The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 991

Chapter 991 Original Lifespan Imprint

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Each disaster will hit you more strongly than the previous one. First is the disaster of flowers, which will eliminate about 20 percent of the challengers. Next, the disaster of books will eliminate 30 percent of you. The third is the disaster of martial arts, which will eliminate 40 percent, Mo Tianxuan explained in detail.

As for the fourth and fifth disasters, all the remaining challengers will become the targets. The former will most probably eliminate almost everyone, and the final disaster will mean inevitable elimination for all. To be precise, not even the Nine Great Prefectures Kings could avoid it if they entered.

Mo Tianxuan spoke in such a definite way, implying that no one had ever successfully pulled through the final disaster, which was the one involving the spirits of the dead.

Palace Master, is the disaster of the spirits of the dead really that terrifying? someone asked. Even entities like the Prefectures Kings and the Mortal Fairies couldnt negotiate it safely.

Mo Tianxuan nodded. Exactly. Once the disaster of the spirits of the dead strikes, it wont ever end, until every single challenger is eliminated.

What on earth is the disaster of the spirits of the dead? Mo Tianxuans explanation hadnt answered all of their questions.

Mo Tianxuan said, I have no idea. This is the most mysterious of all five disasters. Those who have seen it were eliminated in the first moments, so up until today, no one knows about it.

An unknown disaster? Insecurities and dread crept into peoples hearts.

You dont have to worry. Based on past experience, when one disaster is over, sublimations will blossom like a fountain. As it progresses towards the end, sublimations will keep increasing. Under normal circumstances, once you pull through the third disaster successfully, youll receive a sublimation. After undergoing the fourth, youll have a chance of getting a second sublimation. Its likely that only ten percent of you will manage to survive the third disaster. Hence, you dont have to worry about the final disaster.

Upon hearing that, the challengers felt more relieved.

Furthermore, besides the danger involved in the training at the Glittering Jewel Wonderland itself, you have to beware of the second danger. You dont need me to remind you about this, Mo Tianxuan said.

Needless to say, the second danger came from the people.

Based on the rules of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, your probability of obtaining sublimations will increase with the number of powerful opponents you defeat or kill. Somberly, Mo Tianxuan delivered a piece of information that no one knew about.

Everyone raised their eyebrows. Did such stringent rules actually exist? The kind-hearted ones who were reluctant to simply butcher others would now kill to the best of their abilities in order to procure sublimations.

Su Yu had a deep frown on his face. Such rules must have been designed to compel the heaven rulers of the current generation to slaughter one another!

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairys intention had been to hand her legacy down to her descendants. By using such means, hadnt she been afraid that it might cause the human heaven rulers of the current generation to be exterminated?

However, upon careful consideration, it started to make sense. The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairys standards for geniuses far exceeded that of the commoners. Perhaps, as far as she was concerned, even Su Yu wasnt qualified enough. It was also true that the continent was experiencing an overabundance of experts and masters at this moment, so perhaps there really was a need for intense, heated competitions.

To the weak ones, the sudden disclosure of such a rule was like adding hail to snow. But to the strong ones, it was good news.


All of a sudden, the celestial bridge began to quiver, triggering a huge tremor in the surroundings. The vast expanse of sky was torn into a state of pitch-black emptiness.

The people in charge of the factions were stupefied and stood in front of their students to protect them from harm.

Mo Tianxuans speech ended abruptly, and the other elders who had also been imparting the mysteries of the secret realm immediately stopped as if it had suddenly become a taboo. Undoubtedly, the blockage had been removed.

The advent of the celestial bridge is now complete. It will be wise for all of you to remember my words. Now, prepare to get on the celestial bridge. Mo Tianxuan took a step forward and stood in front of the celestial bridge.

She was enveloped by the rays of light coming from the bridge. Despite her absolute strength, she shuddered a little. Under the brilliance, she appeared to be straining slightly.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud also stepped forward immediately, his entire body trembling vigorously. He seemed to be trying even harder than Mo Tianxuan to support himself.

The rays of sunlight coalesced into a door of nine colors above their heads. They only needed to pass through the door to get on the celestial bridge.

Mo Tianxuan gave the command. Students of the Red Blood Palace, and students of the affiliate factions! Step through the door and get on the celestial bridge!

Bing Wuxin, Bai Shanliang, Gongsun Wuxie and the rest moved forward right away, flew through the door and strode onto the celestial bridge.

Su Yus eyes flickered. He was close behind Gongsun Wuxie as he prepared to pass through the door. The instant he stepped through, Mo Tianxuans eyes shone with ferocity, and she flicked her index finger surreptitiously. All of a sudden, a wisp of black splendor, which she had obviously been preparing for a while, shot from the tip of her finger into the spot between Su Yus brows.

A mild ache began to throb as though something had sunk into his body. Su Yu was annoyed. But before he could vent his anger, Mo Tianxuan rolled up her sleeves and hurled him through the door. He tumbled onto the celestial bridge. Su Yu turned back with annoyance, but much to his surprise, there was a large expanse of white desolation before his eyes. The Purple Cloud Palace was nowhere to be seen and neither was Mo Tianxuan.

The celestial bridge can teleport! The realization suddenly struck Su Yu.

Su Yu immediately assessed his body and found a mass of pitch-black imprint that had deeply engraved itself into his heart. The imprint itself was harmless, but Su Yu discovered that it was irremovable even when he tried using Vital Energy.

Dont waste your effort. That imprint is refined from Original Lifespan. It will weaken with time, but no external forces can dissolve it, Yun Yazi said.

It seems like this Palace Master Mo hasnt been concentrating on her meditation these past three days, but instead was focusing on putting an imprint on you, even at the cost of the Original Lifespan. Yun Yazi chuckled.

Su Yu just couldnt bring himself to laugh. Master, what is the purpose of this imprint? I cant identify the source of its power.

Yun Yazi laughed. This imprint is harmless, but Palace Master Mo can be informed about your precise location anytime, so you wont be able to run away from her from now on.

So it was a tracking imprint. Su Yu felt a lot more at ease.

Let her! One day Im going to make this woman suffer a little more! Su Yu remarked nonchalantly. When he was done talking, Su Yu stepped onto the stairs.

It was supposed to be a simple stride, but Su Yu had a palpable feeling that he had undergone a teleportation of an imperceptibly long distance. When his feet stepped onto solid ground again, it wasnt stairs underneath his feet anymore, but solid earth.The natural fragrance of soil and rejuvenating air shrouded him.

He glanced at his surroundings. Much to his surprise, he was surrounded by the colorful brilliance of a dazzling, splendid world of flowers. His entire visual field was filled with endless flowers. They were of a wide variety of sizes and colors and had no names. Together, they were interwoven into a world of gorgeous hues.

Haha, looks like youre lucky! Yove been transported to the center of the first disaster, the flower yard. Yun Yazi laughed softly.

The disaster of flowers was the first to be triggered, and the flower yard was the center of origin of the disaster. The perils of being here were naturally greater than the other regions.

Besides, the flower yard is a very troublesome place. It may be easier for women, but men will encounter endless troubles. Youd better leave fast.

Su Yu rolled his eyes. The flower yard could discern between men and women? However, he listened to Yun Yazis advice and selected a direction as he prepared to leave the area.

After aviating flying for approximately two hours, Su Yu still found himself amidst an immense ocean of flowers.

Right at that moment, a scream of agony erupted from somewhere ahead. Figures of some panicked challengers appeared from a cluster of flowers as tall as humans. Oh my God! The King of Flowers, Daisy Bao is chasing after us! Run fast!!

Su Yu was stunned for a moment. What? DaisyDaisy Bao?