The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Too Much of a Coincidence

Just when Ren Baqian was hesitating whether he should jump off the tree and run in another direction or wait to out and test his luck, Ning Caichen spotted the carcasses of the babeasts on the empty ground. Then, he raised his head and looked all over the place. Following which, his eyes suddenly lit up as he waved his hands vigorously at Ren Baqian.

Nevertheless, Ren Baqian's position was easily spotted.

"Wave your arse," Ren Baqian cursed in his heart. He turned to the side and pointed his finger that way. At the same time, he aimed the crossbow at Ning Caichen.

His intention was clear; you run that way, don't implicate me.

Ning Caichen knew how to play the game as well. Seeing Ren Baqian's hand gestures, he shouted, "Ah! Save me!" all the way. He made a turn and passed through somewhere near the side of the tree that Ren Baqian was taking refuge at.

The bulldozer-like wild boar ran towards that direction and narrowly missed his tree.

"Hu!" Ren Baqian let out a lengthy breath. Fortunately, Ning Caichen did not drag him down. Otherwise, he would have to raise his hands and shoot an arrow towards him.

Such a huge wild boar would definitely be proclaimed as the hegemon of the woods.

"Ning Caichen, you are considered loyal this time. I will burn incense for you, rest in peace." Ren Baqian sincerely expressed his gratitude.

After waiting for Ning Caichen and the wild boar's movement to be undetectable, Ren Baqian continued to sit on the tree. This tree was the most suitable option in the vicinity.

Since the wild boar had been lured away, he didn't have the need to change location anymore.

After a short while, a few silhouettes started to emerge in the surroundings. They were all living creatures which were similar to foxes. They greedily looked at the babeasts' carcasses but did not rapidly rush over. On the contrary, they circled about the carcasses incessantly, as if they were trying to detect if there was any danger.

"These stuff are not prepared for you guys," Ren Baqian said softly and shot an arrow towards one of the foxes. However, it deviated a little and that fox immediately got a shock. Its entire body of fur stood up at once. After circling one round and looking everywhere, it changed its direction and entered the forest.

The other foxes continued to walk about in the surroundings. They were reluctant to leave yet did not dare to approach the carcasses.

Once again, Ren Baqian shot an arrow which hit one of the foxes. The rest of the foxes immediately turned around, ran into the forest, and disappeared without a trace.

After completing this task, Ren Baqian continued to wait. As he had nothing to do, he examined his waist bag once again and found a plastic bottle from within. He then recalled that he had brought along anesthetic. As he had all along been situated in nervous situations then, he had long forgotten about this matter.

However, it would definitely not be an easy task to sedate such a huge wild boar with the anesthetic.

But, he still immersed the tip of the arrow into the bottle and only took it out after 10 seconds.

Ren Baqian waited for quite some time again. All of a sudden, he heard bits and pieces of footstep sounds. He turned his head towards the direction of the sound and to his surprise, the sound was made by that fellow, Ning Caichen. The wild boar that had been running behind him was nowhere to be seen anymore.

Ning Caichen climbed the tree with ease and his actions were very precise. It seemed that he often climbed trees and took birds' eggs out of their nests. The filthy Ning Caichen climbed up the tree and sat beside Ren Baqian. He wiped the perspiration on his forehead and said, "I was really scared to death just now. I was almost overtaken by the wild boar but luckily, I ran quickly enough."

"You actually shook the wild boar off? How did you provoke it?" Ren Baqian asked. As long as Ning Caichen got rid of the wild boar, he didn't mind having company. In fact, it was rather boring for one person to stay on the tree.

Upon hearing Ren Baqian's question, Ning Caichen's revealed a puzzled look on his face, "I'm not sure either. I was walking in the woods when that chap dashed towards me all of a sudden. It was as if he wanted to seek revenge. But, thank goodness that I managed to get rid of it."

"You are all alone?" Ren Baqian questioned him again.

"Knowledge comes from books and experience of the world. I have heard that the wild beasts in Dayao's woods are different from those in Great Xia. As such, I am here to take a look without any thoughts on the reward." Ning Caichen revealed an embarrassed smile.

This Ning Caichen was a travel enthusiast. From this point, it could be seen that he was pretty courageous.

"Stay here for a while then. It is definitely safer than being on the ground," Ren Baqian said. After he finished his sentence, he pricked up his ears to listen, "Did you hear any sound?"

Ning Caichen listened attentively. Soon after, his vision froze.

"Bang!" Both parties heard the sounds of trees being smashed coming from afar. Soon after, they saw an enormous silhouette. After taking a few sniffs on the ground, it raised its head and looked towards Ren Baqian's and Ning Caichen's direction with fixed eyes. Then, it immediately charged forward at them.

"To hell with you," Ren Baqian cussed. He wasn't sure if he was scolding Ning Caichen or the wild boar. He immediately jumped down, rolled over and broke into a run utilizing every bit of energy that he had.

"It is chasing you, distance yourself away from me." Ren Baqian didn't forget to shout out. He immediately made his way into the woods and ran

His lungs were heated up, and he slowly recovered as he walked.

Ren Baqian didn't want to know why the wild boar had targeted Ning Caichen. He only wanted to find a suitable tree and climb up to rest.

Regardless of the case, it was definitely safer to be on a tree than being on the ground.

Ren Baqian felt that he was getting more and more lethargic. At the moment, he was running uphill, and running itself was already tiring. The crisis was temporarily lifted and that wild boar chased after Ning Caichen to an unknown destination. Only then did Ren Baqian stop running and leaned to rest on a tree.

"Oh, isn't this Deputy Ren?"

Ren Baqian's footsteps came to a halt. Just when he leaned on a tree, he saw two people emerging from behind the tree ahead.

Ren Baqian found this voice familiar. He raised his head to take a look and he actually recognized this person. It was Lian Baocheng, that crazy second-generation fellow who was wearing a gown made of brocade. In front of him was the guard who at that time, obstructed Mister Emptiness's blood arrow from hitting Lian Baocheng.

"Such a f**king coincidence." Ren Baqian did not reply in a good tone, and he was starting to get worried.

It was such a coincidence that he actually met two groups of people in such huge woods. He wondered if he was just plain unlucky.

Ren Baqian didn't know what happened to Ning Caichen. But, to bump into Lian Baocheng after bumping into Ning Caichen consecutively, it simply couldn't be a coincidence anymore.

He actually met the two groups of them in such enormous woods?

Previously, he was fine when he hid alone on the tree. In the end, after meeting Ning Caichen that unlucky fellow, he met Lian Baocheng in the vicinity. Ren Baqian ultimately felt that this could not be just a simple coincidence.

Whether it was coincidence or not, this thought could be put at the back of his mind for now. Ren Baqian knew that he was no match for the guard who was right in front of him.

At that time, the speed of the mouthful of blood arrow from Mister Emptiness wasn't considered any slower than an arrow shot from a cross both. But, the guard was able to obstruct the blood arrow from hitting Lian Baocheng at the very last minute.

He could see the guard's capability just from this.

"Indeed somewhat coincidental. Meeting Deputy Ren in this desolate area outside of the city truly makes me elated." Lian Baocheng harbored malicious intentions.

Naturally, Ren Baqian knew that he had really offended him. An evil intention immediately erupted in his heart upon hearing Lian Baocheng's words.

While he was breathing heavily to restore his physical strength, he aimed the crossbow at the other party at the same time. "You miss me this much? What do you miss about me? Tell me and I'll listen."

Lian Baocheng's gaze shifted in all directions. He cautiously looked at the surroundings and then smiled at Ren Baqian. "Of course I want you to die."

"Her Majesty is at the bottom of the mountain. Do you dare to touch me?" Ren Baqian asked coldly.

"Anything that happens in the woods cannot be predicted. It won't unexpected if you die over here. So long as we randomly dig a pit, your corpse will not be found. Who knows how you died?" Lian Baocheng was distorted with madness. "I have not been so disgraced by someone else in my lifetime. I wouldn't have any good opportunites if you continued to stay on at Lan City.

Since you are already here, you can't put the blame on others. You can only blame yourself for not understanding life and death."

Once Lian Baocheng finished speaking, that guard held the knife in his hand headed towards Ren Baqian step by step.