The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Three Ordeals In 27 Days

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Su Yu was delighted. He cast a look at the elder and asked hesitantly, “Master, how should he be dealt with? My improvement on the Divine Path concerning the state of Void Transformation should not be belittled. Once news of it leaks out, there will be a great deal of trouble.”

Yun Yazi laughed. “What’s so difficult about it?”

His eyes flickered once, and the elder awoke in a state of grogginess. When he opened his eyes, he was stunned. “Eh, what happened to me?”

When he saw Su Yu standing before him, he was in shock. “Master Su, when did you come out? Did you see why I fainted?”

Su Yu was surprised, so he glanced at Yun Yazi who was beside him. The elder seemed to have completely forgotten about what had just happened, let alone having noticed that Yun Yazi was standing beside Su Yu.

“His memory of what had just happened has been deleted. As for me, outsiders won’t be able to see me unless I give them permission,” Yun Yazi said.

In the past, Yun Yazi would always shy away whenever someone came near to avoid being discovered. Based on the way he was talking now, it seemed that not even Mo Tianxuan could see him if she were here. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and Yun Yazi was far stronger than he used to be.

“Deleting memories?” Su Yu was astonished by matters like this. Based on his knowledge, memories were a part of the soul so deleting memories wasn’t as simple as controlling people. It was a law of the soul, only achievable when the superior state of brilliance was reached. Mortal Fairies were incapable of that.

“A trifle technique of the Soul Path, which isn’t worth mentioning. Once your ‘Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air’ is practiced to a certain level of perfection, you will be able to do it very easily too.” Yun Yazi didn’t seem bothered at all.

Su Yu nodded composedly and turned to the elder. “Senior, I’ve gained a lot, and now I’m going back into peaceful isolation to comprehend it further. Thanks for keeping watch.”

The elder immediately shook his hand and smiled. “Don’t mention it.” Then, he paused for a moment with an unnatural look on his face. He scanned the surroundings and lowered his voice. “Master Su, I hope you can keep my accidental falling asleep a secret. I certainly wasn’t neglecting my duty, I just don’t know how…”

Su Yu laughed. “Don’t worry, elder. I think you’re just weary because of the continuous emergencies that have happened today. How could I bear to see you being punished?”

If the faction knew that he had fallen asleep for unknown reasons at such a critical point of time, the elder would surely have to endure a series of interrogations and punishments from the faction. This was something that he was unwilling to face, and something that Su Yu didn’t want to see happening either.

The elder was remorseful. “Thanks a lot for your understanding, Master Su. I’m beyond grateful towards you. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come to me for help.”

“That’s my honor, elder.” Su Yu acknowledged him with cupped fists and turned to leave. He returned to his own mansion at the Third Summit. Along the way, he overheard rumors spreading through the crowds, mostly about the secret realm and Mo Tianxuan’s episode of “madness”. Once he learned that Mo Tianxuan was receiving “treatment” at the Ninth Summit, Su Yu felt a lot more at ease.

Su Yu shut the gates tight when he entered the house, and declined every guest’s request to meet up.

“What opinions and plans do you have about breaking through the Almighty level?” Yun Yazi enquired succinctly.

Su Yu thought for a moment and answered, “To be very frank, I was intentionally suppressing my cultivation at the ninth-grade Almighty. In terms of souls, I’ve reached the first-grade Almighty; in terms of Vital Energy, I received a leaf containing one-tenth of the Mortal Fairy’s Strength by chance, which is adequate for me to break through the Almighty. I have absolute confidence in these two aspects. There’s only one thing which I can’t be sure of.”

Yun Yazi asked, “Is it about negotiating the ordeal?”

Su Yu nodded solemnly. “Exactly!”

His ordeal negotiation was different from that of ordinary people. When he came through his ordeal to become a fairy, disastrous flames had occurred, which usually only appeared when one broke through the Almighty level.

Although the Five Golden Light Guards were involved in the scheme, disastrous flames still appeared. Their intervention only served to intensify the flames and added to the danger. This time, the danger involved would most likely be greater, now that he was negotiating the Almighty ordeal.

If he were someone ordinary, it wouldn’t be a big deal. He would be able to prepare well, find a few reliable treasures and obtain protection from an All Creations Old Monster. But Su Yu’s destined ordeal was hard to predict, especially now that he had been enlightened about the divine charm in the broken chains, and had gained a thorough understanding of the world.

Intuition told Su Yu that the catastrophe that was about to befall the world following his ordeal negotiation this time was not to be slighted.

Yun Yazi nodded slowly. “I can put my mind at ease since you’re so cautious. However, as usual, I won’t give you a hand unless it becomes necessary, but I’ll teach you how to negotiate the ordeal.”

In the past, Yun Yazi would make it sound like he wouldn’t lend a hand even if Su Yu’s soul perished alongside his body. But now his tone had changed, and it was clear that he would intervene if it became necessary. One reason for this change of heart was the fact that the perils Su Yu was encountering were getting greater, and Yun Yazi felt it necessary to lend him a hand. The second reason was that Su Yu had gone to great lengths to arrive at where he was today, and the various talents he displayed were tantalizing. Yun Yazi felt reluctant to give up on him.

“It’s better to teach one the techniques of fishing than to provide them with fish. I’m all ears,” Su Yu replied.

Yun Yazi praised him. “Very well. Although your talents are precious enough, your temperament is what I admire the most about you. Your Almighty ordeal negotiation consists of three ordeals.”

Three ordeals? Su Yu felt a lump lodged in his throat.

In the past, two ordeals almost took his life. Wouldn’t three ordeals be even more precarious?

“Dare I ask, master, which three ordeals will I face?” Su Yu queried.

Yun Yazi answered quickly. “The first is the ordeal of destiny, the second is the ordeal of people, and the third is the ordeal of relationships. Failing any of them will lead to your death.”

Su Yu understood the ordeal of destiny, but what were the ordeals of people and relationships?

“I don’t need to elaborate on the ordeal of destiny. Destruction and calamities will befall upon you from the world in natural forms. The ordeal of people is one in which disasters arise from the hostility and conflicts between you and others, whereas the ordeal of relationships involves disasters which you encounter in your relationships.”

Disasters arising from hostility and conflicts between me and others? Is it referring to Gu Taixu?

And what about the ordeal of relationships? Who is it referring to? Bing Wuxin, or Gongsun Wuxie?

“Master, are the three ordeals closely connected?” Su Yu asked.

Yun Yazi shook his head lightly. “No, between one ordeal and the next there is an interval of nine days, thus one ordeal in every nine days. Once you successfully make it through the ordeals in 27 days, you’ll attain a superb body.”

“You’ll gain more benefits compared to other strong men who break through the Almighty level. Better still, it could probably help you rise to the level of ninth-grade Almighty in one shot.”

Upon hearing that, Su Yu drew in a lungful of cold air. “From ninth-grade fairy, straight to the ninth-grade Almighty?”

“That’s right. It only takes one ordeal for the ordinary people to break through the Almighty level. As for you, whose consciousness is full of the humans-defying, destiny-defying, and nature-defying Divine Decree, three ordeals will befall you because you violate certain rules without even realizing! This means that the enhancement and benefits you’re about to reap after consecutively pulling through three Almighty breakthroughs will be beyond estimation.”

“Based on what I know at least, the Godly Dharma Portrayal behind you had leaped straight to the eighth-grade Almighty in one shot when he was breaking through the Almighty level. The degree by which you break through will depend on your performance,” Yun Yazi explained. He seemed to recognize the Godly Dharma Portrayal that had appeared behind Su Yu.

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with excitement. He would be reduced to ashes if he failed, but if he succeeded, it would be like reaching heaven in a single bound! He was going to experience a thrilling breakthrough for the first time in his life!

“Master, please teach the methods of negotiating the ordeals to me!” Su Yu was overjoyed.

Yun Yazi laughed as he said, “Don’t be anxious, listen as I tell you about it slowly. According to my calculations, you’ll have no problem in dealing with the ordeal of destiny on your own, but you’ll face great danger in confronting the ordeal of people. I couldn’t really calculate it accurately. My only reminder to you is, Feng!”

Feng? As in the “Feng” which meant phoenix? Su Yu made a mental note of it. He would definitely keep an eye on anything related to “Feng” when he underwent the ordeal of people.

“As for the ordeal of relationships…” Yun Yazi’s eyes were worried. “This is the ordeal which I’m most worried about. Since times immemorial, the hardest ordeal among the three-nine ordeals is the ordeal of relationships. Once it begins, you will suffer terribly and have little chance of survival. I can’t manage to calculate any of it. You have to seize the opportunities on your own. I can only remind you to follow your own heart.”

Follow my own heart? What does that mean? Su Yu was bewildered.

Would the ordeal of relationships really place Su Yu in circumstances that were beyond salvation? Who on earth triggered the ordeal of relationships?

“Since the three ordeals have arrived, running away will be futile. You need to adjust your mental state and prepare patiently, and I will guide you on various aspects of your training before you head for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.” Yun Yazi consoled him.

Su Yu smiled. “I, Su Yu, have negotiated countless great winds and crashing waves in my life, and I have even prevented the destruction of the world. How could the three-nine ordeals possibly be able to restrain me?”

A vague, indistinct divine charm echoed around Su Yu.

Yun Yazi seemed to have detected it. His eyes shone brightly, and he couldn’t hold back his laughter. “Ordeals are a form of restraint as well, and your Divine Path happens to be defiance. All of a sudden, I have the confidence that you’re going to pull through the three-nine ordeals.”

Su Yu smiled, his eyes full of tenacity and confidence.

“Before the Glittering Jewel Wonderland arrives, I will guide you on different aspects of your training,” Yun Yazi said.

He raised a hand and pointed, and the jade box in Su Yu’s arms was drawn towards him. Yun Yazi said, “I don’t have to tell you what’s inside it anymore, do I?”

Su Yu’s face grew solemn. This item was taken from the Abyss of Wutong in the Zhenlong continent. It was a treasure left behind by the Cangwu Palm Master, who used to be one of the Five Great Guards of the past Central Prefecture’s Emperor, Shen Yichen.

After Shen Yichen’s demise, one of the jade boxes was consigned to him.

This jade box had been discovered on the continent by Shen Yichen when he was still alive. It was an extraterrestrial aerolite, and, once opened, it would summon the advent of the Extraterrestrial Demon.

The Central Prefecture’s King had used the jade box to plot against Shen Yichen, who had sustained severe, deadly trauma from the Ghost Prison Great Emperor.

After this, the jade box fell into Su Yu’s hands because of a random accident. Now, Yun Yazi was finally preparing to open the jade box.

“Master, you intend to let me use the Extraterrestrial Demon within the jade box to practice demonic techniques?” Su Yu’s “Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art” had progressed to the fourth dragon, and was stagnating due to the shortage of demonic energy.

Yun Yazi nodded lightly. “I don’t need to live by attaching myself to the jade box any longer. This is the most suitable thing for you to train with.”

“Master, once this jade box is opened, the Extraterrestrial Demon will be unleashed. What if they fall out of our control?” Su Yu asked somberly. He had no confidence in his ability to tame those ferocious demons.

Yun Yazi laughed softly. “Don’t worry. Throughout the years I have long refined the Extraterrestrial Demon in it. Now all that’s left inside is pure demonic energy.”

Refined? Su Yu vaguely recalled that the Evil God had gradually thrived by devouring the Almighty spirits. Could Yun Yazi have also relied upon the sealed Extraterrestrial Demon inside the jade box to recover such incredible strength? It was the only logical explanation.

“Thanks a lot, Master!” Su Yu was exhilarated. Back then, the mere Demon’s Hair had enabled Su Yu to refine three demonic dragons.

Now he had all of the demonic energy of the Extraterrestrial Demon, how many demonic dragons would he be able to refine this time?

The power of the demonic dragons strengthened alongside the number of demonic dragons by geometrical factors, and the power would become more boundless as it progressed towards the end.

If all nine of the demonic dragons were congregated, Su Yu would be confident enough to fight the All Creations Old Monster face to face.

“You keep the demonic energy. It’s not too late to commence training once you’re in isolation,” Yun Yazi said. And then he retrieved a spot of light from between his brows and pressed it into Su Yu’s forehead.

“This is the third level of the ‘Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air’, the Illusionary Soul Realm!”