he have gotten?

Su Yu smiled, and a huge mass of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy naturally materialized above his head. A mass of glaring violet splendor appeared before everyone’s eyes. “Twelve whiffs!” Someone exclaimed. The violet splendor that was even more magnificent than Gu Taixu’s had all eyes on it.

“How is that possible?” People of the Purple Cloud Palace could not believe the final result. Even the True Man of the Purple Cloud was slightly stunned. Obviously, he had not expected that Su Yu would get that much Purple Cloud Vital Energy.

Only two people understood.

One of them was Senior Brother Liu. He had painstakingly procured three whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy, and when they were added to his own he had four whiffs altogether. All four had been plundered by Su Yu.

The other one was the puppet that controlled the giant. He had used such vastly strong power to acquire seven whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy, and in the end, all of them were taken away by Su Yu.

Mo Tianxuan’s eyes shone with delight. Su Yu had given her another surprise without her even realizing.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud was stunned for a moment before he collected himself and said, “Twelve whiffs! Master Su, you really took me by surprise!”

In the past Fengyun Great Assemblies, Gu Taixu was always the one in the first place, yet an outsider had replaced him this year. The people of the Purple Cloud Palace, and Gu Taixu himself, did not look very pleased.

“True Man, shouldn’t you present a reward to my student?” Mo Tianxuan was half-smiling.

The look on the True Man’s face was slightly unnatural. “Right, that’s right.” Conspicuously, even the True Man of the Purple Cloud was rather reluctant to give away the reward for the champion. The reward had belonged to Gu Taixu.

“Erhem, everyone, the Fengyun Great Assembly has come to an end. Based on our past custom, the champion will be qualified to comprehend the divine art for a day,” the True Man of the Purple Cloud said, “Now, congratulations to our Master Su for receiving this opportunity.”

Divine art? Su Yu thought he had heard it wrongly. What is that?

At that moment, the True Man spoke, “The Great Assembly is over. Students can rest on the Third Summit while waiting to be summoned for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. Elders, please make the proper arrangements for them.”

Once he had finished speaking, he glanced at the people in charge of the factions. “Those of you in charge, I’m afraid we’ll have to properly discuss the matter regarding the puppet just now.”

Everyone nodded. Their students had nearly been sacrificed too. How could they allow the true murderer to escape?

When Mo Tianxuan passed by Su Yu, she spoke through telepathy, “Stay here and don’t go anywhere, I need to talk to you later, alone.”

Another talk? Su Yu could not help but ponder on what Mo Tianxuan meant.

Most people had followed the elders of the Purple Cloud Palace to return to the Third Summit to rest, but many had stayed behind too.

“Master Su, forgive me for my carelessness, I didn’t recognize you previously, so I’ve come to greet you specially. I’d like to know if you have time? Our great senior brother would like to meet you.” A faction student under the jurisdiction the Red Blood Palace had come forward to chat with him. He pointed at the tall, well-built youth behind him.

Su Yu scowled slightly. The incident just now had indeed made him famous. Previously he was merely Master Su that no one regarded with any importance, but now he had become a popular figure that many wanted to get to know.

“I’m preoccupied with some matters, so I’m unavailable for the time being. Please forgive me.” Su Yu rejected him tactfully.

Beside him, Gongsun Wuxie was far less gracious than he was. With disdain, she said, “Cheh! Which faction has such great honor to invite my brother Yuxian over?”

The student who had invited Su Yu to meet his senior brother looked awkward. It wasn’t that his great senior brother did not want to take the initiative to come over, but he was reluctant because Su Yu was surrounded by many strong individuals.

His great senior brother thought the chance of an audience were slim but was unwilling to embarrass himself, so he sent him to come and give it a try. Such an outcome was totally within their expectations. He left rather reluctantly, and the hesitant people around them immediately banished the thought of doing something similar. The crowd dissipated gradually. In the end, only those of the Red Blood Palace were left.

Su Yu had helped the Red Blood Palace secure its reputation twice. As a student of the Red Blood Palace, he naturally felt a sense of pride.

Many who used to dislike Su Yu let go of their displeasure and took the initiative to step forward and greet him. What they were most concerned with was certainly Su Yu’s true capacity as they kept testing him. But Su Yu kept things strictly to himself, so not much useful information was divulged. With the small talk over, one by one they went back to rest.

“Junior Brother Su, congratulations! The divine art at the Purple Cloud Palace is far more effective than it is for the common people.” Bing Wuqing walked up to him. Her fragrant aroma arrived before she did.

Divine art? Su Yu was very curious about what the divine art actually was, but Bing Wuqing only flashed a light smile before brushing past Su Yu. She was reluctant to speak more about it.

Gongsun Wuxie cast a hostile look at her back, and said quietly, “Brother Yuxian, never be tempted by this woman! She’s not a good woman who speaks what she thinks.”

Su Yu already knew that. This woman was a master at scheming, which made Su Yu despise her. She was always calculating and plotting, even during the adventure in the secret realm. With her ability, what was so difficult about acquiring the Purple Cloud Vital Energy? The reason she had only stolen one was to reserve her capacity so that no one could decipher her real background.

“I understand,” Su Yu said, and shot a look at Bing Wuxin subconsciously, “Are you alright?” He had not seen her in the secret realm, which was rather worrisome.

Bing Wuxin turned her head to the other side and snorted. “Just go and care about her. Why ask me?” She was still bothered by Su Yu’s relationship with Bing Wuqing.

After thinking for a moment, Su Yu retrieved the crystal gel and said, “This thing may serve you some benefits.” Su Yu had a leaf that contained one-tenth of the Mortal Fairy’s Strength, so he did not need the crystal gel. Gongsun Wuxie’s cultivation would always remain at the ninth-grade fairy stage due to the immortal spiritual medicine inside her, so the crystal gel was useless to her as well.

An unnatural look flashed in Bing Wuxin’s cold eyes. “Humph, this was given to you by the True Man of the Purple Cloud. Why are you giving it to me?” Bing Wuxin asked, but then her gloomy face brightened up all of a sudden. She looked happier than she had in a long time. She hadn’t realized that even her voice had turned lively.

Gongsun Wuxie pouted her small mouth. “Brother Yuxian, I want it too,” she said.