The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 995

Chapter 995 Red Thread Of Destiny

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However, she wasnt on her own. A middle-aged woman with emerald-green skin was following closely behind her.

Her scent was seemingly ordinary. It seemed to be just like that of any other ordinary floral demons and elves, but it failed to escape the scrutiny of Su Yus Transparent Eye.

Ninth-grade Almighty! Su Yus pupils shrank slightly.

She wasnt an average ninth-grade Almighty. Even the eldest senior brother of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction wouldnt necessarily be able to rival her.

Could this bodyguard be following the youngest granddaughter because she was previously abducted by the Great Oriental Family?

As his gaze returned to the youngest granddaughter, Su Yu sank into deep contemplation.

Meanwhile, there were several others who noticed the youngest granddaughter.

Senior brother, that must be the youngest granddaughter! Yu Liang said as he stared at the dainty girl.

The eldest senior brother flashed a small smile. It must be. The other eight granddaughters are in isolation all year long, so basically they wont turn up out here. The youngest one is always strolling in the city.

The peoples eyes shone when her identity was ascertained.

Eldest senior brother, should we strike straight away? Shayin asked as anticipation flickered in her eyes.

The other disciples of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction couldnt hold back their excitement either. Abducting the granddaughter of an All Creations Old Monster! The idea of it made them nervous and excited at the same time.

Not yet. Theres an expert at the granddaughters side. If we strike now, she has a chance of escaping, the eldest senior brother said, and brandished the rope in his hand.

When she gets closer, this Fairy Confining Rope will help us. However, all of us have to lie in ambush nearby just in case to prevent the youngest granddaughter from escaping. If she does, our plan will fail.

If their plan failed, the consequences would be unimaginable. Even if the All Creations Old Monster yard master did not show up, all of the floral demons and elves in the city could detain them, destroying their chances of leaving.

We only have one chance, so we have to do our best! the eldest senior brother said. He looked at Su Yu. Junior Brother Su, your martial strength is unrivaled. This is our only hope of avoiding the disaster of flowers, so please give us a hand.

Su Yu thought for a moment and nodded lightly. Im in the same boat as all of you, so of course I will try my best. Just tell me if you need me for anything.

The eldest senior brother flashed a grateful smile. Thanks a lot, brother Su! There are 20 of us altogether. When the youngest granddaughter is bound by the Fairy Confining Rope, the expert following her will surely step forth and try to stop us. Ill hold her off temporarily, and you guys will have to use the opportunity to tame the youngest granddaughter. She is most like an eighth-grade Almighty herself, so it will be difficult. Junior Brothers Su and Yu are the only ones who are strong enough to fight her. Therefore, the task of taming her will be entrusted to the two of you. How does that sound? Any thoughts?

The others thought for a moment and then agreed to the plan.

The opportunity would only knock once, so no one dared to slack.

In that case, lets get prepared! The eldest senior brothers eyes shone as he waved a hand. Immediately, everyone scattered in different directions.

Su Yu and Yu Liang lay in ambush in the south-eastern corner, all geared up for a fight. The eldest senior brother was holding the Fairy Confining Rope in his hand and maneuvering the chimes. The heavenly melody produced from it made the youngest granddaughter continue her approach.

It sounds so nice! The youngest granddaughter got closer, fascination clear on her face. Her big eyes looked as if they could talk as they kept blinking, signifying her naivety.

The middle-aged woman behind her warned, Please be careful. Those are challengers.

The youngest granddaughter pressed her index finger to her lips, pretending not to hear. She couldnt tear her eyes off the rope which was producing the sound of the heavens. In a voice as crisp and lovely as the tinkling bells, she asked, Can I touch it?

The eldest senior brother flashed a benevolent smile. Of course you can.

The youngest granddaughter had a curious look on her face as she placed her slender, supple finger on the chimes of the Fairy Confining Rope, which produced the heavenly melody.

The instant she touched it, a mysterious smile danced on the eldest senior brothers lips.

The chimes began trembling vigorously all of a sudden, and the heavenly melody turned into a rhythm as frenzied as the howling wind and torrential rain.

The floral demons and elves who had gathered around no longer looked beguiled. Instead, they began screaming and looking miserable.

Ahh! Many of them clutched at their heads and their whole bodies convulsed. The sound of the chimes seemed to be having a tremendously adverse effect on them.

The youngest granddaughter was the one who bore the brunt of it. She shuddered, and her hands went to her head. She seemed extremely anguished.

The eldest senior brothers eyes gleamed fiercely as he hurled out the Fairy Confining Rope he was holding. All of a sudden, the Fairy Confining Rope wound around the youngest granddaughters hands and legs.

The chimes continued to rage and produced a rushing sound which added to the anguish that the youngest granddaughter was struggling with.

However, the youngest granddaughter was an eighth-grade Almighty and a descendant of the yard master. The virtual shadow of the daffodil above her head was slightly ruffled, and drops of sparkling flower dew trickled down.

The anguish on her face disappeared as two fibrous roots extended from beneath her feet and pried open the ground. Her entire body was immersed into the depths of the ground as she attempted to escape.

How dare you! the eldest senior brother snapped. His left hand formed a claw, which grasped at the youngest granddaughters arm.


Right at that moment, a bright green branch lashed at him out of nowhere. A remnant shadow slashed through the Void, forming several seams in the space, and the branch whipped forward.

The eldest senior brothers face fell. His claw turned into a fist and punched at the whipping branch. With a dull thud, the eldest senior brother fell back. A bloody scar could be seen on his fist.

The ninth-grade Almighty had a body of immense strength. Combined with the shielding of the Vital Energy, the impact was so huge that the eldest senior brother was badly wounded.

None of you challengers are kind! The middle-aged womans green skin kept shimmering, bring out the dreadful gloom in her eyes.

The eldest senior brothers face turned solemn. Judging from the simple duel, he could roughly confirm that the opponents power was above his.

Junior Brother Su, Junior Brother Yu, Ill leave the youngest granddaughter to you. Im going to fight this old woman! the eldest senior brother bellowed as he initiated the fight.

Yu Liangs eyes were shining with a bright gleam. He yelled in a low voice, Strike!

Body of the Crimson Blood! The essence blood started boiling inside Yu Liangs body. Like boiling oil, it gave off a crackling sound. His entire body turned to the crimson color of blood. At first glance, he looked just like a jade man sculpted from red jade.

Open! Yu Liang screamed, as he lifted his right leg and thumped it forcefully onto the ground.

In an instant, the entire city of the flower yard began to tremble. The earth around him began quivering intensely, and the soil a hundred feet underground was brutally flipped out.

The youngest granddaughter, whose entire body was submerged underground, was jolted out onto the surface. She lay on the ground, whimpering out of misery.

Junior Brother Su, why havent you charged?! Yu Liang yelled.

Su Yu nodded and pounced forward. When he was thirty feet away from the youngest granddaughter, he grabbed her flimsy shoulder.

Seeing that Su Yu was about to capture her, the people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction were all in high spirits.

Junior Brother Su, bring her here quickly. The eldest senior brother was overjoyed. Everything was working out as they had planned.

Yu Liang and the others hurried to Su Yus side, preparing to aid him.

Their actions had completely infuriated the floral demons and elves, and they charged towards them, shrieking and yelling.

Much to the stupefaction of the faction, Su Yu did not hand over the youngest granddaughter. Instead, he tossed out a wooden bird, stepped onto it and flew into the clouds.

Junior Brother Su, what are you doing? the eldest senior brother screamed. Su Yus unexpected move had thrown everyone off guard.

Su Yu showed no sign of panic. Suspended in the air in the center of the flower yard, he said placidly, Of course, Im giving somebody a taste of his own medicine.

Yu Liang was exasperated. Su, youre trying to get us killed!

They had offended all of the floral demons and elves in the city of flower yard, but the youngest granddaughter had been abducted by Su Yu alone!

Hehe, getting you guys killed is better than getting myself killed, isnt it? Su Yu asked detachedly.

The eldest senior brothers pupils constricted. With a glum face, he said, Junior Brother Su, arent you too subjective in saying that were trying to harm you? Bring back the youngest granddaughter, and we can still be friends!

They didnt think they had done anything to harm Su Yu at all, but that was only their own perspective.

Subjective? I forgot to tell you something. Despite my lack of talents, I know a little bit of the language of the floral race. From the conversation of the floral demons and elves in the city, Ive overheard something that I shouldnt have, Su Yu said.

The language of the floral race and the Mu language had come from two distinguished lingual systems. Even though Su Yu mastered the latter much better than the former, he still knew some fundamentals of the former.

Initially, he had really thought that seizing the youngest granddaughter could coerce the yard master into letting them use the transportation station. But as he listened to the conversation of the floral demons and elves, Su Yu learned that the condition of using the transportation station was that one of the challengers had to marry one of the yard masters granddaughters. This was a regulation set by the yard master herself!

The eldest senior brother had fabricated the story when he said that the challenger from the Great Oriental Family had been successfully transported by abducting one of the yard masters granddaughters. With the capabilities of the All Creations Old Monster, merely abducting her granddaughter wouldnt be enough to make her comply. She had hundreds of ways to rescue her granddaughter with ease. Why would she agree to the kidnappers demand?

The challenger who married the granddaughter would have to remain in the flower yard all his life and could never take a step out of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

As to whether the Heavens Craftsmen Faction was planning to let a stranger like Su Yu or one of their own stay in the flower yard forever, it was more than obvious.

If youre looking for someone who can stay in the flower yard and become a grandson-in-law to the yard master, you can find someone else. I wont keep you company any longer, Su Yu said.

He flicked the Fairy Confining Rope with his fingers and tore it open, releasing the youngest granddaughter. He smiled at her and said, Sorry about that. I didnt mean to offend you!

Faced with Su Yus betrayal, the eldest senior wasnt worried. Instead, he laughed, Haha, you really do know a lot. Unfortunately for you though, you dont know everything!

Fairy Confining Rope! Bind! The eldest senior brother pointed from afar.

All of a sudden, the Fairy Confining Rope that had been untangled wound around Su Yus hand, and the other end of it wound around the youngest granddaughter.

A searing pain shot through Su Yus palm. The entire Fairy Confining Rope was burning as it transformed into a fiery red silk thread and wound around the two of them.

Su Yus face fell, and he tried to sever the red thread.

The red thread which had transformed through fire became intangible and transparent. Concrete objects which had penetrated it seemed to be passing through the air.

However, Su Yu felt the palpable sensation of a restraint on his hand, and the other end was connected to the youngest granddaughter!

The eldest senior brother smiled. The red rope has done its work. Congratulations, Junior Brother Su on getting the beauty. You have the best wishes of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction!

Su Yu was startled. Whats the matter with this Fairy Confining Rope?

The Fairy Confining Rope contains the Red Thread of Destiny which our ancestors of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction earned from the Eastern continent. In the past, the challenger from the Great Oriental Family has used such method to capture one of the yard masters granddaughters and was able to access the transportation station.

Once the Red Thread of Destiny is tethered, external forces wont be able to sever it. Dont waste your energy. Put your mind at ease and stay here as the grandson-in-law of the yard master!

The people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction gave a long sigh of relief.

It turned out that this was the truth behind the abduction of the youngest granddaughter. It was to tether Su Yu and the youngest granddaughter using the Red Thread of Destiny and foster their marriage. That was the only way to reopen the transportation station.

They wouldnt sacrifice their own people, so Su Yu was their only option.

What was the difference between confinement in the flower yard of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland for the rest of his life, and a tragic fall?

Su Yu cast a deep stare at the students of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction, and said placidly, If I remember correctly, I was the one who saved your eldest senior brothers life. Its only been a few days, and youre plotting against me. Is that really a good idea?

Without Su Yu, all the students of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction would still be deep in trouble, let alone the eldest senior brother. Even with Yu Liangs return, he wouldnt necessarily have been able to rescue them.

They say that students of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction are cunning by nature, but you are foolish beyond measure! Yu Liang remarked as he shook his head.

Nonchalantly, Su Yu turned to him without any facial expression. You think so?

The eldest senior brother and Yu Liang were surprised by his confidence and composure.

Junior Brother Su, the path of training has always been one filled with withered bones. Dont blame me for ruining your future! Blame it on the narrow road of training, which only allows us to pass! Surrender to your fate, the eldest senior brother said.

With a light tap of his feet, he soared into the Void and glanced at the surroundings. Yard master, please show up! I have conformed to your regulation and have married one of your granddaughters to a good man. Its time to keep your promise and allow us to be transported!

The flower yard was filled with an eerie silence. The floral demons and elves on the ground did not say a word.

The eldest senior brother reiterated his words. Still, only his voice resonated in the Void, receiving no response.

Whats going on? The people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction had noticed something wrong.

The eldest senior brother was nonplussed. Was the woman from the Great Oriental Family lying?

They had followed the instructions and specially prepared a Red Thread of Destiny, bringing the yard master a grandson-in-law. Why hadnt the yard master shown herself?

Right at that moment, a faraway, unhurried voice sounded.

The little fellow from the Great Oriental Family was right. Bringing me a grandson-in-law could be exchanged for a chance to use the transportation station, butit doesnt include bringing me a husband!

The one who spoke was the person restrained by the Red Thread of Destiny! She wasnt the granddaughter of the yard master: she was the master of the flower yard, the Empress of all Flowers, the Daffodil King!!

What? The people turned to look in the direction of the voice and stared at the youngest granddaughter beside Su Yu with flabbergasted looks on their faces.

At the moment, the youngest granddaughter was still naive-looking. On her jade-like, flawless face, a tinge of anger was visible, which only added to her adorable appearance.

The people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction were baffled and tense. The master of the flower yard was a creature that had lived for hundreds of thousands of years. How could she have such a naive, innocent character?

You people are obnoxious! The yard master was pouting in rage. With a press of her jade-like hands, the Red Thread of Destiny entangled around her wrists was unravelled.

Her identity had been confirmed without a doubt. Only an All Creations Old Monster could untie the red thread with such ease!!

The eldest senior brother swallowed a mouthful of dry saliva and said, Yardyard master, the challengers of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction, greeting the yard master! It was a misunderstanding! We didnt mean to offend you!

The lovely, adorable yard master put her hands on her waist, and said angrily, She is my granddaughter!

She was pointing at the green woman behind her. That was the real youngest granddaughter!!