The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 982

Chapter 982 Whos The Bully?

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Bing Wuxin raised her eyebrows and snatched the crystal gel away with her jade-like hand. Before she could think, the crystal gel was already on her palm. Bing Wuxin’s pretty face was slightly reddened with panic, and she pretended to be cool. “I changed my mind!” she said. She leaped into the Void and took flight.

“Junior Brother, congratulations on getting the beauty. I wish you a happy marriage,” Bai Shanliang said with a smile, “When the two of you get married, remember to invite me to the wedding. Of course, as your most respected senior brother, I’m more than willing to help you manage the gifts presented by the guests.”

Get lost! Su Yu only had two words for him.

“Brother Yuxian, I was right, wasn’t I?” After Bai Shanliang left with the smile still on his face, Gongsun Wuxie twitched her lips, looking cunning. Whether openly or secretly, she had always been matchmaking Su Yu and Bing Wuxin, helping Su Yu to win Bing Wuxin’s heart. Now, the more Gongsun Wuxie acted like an enemy to Bing Wuxin, the quicker their relationship blossomed.

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with worry. He didn’t care if Bing Wuxin was still there anymore.

“Wuxie, listen to me.” Su Yu looked into Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes seriously and inhaled a light breath, uncertain about how he should speak to Gongsun Wuxie about it. Would she think that he was cheating on her and Bing Wuxin’s feelings?

Gongsun Wuxie flashed a sweet lovely smile. “Yes, Wuxie is very willing to be a chatterbox for Brother Yuxian.”

After some hesitation, Su Yu said, “Wuxie, I’ve never told anyone about this. You’re the first. I hope you can pass it on to Bing Wuxin when you have the chance.”

Gongsun Wuxie was smiling at first, but now her eyes shone brightly and her face grew serious.

“In fact, my real name is Su Yu, this you have been told. What you don’t know is that I came here from another world. In that world, I have a sworn student and a close female friend, who had followed me to the Central Prefecture. We encountered danger and have been separated ever since. I’ve sent people to search for them, and there’ll probably be news very soon.”

As he spoke, Su Yu paid attention to Gongsun Wuxie’s facial expression. Her face had grown even more solemn, which made Su Yu feel deeply apologetic. Perhaps, Gongsun Wuxie thought that Su Yu had been deliberately keeping it a secret for so long.

“I have no intention of forming relationships with other women besides them. As for Bing Wuxin, it’s merely a coincidence. In the future, you don’t have to matchmake us anymore, otherwise at the end of the day, it’ll only hurt her feelings,” he said. Su Yu gave a deep sigh and prepared himself for a telling off as he looked at Gongsun Wuxie, whose face was becoming more grave.

But after a long while, Gongsun Wuxie still had not said anything.

As he sighed, Su Yu said, “That’s all I have to say. I hope you find a chance to talk to Bing Wuxin about it.”

What surprised Su Yu was that after a long pause, Gongsun Wuxie blinked and asked, “That’s all?”

Su Yu was slightly stunned. “Yes, I’m done with what I wanted to say.”

Gongsun Wuxie appeared rather puzzled. “That was what you’ve wanted to tell me?” As the young cliff master of the Severed Fairy Cliff, she had seen numerous wives of her father. Women who depended on him were as numerous as a cow’s fur. In her opinion, it was totally normal for the strong ones to have beautiful women depending on them. She had no problem with that. She could not help but feel strange when he heard Su Yu talking about the matter with such solemnity and severity.

“Erm, isn’t that important enough?” Su Yu asked, slightly startled.


Gongsun Wuxie covered her mouth and laughed. “Hahaha. Brother Yuxian, I kept feeling like you’ve been keeping something from us, which made you hold back your words a few times. Was it all because of this?”

Su Yu nodded, confused.

“Hehe, Brother Yuxian doesn’t need to worry. Unless extraordinarily outstanding, the women in this world would accept the current custom, and Sister Wuxin is no exception,” Gongsun Wuxie said.

Su Yu wasn’t any happier after hearing this and felt even more heavy-hearted. He didn’t want to develop unnecessary relationships with women other than Xian-er and Jingyu. He had already hurt both of them enough when he was swinging back and forth between the two of them, and Su Yu did not wish to do it all over again.

“Wuxie, still, please deliver my message,” Su Yu said sternly.

Gongsun Wuxie chuckled. “I won’t! You do it yourself if you want!” She giggled softly and flew away playfully.

When they were nearing the Third Summit, Gongsun Wuxie’s lips curved upwards. “Hehe, Sister Wuxin is such a proud and dignified woman. How would she allow her man to have another woman? At first, I was worried that Bing Wuxin wouldn’t tolerate me. Now it seems like Brother Yuxian already has women, and there are two of them. Regardless of her wishes, Sister Wuxin has to tolerate it! In that case, if she can tolerate them, she’ll surely tolerate me too. Hehe, what ground-breaking great news.”

“Now I have to keep matchmaking them. Once Sister Wuxin loses control, she’ll certainly work on getting rid of those two women. But she’s alone and lacking a partner, and who else could be that partner beside me, her smart, cute little best friend? Hahahaha, I am just way too smart.” Gongsun Wuxie laughed as she faced the sky, looking like she was the one-and-only choice.

Su Yu, who knew nothing about it, was quietly waiting on his spot.

An hour later, turbulence occurred in the space in front of Su Yu, and a willowy, gorgeous figure clad in a black dress strode out from the seam.

“Caught the real murderer?” Su Yu said with his arms around his chest. He was calm, having quickly noticed the abnormality of the space.

Mo Tianxuan stood floating, and replied indifferently, “No, they were prepared and have left no trails behind. One thing for sure is that the person who manipulated the puppet is one of the sixty of you who have fortunately survived.”

Su Yu sank into deep thoughts. If this person didn’t have the second giant puppet to manipulate, he or she would cause no harm even after making it into the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. But what if they did have the second one? Such powerful combat power was not something to be slighted.

“Alright, then what do you want to talk to me about?” Su Yu asked. With Mo Tianxuan, in such situations where there was no one else, he could be open and honest and did not need to refrain from saying anything he wished to say.

Mo Tianxuan laughed coldly, stretching out a hand. “What do you think? My hairpin, give it back to me!”

Su Yu laughed out of anger. “You’re taking back the hairpin that you gave me in front of everyone? Aren’t you afraid of embarrassing yourself?” What kind of leader was she? Sneakily asking for the treasure that she had given away openly to be returned. The hairpin contained one full-force blow of the All Creations Stage Three Old Monster and was a phenomenal life-saving amulet. Now that it had fallen into Su Yu’s hands, why would he return it so easily?

“I want it. Are you going to fight me?” Mo Tianxuan sneered. With a flick of her index finger, a red light flashed in Su Yu’s arms, and the fiery red hairpin broke through the air and landed on her palm.

Su Yu was vexed. “You’re a shameless woman!!”

Mo Tianxuan’s style of handling matters truly baffled Su Yu. Any other woman who wished to uphold her reputation would never commit such an act.

“How dare you scold me? Kiddo, I’ve put up with you enough today! Tang Ling and Liu Zhi got ousted because of you. I haven’t settled it with you yet,” she said. “And you accepted the True Man of the Purple Cloud’s reward despite my objection, totally ashaming me. Asking for the hairpin back isn’t too much. Now you’re insulting me, you won’t be forgiven!”

She snapped her fingers. All of a sudden, Su Yu’s buttocks felt as if they were being pricked by needles, making him whimper and grimace in pain.

Su Yu was instantly exasperated. “Awful woman! I’ll fight you with my might!”

Upon hearing that, Mo Tianxuan let out peals of cold laughter. “How dare you still speak harshly to me!”

Pow! Pow! Pow!

After consecutively whisking her fingers several times, Su Yu kept groaning in pain as the force grew stronger each time. Su Yu was embarrassed and furious. He had been training for such a long time, and this was the first time he had encountered such a shameless woman. Furthermore, this woman had been oppressing him time and time again. His rage erupted in an instant. “If I don’t show you some power, you really will think that I’m made out of mud!”

“You think you can actually afford that? Hahaha,” Mo Tianxuan laughed wildly and uncontrollably. Seeing Su Yu in such a predicament made her feel overjoyed and relaxed like never before.

Just as she was about to continue abusing Su Yu, a ray of violet light suddenly shot out from Su Yu’s left eye, shrouding her. Mo Tianxuan found that her body had fallen into an awkwardly stiff state. Her mind and thoughts were still functioning, but her body felt as if it had been submerged into another time and space. It was a peculiar sensation, like a delay of space and time had happened between her soul and body.

Right at that moment, Su Yu dashed forward and pounced onto Mo Tianxuan. She was in utter shock as she felt her body being crushed by a heavy, masculine figure. She began to panic and felt infuriated. What is he trying to do?

Su Yu sneered and flipped over Mo Tianxuan’s body. He lifted his hand and gave Mo Tianxuan’s buttocks a hard, forceful slam. The crisp and clear slap reverberated through the vacant space above and also rang in Mo Tianxuan’s brain. Her soul shuddered brutally and her eyes were full of shock. She looked bewildered and in total disbelief. Someone had actually smacked her on the backside!!

As the Palace Master of the Red Blood Palace and nearly the first strongest individual after Chenxia, she was actually being pinned on the ground and slapped on the buttocks by someone! Unprecedented flames of shame and fury erupted and shot skywards.

Sensing the murderous intention she was emitting, Su Yu sneered. “How dare you still act fierce!”


Another slap from Su Yu.

Mo Tianxuan’s lungs almost exploded with anger. Ashamed and angered, the time seal was broken. She gritted her teeth and said in fury, “I…I…will always stand against you…”

Pow! Pow!

Continuous slaps landed ceaselessly on her buttocks. Pain, accompanied by pangs of numbness, filled Mo Tianxuan’s heart, intensifying her shame and resentment, and her face was flushed with bursts of redness.

After the ninth slap, she felt the weight on her relieved all of a sudden. Su Yu had run away! He had no choice but to run because three breaths’ time was up.

Mo Tianxuan recovered herself and scrambled up immediately. Pangs of stinging pain were shooting through her buttocks, making her stagger and nearly fall. Her face was extremely red with immense flames of shame and anger, which covered her entire face. The incident just now could be considered the biggest humiliation she had experienced in her whole life.

“Su!! Yu!! Xian!!” Mo Tianxuan’s teeth were gritted tightly, almost crushed into pieces. Her long, narrow gorgeous eyes kept radiating intense flames of anger as she scanned the surroundings.

The murderous aura she emitted could be clearly sensed by the entire Purple Cloud Palace, let alone the Second Summit. The people in charge of the factions whose meeting had just been adjourned were in shock.

“What has happened! There’s such a powerful murderous aura!” One of them could not help but shudder.

Murderous auras were stronger if given off by powerful individuals.

“Could this be Palace Master Mo?” Some who were familiar with Mo Tianxuan detected her scent amidst the murderous aura.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud looked somber. Based on his experience of knowing her for a century, despite Mo Tianxuan’s temperamental character, the last time she emitted such strong murderous aura was during the great war between humans and ghosts that had taken place a century ago.