The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 994

Chapter 994 The Daffodil King

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Su Yu touched the tips of his toes on the ground and leaped sideways. He just managed to dodge the attack by the green brilliance, his starry eyes gazing coldly.

A two-meter-tall man with a robust, stocky build stepped into the cavern. His gait was steady and strong. As his feet pounded on the ground, the ground trembled slightly. Dust and gravel jumped with a clattering noise as thought beans were being fried in a pan.

The hearts of Su Yu and everyone else in the cavern palpitated wildly as the person came towards them.

Immense bodily strength! Su Yus eyes were grave.

Su Yu had experience of coming face to face with the All Creations Old Monsters, and the familiar sensation crept back into his heart. The big burly man before his eyes gave off a great sense of menace on him, causing Su Yu to feel a sense of oppression. This person could be without equal at the Almighty level by solely relying upon his bodily strength.

Senior Brother Yu, youre back? The challengers inside the cavern had cheerful looks on their faces as the tension dissolved.

Even the eldest senior brothers vigilant expression faded. He laughed and said, Junior Brother Yu, you have come back at just the right time.

The newcomer was the second-ranked member of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction, Yu Liang, the bodybuilder. In terms of bodily strength, he was no doubt the most capable. The eldest senior brother was in the first position merely because of his combined capabilities.

Yu Liang cast a sideways glance at Su Yu and walked towards them with wide strides. Eldest senior brother, are all of you safe and sound?

Many of them smiled and nodded, and the ambiance became a lot more relaxed.

After some small talk, Yu Liang scanned the place and his gaze fell upon Su Yu. Glowering with his tiger-like eyes, he snorted, Is this the fellow whos trying to profit from our misfortune, demanding for the puppet of our Heavens Craftsmen Faction?

His ungracious words fell into Su Yus ears, and he flashed a small smile. I am. What about it?

Su Yus gaze fell on the eldest senior brother. My presence will cause inconvenience to the reunion of you brothers. Im going to leave right away, so please hand over the wooden bird that belongs to me.

Ridiculous! Your Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction may be a big deal in the Northern continent, but youre nothing in the Central Prefecture! If you have any sense, youll get lost right now! Yu Liang glared at him.

The eldest senior brother caressed the wooden bird for a while, shrewd light flickering in the depths of his pupils. Only after a moment of contemplation, did he stop Yu Liang. Junior brother, dont be rude!

Junior Brother Su helped me in my plight. Our faction owes him a big debt of gratitude. The wooden bird is a promised gift and should be given to him. He hurled the wooden bird in Su Yus direction.

Su Yu caught hold of it and assessed it to ensure it was intact. He greeted them with cupped fists. Farewell!

Yu Liangs eyes glimmered with ferocity, and he was about to go after him but was stopped by the eldest senior brother. Hold on, junior brother! Junior Brother Su, you too.

Su Yus eyes shone. He stopped in his tracks and turned. Whats the matter? he asked.

The eldest senior brother said, Being indebted to your kindness, Ive got news which Im willing to share with you, Junior Brother Su.

Speak. Su Yu was trying to work out what he was up to. Nothing came without a price. That was a constant rule of the world since times immemorial.

Junior brother must know that the disaster of flowers is around the corner, and were deep in the heart of the flower yard so will bear the brunt of the disaster. If we dont get out of here in time, were very likely to get eliminated, the eldest senior brother said.

The disaster of flowers was the toughest and most rigorous assessment. If he could get through it this time, he would stand a chance of acquiring a sublimation. If eliminated, he would perish.

Su Yu nodded slowly. So?

The eldest senior brother said with a smile, We received some information stating that theres a transportation station at the center of the flower yard which connects to the other four yards. If we can use it, well be able to leave the flower yard in the shortest possible time. Junior Brother Su, are you interested in joining us?

Theres a transportation station at the center of the flower yard? Su Yu thought this over quietly. Mo Tianxuan had not mentioned that either.

This is surely a reliable piece of information, provided by the Great Oriental Family. It is an ancient family that has existed for an eternity, and no one else can match their familiarity with the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, the eldest senior brother said.

The Great Oriental Family? Su Yus heart raced at the mention. The familys reputation was widely renowned across the entire Jiuzhou continent. How could Su Yu not know about them?

If the information had been spread by this family, perhaps it had a certain degree of credibility. Su Yu didnt know any shortcuts to leave the flower yard, so why wouldnt he give it a whirl? It wouldnt hurt anyway!

How many days does it take to reach the center of the flower yard? Su Yu asked.

The eldest senior brother laughed out loud. Not longonly five days. Considering our delay, itll take a total of six days. There are seven more days until the outbreak of the first disaster, so we have ample time.

Then it was worth a try.

Alright, Su Yu nodded in agreement.

Su Yu understood very well that those people did not hold him with regard because of his capabilities. Yu Liangs capabilities couldnt be any weaker than Su Yus superficial capabilities, so it really wasnt necessary for them to bring along someone whom they didnt trust. There was only one reason why they would allow Su Yu to tag along, and that was Su Yus identity as a student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction.

It wasnt that they were counting on that to suppress the other influences. Despite the considerable number of casualties of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction, the eldest senior brother had been freed from his plight. It would only take them a few days to recover from their injuries, so there were few people who could actually pose a threat to them. They were only concerned with the possibility of running into the most troublesome of all influences, the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, on their way.

Since Su Yu, a student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction was here, then the rest of his peers from the same faction were most likely in the vicinity as well. Once they encountered them, those violent, demonic martial artists would probably raise their swords to them if they didnt have a presentable spokesperson. Having Su Yu, who was familiar with the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, on their side, would be ideal. Before they arrived at the transportation site, Su Yu could help foster a harmonious relationship between the two parties.

Despite the eldest senior brothers steadfast character, he was, in fact, a tactful, seasoned person.

Senior brother, isnt that too hasty? Yu Liang was irritated. He would surely be punished by the faction for handing the wooden bird of their own faction to an outsider.

It was indeed, a plan of convenience on the eldest senior brothers part because he had been able to free himself, but it had nothing to do with Yu Liang, and he had gotten no advantage from it. That made him reluctant.

Junior brother, the journey is filled with perils. Our juniors are all wounded, and itll be better to make another friend than another enemy, the eldest senior brother said with a smile.

The look on Yu Liangs face kept changing. At last, he did not object anymore.

Su Yus eyes flickered. He noticed that when the eldest senior brother was speaking, he was secretly delivering messages via telepathy with the use of his Vital Energy. That was why Yu Liang finally accepted Su Yu.

Haha, in that case, lets all get going, the eldest senior brother said.

After packing up, Su Yu left the cavern of the hill with the people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction and headed for the center of the flower yard.

Shayin caught up with Su Yu. Junior Brother Su, dont mind Senior Brother Yu. Hes always been like that, and theres nothing we can do about him. I hope you wont take it personally, she said with her voice lowered.

Su Yu simply nodded, seeming disinterested.

This woman only appeared to be quiet and kind on the surface. In fact, she wasnt as innocent as she pretended to be. Su Yu had noticed this when she first used him to escort herself on the way to meet up with her companions.

Shayin wasnt annoyed. She flashed a gentle smile and chattered with Su Yu along the way.

Eldest senior brother, Shayin is your woman. Arent you afraid that accidents will happen if you let her accompany the brat from the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction? Yu Liang cast a glance at Su Yu as he communicated with the senior brother through telepathy.

The eldest senior brother narrowed his eyes. After a few days of recuperation, his injuries recovered well. Calmly, he said, Shes just a woman. Its no big deal even if accidents happen. Im only worried that the brat will notice something along the way and leave us. Then itll be really boring

After meandering through the ocean of flowers for five days, they arrived at an enormous city. The city was bustling with a flurry of noises and activities, and horses and carriages were streaming endlessly through the streets. The atmosphere was tumultuous.

If he wasnt clearly aware that he was in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, Su Yu would have thought that he had stepped into the outside world.

As he stared in astonishment at the city from afar, the wording flower yard entered his visual field.

Tsk tsk, its just as that woman from the Great Oriental Family said; there really is a surprise hidden at the center of the flower yard! the eldest senior brother said as he marveled at the sight.

Su Yu was cautious as he scanned the entire city. A brief moment later, a strange look appeared on his face. It seems like there are only women in the city!

At first glance, all he could see were females of various ages. From the security guards on duty at the door, to the shopkeepers of the winery, and even the street artists, everyone was a woman.

Yes! According to the woman from the Great Oriental Family, these women all are humanized flower demons in the flower yard. They have taken the form of humans and are imitating their living habits. This is a legacy left by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, too. The senior brother mentioned the woman from the Great Oriental Family again, the woman who had injured them all by herself.

Lets get inside. These flower demons are used to the sight of challengers, and at the same time are restrained by the Glittering Jewel Wonderland from harming the challengers. The eldest senior brother led the way inside.

Just as expected, their entry had captivated the attention of many, but none of them did anything inappropriate.

A moment later, they were at the center of the flower yard. A transportation station suspended in midair was emitting waves of space power.

It really is the transportation station! Everyone was elated.

They were only a day away from the first disaster, the disaster of flowers.

Coincidentally, they had arrived before the transportation station. If they could be transported to the book yard, which was the furthest away from the disaster, the impact of the disaster they would have to suffer was nearly negligible.

Stand right there! Challengers are not allowed to enter! All of a sudden, several cold auras lashed out from somewhere near the transportation station. Three elderly women flew out quickly. There was an air of superiority about them. Each of them carried the scent of a ninth-grade Almighty, which was comparable to the eldest senior brother.

Their emergence made the challengers feel as though they had met their worst enemies.

Without the yard masters order, challengers are prohibited from coming within a thousand feet of this place! If you do, youll be beheaded! The elderly women were murderous, and the demons all over the city began putting on harsh looks as well.

Yard master? Su Yus eyes shoneWere they referring to the owner of the flower yard?

The eldest senior brother said with cupped fists, We didnt mean to offend you. Please forgive us. Well step back right now.

They all distanced themselves from the transportation station under the supervision of the three powerful elderly women.

Eldest senior brother, how could there possibly be such frightening elves in the city? Theyve almost trained to the level of human All Creations! Leng Zhu said with a heavy heart.

The eldest senior brothers eyes were even more somber. They arent overly frightening. If we enter by force, I am confident we can hold them off for a while. Theres another scent which is more terrifying.

As he spoke, the eldest senior brothers eyes flickered and he looked over at Su Yu. Im not sure if Junior Brother Su has sensed anything?

Baffled, Su Yu answered, Could there be another expert here apart from the three of them?

As a matter of fact, how could Su Yu not know? When they arrived near the transportation station, there was a powerful, terrifying scent secretly targeting them. It was much more powerful than the elderly women. It was a scent that could compare to that of an All Creations Old Monster. It was most probably the yard master of the flower yard!

Cheh! He cant compare to me. How could he have sensed another scent? Yu Liang remarked contemptuously, Eldest senior brother, why dont you talk about the scent that youve sensed?

The eldest senior brother secretly observed Su Yus facial expression for a while and said in a lowered voice, Just now, there was a scent of All Creations!

What? There was a scent of All Creations? Their faces changed dramatically. All Creations Old Monsters were entities they had to look up to, and every little move they made could bring them unimaginable harm.

If that All Creations Old Monster was provoked, none of them could escape the city of the flower yard.

I cant be wrong. The woman from the Great Oriental Family said it too. The yard master of the flower yard is a daffodil plant that has been training for more than ten thousand years and thus has All Creations cultivation.

She is the King of All Flowers and was appointed by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy to be the master of the flower yard and to safeguard the yard, the eldest senior brother explained.

All of them fell silent as they were rendered speechless.

This place was the center of the flower yard. If the disaster of flowers befell, it would definitely radiate to the entire Wonderland from this central point.

They had traveled such a long way to the source of the disaster of flowers. If they couldnt be transported away, wouldnt they be like moths drawn to a flame?

Everyone was overwhelmed with fear. The eldest senior brother said, We still have a chance of using the transportation station.

Really? A tinge of hope was sparked off.

Eldest senior brother, do you have a way to distract the All Creations Old Monster away? Yu Liang marveled.

As long as the yard master was holding the fort, he could arrive with just a single thought and behead all of them! How could it be that simple to distract an All Creations Old Monster away?

No! We have another way. The eldest senior brothers eyes shone with a shrewd light, and he flashed a mysterious smile.

The yard master has powerful cultivation. Itll be extremely difficult to distract her if we only depend on ourselves! the eldest senior brother said. We have to make her agree by force!

Compelling the All Creations Old Monster to let them use the transportation station? Everyone thought about this for a moment.

According to the woman from the Great Oriental Family, the master of the flower yard has nine granddaughters whom she loves a lot. Once, a challenger from the Great Oriental Family came to this place by chance. In an attempt to avoid the impending disaster of flowers, he abducted one of the yard masters granddaughters. Due to her love for her granddaughter, the yard master agreed to lend him the transportation station, the eldest senior brother said with a smile.

Oh? Such an incident had actually happened before?

They understood what the eldest senior brother was implying. They only had to emulate the deed of that challenger from the Great Oriental Family.

Eldest senior brother, where are the nine granddaughters of the yard master? I suppose the security around here is tight? How do we begin? Yu Liang questioned.

The eldest senior brother chuckled. Dont worry, Ive come prepared! Out of the nine of them, the youngest granddaughter is most dearly loved by the yard master, and shes the most mischievous one.

She likes to ditch her servants and have fun alone in the city. She was the one abducted by the Great Oriental Family back then. All we need to do is give out some precious items that are exclusive to the outside world, and the youngest granddaughter will be lured.

Precious things that the Glittering Jewel Wonderland had never seen?

With a mysterious smile on his face, the eldest senior brother retrieved a gold-colored rope from the space ring, which was hung with golden chimes. When the wind blew, the chimes fluttered and a crisp, melodious sound was produced, like music from paradise.

The demons and elves that were passing by turned their heads to look. Curious, they gather around and pricked up their ears to listen. It was as though the sound of the chimes had some kind of lethal attraction for them.

Now, we just have to wait patiently. I believe that the youngest granddaughter will certainly show up. The eldest senior brother seemed to have a trick up his sleeve.

The heavenly music of the chimes seemed to be a unique temptation to the plants, attracting the floral demons and elves from all over the place to gather and watch. All of a sudden, the place became jam-packed.

Su Yu and the others were paying close attention to the floral demons and elves who came forward. According to the woman from the Great Oriental Family, the nine granddaughters of the yard master were different from the others, as each of them had a fully blossomed, illusionary daffodil on top of their heads. It was one of a kind, making them very discernible.

They waited for half a day. Suddenly, Su Yus gaze intensified. Amidst the crowd, a young girl with a petite body who seemed to be aged around 18 was straining to shove her way through the crowd, trying to get to the center. Eagerness was written all over her face.

A snowy white, exquisite daffodil was faintly visible above her head. The youngest granddaughter had turned up!