The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 985

Chapter 985 The Godly Dharma Portrayal

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Su Yu had never come across such a rare and terrifying object before. If this item had come from 5000 years ago, one strike from it would be enough to kill Su Yu, even through the barrier of time and space.

While Su Yu was in this state of stupefaction, wisps of icy coldness spread through his mind as if some unfamiliar information had crept into it.

“Could this be the charm in the divine art?” Su Yu’s heart began to beat faster. He could have received a part of the charm hidden in the divine art through being attacked by the debris of the chains.

As he suppressed the agitation in his heart, Su Yu immediately delved into comprehending the charm that had made its way into his mind. The moment he came into contact with it, Su Yu entered a trance-like state in which he felt like he was touching the world, the universe, and the profound mysteries.

This feeling seemed so similar to the “Book of the First Heavens”, which also seemed to be brimming with the profound secrets of the entire universe. The only difference was that the “Book of the First Heavens” was broader and more general in comparison, it was like a book which contained the whole world.

Whereas the divine charm delivered through the debris of the chains only made up a fine, subtle part of the heavens and the earth.

Su Yu kept comprehending, and he vaguely felt as if he had touched on something. It was like discovering a flight of steps amidst the midst of a mystery. Just as Su Yu was about to grasp the truth, the blurry haze materialized before him once again. He just couldn’t seem to grasp it. The divine charm ended right there.

“What!” Su Yu wasn’t disappointed. Instead, he was filled with excitement and anticipation.

Compared to the half-day that Su Yu had lived through, it had only been a few breaths in the outside world. The elder who was outside guarding the cave probably thought that Su Yu hadn’t even officially started.

When he observed the divine art once again, the same scene occurred, and the fine debris smashed onto Su Yu again.


With an ear-shattering sound, Su Yu sustained severe trauma all over again. However, he didn’t even bother to tend to his wounds, before he commenced comprehending the charm imprinted on his mind right away. He was full of exhilaration. The divine charm he experienced this time was totally different from the previous one. It was a whole new sensation.

When he had finished comprehending the charm, Su Yu had an even more palpable feeling of touching the flight of stairs.

“It really is the divine charm!” Su Yu’s eyes were filled with a clear brilliance. After being enlightened twice, Su Yu had a vague feeling that his long-stagnated Pure Divine Decree was undergoing some changes. It felt more solid and concrete now, and his understanding of the Pure Divine Decree was more thorough and insightful.

An unprecedented feeling of transcendence shrouded his heart. It was as though his soul had just been invigorated, and a whole new door had opened up for Su Yu.

Before giving it another try, Su Yu tended to his injuries immediately. Two severe traumas had pushed Su Yu’s body towards its limit. If he was struck again, his body could perhaps crumble into pieces. However, due to the time constraints he was facing, Su Yu was unable to expend too much effort on his recovery.

All of a sudden, his eyes shone, and Su Yu retrieved a jade vessel which was filled with drops of gleaming liquid. It was the Fountain of Life taken from the hands of Jimu. Each drop of it contained immensely powerful vigor and vitality, which could result in incredibly shocking effects on wound recovery. He had given a bottle away back then, now he still had around thirty drops left.

Consuming one drop at a time was rather wasteful. Su Yu normally took half a drop each time and incorporated wound-healing elixirs into the remedy. When the injuries had nearly healed, he continued his studies.

Moving on, he collided with the chains again and once again received the divine charm. He healed his wounds, and then faced another collision with the chains.

The cycle kept repeating.

By the time sunset came round, a full day had passed. The elder from the Purple Cloud Palace was still quietly waiting outside. Slowly, he opened his eyes and shrugged off the drops of sweat covering his body. He mumbled under his breath, “I guess he will be coming out soon. It’s about time that he gave up hope.”

Right at that moment, five beams of sunshine materialized out of nowhere above the cavern.

The beams of light coalesced into a blurred, magnificent figure of a human, who had black hair and black eyes, and was clad in a pitch-black cape. It stood tall in the Void, as majestic as the Divine Royal Great Emperor.

A pair of dark black eyes that resembled the Sun and the Moon looked down on the bleak, desolate lands.

The figure was radiating a pitch-dark glimmer from head to toe. Its glow resembled divine light, giving those who bathed in it an urge to worship and pay their respect to it. It felt like they had come face to face with an actual God.

The elder couldn’t find his thoughts for a moment, and the next second he was overwhelmed with shock. In a stunned voice, he exclaimed, “The Godly Dharma Portrayal! He has touched on the state of Void Transformation too? That’s absolutely impossible! It’s only been one short day, yet he has reached the state which Gu Taixu took twenty years to attain!”

Little did he know that Su Yu had comprehended it 200 times under the state of Time Acceleration. Gu Taixu had only managed to do it 80 times.

Moreover, Su Yu was evolving straight to the peak of the Pure Divine Decree, which was something that Gu Taixu had not been able to do. In terms of intrinsic proclivity to enlightenment, Su Yu fell far behind Gu Taixu. However, the world of cultivation only ever prioritized the outcome, never the process.

Inside the cavern, Su Yu had scars and wounds all over his body, making him look like a man of blood. Halfway through his comprehension, the Fountain of Life had already been thoroughly consumed. All that was left for him to rely upon was the wound-healing elixirs, which had far less efficacious impacts when compared to the Fountain of Life. Using them, he could only manage to recover 30 to 40 percent. By the end of his hardcore effort, Su Yu’s wound-healing elixirs were completely used up.

Eventually he had no choice but to give up. Fortunately, the divine charm brought about by the collision of the chains was nearly finished as well. If the collision carried on, the divine charm obtained would be repetitive.

Relying upon these divine charms, Su Yu’s Divine Decree had entered a whole new level.

His Decree was defiance, which meant he would go against the flow despite all hardships and obstacles.

Defying the unfairness of life, was his Decree.

Defying the unfairness of the mortal world, was his Divine Decree.

Defying the unfairness of the heavens and the earth, was his Pure Divine Decree.

This was the voyage of Su Yu’s enlightenment about his Decree, and also the depiction of his entire lifetime.

From fighting against the unjust life to fighting against the injustice of the mortal world, and eventually to fighting against the injustice of the universe, every step that he took was an enhancement of his Decree.

In the Zhenlong world, the universe which he fought against was the heavens transformed by Gu Taixu. Therefore, despite his powerful Pure Divine Decree, it was restricted to a small part of the world only.

But right now, Su Yu vaguely touched on the contours of the universe and the world through the chains. Thereby, his Pure Divine Decree received a sublimation.

With the Divine Decree on Su Yu, unless he was being oppressed by the universe and the world, no mortal objects could ever suppress him anymore. Not even formations and space could. As long as he manifested the Divine Decree, he could defy and break through anything, and his powers would know no bounds!

The only thing that confused Su Yu was the Godly Dharma Portrayal that appeared above his head.

Whenever a living creature comprehended to the state of Void Transformation, a Godly Dharma Portrayal would appear. It was an indication that the Divine Path walked upon by the living creature was close to a God who had already become a divine entity. In other words, the black-haired, black-eyed God who was clad in pitch-black cape had a shocking similarity to Su Yu’s Divine Decree.

Right now, Su Yu was more concerned about whether the commotion had been noticed by the elder on the outside, which was very likely. Su Yu did not want to reveal the true nature of his Decree.

If anyone learned about the appearance of another Divine Path prodigy who had got his hands on the Void Transformation Divine Decree, it would bring about a great deal of trouble.


Su Yu’s eyes flickered as he left the cavern quickly, and the beams of light above his head and the Godly Dharma Portrayal suddenly dissipated.

Seeing Su Yu’s appearance and the disappearance of the Dharma Portrayal, the elder finally recollected his thoughts. His eyes shone with a bright light as he said, “Since you are done comprehending, you may return to the Third Summit to rest. I won’t be accompanying you, so goodbye.”

Su Yu’s eyes turned cold. Why would he allow him to leave? “Hold on, elder, I have a question for you.”

The elder’s face fell. He did not pause and instead he picked up speed, sprinting toward the Ninth Summit with an anxious look on his face. No matter what, he had to deliver the shocking news to the True Man of the Purple Cloud.

As for how the True Man would deal with it, it was none of his business.

Despite the True Man’s outstanding magnanimity, the elder was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to tolerate Su Yu’s existence, now that a student of the outside sanctum had touched on the domain of godliness. There was only one Gu Taixu, and there could only be one! No two majestic Suns would ever appear in the same sky!

Su Yu had considered this possibility as well, and the coldness in his eyes intensified. However, the elder was a ninth-grade Almighty whose body cultivation and speed were far beyond Su Yu’s reach, and now he was about to run away.

Right at that moment, Su Yu felt a wave of scalding heat in his arms, and a jade box floated out of them. A concrete Soul Body transfigured from it.

Su Yu stood with his hands behind his back, as the soul figure dispassionately called, “Come back!”

An incredulous scene unfolded. The elder, who had run to the edge of the sky, stopped in his tracks as if spellbound. Then, he flew back on his own. His eyes looked befuddled: he was obviously being controlled somehow.

Su Yu felt surprised. He had actually managed to manipulate the consciousness of a ninth-grade Almighty by saying a single word. What kind of tactic was that?

The elder flew back obediently and stood before Yun Yazi, motionless. The person in front of him was undoubtedly Yun Yazi. Compared to his last appearance, Yun Yazi’s soul was even more concrete and solid this time. Not only did his appearance bear a high degree of similarity to that of a living creature with flesh and blood, but even his inner self was indiscernible. Moreover, in terms of ability, he was clearly stronger than he was the last time.

“You have to pay attention to your training on body cultivation.” Yun Yazi turned back and cast a look at Su Yu, his eyes filled with joy and pride.

Su Yu was delighted. “Master, you’re out of isolation now?”

Yun Yazi gave Su Yu an appraising look from head to toe, and the more he looked at Su Yu, the more satisfied he became.

His face blossomed with a cheerful smile. “You’ve accomplished such a shocking improvement on the Divine Path; how could I not come out of isolation to congratulate you?”

This was the first time that Yun Yazi had left his isolation and had shown himself because of Su Yu’s improvement.

“Haha, it’s an over-compliment, Master. It’s all because of your strategic teaching.” Su Yu made the effort to flatter Yun Yazi.

Yun Yazi shook his head and smiled. “I’ve never guided you on the Divine Path. You did it because you worked hard by yourself. It has nothing to do with me, and you don’t have to flatter me. Doing so won’t bring you any benefit.”

Yun Yazi had exposed Su Yu’s little scheme. Su Yu was speechless. In front of this soul, who had lived for an unthinkably long period of time, no amount of tricks and schemes would ever work.

“You were one step away from touching the Void Transformation Divine Decree. It is a state that only the Gods could touch on, yet you were only a fairy when you accomplished such a massive deed on the Divine Path. I really was wrong back to think that you merely had some soul talents. I never imagined that your greatest gift lay in the Divine Path,” Yun Yazi said with a sigh.

When he had first recruited Su Yu as a student, his motive was to exploit Su Yu’s soul talents, which was why he had imparted the “Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air” technique. However, Su Yu had now revealed his true talent, which was the Divine Path. No wonder Yun Yazi felt rueful.

“The more you cultivate it, the more the Divine Path will keep strengthening until you reach your limit. You have to make good use of it,” Yun Yazi reminded Su Yu.

It was the same as the Heavenly Eyes technique. When Su Yu’s capacity reached the first-grade Almighty, he would lose the potential to strengthen further.

Su Yu was very clear about it. “I understand.”

Yun Yazi’s face was gleaming with a red light. He looked at Su Yu as if he had come across a precious treasure by chance. It made Su Yu very uncomfortable.

“Hahaha, since I’m out of isolation, I’ll guide you on your training.” Yun Yazi was in a bright mood.