The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 987

Chapter 987 Heart Of The Puppet

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The first stage of the Heavens Son Gazing At Air was the Soul Changing Realm, the fundamental level of solidifying the soul.

The second stage was the Imperial Soul Realm, in which one could acquire peculiar techniques to manipulate powerful individuals who were superior to the techniques practitioner. This had aided Su Yu numerous times.

The third stage was the unknown Illusionary Soul Realm.

Youve accomplished Stage Two Top Class, so the Stage Three training strategies should have appeared on the bronze slab by now. If you have time, you can begin comprehending it by referring to my instructions, Yun Yazi said.

He placed great importance on Su Yus Heavens Son Gazing At Air training. Strangely, Yun Yazis Divine Path many years ago wasnt the Path of Souls. Yun Yazi had obtained the Heavens Son Gazing At Air from a very mysterious relic and had begun cultivating it under unplanned circumstances.

He prioritized this set of cultivation techniques far more than the Divine Path which he walked upon, so it was obvious how high his expectations were for the Heavens Son Gazing At Air.

Thanks a lot, Master. Su Yu was delighted. Back when he was training at the Soul Changing Realm and the Imperial Soul Realm, Yun Yazi had never intentionally guided him before. But now that they were at the third stage, Yun Yazi had begun offering his own comprehension for Su Yus reference.

With Yun Yazis comprehension, Su Yu had the ability to accomplish his cultivation of Stage Three at an unusually impressive rate.

Haha, you can train in peace. If you encounter any confusion along the way, you can consult me. Before you enter the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, I will make sure you are safe, Yun Yazi said.

Su Yu was relieved. Not having to worry about his safety would undoubtedly enable him to master these two techniques more quickly.

It was rare that Yun Yazi could guide him personally. Su Yu pondered for a moment, then took out the green, stone slab which had been taken from Jinmus body.

The stone slab was the core part of the puppet, and contained a wisp of the Mortal Fairys Strength, which was extremely dangerous. Su Yu dared not to touch it recklessly even now. He did not want to encase it with Vital Energy.

Master, I have gotten this from a puppet, may I use it to my own advantage? Su Yu inquired expectantly.

Yun Yazi took a look at it, and his expression became strange. Oh? Isnt this the Heart of the Puppet crafted by the race of Heavens Craftsmen? So theres actually such items of that race remaining in the Jiuzhou continent?

The Heavens Craftsmen race. This was Su Yus first time hearing about the race. Could it be one of the eternitys races as well?

Master, Id like to know if the eternitys races truly exist in this world. Su Yu voiced the doubt that had bothered him for a long while.

Yun Yazi brooded for a moment before nodding lightly. His tone was rather slow and unhurried. Indeed, they do.

Please tell me about it in depth. Su Yus eyes shone. He had been curious about this for a long time.

However, Yun Yazi replied rather thoughtfully, Now is not the time for you to know.

Why, could the eternitys races be some kind of taboo too? Su Yu was surprised.

Yun Yazi sighed as he said, No, I just dont want you to see certain unacceptable truths before you succeed in your cultivation. Once your cultivation reaches a certain level, I believe that youll get to know those truths even without me informing you. But itll do you only harm instead of good if you get to know them now.

Unacceptable truths? Su Yus heart brimmed with doubt and puzzlement. What on earth could he be unable to accept? But he accepted Yun Yazis words. If he didnt want him to know, there must be a reason.

Yes, I understand. But is the race of Heavens Craftsmen famous? Su Yu questioned him further as he stared at the green stone slab.

On the list of all the eternitys races, the Heavens Craftsmen race belongs to the top-grade races, and they have unrivaled expertise in crafting equipment, training armies and crafting skills. The Heart of the Puppet is a rather renowned product of the Heavens Craftsmen race. Almost none of the other races could replicate it. This item is extremely expensive as well. Its price is no cheaper than a fairy artifact.

I cant believe that it exists in the Jiuzhou continent, and that you managed to retrieve it. Youre quite fortunate, Yun Yazi said with indifference.

Comparable to a fairy artifact? Su Yus heart raced with anticipation.

How do I operate the Heart of the Puppet? Su Yu asked.

Its very simple. As long as you have a puppet, you can insert the Heart of the Puppet to the inner compartment of the puppet to activate it, and manipulate it at will.

Su Yu was pleased. I have a puppet. Please take a look at it, Master, and let me know if it is suitable.

With a movement of his heart, Su Yu retrieved the silver puppet. Previously when the soul created in the inner part of the puppet was destroyed by the Demons Hair, the puppet itself wasnt damaged in any way.

And its a rather rare, form-changing puppet. Yun Yazi could see the puppets nature at first glance.

The puppet before his eyes was in a blurred state of metal, but Su Yu clearly remembered the silver puppet had three alternate forms. One of its forms was the form of a handsome man. Another form was countless wisps of silver silk which could devour the flesh and blood of every life, and the last form was a humongous silver-colored python.

The material of the puppet is excellent. Its really suitable for being your helper. Yun Yazi gripped the puppet and caught the green stone slab suspended midair.

Su Yus face tightened. Be careful Master! Theres Mortal Fairys Strength hidden in the green stone slab.

Before he could finish his words, a wave of terrifying power shot out from the green stone slab. The catastrophic Mortal Fairys Strength erupted.

But Yun Yazi was unruffled. He smeared his palm on the green stone slab and the tremor dissipated immediately. The tremor that had been spread out was evened out as well. The outer world did not sense the dreadful tremor at all.

Su Yu was stunned by such a tactic.He totally couldnt decipher Yun Yazis current state of cultivation.

A mass of flames materialized from the tip of Yun Yazis finger. It was entirely snowy-white and when it touched the silver puppet, a hole the size of a fist appeared on the puppets chest with a creaking sound.

Shortly after, Yun Yazi stuffed the green stone slab into the hole. The slab trembled lightly for some time and sank into the puppet like a living thing. The slab emitted wisps of faint space energy to envelop itself.

Master, what is it doing? Su Yu asked in shock.

Yun Yazi said, Its creating a space to hide. This is one of the great strongpoints of the Heart of the Puppet. Once the puppet sustains great damage, it can conceal itself instantly, and keep itself intact.

Creating space on its own? Isnt this something that only the Mortal Fairies were capable of? The realization struck Su Yu as he recalled the wisp of the Mortal Fairys Strength contained in it.

Due to the shortage of the remaining Mortal Fairys Strength, the process it takes to create space will be very slow. Itll take almost a month. You have to wait patiently.

Su Yu nodded, his eyes expectant. Master, once this succeeds, how strong will this puppet be at its strongest?

Yun Yazi said, This Heart of the Puppet likely belongs to the lowest grade, and the puppet itself isnt considered top-grade either, so the capacity it ultimately releases wont exceed the level of a Stage Three All Creations Old Monster.

Upon hearing that, Su Yus heart raced. Stage Three All Creations Old Monster was more than enough!!

After accepting the puppet, Su Yu stored it inside the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Yun Yazi turned a blind eye to it as he saw it happen. He never pestered Su Yu to share his secrets.

Lastly, before you begin training, there is a more important thing for you to settle Yun Yazis face grew solemn.

Su Yus heart sank. Before entering isolation the last time, he had mentioned strictly that when he came out of isolation the next time, he would focus on dealing with an objectthe Tao Ties Eye! Su Yu had always kept this matter in mind.

Master, may I know what harm the Tao Ties Eye will bring? Su Yu asked in a solemn voice.

Back then Su Yu took the risk and refined a Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye to resolve the inhibition of the Heavenly Power. Not only did it resolve the inhibition, but he also managed to recover his vision and eye techniques.

Phoenix Master Qiu had reminded him that Tao Tie was an extremely ferocious, ruthless and vengeful living creature. No creatures with implanted Tao Ties organs ever met a pleasant fate.

Su Yu had not called the matter to mind in such a long time until Yun Yazi brought it up.

Harm? Big or small, it can be either way, Yun Yazi replied, calm and composed.