The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 999

Chapter 999 Divine Books Of Yin Yang

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Please enlighten me, Master, Su Yu said.

Ordeals come in different intensities, Yun Yazi informed him. Your ordeals are way too intense, and they have caused that girls ordeals to be dispelled on their own. Shengges ordeals hadnt been resolved by anyone, but had disappeared on their own.

Master, will it affect me in any way? Su Yu had a foreboding premonition. Everything in the world abided by the rules of conservation. Since Shengges ordeals had been dispelled, there must be a price that came with it.

Of course it will. Her ordeals disappeared because of you. In the future, when you negotiate your own ordeals, they will be exerted upon you. Yun Yazi looked at Su Yu with creased brows.

The prospect of Su Yu pulling through his own ordeals was filled with uncertainties, and now he was burdened with anothers ordeals, which only added to the unpredictability.

Su Yu was speechless. He couldnt even guarantee his own survival, and now he had to overcome the ordeals of another person without him even knowing.

From now on, you have to stay away from people who are negotiating ordeals. Otherwise, their ordeals will befall upon you, Yun Yazi reminded him.

Su Yu felt it deeply. However, despite being burdened with numerous crises now, Su Yu could take things calmly. He said, Master, I will prepare for the ordeals with all my heart. Now, I will need your help in modifying the wooden bird.

When his ordeals began, the modified wooden bird would come in handy.

Yun Yazi extended a hand to accept the wooden bird, and said, Alright, it takes about seven days to be refined. This treasure will require a great deal of my mental efforts, hence I might not have time to care for you. Be careful throughout these seven days.

When he finished speaking, Yun Yazi turned into a wisp of hair which tangled around the wooden bird and disappeared on top of Su Yus head.

Yes, Master! Su Yu said. His eyes gleamed, and three drops of orangish-yellow liquid appeared on his palm. It was the Honey of Hundred Flowers, the Original Life essence of the master of flower yard. Each drop could enhance ones proclivity to enlightenment ten-fold. This item was like a timely rain in Su Yus circumstances because it happened just in time!

Just as Su Yu was about to study the methods of consumption of the Honey of Hundred Flowers, caution suddenly gleamed in his eyes. Immediately, he flew onto a gigantic tree and looked underneath it with bated breath.

His Transparent Eye penetrated the obstacles of the greenery, mountains, and rocks, and observed what was happening a few hundred miles away.

Amidst the dense foliage, several remnant shadows were streaking across the jungle. There were two groups of people. The former were clad in purple clothing, emitting faint whiffs of violet Vital Energy. They were the challengers from the Purple Cloud Palace. The latter were clad in a mixed variety of clothing, all coming from different origins.

At that moment, the second group of people was hunting down the first. Many strong men from the Purple Cloud Palace had been sacrificed during the hunt.

The disparity in the powers of the two parties was too large, resulting in a one-sided slaughter.

The Purple Cloud Palace? Su Yu observed in silence. He wasnt a nosy person, so he didnt feel the necessity to lend a helping hand to those of the Purple Cloud Palace who had no relations with him.

Furthermore, with the lesson he learned with the Heavens Craftsmen Faction, Su Yu was even more discreet now.

However, when his glance swept over the fleeing fugitives of the Purple Cloud Palace again, his attention was captured by a gorgeous figure clad in a long emerald dress, and he held his breath for a second.

L Chuyi! Amongst the purple blouses of the fleeing strong men of the Purple Cloud Palace, there was the hue of green leaves, which was very prominent. She had a face of serenity which was mellow and decorous. Even when fleeing, she couldnt conceal her elegant temperament.

She was covered in bloody scars at the moment, her gorgeous eyes gleaming with a faint light as she accumulated her Vital Energy, leading the strong men of the Purple Cloud Palace as they scurried through the jungle.

Senior Sister L, its too late, we cant make it to Senior Brother Gus place in time, a thin male student with a sharp chin said.

L Chuyi didnt even turn her head. She had her focus steadfastly concentrated ahead. Dont look back. Apart from Senior Brother Gu, no one can save us.

In the eyes of L Chuyi and the other strong men of the Purple Cloud Palace, Gu Taixu was the only one whom they could rely on, and the strongest person they could count on.

It was a conviction that came from the bottom of their hearts, and L Chuyi was no exception.

The sharp-chinned man hesitated for a moment and said, Senior Sister L, perhaps Senior Brother Gu doesnt want us to meet up with him. Wed better think of another way.

A tinge of gloom and sorrow flickered inL Chuyis eyes. The challengers of the Purple Cloud Palace had all gathered at one place, but one of them was absent. It was Gu Taixu! Apparently, he could detect their locations as well, but he was gradually moving away from them, heading in the opposite direction.

According to challengers who had encountered Gu Taixu, he was in the company of the chief eldest student of the Heavenly Demon Faction, Zong Shenxiu.

Zong Shenxiu, the most prominent starry sky elite of the Northernmost region. She was also one of the four great starry sky elites of Jiuzhou. Her brilliance was peerless among the Heaven Rulers of the continent.

First Heaven Rulers of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands like Gu Taixu were just like the glow of fireflies compared to her magnificence, which could compare to that of the Sun and the Moon. There was no comparison to be made between the two of them.

Zong Shenxiu was also known as the first beauty of the demon faction and had the title of Fairy Enchantress.

A few years ago, the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction gave a Heroes Notice to all corners of the world, in search of a good match for Zong Shenxiu. Gu Taixu had been a participant.

Now, in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, he had forsaken his fellow comrades of the Purple Cloud Palace and traveled a long way to meet up with Zong Shenxiu. It was rather thought-provoking.

It was thinkable how the students of the Purple Cloud Palace would feel, and L Chuyi was the saddest person of all. That was because L Chuyi was Gu Taixus fiance.

Even though it wasnt a novelty for the strong men of the Jiuzhou continent to marry more than one woman, a dignified, talented woman like L Chuyi wouldnt be happy about the idea.

Stop the nonsense. Brother Taixu isnt behaving in the way you think he is. L Chuyi turned back and glowered at the sharp-chinned man. The sternness in her eyes shocked him and rendering him unable to respond.

L Chuyi composed herself, and said somberly, Dont be discouraged. Based on my detection, we can reach Senior Brother Taixu in less than half a days time. As long as we remain firm in meeting up with him, with Brother Taixus power, the influences of the Heavenly Knife Region will fall apart in no time!

They had encountered powerful opponents in the book yard: the Heavenly Knife Region!

The people of the Purple Cloud Palace happened to be transported to the deepest part of the book yard. They seized the earliest opportunity and got ahold of the most precious Book of Life.

This book carried remarkable significance. It was a divine book which the Purple Cloud Palace Master had specifically instructed them to bring back.

There were hundreds of millions of Books of Life in the book yard, but none of them could be placed on par with this one. To the Purple Cloud Palace, the combined value of all the books in the book yard couldnt compare to this one. It was a book that recorded the past starry sky elites of the continent, the Book of Life of Mo Jidaos lifetime!

Since time immemorial, he was the first Divine Path prodigy who walked on the Divine Path to a point where he attained the Peak of Pure Divine Decree and touched on the Void Transformation Divine Decree!

His whole life was a legend. He was born without all four limbs and suffered from blindness, deafness, and muteness. Yet, his proclivity to enlightenment was extraordinary, and it was considered an eternal miracle!

He comprehended the Divine Laws of the Universe using only one of the five senses, and that was touch.

At the age of 100, he touched on the threshold of the Void Transformation Divine Decree.

With his astonishing sublimation on the Divine Path, he defeated numerous strong men of the world with his mundane physique and became the top among the starry sky elites.

Even the Nine Great Prefectures Kings at that time had to show respect to this mundane mortal.

It was a great pity that he was only a mundane mortal after all, and a hundred years was the limit of his lifespan. He quietly died while taking part in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

For thousands of years, everyone was looking for the skeletal remains of Mo Jidao. The flower yard, the book yard, the beast yard, and the mausoleum had all been searched before.

Mo Tianxuan and the others discovered some clues a hundred years ago and speculated that Mo Jidao could have passed away at the book yard.

He was the first-ever starry sky elite of the eternity who ventured to the very end of the Divine Path, the Pure Divine Decree.

His journey on the Divine Path even served as a meaningful reference to the Nine Great Prefectures Kings who undertook the Divine Path. It had an even more significant influence on the All Creations strong men.

As far as L Chuyi was concerned, this book had been left for Gu Taixu, the nature-defying talent who also attained the Peak in the comprehension of the Pure Divine Decree. He was the second one throughout the eternity, after Mo Jidao. This book was especially meaningful to Gu Taixu.

Very urgently, L Chuyi intended to deliver the book to Gu Taixus hands by herself. Her wish to do so was very strong. Right now, she would rather sacrifice herself than let the mightiest man in her eyes miss the chance of getting the book.

However, the situation was rather critical and desperate.

The Heavenly Knife Region had focused all of its strength on a single battle. Even the first Heaven Ruler of the Heavenly Knife Region, Bi Lingtian, was involved in the hunt. That was why the Purple Cloud Palace was retreating in defeat, being hunted down one-sidedly.

If it were any ordinary strong man, L Chuyi wouldnt be afraid of the Heaven Rulers of the Heavenly Knife Region with her ninth-grade Almighty cultivation. Nonetheless, there was a transcendental being amongst the ninth-grade Almighty of the Heavenly Knife Region. It was the Ancient Spiritual Body, Bi Lingtian!

Rumor had it that he had never been defeated even once in the Heavenly Knife Region. Even when fighting the Heavenly Knife Region Master, he could last for ten rounds without losing the upper hand.

Such shocking combat power could only be matched by one person in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands and that person was Gu Taixu!

Only an absolute, unassailable strong man like Bi Lingtian could set the majority of people of the Purple Cloud Palace on the run. Precisely speaking, it was a boon from Bi Lingtian that they could run away.

Mo Jidaos Book of Life was the only divine book that combined two Books of Life.

The books kept records of Mo Jidaos enlightenment of a lifetime on the Divine Path and were separated into the Book of Yin and the Book of Yang, each of them recording two completely different journeys on the Divine Path which Mo Jidao had experienced.

L Chuyi only managed to grasp the Book of Yang, and the Book of Yin was despoiled by Bi Ligtian. He had stayed back and comprehended the Book of Yin, giving L Chuyi and the rest a chance to flee. Otherwise, if Bi Lingtian had struck, none of them would have made it out of the core region. Even then, they still suffered a great number of casualties and deaths. Although Bi Lingtian hadnt attacked, the second-ranking Heaven Ruler of the Heavenly Knife Region, Qian Feng, was leading the hunting team after them. Qian Fengs combat power was very terrifying as well. Rumor had it that he had never been defeated in the Heavenly Knife Region, apart from fighting Bi Lingtian. Some even said that Qian Fengs power was in fact, comparable to Gu Taixus.

Besides Qian Feng, there were several other eighth-grade Almighty, who were all-powerful and terrifying.

If the Purple Cloud Palace joined hands with the Red Blood Palace, they would stand a chance of contending against the Heaven Rulers of the Heavenly Knife Region.Alone, the Purple Cloud Palace was rather vulnerable.

L Chuyi, can you really run away? Qian Feng had a head of short silver hair and a pair of alluring eyes. His face was ruddy and the look in his eyes frivolous as he fixed his gaze on L Chuyis gorgeous figure in the distance.

Ripples of unusual light wavered in his eyes.


He took out a pearly white shield, which emitted immense spiritual pressure. Upon its emergence, the spiritual energy in all directions became riotous, all pooling into the shield.

Heavens and Earth as the Prison! He hurled it high into the air, and the shield skyrocketed and disappeared into the clouds.

Large patches of fluorescence spurted from the shield, one wisp after another. They descended in a closely packed manner and shrouded the area within the hundred thousands miles of circumference.

L Chuyis eyes turned solemn, and she said, Be careful! Theyre the fragments of fairy artifacts. Perform evasion techniques right now, at all costs!

L Chuyi pressed on her abdomen with a finger. The Vital Energy within her body flowed against the stream, and the sound of airflow broke out from all over her body. She nearly streaked across the Void as she glided a long distance forward.

There were four to five other eighth-grade Almighty, who also used certain tactics to escape the encasement of the sun rays. The other people of the Purple Cloud Palace were trapped and confined.

Qian Feng didnt look disappointed. It happened the way he had wanted.

Dont worry about the challengers in the Heavens Prison, for now. Tame L Chuyi and seize the Book of Yang first! Qian Fengs eyes were still pinned on L Chuyi. They had never been shifted once.

Anticipation was ignited in the depths of his eyes.

Yes! Behind him, ten eighth-grade Almighty, more than 20 seventh-grade Almighty and around 60 sixth-grade Almighty formed a semicircle and gradually closed in on L Chuyi.

L Chuyi bellowed, Apply the secret techniques and run away at all costs!


Several remnant shadows streaked across the Void again. L Chuyi and her mates aimed straight for the direction Gu Taixu was in and took off running, holding on to their lifeline.

Qian Feng stood unmoving, and a small smile danced on his lips. Keep chasing after them. Despite the striking effects, the burden on their bodies posed by the secret techniques is way beyond imagination. We just have to focus on our target and not lose sight of them!

This went on for three hours.

After performing the secret techniques, L Chuyi and her faction mates had traveled through God knew how many regions. The trees in the surroundings were dwarf-sized, almost only a hundred feet tall.

They had reached the outermost periphery of the book yard. It wouldnt be long before they met up with Gu Taixu.

However, continuously performing the secret techniques had taken its toll on them. With a large part of the Vital Energy in their bodies consumed, they were running out of physical strength.

L Chuyi was drenched in sweat. Her chest lapel was completely soaked. Her red lips were lightly gasping for breath, and she was overwhelmed with exhaustion.

Her eyes were grave. Even after using all the skills and expertise she possessed, she had still failed to escape from the opponents hot pursuit.


All of a sudden, several seams appeared in the space. The air was ruptured soundlessly, and a few vortices occurred, making L Chuyis pupils shrink.

Large groups of strong men strode out from the vortices. Their leader was Qian Feng, who had a tender smile at the corners of his lips.

L Chuyi was stunned. Space talent? No! Its some kind of space magical power!

Who opened the space for them? Was there any All Creations strong men present?

The rules of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland had stated that All Creations strong men were prohibited from entering. The only explanation was that some expert had helped them with space magical power.

The time has come. Capture them. Qian Feng was smiling confidently. As he gazed at L Chuyi, his eyes kept tracing her mesmerizing body.

Ten eighth-grade Almighty, more than 20 seventh-grade Almighty and a large number of sixth-grade Almighty rapidly formed a circle and besieged the worn-out L Chuyi and her companions. Even without the siege, they would have nowhere else to run.

They werent the ones who could decide their own fates at this point in time. Qian Feng had that power.

L Chuyi, hand over the Book of Yang. Seal your fetal crystal and follow me, then I will let your people go. Otherwise, Ill kill them first. Qian Feng stared at L Chuyi.

The fetal crystal was similar to the Dantian of fairies. Once sealed, their Vital Energy would be affected, and they would become just like an ordinary human.

Qian Feng demanded L Chuyi follow him, his overtone clear and obvious. He wanted L Chuyi.

Dont even think of taking either the book or the person! L Chuyi felt her heart tighten. She held the Book of Yang in her hand, and the residual Vital Energy was circulating.

The Book of Yang could be destroyed once she exerted some force, and she could also commit suicide in that way.

Qian Feng said with indifference, Really? I dont believe that you will destroy the Book of Yang. Dont you want to keep it for Gu Taixu? What if he misses out on the golden opportunity?

Upon hearing that, L Chuyi clenched her fist, as if her spot of weakness had been pricked. Indeed, she wouldnt have destroyed the book for Gu Taixus sake.

You can read the book and memorize its content. As long as you satisfy me, I dont mind you iterating it to Gu Taixu afterward. Qian Feng wrapped his arms around his chest and gazed at L Chuyi with absolute confidence as if she was a quarry in his hand.

L Chuyi, the most talented, dignified woman of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, only women like you are worth my efforts to pursue them! Qian Fengs eyes were scorching hot. His passion was practically unrestrained.

Dont you love Gu Taixu dearly? Now Im giving you a chance! As long as you keep me happy, and follow my instructions obediently, I will allow you to bring the content of the Book of Yang to him. Otherwise, Gu Taixu will miss the Book of Yang narrowly.

Vexation and anger were all over L Chuyis pretty face, but she was unusually silent.