The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 997

Chapter 997 Revered Lord Green Bull

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Challengers, there is a purpose to the existence of us creatures in this Wonderland. Why are you seeking to exterminate us? The yard master was speaking the language of humans.

Her tone was placidly even, and she had a serene look on her face. She was exuding an air of elegance, which was the complete opposite of the ignorant teenage girl whose demeanor she had previously adopted.

Unnoticeably, the virtual shadow of the daffodil suspended above her head had vanished.

Noticing the yard masters transformation, an overwhelming sense of insecurity crept into everyones heart, as though something was about to happen.

The eldest senior brother creased his brows, as he said, Natural selection is a law of the Universe. You creatures of the Wonderland have caused the perpetual demise of an incalculable number of human heroes. Everything is cyclical. Each generation of powerful men of the human race is stronger than the former. Now the time for your fall has come.

Throughout eternity, the continent had flourished endlessly, with each generation rising higher than before.

The past prodigies of Jiuzhou continent would be no match for the competitors of Jiuzhous Heaven Rulers of today.

If you insist on that, there is nothing I can do. But still, I warn you to liberate me right now, since you still have a days time. The disaster of flowers would happen the next day. The disaster of flowers was dreadful to a point that it could cause 20 percent of the challengers to be trapped here eternally.

All my life, Ive hated threats, the eldest senior brother remarked with indifference. The chain of fragments in his right hand began lashing again. All of a sudden, the shattered body of the youngest granddaughter disappeared in a puff of smoke under the chain. Ripples of a soul vanishing from the world spread to the surroundings.

You still have eight chances, the eldest senior brother said. He had tamed the yard master and held an All Creations weapon, the chain of fragments, in his hand. None of the powerful individuals in the city could rival him. He could kill anyone at all, with a single thought.

The yard masters narrowed her eyes, as sorrow swept through her eyes. Despite having the lifespan of an eternity and taking the matters of the mortal world lightly, she couldnt let go of the fetters of her bloodline.

Alright, as you wish! The yard masters eyes were filled with indifference. Numerous multi-colored flowers began to blossom above her head all of a sudden.

The virtual shadows kept altering, barely able to keep pace.

My goodness, petals are falling from the heavens! Out of the blue, a petal fell onto the tip of a womans nose. Subconsciously, she raised her head to look and screamed.

Everyone looked up to the heavens and were all quickly awe-struck.

Petals of various colors were falling from the clouds and the heavens. They fell from the city of the flower yard to the outside of the city and radiated to all parts of the Wonderland.

On a distant hill, a bright, adorable girl was riding on a phoenix blazing with flames. She had dimples at the corners of her mouth, as she giggled. They have failed. The disaster of flowers has arrived in advance. Id better look for the next target.


The blazing phoenix released an ear-piercing shriek and shattered the Void with the intense sound waves. It left by tearing through the Void.

The challengers in all regions of the Wonderland had noticed the petals falling from the sky. Most of the people were fascinated and bewildered. Only a minority of them realized that it was the advent of the disaster of flowers.

The eldest senior brother was startled too and his face fell dramatically. The disaster of flowers!! How is this possible? The five great disasters arrive at an interval of seven days! It has always been that way. How could the disaster of flowers arrive a day early?

What? Its the disaster of flowers? The people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction who learned the truth were struck with dread and were unable to speak.

Ah! My nose! Suddenly, the woman who had been the first to discover the petal let out a scream. Her nose had suddenly lost all its sensation. Wooden patterns had appeared on it, and her delicate jade-like nose turned into wood in the blink of an eye! The wooden patterns on the tip of her nose spread across her entire face. By the time she had finished screaming, her entire face had turned into wood! It was followed by her neck, her breasts, and her limbs.

My, my body The woman opened her mouth painstakingly, now hardly capable of uttering a full sentence. The insides of her body had taken on the characteristics of wood as well.


Before long, she was entirely fixed to the spot. Her snowy white, fair skin had turned a dull shade of grey. Like a tree, she stood completely motionless. There was nothing human about her anymore. Precisely speaking, she wasnt a human, but a wooden sculpture.

Ahh! Senior brother, save me! Ive been touched by the petal too! a male student screamed.

Just like the female student, the male student was turned into wood within a short period of time, becoming a wooden statue!

It was the disaster of flowers! With the flowers falling from all over the sky, those challengers who got came into contact with them would turn into wooden statues in no time, their vitality and soul perishing at once.

Beings of any cultivation, even the All Creations Old Monsters, stood no chance against the transforming power of the disaster of flowers. It had been left behind by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy.

The Daffodil King didnt have the ability to manipulate the disaster of flowers. That belonged to the yard master. In the other yards, the natural disasters happened at set times, which were beyond the control of the yard masters. The master of the flower yard was the only one with the ability to control the timing and intensity of the disaster.

All of you, stay here! the master of the flower yard remarked dispassionately. As her words sounded, the number of flowers falling from the heavens increased drastically, becoming exceptionally dense.

For a moment, the Jiuzhou geniuses in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland were faced with the ruthless catastrophe. One by one, the acclaimed talents and heroes of the continent turned into wooden statues amidst their growls of anger and reluctance, as their souls perished alongside their bodies.

The decisive, callous people severed the parts of their bodies which had been touched by the petals, and escaped death by a hairs breadth.

Only a small minority of the top-notch powerful individuals fought the calamity with their magical powers.

The look on the eldest senior brothers face changed drastically. Exasperated, he screamed, Stop it right now, or I will kill you!

The yard master was calm and composed. Once the disaster of flowers has begun, no one can do anything to stop it. She could activate the disaster of flowers, but she had no way of stopping it.

Despite the hatred the people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction had for her, they were now helpless to continue their plan to capture the other eight of her granddaughters.

In fact, she was doing this to protect them.

Then activate the transportation station right away! the eldest senior brother bellowed in a stern voice.

The only means of minimizing the number of casualties right now was to activate the transportation station and have them transported to the area afflicted the least by the disaster.

The yard master was still looking detached. I refuse.

Then I will kill you! The eldest senior brother was full of an immense murderous desire. His eyes reddened from as he saw the students of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction having nowhere to hide, and turning into wooden statues.

With tranquillity, the yard master replied, Ive lived for an eternity and my lifespan is never-ending. What is the point of all of that if Im trapped in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland all my life? That is why I deactivated my intelligence and emerged in the form of a young woman! If you kill me, itll be like redemption to me! The flower yard will never fall even if I perish. After my death, a new yard master will be born.

Her words resonated with loneliness and desolation, indifference and helplessness. What she had to say tugged at the heartstrings.

The eldest senior brother was enraged; both of his plans had now been ruined!

Fine, as you wish! the eldest senior brother yelled. The chain of fragments restraining the yard master tightened all of a sudden, in an attempt to brutally strangle her to death. However, right at that moment, unprecedented, powerful wine-red waves of brilliance erupted all around the yard master. The waves of light were full of the power of space and engulfed the yard master in an instant.

Space Transportation? The eldest senior brothers face fell as he turned to look.

Beside Su Yu was a mass of red light as the yard masters figure materialized.

Su Yu grasped the yard masters shoulder with his hand and smiled gently. Eldest senior brother, since the disaster of flowers cant be stopped, whats the point of killing another life?

The eldest senior brothers pupils shrank forcefully. Space talent? You have the space-based Ancient Spiritual Body? That was the only explanation for his ability to manipulate the space power without achieving the level of All Creations.

Su Yu paid no attention to him but turned to stare at the yard master. Activate the transportation station and leave with me.

The yard master looked indifferently at Su Yu before turning her head without any facial expression. She wasnt resisting. It was as if she had accepted her fate. It didnt matter to her whether she died at the hands of Su Yu or the eldest senior brother. It made no difference at all.

Dont waste your effort. In her eyes, how are you any different from us? Yu Liang said in a murderous tone, as he approached Su Yu from behind while avoiding the flowers falling from the heavens.

The eldest senior brother shouted, Su Yuxian, hand her over right now!

Obviously, he wasnt really planning to murder the yard master. He only wanted to seize her and obtain the honey of a hundred flowers, so the mysterious sixth yard could possibly be opened.

Did he have any reason to kill her? He had only been threatening her in an attempt to coerce her into activating the transportation system. He had never actually intended to kill her!

Su Yu couldnt care less. Leisurely, he said, Yard master, have you ever thought of leaving the flower yard someday, and venturing into the outside world?

A smile of disdain danced at the corners of the yard masters lips. Her eyes were still dull and lusterless. You are the tenth challenger who has told me something similar. Its useless. The creatures of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland are bound to the rules and well never be able to leave.

Su Yu replied, Really? Ive never thought that anything in the world could restrain a person forever.

He closed his eyes gently. In the depths of the sky, an intangible gigantic hand tore through the heavens suddenly.

The eldest senior brother and the others watched as an extremely powerful consciousness emerged into the world out of nowhere.

The yard master saw a black-haired figure flickering behind Su Yu, tearing through the heavens single-handedly.

The Glittering Jewel Wonderland trembled on the brink of crumbling, as though it was about to fall apart.

Pure Divine Decree, Peak!! The yard masters pupils dilated at the sight of it. The look of indifference on her face had disappeared and her heart was beating rapidly.

The Peak of Pure Divine Decree was the state accomplished by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy in the past. That was where she had stopped, and she had never taken another step since.

Su Yus Pure Divine Decree had reached the stage of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy back then and had shaken the rules she set.

What made the yard masters heart race the most was the fact that she couldnt decipher Su Yus Divine Path at all. It seemed to possess an extremely destructive power, but she wasnt certain what it was exactly.

There was only one word to Su Yus Divine Decree: defiance.

The Peak of Pure Divine Decree defied all forms of restraint and control.

The Glittering Jewel Wonderland was an independent realm and had a natural form of restraint. Revealing the Divine Decree could most likely liberate oneself from such restraint.

If the opportunity came, Su Yu would be able to break the rules made by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy and take the yard master out of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

Surprise flashed in Yu Liangs eyes, but he was totally clueless about what the change just now had signified.

Eldest senior brother, lets strike together. Kill Su Yuxian first, snatch the yard master and we can leave this place fast! Yu Liang said.

The eldest senior brother yelled, Su Yuxian, youve asked for this!

From their perspective, the yard master would never agree to Su Yus request to activate the transportation station.

However, the moment they charged, an intangible silk thread flashed through Su Yus sleeve. The chain of fragments which bound her was simply cut off.

How is that possible? The eldest senior brother was in utter disbelief.

How was Su Yu able to break open a restraint which couldnt necessarily be broken by All Creations Stage Two Old Monster?

I believe you have made up your mind. Su Yu kept his hands in his sleeves, totally unafraid that the yard master might do harm to him.

The yard master nodded lightly. Of course I have.

She looked over at the eldest senior brother, Yu Liang, and the rest of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction, who were charging head-on. Her magnificent All Creations Mighty Force gushed out in all directions with a murderous intensity.

All of a sudden, the people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction had awful looks on their faces.

They had murdered her granddaughter. Now that she had been emancipated from her plight, would she ever leave the matter at that?

All of you must die! The yard master was bristling with a bloodthirsty vibe now. She didnt even turn her head before curling her finger and flicking it behind her.

All of a sudden, a wave of All Creations Mighty Force penetrated the Void and swept across the world.

Everyone, prepare for the formation!! the eldest senior brother growled as his heart raced frantically. He was the first to retrieve a green-colored puppet.

The puppet rotated and blocked the attack from in front of him.

All of the others retrieved similar puppets as well.

When the All Creations Mighty Force swept through, the puppets were all shattered and pulverized.


Everyone from the Heavens Craftsmen Faction, including the eldest senior brother and Yu Liang, were blown backward as they spat out blood.

Substitute puppets? The yard master was slightly surprised. She could have obliterated all of them with this strike.

The Heavens Craftsmen Faction really had put in great efforts to enable more students to procure their sublimations. Nonetheless, when faced with the absolute martial strength of the All Creations Old Monster, it would only serve to postpone their deaths.

Eldest senior brother, we cant wait any longer! Summon the forefather now! Yu Liang wiped off the blood on his lips and yelled.

The eldest senior brother gritted his teeth. Now that the very survival of the entire Heavens Craftsmen Faction was in question, he had to give it a try!

With great respect, we summon the Revered Lord Heavenly Bull! The eldest senior brother retrieved a weather-beaten bronze bull and tossed it high into the air.

A spectacular, peerless majestic energy roiled out from within the bronze bull. The energy sent a tremor through the air as if the air was about to be ruptured by the energy.

Su Yus pupils shrank forcefully. The Mortal Fairys Strength!!

The Mortal Fairys Strength was erupting from the mysterious bronze bull.

Su Yus sensitive perception allowed him to identify that a feeble yet extremely powerful consciousness contained within the bronze bull was awakening!

Run! Su Yu said hastily.

He vaguely remembered from the rumors that the pioneering master of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction wasnt a human, but a green bull.

When the Heavens Craftsmen Faction became the dominant influence of the Heavenly Knife Region, the green bull left without prior notice, merely leaving behind a bronze bull sculpted from his appearance. Once activated, it could summon its arrival. This had taken place 6,000 years ago.

When Su Yu had come across this in the ancient books, he had thought that it was just another absurd, ridiculous myth. He hadnt expected it to be real!

The bronze bull gave Su Yu a great sense of danger.

The yard master had noticed the crisis even without Su Yus acknowledgment. A daffodil appeared above her head, and several drops of crystal clear liquid reached out and landed on the unmoving formation.

All of a sudden, the seal was removed, and the formation began to operate.

The yard master caught hold of Su Yus arm and teleported him to the transportation station.

The eldest senior brother was vexed. Dont let them get away!

He had displayed his ultimate tactic, the Revered Lord Green Bull. If it still wasnt enough to keep his people from the calamity, then perhaps the Heavens above wanted the Heavens Craftsmen Faction dead!

The eldest senior brother was too late.

The formation was activated very quickly. In the blink of an eye, Su Yu and the yard master were transportated out of the city. When the powerful consciousness of the weather-beaten bronze bull had fully awakened, Su Yu and the yard master were gone without a trace.

The eldest senior brother gritted teeth, full of resentment. Su Yuxian!!!

Things had been smooth-sailing at the very beginning. However, Su Yuxian had caused all of their plans to fail. He had even used some kind of tactic to convince the yard master to transport him and had lured her away!!

As for the people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction, what awaited them was the disaster of flowers which would last a full day!

Revered Lord Green Bull, please save your students! The eldest senior brother was clutching his fists as he knelt on the ground to worship.

A mellow green light glinted from the inside of the battered bronze bull, encasing the people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction present at the scene.

Much to their fascination, the petals falling from the sky couldnt penetrate the green radiance.

They were exhilarated at the sight of it.

Five of them had perished in the disaster of flowers. With the protection of the green bull, they could evade the disaster for now.

But they could not afford to be happy for too long, because they had planned to use the Revered Lord Green Bull during the second disaster to enhance their probabilities of procuring sublimations. Now they had been forced to use it to save their lives.

Revered Lord Green Bull, please avenge us! After their intitial jubilance had faded, the people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction were frustrated and full of enmity. Su Yuxian had ruined the major plans of their faction!

The Revered Lord Green Bull could only be used once. Now that it was in use, they certainly needed to use it to get rid of Su Yuxian!

Who is he? An indistinct voice slowly resonated from the inside of the bronze bull.

The people of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction knelt on the ground to worship as if a God had arrived.

Replying to the Revered Lord! He proclaimed himself a student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, Su Yuxian!

The Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction? Su Yuxian, I know him! The weather-beaten bronze body was gleaming with a green shine.

Su Yu felt a vigorous tremor while being transported. It was as if a great crisis had unexpectedly surrounded him. It was a sensation extremely similar to when he had been besieged by the Five Great Golden Light Guards. Then, Su Yu had nearly perished.