The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Death of the Holy King

Facing a Second Level Holy King like Xu Rong, Su Yu had a small chance.

But a Seventh Level Holy King could fully immobilize Su Yu with just a finger!

It felt like he was a Level One of the Martial Paths facing off against a Level Nine of the Martial Paths! He was as minute as an ant, insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

"I, Li Guang, had spent a hundred years of my life waiting. To think such a fate awaited me!" Li Guang laughed pitifully.

Li Guang seemed to have aged another hundred years. Disappointment and the will to die was written all over his face.

"Ruo Lan, you can kill me, but he is innocent. Can you spare him?" Li Guang knew that he could not escape death today, but Su Yu had a chance.

Ruo Lan's cold gaze fell onto Su Yu and she gently nodded her head.

Suddenly, she turned and shot a horrifying bolt of vital energy toward Su Yu!

Su Yu was facing an avalanche. It was as if he was in the Evil Forest again, toe-to-toe with a massive destructive force.

"No!" Li Guang let out a low growl, pushing Su Yu away!


A great rumble reverberated around the surroundings. Blood sprayed everywhere and flesh flew in all directions! Li Guang's right arm was blown away, leaving only a fleshy stump! His blood sprayed out, covering Su Yu's face.

It was warm. The smell of the blood caused Su Yu to freeze.

Li Guang Li Guang had used his body to block the lethal blow?

Looking at the tall, old frame in front of him, Su Yu's soul shook.

"Run!" Li Guang used his left arm to hug Su Yu, flying away!

From their back came a gentle sigh, "It's useless."


They only saw a blur, before Ruo Lan was already calmly standing in front of them!

Bitterness was ingrained in every feature on Li Guang's face. His gaze was resolute as he screamed, "Even if I die! I won't let him perish!"


Li Guang dodged in the other direction!


Ruo Lan calmly shook her head, "It's useless, die!"

Her figure vanished!

Su Yu had managed to catch a glimpse of her. A jade-like hand rested on Li Guang's forehead without warning! She had closed the short distance between her and Li Guang without him noticing!

It was too late when Li Guang finally realized what had happened!

The jade-like hand gently pressed down!


A bloody hole appeared on Li Guang's lower back! His organs were clearly visible! At that moment, Li Guang had used his lower back to help Su Yu take the fatal blow!

"Holy King!" Su Yu's heart trembled in grief! He had spent his entire life waiting, just to prove his innocence. Why did his fate end like this?

Li Guang was pale as a sheet, his features contorted in pain. His haggard voice was pitiful, on the verge of a scream, "I may die, but you cannot!"

Ruo Lan was calm, bringing her palm forward again as she gently sighed, "It's useless."

"Blood Evasion!!" Li Guang let out a furious howl, the blood from his right arm rising into the air. The blood in his body rose into the air, materializing into a veil of light that surronded the two!


The light pierced through the sky, followed by a trail of sonic booms. After a few flickers, it vanished beyond the horizon!

Ruo Lan was slightly surprised. Her expression was grave, "The forbidden evasion technique which eats at one's life force?"

Su Yu felt like he had been wrapped within a warm metallic liquid. He was seperate from the events occuring around him.

Li Guang's life force was critically low!

Finally, after an hour, they fell onto the peak of a mountain. At the peak stood a solemn house filled with charming people. The atomosphere was filled with a soft light.


Li Guang spat out a mouthful of blood, pale as a sheet. His breathing was incredibly shallow, on the verge of stopping at any moment.

"Quick Help me. Over there, that is my family, the Li family There is a barrier that protects the family Ruo Lan cannot enter."

Su Yu looked back, seeing a figure in colorful robes flying sixty feet away.

Feeling Li Guang's life was coming to an end, Su Yu was in visible anguish.

Why? Why did it have to end this way after wasting a hundred years of his life? He was being hunted by the person he had once loved. Why must he undergo such a cruel pain during the last moments of his life?

"We will be safe when we reach home I, would never let you die" Li Guang's eyes were benevolent as he forced a smile.

In front of the barrier, there were already people that noticed the arrival of Su Yu.

"Who are you?!"

Li Guang's breathing was weak. He laughed bitterly, his bloody hand brandished a token from his sleeve. It was ancient and exquisite, the harshities of time evident in ever curve and carving. Carved into it were the words Li Guang.

"Li Guang! That failure, Li Guang!"

"It's him! The shame of the family!"

"Hmph! Coming back after a century, heavily injuredhe's probably back to beg for protection! Shameless!"


The voices of the crowd went silent. An elder with intertwining black and white hair dressed in a Taoist robe had stepped forward.

He harbored a terrifying aura, no weaker than Ruo Lan's!

"You wish to seek the protection of the family?" The Taoist-robed elder spoke, calmly looking into the horizon without emotion.

It was as if Li Guang was a total stranger, rather than a family member.

Li Guang's breath was shallow. He managed a light nod.

The Taoist-robed elder laughed coldly, "Do you think you still have the right to enter the Li family?"

Members of the Li family glared hatefully.

Because of Li Guang, the family had been heavily ridiculed. They were still trying to repair their reputation.

Li Guang shook his head with some difficulty, "No I, Li Guang, sinned greatly and brought shame to the family I do not dare return to the family"

"Then why do you come?" The Taoist-robed elder coldly questioned.

Li Guang pushed Su Yu forward, his body buckling as he knelt on the ground. His head fell and his eyes were heavy; soon, they would close for the last time.

With blood in his mouth, Li Guang pleaded feebly, "I beg of you all Let him in"

"Holy King!" Su Yu knelt on the ground, looking at the approaching Ruo Lan. His heart burned with hatred!

Why, why must she hunt such a haggard old man?

"Outsiders are forbidden to enter the Li family! You should go back!" The Taoist robed elder coldly refused and turned to leave.


A low sound came from behind him.

Looking back, Li Guang's forehead was slammed heavily on the ground. His remaining left hand was balled in a fist. His voice was pitiful, drawing on what little energy he had left as he hoarsely shouted, "I beg of all of you Let him in For the sake former family"

This bow silenced heaven and earth. Time and space shared his grief. His actions were immeasurably pitiful. The voice of grief reverberated throughout the earth.

During the last moments of his life, all Li Guang could do was protect Su Yu!

His hoarse voice, his pitiful shout, his feelings of grief; how was he the same Holy King that had stood at the peak of the Shenyue continent?

Su Yu was in anguish, his eyes swollen from crying. He scanned the heartless members of the Li family, "Holy King Do not beg them. I, Su Yu, do not care about my life. I will not allow you, the Holy King, to demean yourself for me!"

Li Guang lifter his head before bowing again.


His voice was hoarse, sad, and pitiful, "I beg of all of you I may die But please, do not let him die I beg of all of you!"

Listening to the pitiful voice reverberating around the lonely mountain, everyone in the Li family was dazed.

The Taoist-robed elder was silent for a moment. Then, he calmly turned to leave, "Open the gates!"

"Should we let Su Yu in alone, or"

Before the Taoist-robed elder disappeared he scowled, "A member of the Li family dying at our gates would disgrace the ancestors, bring him in too!"

Several elders lifted the barrier and brought the two of them in.

In that moment, Ruo Lan descended. She lifted her eyebrows as she looked at the barrier. She circled outside the barrier, unable to enter, but unwilling to return.

At the backyard of the Li family manor, Li Guang clung to the last thread of his life. He leaned on the wall, his eyes heavy and nearly shut.

Blood had stopped flowing from his wound There was no more blood left to flow.

"Holy King!" Su Yu was full of guilt. If not for him, Li Guang would not have been so heavily injured!

The grave injuries of his right arm and lower back were all sustained in an effort to shield Su Yu.

Li Guang trembled as he extended his left arm, caressing Su Yu's forehead. He conjured a compassionate smile,"Hehe It's fine You're fine now" he said weakly.

"It's me... I let you down" Li Guang's voice trembled.

"Holy King, stop talking! Your clansmen have gone to fetch medicine." Su Yu's soul trembled, grief welling up within him.

Li Guang smiled and he slightly shook his head, "Do not grieve I will die sooner or later But, before I die, your path I have to arrange it for you"

He trembled as he took out a token and a letter.

The token was the Liuxian Token, and the letter was addressed to the master of the Li family.

"Give this letter to the master of the Li family. He will arrange for you to take part in the recruiting contest for the disciples of the Liuxian faction in five days You can enter the Liuxian faction"

"The token Take the token. If you have the chance to meet the master of the faction Plead with him plead with him to take you as a disciple, so you won't get harmed by Han Zhi"

Su Yu had tears in his eyes. It turned out that Li Guang had prepared a letter to help Su Yu in the future.

"I would definitely get the Liuxian faction to investigate the incident, I will use the token to clear your name!" Su Yu held the Liuxian token in his hands, feeling grief and fury. This was the lifelong wish of Li Guang!

Li Guang's eyes slowly closed as he weakly shook his head, "There's no need for that anymore Leave it for yourself Survive

"All I can do for you is this much" Li Guang gradually closed his eyes, his lips forming a lonely smile.

He would forever die with regret in his heart.

"Teacher!" Su Yu screamed to the heavens. Grief filled his chest. He was set ablaze with a burning hatred!

Li Guang's lonely smile transformed into a smile of relief. "You finally called me teacher Hehe" he murmmered softly, each word full of content as they were lost to the wind.

His final breath extinguished

Along with a full body of blood and the remnants of a relieved smile, a Holy King silently passed on.

"Teacher!" Su Yu's voice was trembling. He knelt on the floor and bowed.

They were together for less than a month, but it had felt like so much longer.

Su Yu knelt for a long time. His eyes were swollen from crying and traces of his tears were still visible on his face when he slowly opened his red, angry eyes.

His silver hair flew out behind him, his purple robe dancing in the wind. Members of the Li family realized snowflakes had started to fall on the mountain peak, where it never snowed.

Li Guang's body was covered with the snowflakes.

The snow soon crystallized into ice, deeply freezing his remains.

The peaceful smile would forever be immortalized in ice.

Su Yu bowed three times, his expression peaceful, but detached. Muderous rage laced his grief.

"Teacher! Your disciple swears to the heavens that I will take the head of your enemy and clear your name!" Su Yu looked up to the snow-filled sky. He swore to the heavens, he swore to time and space!

Han Zhi and Ruo Lan!

Su Yu would not rest in peace until he had killed them!

The recruitment contest for disciples of the Liuxian faction would start in five days!

"Han Zhi! Ruo Lan! Watch out. I, Su Yu, would take your heads, no matter the cost!" Su Yu clenched his fists, furiously howling at the sky.