The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 996

Chapter 996 The Sixth Yard

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Her? Everyone was going through emotional turmoil.

It was fine that the adorable youthful girl was in fact, an old flora who was ten thousand years old. But that old, weathered woman turned out to be the granddaughter that they had intended to capture! The stark contrast made it hard for them to accept.

The people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction did not waste time on being shocked. Without a doubt, the abduction plan had failed terribly.

Even more undoubtedly, they had successfully provoked an All Creations Old Monster yard master!

Yard master, I was only offering you a grandson-in-law because I was told about the beautiful legend about the challenger from the Great Oriental Family. I was hoping to match make a great marriage between the floral race and the human race. Im full of sincerity, and I meant no harm, the eldest senior brother explained while offering his respect with cupped fists.

The young lady seemed to be brooding with a fair hand on her chin. Really? she doubtfully asked.

The eldest senior brother smiled and said, Of course! Hes a student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction of the Jiuzhou continent, and a person of remarkable status. He is very powerful. The ordinary eighth-grade Almighty wont be a match for him. Also, at such a youthful age, hes more than suitable to be a grandson-in-law of yours.

The girls eyes shone. She couldnt help but give Su Yu an appraising look. Then, she turned and cast an enquiring look at the middle-aged woman behind her. Jiu-er, what do you think?

The middle-aged woman scrutinized Su Yu and nodded lightly. He seems pretty good. Hes young and strong.

The people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction secretly gave a sigh of relief. They still stood a chance of resolving the crisis.

Dear wife? Su Yu shivered internally but looked calm and composed on the surface. Half-smiling, he said, I admit my excellence. As for my age, you people havent seen my real appearance. What makes you think Im young?

The eldest senior brother laughed. Junior Brother Su, are you trying to tell me that the age restriction of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland is fallacious?

All of the people who could gain entry into the Glittering Jewel Wonderland were a young talent of the present generation.

Su Yu caressed the mask with his palm and flashed a smile. The restriction is real, but the fact that Im not a young man is true too!

He gently removed the silver mask to reveal his old, withered face. With his snowy white hair, he looked just like an elderly man in his senescence and clearly had absolutely no claim to be youthful.

Ahh! You look..impossible! How did you get in? Shayin was in utter shock.

From the very beginning, she had thought Su Yu was a top-notch student of the younger generation of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction. The truth was totally unexpected.

An idea occurred to the eldest senior brother. Is something wrong with your Original Lifespan? he asked.

The middle-aged woman with emerald-green skin was stunned for a moment, and then a look of surprise and displeasure appeared on her face.

Su Yu put on the mask again. He smiled and said, Yard master, I dont seem to suit your conditions. However, havent you realized there are two other people here that are more suitable to be your grandson-in-law? His eyes danced between the eldest senior brother and Yu Liang. One of them has attained the cultivation of ninth-grade Almighty Peak, and another has a physical body comparable to an All Creations Old Monster. Their capacities are above mine, and theyre young and handsome.

Yard master, why dont you ask your granddaughter whom she is more satisfied with? Su Yu suggested with half a smile.

The yard masters disappointed eyes were sparkling with interest again. There were indeed candidates that were much more suitable than Su Yu right before her eyes.

The people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction fell silent. The faces of the eldest senior brother and Yu Liang darkened as if they had been splashed by black ink.

Yu Liang was quick-tempered. Raising his voice, he scolded, Su, you are despicable! How dare you set us up?

Su Yu wrapped his arms around his chest, and said with indifference, Senior Brother Yu, what makes you say so? Isnt it a great honor to become the yard masters grandson-in-law? I recommended you and the eldest senior brother because I regard the two of you highly. If it werent because Im not up to the yard masters standards, I wouldnt have given up this golden opportunity!

Upon hearing that, the yard master flashed a satisfied smile. The middle-aged woman also smiled amiably at Su Yu, obviously pleased with his words.

You go to hell! Yu Liang was panicking. If chosen to become the grandson-in-law, he would have to remain in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland for the rest of his days. How was that different from dying?

Su Yus eyes turned cold. Senior Brother Yu, I dont quite understand you. When I was chosen just now, you were on cloud nine. Now that its your turn, you are giving all sorts of excuses. Are you so reluctant because you despise the yard masters floral form?

Bullsh*t! Of course he was reluctant! But, how could he say that?

The yard master and her granddaughter had their eyes pinned on Yu Liang, glinting with animosity.

The eldest senior brother was glum. Hurriedly, he explained, Please do not believe his false words. We certainly respect you. How could we ever despise you? Its only that

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by Su Yu. Since the eldest senior brother doesnt despise them, then you might as well promise the yard master to be her grandson-in-law. I offer my congratulations to you in advance.

You! The friendly smile on the eldest senior brothers lips had disappeared. It was now replaced with anger and vexation. Of course, he couldnt bring himself to smile in such circumstances.

Please think twice, yard master. Do not believe his lies. We respect you and have never despised you, but we are preoccupied with some important matters. Please forgive us for being unable to stay any longer in the flower yard, the eldest senior brother said.

The yard master held her chin with her tender hand. With big, bright eyes, she said, Is there a relation between you having important matters and me choosing my grandson-in-law? Since you guys have arrived on my doorstep, I assume you will voluntarily become my grandson-in-law. Jiu-er, which one of them do you prefer?

The middle-aged womans eyes swept back and forth between the eldest senior brother and Yu Liang. Merrily, she said, Grandmother, can I marry two husbands at once? Both of them look great.


The middle-aged woman licked her lips. Even her tongue was emerald green in color. It was extremely horrendous. The faces of the eldest senior brother and Yu Liang turned green with disgust.

The yard master said, No problem! Her glance fell onto the eldest senior brother and Yu Liang. She said, Both of you, do you prefer to take off all your clothes and follow Jiu-er, or shall I help you?

At that moment, both of them felt a turmoil of emotions deep inside, a mixture of sorrow and anger. They were forced into marriage, and yes, they had to take off all their clothes. The eldest senior brother had an agonized look on his face. What a blunder they had made! Their initial plan was to cheat a talented young man and hand him to the yard master, thereby accomplishing the task assigned by the yard master to find her granddaughter a husband. They hadnt expected Su Yuxian to play his trump card, causing their plan to fail hopelessly. Now, not only had they failed to cheat Su Yu, but they had landed themselves in deep trouble.

Senior brother, what do we do now? Yu Liang asked frantically, with an awful look on his face. I dont wanna get married!

Unknown emotions flickered in the eldest senior brothers eyes. A moment later, he gritted his teeth. We have no other choice but to fight hard! Luckily I still have a trump card! How could he not have taken any precautions beforehand? He was dealing with an All Creations Old Monster!

Today, no one can stop the formations from happening, and no one can stop us from leaving! The eldest senior brother snorted lightly. He took out a puppet in the form of a toad and tossed it into the air.

All of a sudden, the toad radiated a fluorescence from top to bottom. Amidst the brilliance, its size expanded at an insane rate. In the blink of an eye, it had grown to a thousand feet in width.

A blood-curdling scent spurted out from the inside of the humongous toad.

With the emergence of the toad, the floral demons and elves in the surroundings scampered in all directions. It was as if they had met their worst enemy.

Shayin was delighted. Senior brother still has an All Creations Old Monster puppet! she marveled. The first one had been crushed into pieces by the woman from the Great Oriental Family. She hadnt expected the senior brother to have another!

Listen up, people of the Heavens Craftsman Faction! Our goal has changed. Now tame the yard master and force her to activate the transportation station! the eldest senior brother commanded decisively.

They had no other way out. The disaster of flowers was hot on their heels, and ahead of them was a city full of powerful floral beings. Only by seizing their King did they stand a chance.

With the help of the All Creations puppet, it wasnt entirely impossible that they would be able to tame the yard master.

The yard masters face fell. Humans puppet? Do you think you can tame me? Dream on!


The yard master slammed a hand forward through the air, and peals of virtual shadows of daffodil petals descended upon the toad puppets body.

The All Creations Mighty Force contained in the shadows shook the heavens and the earth. Even the petals were filled with a kind of absolute strength.

The people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction held their breath. They did not even dare to gasp for breath. It felt as if they were about to be crushed into fragments by the impact. They dared not retaliate against such absolute oppression.

The toad puppet seemed to be on the brink of being shattered by the All Creations Mighty Force. At the critical moment, the hind legs of the toad puppet kicked against the ground, and its body pounced forward like a bolt of lightning.

An enormous seam was formed in the space due to the collision. In a flash, the toad puppet disappeared into the seam.

The daffodil petals missed their target. When they wafted through the places where the toad puppet had passed, those areas turned into a patch of cold ice immediately.

The residual waves emitted by the coldness swept over the region where the people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction were. Hurriedly, they began shielding themselves with Vital Energy, keeping their bodies away from the coldness. The coldness contained a residual wisp of the All Creations Mighty Force. Apart from Yu Liang, anyone who came into contact with it would perish in an instant. The fight between All Creations wasnt something they could interfere with.


All of a sudden, a seam was torn open in the space behind the yard master. A colossal, long scarlet tongue was stuck out from it like a lightning bolt. The long tongue contained space power, so it teleported right behind the yard master and caught hold of her.

The yard master humphed. Annoying!

Her long sleeves were torn into shreds, and her fair arms radiated an emerald green splendor. They turned from human arms into two pieces of green leaves which were long, sharp and narrow.

The two leaves carried Mighty Force. One of them slashed through the scarlet tongue, and the other slid past the open seam in the space. With a scream of misery, the scarlet tongue was severed, and emerald green blood gushed out from the space seam. The seam closed, and the toad puppet seemed to have been destroyed.

Just as the yard master was withdrawing her leafy arms, an enormous space seam materialized above her head. A wide-open, bloody mouth extended from the space seam and shrouded the yard master, spitting out a huge mouthful of white liquid. The liquid emanated an intense, acute poison which eroded the space and formed circles of black seams.

Su Yu felt his scalp go numb at the sight of the terrifying acute poison. If a person came into contact with such poison, they could be killed before using the Milky Way Star Sand to eliminate it from the body!

The yard master pouted her tiny mouth, and said angrily, You people have enraged me!

The virtual daffodil on top of her head left its spot and revolved thirty feet above her head. Drops of mellow, gleaming liquid trickled down from the daffodil, forming a curved arc of rain which shrouded the yard master.

The white poisonous liquid fell onto the rain, producing a creaking sound. It turned out that the drops of poison were vaporized by the rain, and not a single drop had landed upon the yard master.

Shortly after, with a glare of the yard masters pretty eyes, two fibrous roots stretched out from beneath her feet, tore through the space, and drove into the Void.

The toad puppet was about to retract its toad head. All of a sudden, with a shrill scream of agony, fine fibrous roots erupted from its body from the inside out. The fibrous roots were innumerable. They were dense and closely packed, with several hundreds of thousands in total. Fibrous roots even grew from the hair follicles of the toad puppet.

Su Yu peered inside with his Transparent Eye, and his hair stood on end. The inside of the toad puppet was fully filled with squirming fibrous roots, to a point where the internal organs were no longer visible.


With a deafening sound, the innumerable fibrous roots ruptured the toad puppet from the inside out. The All Creations toad puppet had been shattered by the yard master with ease.

However, right at that moment, something strange happened. The ruptured fragments of the toad suddenly fluttered in midair. Piece by piece, the fragments attached to each other, forming a long chain-like object, which pierced through the Void abruptly, twining around the yard master.

The yard master was caught unawares as she was wound by the chain. When she was about to resist, the chain tightened all of a sudden, imprisoning both her body and her All Creations Mighty Force.

The scene made the people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction go mad with joy.

It really is the number one form-altering puppet! the eldest senior brother exclaimed in awe. The puppet destroyed by the woman from the Great Oriental Family was far less powerful than this one.

Taming the yard master unexpectedly had indeed resolved the crisis.

Ahh! I wont forgive you! The yard master struggled with all her might, but she couldnt liberate herself from the chain at all.

The youngest granddaughters face changed drastically at the sight of it. She bellowed, Let go of my grandmother! She sprinted forward immediately in an attempt to rescue the restrained yard master.

The eldest senior brother scoffed. Go to hell!


More of the fragments condensed into a new chain, carrying the All Creations Mighty Force and striking towards the youngest granddaughter.


A green arrow of blood shot out from her mouth, and her body was bombarded into pieces by the Mighty Force, crumbling into smithereens. After all, she was no human, so instead of dying, she fell into a state of severe trauma.

Whoever dares come near will be killed with no exception! The eldest senior brother waved a hand, and the chain fell into his palm. As he whipped it, large patches of the space shattered.

The floral demons and elves who had come forward to aid the yard master stepped back in terror and shock. None of them dared go any nearer.

Its said that if the yard master is captured, an extra sublimation could be obtained at the final moment. Im just not sure if the rumor is true. The eldest senior brother came forward with a smile as he scanned the yard master from head to toe, feeling excited.

He had no confidence in taming the yard masters. Each of the yard masters was a creature created by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy herself. They were significantly different from ordinary creatures and most likely had certain unknown magical powers.

However, the master of the flower yard hadnt exhibited any unique abilities before being captured, which didnt quite fit the rumor.

The rumor about capturing the yard masters had been going around for a prolonged period of time. It was said that if all five of the yard masters were gathered, the unknown sixth yard which had never appeared would most likely be opened up! That was a yard that only existed in the myths, and it was said to be the ultimate legacy left behind by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy.

The challengers who could even pull through the five great natural disasters were few and far between. It was very unlikely that anyone would be able to seize the five yard masters. Was there any hope in opening the sixth yard?

I can allow you to pass through the transportation station, but please do not harm the creatures in the flower yard! the yard master said as she gradually stopped struggling.

The eldest senior brother smiled. Do you think you still have the capital to negotiate with me? I heard that in the city of the flower yard, theres a honey of a hundred flowers brewed by the Daffodil King for ten thousand years. It serves to increase alertness and activate the mind and has the miraculous effect of catalyzing ones enlightenment. A single drop could increase ones enlightenment by ten times in a short period of time, and it is comparable to a divine elixir to those who are facing the bottleneck in comprehension!

Yard master, please hand it over. You have nine granddaughters. For every hundred drops you hand over, one of them will be released. If you dont comply, dont blame me for being merciless! A look of ferocity appeared on the eldest senior brothers face.

He hadnt noticed that waves of wine-red brilliance were vaguely floating around the yard master, soundlessly encircling him..