The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 983

Chapter 983 Distressed And Throwing Up Blood

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“Let’s go and check it out. Could Palace Master Mo have found out the true murderer already?” The True Man of the Purple Cloud thought that this was the only possibility.

After his attack on Mo Tianxuan, Su Yu immediately escaped in the direction of the Third Summit. Gradually, he regained his composure as he heard that furious growl unleashed through gritted teeth. Only then did he realize how he had lost his mind just now and what he had done. Not only had he revealed his magical power of time, hitting that woman’s buttocks alone could land him in deep trouble! Su Yu felt his heart go cold as he inwardly scolded himself. With Mo Tianxuan’s temper, she could probably have finished him off then and there! Su Yu couldn’t sit and wait for his death!

Fortunately, at that moment, Su Yu sensed an intense wave of the scents of strong individuals approaching fast. With a move of his heart, Su Yu changed his direction and pounced onto them rapidly. From a distance, he called out to them. “True Man, please act fast! Palace Master Mo is experiencing a fit of ghostly energy inside her, and she’s going mad!”

The True Man of the Purple Cloud didn’t know who was screaming, but hearing the words about the ghostly energy in Mo Tianxuan’s body, his face fell dramatically. “Oh no, there’s going to be havoc!” True Man’s expression changed. He tore apart the space with one hand, abandoning the people in charge of the factions behind him and teleported to the side of the person who uttered the words.

As he strode outside the space and looked at the person, he was taken aback. “How come it’s Su Yuxian?” he thought to himself. But right now, there were other things on his mind. “Are you sure Mo Tianxuan is having a fit of ghostly energy?” he asked.

The incident of Mo Tianxuan being severely hurt by the Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy of the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison a hundred years ago, causing her to stagnate for such a prolonged period of time was not a secret among the All Creations strong men. Nonetheless, no one had ever heard of Mo Tianxuan going mad because of it. If that really was the case, there would be severe consequences. With Mo Tianxuan’s combat power, if she truly went mad, he would be no match for her. Even with everyone’s strength combined, she wouldn’t necessarily be tamed.

Su Yu nodded with total assurance. “Yes, I saw with my own eyes how the extremely pure ghostly energy flowed out from her body. It’s immensely strong and is far purer than the ghostly creature energy of the All Creations Old Monsters.”

The True Man of the Purple Cloud’s face darkened when he heard that. It was no doubt the Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy of the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison!

“You step back.” The True Man seemed to be preparing to meet his greatest enemy.

Su Yu nodded obediently and instantly moved behind True Man.

Before long, the people in charge of the other factions gathered. After learning about Mo Tianxuan going mad because of the Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy, their faces were full of anxiety and dread.

“If that woman really goes mad, is she going to kill us all?” Some of them questioned the True Man restlessly. Mo Tianxuan’s terrifying martial strength left a profound impression in their minds.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud lowered his voice. “Everyone, remember to never strike! We’ll try to communicate and soothe her mood first. After all, if we really strike, erhem, both parties are going to lose,” he said.

Many were speechless. How could that ever happen? Even if all of them joined forces, they would still never stand a chance against Mo Tianxuan. Certainly, they were more than willing to avoid a fight, so everyone expressed their approval.

Just like that, the people in charge of the 17 great factions congregated like they had encountered their strongest enemy. They were all geared up for an intense battle with the “maddened” Mo Tianxuan.


Right at that moment, a wave of space turbulence spread through the area. A seam broke apart the space, and Mo Tianxuan stepped out from it clad in a black dress. Her dress fluttered in the air even though there was no wind, and her black hair danced wildly behind her. Her bright eyes were filled with thick, dense flames of fury. She was holding a pitch-black gearwheel in her right hand. It was the worldly-renowned flying guillotine. Mo Tianxuan indeed seemed like she had totally lost her mind and turned into a demonic woman. Even without Su Yu’s exaggerated depiction, the True Man of the Purple Cloud and the others believed him.

“Palace Master Mo, please calm down before you do something you’ll regret.” The True Man was discreet and alert, and he kept glancing at the flying guillotine in Mo Tianxuan’s hand out of the corner of his eye.

He was cursing his fate inwardly. “She has even revealed the supreme fairy artifact of the demonic path, she must really be mad!” he thought.

The other factions were shuddering with terror as well. “He’s right Palace Master Mo, we can talk it out, there’s no need to fight, right?” one of them said.

“Palace Master Mo, please don’t be impulsive, Su Yuxian is such an outstanding talent. He’s rare and hard to come by.”

Mo Tianxuan had come with the absolute will to commit a murder, but she had never expected the True Man of the Purple Cloud and the others, including all the people in charge of the factions to take his side. She was rather taken by surprise. How had Su Yu convinced them all to protect him? Mo Tianxuan knew that there was something strange about it, but as she sensed the Su Yu’s presence, intense flames shot up in her eyes once again. She put her puzzlement to one side.

As she scanned the True Man of the Purple Cloud and the others who were stopping her, she laughed in anger. “If you wish to take his side, you’re standing against me, Mo Tianxuan! Hand him over right now, otherwise, don’t blame me for turning against you!!” The flying guillotine on her palm began emitting a screeching sound and started to rotate slowly.

As they took in Mo Tianxuan’s ruthless, uncompromising look, the people in charge of the factions felt their hearts sink. It’s over! She really has gone mad!

The True Man of the Purple Cloud bellowed in a low voice, “Palace Master Mo, wake up quickly! If you continue acting so recklessly, we won’t be able to just sit and watch!”

It was fine to try and kill Su Yuxian, but Mo Tianxuan’s attitude seemed like she was about to succumb to her inner demons and be trapped in a state of insanity. If she decided to commit a brutal massacre, all of the genius students whom they brought from their factions wouldn’t be able to escape. All of them would suffer a catastrophic fate.

“Act recklessly?” Mo Tianxuan was enraged beyond words. She had been pinned onto the ground and smacked on the buttocks by this person. Avenging herself for the biggest humiliation she had ever experienced was considered reckless now?

In fact, Mo Tianxuan would usually be able to glean some clues from the True Man’s and the others’ facial expressions. But right now, the searing sensation on her buttocks kept triggering her nerves, making her lose her usual cool.

“I’m saying this for the last time! Get out of my way, or I’m about to start a bloody massacre!” Mo Tianxuan gritted her teeth, her eyes staring straight at Su Yu as if she was going to tear him apart and swallow him alive.

Su Yu felt chills as he sensed her look at him. Soundlessly, he swallowed his saliva and said in a raised voice, “Seniors, our Palace Master has gone mad! If we don’t strike and tame her now, she’ll go on a bloody massacre once her demonic nature breaks out!”

The True Man and the others saw that there was no way they could persuade Mo Tianxuan out of it, and they began to look at each other and exchange glances. The only thing that they could think of right now was to initiate the attack, for the sake of themselves and the students of their factions. They had to tame and capture Mo Tianxuan before her demonic nature manifested. Hopefully, the ultimate outcome wouldn’t be overly unbearable.

“Attack!” The True Man of the Purple Cloud launched the first attack as if he was faced with his biggest enemy. “Don’t leave any space for retaliation. Let’s tame her quickly.”

Mo Tianxuan was at the peak of her anger, and all of a sudden she heard Su Yu screaming about her going mad. She could not help but feel startled. “Hold on! Who did you say has gone mad?”

In a blurry moment, she finally understood why the people in charge of the 17 great factions were shielding Su Yu from her. This brat was actually spreading a rumor that she had gone mad! Mo Tianxuan felt her vision turning black, and she almost fainted with the intense rage. He was the evil one, and now he was making the complaint!

“Su! Yu! Xian!” Mo Tianxuan growled through gritted teeth.

However, before she could argue further, the True Man of the Purple Cloud and the others charged forward.

“Violet Energy from the East!” the True Man bellowed hoarsely, condensing the All Creations Mighty Force between his palms. The crown above his head revolved very rapidly, crossing the Void and heading toward her.

Frustrated, Mo Tianxuan yelled, “I am not mad!!”

The True Man screamed, “Surrender right now!”

What a joke! What madman would ever call themselves mad?

The others followed closely after True Man and launched their attacks to suppress Mo Tianxuan. Colorful splendor shot forth from all directions, shrouding Mo Tianxuan within.

Mo Tianxuan was extremely indignant. “You are a bunch of idiots!!”

The True Man scowled. “Palace Master Mo, wake up fast!!”

Faced with their joint attack, Mo Tianxuan was confident that she could kill a large number of them. The problem was that she wasn’t mad, and she knew that if she did that, she would certainly inflict harm to the faction influences within her jurisdiction, and would even hurt her ally, the Purple Cloud Palace. Once that happened, the inner conflict of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands would cause all the involved parties to suffer losses, and the Heavenly Knife Region would take advantage of it.

She gritted her teeth and did not use the flying guillotine. She depended solely on her All Creations Mighty Force.

Bang! Bang!

The great charge led by the True Man of the Purple Cloud against Mo Tianxuan truly shattered the heavens and made the earth tremble. The spiritual energies of the world were in total chaos, and the space was torn to shreds. Massive, horrifying seams spat and swallowed, devouring the elements from all directions. The enormous vibration evoked a lot of resonance.

Despite her intrepid character, Mo Tianxuan was unable to fully unleash her potential because of her concern for her opponents. Furthermore, with the attacks from the 17 great factions who had her surrounded, both parties came to a standstill after battling for a short while.

Mo Tianxuan’s entire being was giving off immense demonic energy. She had transformed into a colossal demonic being, holding off the opponents’ siege with both her palms. Annoyed, she exclaimed, “All stop it right now! If I have truly gone mad, I could have killed you all already! Do you want to continue even though you’re wrong?”

The True Man of the Purple Cloud thought for a moment before slowly curbing his All Creations Mighty Force. He had noticed Mo Tianxuan keeping the most dangerous flying guillotine when they were engaged in the fight. This definitely wasn’t the behavior of a madwoman.

One after another, the others stopped and stared at Mo Tianxuan with insecure, nervous eyes.

Although it was merely a short-lived fight, Mo Tianxuan had managed to resist their joint siege all by herself even without using the flying guillotine, which truly terrified them.

They had only been speculating before the fight but were no certain that Mo Tianxuan had the ability to destroy every last one of them. During the last century, Mo Tianxuan’s power kept approaching the Mortal Fairy level even though she had yet to become one. She just kept gaining strength and growing invincible.

A century ago, the True Man of the Purple Cloud could just about challenge Mo Tianxuan. Now it seemed like if the two of them had an official duel, the True Man would be defeated without a doubt.

“Palace Master Mo, are you sure that you’re lucid?” the True Man asked cautiously.

Mo Tianxuan was vexed. “Haven’t you understood? You lot have been fooled by Su Yuxian!”

Upon hearing that, everyone immediately stared at Su Yuxian, their faces full of disbelief.

Faced with the looks from the many strong men, Su Yu was cool and honest. He pointed at Mo Tianxuan. “Seniors, do you still have to doubt it? You saw with your own eyes that Mo Tianxuan has suddenly turned mad and was hunting me down. I don’t think that Palace Master Mo is clear-headed yet.”

Mo Tianxuan’s eyes were spitting fire. “Lies!! Believe me, I am going to tear you into a thousand pieces!”

Su Yu shrugged. “I did not lie. If you haven’t gone mad, why were you suddenly hunting down a random student like me for no reason?”

The people-in-charge, including the True Man, suddenly realized that this was the issue. If Mo Tianxuan was in full control of her faculties, was it necessary for her to hunt down a junior with such shocking murderous aura? It was hard to imagine that a junior would do something that could cause Mo Tianxuan to lose her mind.

“You know it’s because you hit…” Mo Tianxuan’s words ended abruptly. Despite her absurd way of handling matters, she was certainly reluctant to talk about the greatest humiliation in her entire life! Moreover, would anyone believe in her? The idea that a ninth-grade fairy had been able to pin Mo Tianxuan, the first after the Mortal Fairy, to the ground and had them hit her buttocks would only convince them of Mo Tianxuan’s madness.

After all, with Mo Tianxuan’s cultivation, even just one look from her could severely injure a ninth-grade fairy. How could something such as being pinned on the ground and smacked on the backside possibly happen?

The only explanation was that Mo Tianxuan really was mad.