The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 989

Chapter 989 Advent Of The Wonderland

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In the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, the True Man of the Purple Cloud and the people-in-charge of the 17 great factions stood at the center of the Ninth Summit. Palace Master Mo, how are you feeling? True Man asked.

A cold, gorgeous-looking woman in a black muslin dress sat cross-legged amidst a Tai Chi totem. She was surrounded by cold, desolate spiritual energy. Slowly, Mo Tianxuan opened her bright eyes and uttered placidly, I! Am! Fine! Only her acquaintances knew that she was saying those three words through gritted teeth!

Anyone who was attacked, was falsely accused of going mad, and was forced to reflect for three days wouldnt be able to maintain their composure.

The True Man sighed inwardly. It seems that Mo Tianxuan still isnt entirely lucid even now. He was worried that Mo Tianxuan would lose her mind again and attack the students, but the Glittering Jewel Wonderland was just around the corner. He couldnt restrain Mo Tianxuan any longer.

Based on past experience, the celestial bridge of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland is about to extend to our Central continent. Palace Master Mo, please quickly convene the students and have them wait to be summoned to the Wonderland.

Mo Tianxuan nodded lightly as a cold gleam flickered in her eyes.

The ringing of bells resonated through all ten Summits. The elites and geniuses who were resting at the Third Summit stepped out from their houses and looked over at the First Summit.

Inside the secret chamber, Su Yus eyes were shut tight. Six black demonic dragons kept wandering around him, filling up the entire secret chamber. Demonic energy was everywhere. The energy was extremely pure and was completely distinguishable from ordinary demonic energy. The energy of the demonic dragons was much more powerful.

Yun Yazi sat quietly at Su Yus side and nodded. Your cultivation techniques are good. The energies of the world are being conserved, and losses will surely follow gains. This technique uses the body as a prison and locks the demonic energy within, only allowing the entry but not the exit of the demonic energy.

With the increase of every demonic dragon, the power increases by geometrical factors. The further it progresses, the stronger the power becomes, Yun Yazi said.

Refining the fourth dragon would take half a month, because the further it progressed, the difficulty of solidifying the demonic energy became greater. Presumably, it would take more than a month to refine the fifth dragon. But with Yun Yazis guidance and teaching, Su Yu had resorted to novel, unique means which removed the limitations of the techniques and managed to shorten the time needed to refine them to just one day.

The sixth dragon, which would normally have taken more than two months to refine, was successfully refined in just two days. Such a rapid rate truly astounded Su Yu.

Yun Yazis detached, casual guidance appeared to be unique, but it was almost equivalent to a makeshift augmentation of the cultivation techniques.

In the eyes of people like Yun Yazi, the so-called top-grade legendary cultivation techniques were probably just toys, which could be improved and altered anytime.

If there was no time constraint, Su Yu would soon succeed in training this set of cultivation techniques to supreme perfection under Yun Yazis guidance.

Now that he had six demonic dragons, the power was elevated by multiple times compared to when there were only four. Even an eighth-grade Almighty could hardly resist five demonic dragons. Fighting six demonic dragons would be no different from seeking ones own death.

With this demonic technique, Su Yu would basically face no substantial danger in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, provided that he didnt cross paths with top-notch powerful individuals. Of course, that only took account of danger from other humans. The dangers which existed within the Glittering Jewel Wonderland itself were not to be slighted.

This technique isnt too bad. The demonic energy in the jade box should be sufficient to allow you to refine up till the eighth demonic dragon. If you ever have a chance, find more demonic energy and refine the ninth. Yun Yazi had considerably high regards for this technique.

Yes, I understand, Su Yu said, The only pity is that time is too short, and I couldnt comprehend the third stage of the Heavens Son Gazing At Air in time. I have failed you, Master.

Yun Yuzi had two expectations for Su Yu. One was comprehension, and the other was the Heavens Son Gazing At Air.

Yun Yazi gently shook his head and said, The Heavens Son Gazing At Air was merely an auxiliary tactic. The Glittering Jewel Wonderland is a significant honing opportunity and ordeal for you, hence you need to be equipped with forceful techniques.

Training the Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art is a top priority and of the utmost urgency. When you get to the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, it wont be too late for you to start training the Heavens Son Gazing At Air when you have time.

Su Yu smiled. I will work hard on the Heavens Son Gazing At Air.

Yun Yazi nodded lightly.


Faraway, distant ringing of bells echoed in his ears, and Su Yu felt invigorated. The summoning bells. Looks like its time. Su Yus entire body quivered lightly. His heart was brimming with anticipation.

He had been hearing about the Glittering Jewel Wonderland ever since his arrival in the Jiuzhou continent, and now it had finally arrived.

Yun Yazi said, Go ahead, I will show up again in the Wonderland, and help you in procuring that thing. Yun Yazi transformed into a beam of light. When the light dissipated, Yun Yazi had vanished, leaving only a wisp of white-colored hair behind, which drifted through the Void. Shortly after, the wisp of hair fell upon Su Yus head and blended into his own white hair. Such a technique truly fascinated Su Yu. Could even souls change forms?

That was the illusionary technique of the soul, which is used to tempt ones perception. My original form hasnt changed. If you attain the top-class peak level of the Illusionary Soul Realm, you can tempt others perceptions at will, too, Yun Yazi explained.

The Illusionary Soul Realm? Su Yu licked his lips. In that case, once the soul had left the body, it could go around tempting enemies. Combined with the Imperial Soul Realm of the second stage, it would enable him to attain success in every endeavor!

After clearing up the demonic energy that filled the entire house, Su Yu had an idea. He strode outside and headed for the Ninth Summit alongside the other students. When they arrived, all the students of the Red Blood Palace were present.

Su Yu flew to Bai Shanliangs side, only to discover that he was looking strange. Gongsun Wuxie and Bing Wuxin looked the same. It was as though something had happened.

What happened? Su Yu asked.

The three of them fell silent for a moment, and the ambiance was unusually depressing.

Brother Yuxian Gongsun Wuxies small mouth moved as she spoke, her face mournful. Brother Renyao has passed away.

Su Yus mind began buzzing as he heard those words. Tian Renyao, had passed away?

Despite all of his efforts in mental preparation, he still found it very hard to accept when he heard the news.

How do you guys know? Su Yu questioned.

Mist was suspended in Gongsun Wuxies clear eyes. The Life Token he left at the faction has suddenly shattered.

The Life Token was a treasure instilled with a drop of essence blood. Once the owner of the essence blood had perished, the drop of essence blood would sense it and start releasing the energy within it, breaking the jade pendant. It was an ordinary technique, and errors seldom occurred.

Furthermore, Tian Renyao and Bai Shanliang had been parted while being hunted down by the Blood Bone Great Soldier. It was nearly impossible for the Life Token to get it wrong. The only hope was that some kind of miracle had happened.

A wave of sorrow rippled through Su Yus heart.

Xuelian was right. The life of a martial artist was like a petty insect in the mortal world. It could vanish in an instant.

No one knew which of their peers would suddenly disappear from the world when tomorrow came around.

The Blood Bone Great Soldier! Su Yus eyes radiated off rays of cold sparks.

He only resented his previously limited capabilities, and his failure to detain the Blood Bone Great Soldier while he was at his weakest, resulting in the fate of his companion.

One of the Five Great Demons of the Demon Mountain had been lost. There were four of them left.

Just as Su Yu was immersed in grief, Yun Yazis voice sounded from inside his head. Dont worry. Your friend probably hasnt died. It was probably another person who has been killed. After all, he is a rather strange person.

Yun Yazi actually knew about Tian Renyaos existence. He had probably found out when he was assessing Su Yus surroundings after waking from one of his isolations.

Su Yu raised his brows. Hes still alive? Then what has happened to the Life Token?

Just as Su Yu was about to voice his confusion, Yun Yazi disappeared abruptly.


All of a sudden, a tenuous, faded extraterrestrial voice resonated in Su Yus mind. The voice was far away and mellifluous as if it had come from a hundred thousand miles away.