The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Five Disasters Of The Secret Realm

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The celestial mountains rise, on the road of fighting for triumph; a thousand miles of mountains and rivers, a thousand miles of bones. All races crumble, all Gods perish, who in the world is the real monarch?

The voice was resonating with a vast magnificence.

Su Yus entire body shuddered vigorously. It was as if he had been embroiled into a spectacular divine power. He froze, unable to budge even an inch.

Su Yu had only ever felt as petty and insubstantial as an insect and and truly perceived the vastness of the world when he was faced with one person. That was the Tree God of the Ancient Bronze Trees.

Su Yu could be rendered completely immobile by taking just one look at the Tree God in the form of a sleeping woman. He still had an explicit memory of the divine power.

The feeling he had right now was very similar to the one he had when he came across the Tree God. The difference was that the Tree Gods divine power was even more mighty and immense.

Besides Su Yu, the other students felt the great tremor spreading through their bodies as well, and the same voice echoed in their minds.

The mediocre students of the Purple Cloud Palace and the elders that were present were the only ones who hadnt sensed anything at all.

The faces of the elders changed dramatically at the sudden strange turn of events.

At the Ninth Summit, even though the people in charge of the factions hadnt heard the voice, they had palpably detected the unusual scent that shrouded them.

Mo Tianxuans eyes shone with a shrewd light. The Wonderland has arrived!


Mo Tianxuan tore open the Void with one hand. The True Man of the Purple Cloud sparkled with brilliance as he tore open the Void as well. Both of them teleported to the air above the Ninth Summit one after another and arrived amongst their own students. Both Mo Tianxuan and the True Man gazed up at the Void, their eyes full of anticipation and excitement.

The celestial mountains rise, on the road of fighting for triumph; a thousand miles of mountains and rivers, a thousand miles of bones. All races crumble, all Gods perish, who in the world is the real monarch? Mo Tianxuan muttered under her breath. Her tone was nostalgic and agitated at the same time.

The True Man couldnt stop himself from reciting the recondite words either.

This was the voice that occurred whenever the Glittering Jewel Wonderland called forth the qualified students. It had been the same throughout the entire eternity.

Mo Tianxuan, the True Man of the Purple Cloud, and all the renowned strong men of the Jiuzhou continent had been endowed with the boon of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland before.

Every entry into the Wonderland for training indicated a one-time skyrocketing of aptitude. If the chance was missed, one would certainly be distanced from the world-renowned Heaven Rulers of the generation, until they were completely eliminated.

The five great continents, the Eastern, the Western, the Northern, the Southern and the Central, were all shaken at the same time.

A beam of sunlights plummeted from the boundless constellations outside the nine heavens and transformed into a sky-reaching bridge. The bridge was so picturesque with the clearly visible stairs and concreteness, that it didnt look like an object transformed from the suns rays at all.

Shrouded in the radiant sunlight, Su Yu felt something stirring in his heart. The sensation of an impending breakthrough from the bottleneck arose from the bottom of his heart.

The celestial bridge is here. All students get ready right now! Mo Tianxuan proclaimed in a tone of mild surprise.

The students of the Red Blood Palace were all geared up already, as they leaped into position behind Mo Tianxuan. Su Yu hesitated for a moment, before flying forth to join them.

As he stood before the celestial bridge, Su Yu was full of exhilaration. Was the Glittering Jewel Wonderland really on the other side of the celestial bridge? What kind of world was it? And what kind of challenge was awaiting them?

The other people in charge gathered their students as well and began telling them about something mysterious with a solemn attitude.

At that moment, Mo Tianxuan turned and said, The bridge you see is known as the celestial bridge. Once it appears, you can arrive at the Glittering Jewel Wonderland as you step on it.You should all know about what Im going to tell you now. I have a message that cant be revealed to outsiders. Im only going to say it once so dont miss out on any word.

The students whose attention was focused on the celestial bridge quivered. Theres a message that cannot be revealed to outsiders?

Some messages can only be uttered under the shrouding of the celestial bridges light. Otherwise, one will be destroyed by the Glittering Jewel Wonderland! Theres no need to doubt me. This is a lesson learned by many students who have participated in the secret realm, with their own lives and blood, including powerful individuals of the Mortal Fairy level. Mo Tianxuan cast a look at the end of the celestial bridge, her eyes full of reverence.

A woman as fearless as she was rarely revealed looks of apprehension.

Everyone drew in a lungful of cold air. Even Mortal Fairies had perished because of it!

All students who have taken part in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland will be engraved with an imprint. If the secret is leaked, no matter how far away they are, they will be killed by the Wonderland. Even Mortal Fairies cant avoid the destruction from the Wonderland, Mo Tianxuan explained.

They only recognized the Glittering Jewel Wonderland as a sacred sanctuary for enhancement, but had never known that it was an existence that could kill the Mortal Fairies from afar!

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy had had her tranquil demise an eternity ago, yet the Wonderland which she had left behind was still capable of oppressing the Mortal Fairies of the present generation. What kind of level had she reached before her demise?

Waves of shock and terror crashed in everyones heart.

It means that no amount of experience and danger encountered in the secret realm could be spread to the outside world. Theres only one chance, a very short-lasting moment, that you can be told this, and that time is now!

When the suns rays descended, the Glittering Jewel Wonderland was at a stage of extending the celestial bridge. Those of us who have taken part before will experience a temporary blockage to the imprints within us. Revealing some information at this point in time wont be noticed. Mo Tianxuan said.

Now, listen closely to what I am about to tell you! Mo Tianxuan was speaking very quickly. The Wonderland is divided into five yards, which are the flower yard, the book yard, the martial yard, the beast yard, and the mausoleum respectively.

Every yard is a training site carefully designed by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, and the key to sublimation is hidden among the five yards. Your mission is to search for your own key to sublimation within the yards.

A student queried, Palace Master, how do we find our own key to sublimation, is there any technique?

Mo Tianxuan shook her head. There is no technique. What do we mean by sublimation? The subtleties of the universe are ever-changing, if they can be traced, it shouldnt be called sublimation anymore.

According to my students who have participated through the many years, the sublimations they had acquired were all serendipitous. It could be a little bird flying past that bumps into you, and brings forth a supreme book of cultivation techniques.

Or you could trip on a wilted branch, and come across an ancient fairy artifact. Or perhaps, a spiritual beast would come to you with the divine crystal of a Mortal Fairy in its mouth.

Upon hearing that, everyone was stunned. So sublimations were in fact, achieved in such ways?

Palace Master, in that case, chances of attaining sublimations have nothing to do with our cultivation? A student who had hardly passed the selection of the Fengyun Great Assembly asked, his eyes full of anticipation.

Mo Tianxuan nodded and then shook her head. Youre right, yet you also are not.

Indeed, the chances of obtaining sublimations arent decided by ones cultivation. However, the longer you remain the secret realm, the higher your probability of obtaining sublimations!

The Glittering Jewel Wonderland has crises and perils all over the place. The weak ones will most probably die of unnatural causes before their sublimations arrive. Only truly strong individuals can stay alive long enough, so the chances of them procuring their sublimations are higher compared to weaker participants. They could even obtain two consecutive sublimations.

She didnt divulge the fact that she was one of the people who procured two consecutive sublimations and was also one of the few who managed to obtain two consecutive sublimations in the entire eternity.

Her supreme demonic fairy artifact actually originated from the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

Many of the students who got lucky in the selection felt their hearts plummeting brutally into a chasm. At the end of the day, it was ones capacity that truly mattered.

Dare I ask, Palace Master Mo, is there some kind of energy in the secret realm that could get us eliminated? Bing Wuxin asked. She had voiced the common doubt of the majority of people at the scene.

Palace Master Mo nodded deeply. Yes, therell be a natural disaster every seven days in the secret realm, which will be started off by the five yards based on their respective elements, which are the disasters of flowers, books, martial arts, beasts and spirits of the dead.