The Divine Throne Chapter 3

3 Starting The Training
" Well, then I'll tell you the Story, you better sit down. " said the Woman pointing behind Liam, who mysteriously appeared a Chair.

" Before I begin, may I ask you a question? " Liam asked with an anxious expression.

" Sure, do it. "

" Are you a Throne? "

"... Yes, I am the Throne of Samsara, I rule the Renaissance, My name is Mia. " He spoke to Mia with a proud expression.

"..." No answer Liam, Mia then looked at him and saw his confused expression.

" What's got your expression on? " Mia asked, annoyed by the mortal in front of her not to show the reaction she expected.

" Well, I do not know what a Throne is, I can understand that you rule the Renaissance ... but what is Throne?" Liam asked.

" Well, I will tell the story then ... At the beginning of time, there was only one God, he ruled over all laws and was very powerful." Legend says that he was created from the energy of chaos. which is Life, Death, Samsara, Time, Space, Fire, Wind, Earth, Earth, Earth, Time, Space, Ray and Water, he went to sleep for a few thousand years, and gave his first order to the gods, which was to take care of the universe until he woke up, but the gods did not obey and unfortunately some rebelled, it was a few thousand years after he awoke, and seeing his children of consideration betray him, he then broke all the laws of the universe. "He took a breath Mia and continued:

" After breaking the laws, which eventually killed the gods, he created 10 Thrones, and sealed the Laws on the Throne and chose 10 people to be a Master of the Throne, after choosing the masters, he created a system where the masters only needed to give the energy for the Law, that it would form itself, but of course with that the Masters of the Thrones eventually gained some powers of the Thrones, I can choose who will reincarnate and who goes to hell and Heaven. This lasted until some time back the Death Master eventually died, that made the Throne have very little energy, and when that energy ends, no one else would die, do you understand what that implies? all worlds and universes would go into chaos, and that would end a lot worse. "Mia said with a sad expression.

" So the game? " Liam asked with a shocked expression.

" Yes, and that guy you saved, he was my Participant. " Mia said with an ugly expression.

" So ... I'm going to take his place, and I'm going to win that game. " Liam said with a determined expression.

" You ... HAHAHHAHAHHAH! Impossible, look at you, you're just a chubby one who has no talent, you have no money, and a ... bad brother. " Mia said, hands on her belly and laughing by Liam.

" You can call me fat, you can say I have no talent and no money ... but never ... never say I'm a bad brother. " Liam whispered and looked at Mia with a fierce expression, Mia's eyes contracted.

she was sure to see behind Liam an illusory version of the Death Throne, she blinked and the Throne disappeared.

' I think it was the Throne of Death? ... no ... the Throne of Death has never chosen its Master before.' Mia thought back at Liam.

" All right, I'll let you be my participant, but not with this body. " Mia said, changing her mind, and looked at Liam with a calm expression.

" What do you mean? " Liam asked confused.

" You'll have to train in this world until your body is strong enough and I'll lend you some of Samsara's power. " Mia spoke with a calm expression.

" Power of Samsara? What is that? " Shiro asked with a lively expression.

" Soon you'll know, first I want you to put these weights on you, each one weighs 20 pounds. " Mia spoke with a calm expression.

" 20 How's it going to be? " Liam asked, shocked.

" Put it on, until I destroy your Soul. " Mia said in a cold voice.

" Okay, I'll try. " Liam said with determination, he then tried to put the four weights, 2 on his wrists, and 2 on the legs.

When he managed to put the weights down, his body fell to the ground, he was sounding a lot and could not even get up.

" Let's go, is that all you have? Your sister would be very disappointed if she knew that. " Mia said with a stern expression.

' I can, for my sister ... for my sister I can. 'Liam thought, and soon he was able to stand, though his arms and legs were shaking badly.

' I can ... I have to stay strong, to protect my sister.' Liam thought with determination, then he began to walk.

" Is not that just my soul? How am I going to get stronger? " Liam asked confused after he realized that he had died in the real world, and that was only his soul.

" Yes, but the training you do here, you will get everything in your true body. " Mia said with a calm expression.

" I see. " Liam spoke and continued walking.

After walking for a few minutes, he fell to the ground, he was very tired, his legs and arms shaking a lot.

" Continue, you'll train for 4 months, which is the time it will take to lose weight, with that time I'll teach you how to absorb mana and some Samsara powers. " Mia spoke with a calm expression.

" O-Okay. " Liam said with a determined expression.

===================================================================== =============

3 Months later;

It was 3 Months ago that Liam was training with Mia, his body was fat before he was lean and he had grown a few muscles, he thought about it and came to the conclusion that the mana helped his body to train faster.

He also learned to absorb mana, his pool of mana was equal to a pool of 3,000 liters, which is good considering that he absorbed only a few hours a day.

He also learned some interesting powers, he learned to Control the First Path of Samsara's Wheel, which was divided into 12 Paths, the first path gave him the possibility of summoning some evil souls from hell, he can also control the ghosts of hell, that it would be very good to do espionage.
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