The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Insane

Ren Baqian sauntered over towards the tree and wasn't in a hurry to climb up. He turned around and looked at Quan Yonglin and Quan Yonghe. The both of them soared across the two meters wide stream and landed directly on top of a piece of huge rock.

He was always full of admiration for these people every time he saw how skillful they were.

Thinking about the fact that he could gain martial arts skills from Du Changkong after he returns, he would then be able to practice it at that time. Only then did Ren Baqian rein his enviousness under control.

In addition, what made Ren Baqian envious was that the space on top of the huge rock seemed very huge, and it would be more comfortable to perch there.

But, it seemed that the two of them did not really welcome him. So, Ren Baqian, nevertheless, turned around and climbed up the tree.

In the end, just when Ren Baqian turned around and was preparing to climb the tree, he heard a hissing sound from above. He looked up unknowingly, and there was a snake which was as thick as the mouth of a bowl, looking at him with its tongue hissing out.

Ren Baqian got scared out of his wits upon seeing a snake above his head all of a sudden. He had experienced a fair share of things this afternoon and was more or less able to control his state of mind. He took two small steps backwards and raised his arrow, prepared to shoot when he discovered that it wasn't just one snake. Rather, there were a few snakes crawling on top with the thicker ones being as thick as the rim of a cup and the thinner ones, as wide as two fingers.

When he was on the tree a moment ago, he was completely unaware that there were snakes nearby. But after going down for just a few minutes, the snakes brought along their entire family and occupied his space.

Ren Baqian took a few steps back, and that snake no longer paid attention any attention to him.

The shelter that Ren Baqian had found was occupied just like that. He was not resigned to fate because this was the most suitable tree in this environment.

He raised the crossbow, took aim at the largest snake and pulled the trigger.

The largest snake was immediately nailed onto the tree trunk and writhed in agony.

He shot another arrow at the snake which was already twisted into a ball and it lifted its head high up, seemingly struggling in pain.

As for the following arrow, Ren Baqian shot it at the snake which was just at the side. It just so happened that the arrow penetrated the snake's head, causing it to be nailed onto the branch.

Naturally, after nailing the two snakes on the tree, the other snakes sensed the imminent danger and slithered along the branches one after another. One of the snakes directly slithered to the ground and made its way into the woods.

Seeing the few snakes fleeing everywhere in disarray, he took no further action, and this was because he discovered a problem: nailing the snakes to the tree for a short while wouldn't kill them.

The tree was only slightly bigger than the area where the snakes writhed, and after nailing a few snakes to it, Ren Baqian didn't dare to go up with them.

Ren Baqian thought it through, and it would be better option for him to change locations. He turned and looked in all directions, hoping to find a tree in which he could take refuge atz. The tree shouldn't be too short as it would be unsafe. Also, it shouldn't be too tall and thick as it would be difficult for him to climb up. The field of vision should also be sufficiently wide.

Nevertheless, that previous tree which had just been taken possession of, fit the bill best.

When Ren Baqian was looking all over the place for a tree, suddenly, he felt that there was someone looking at him from behind.

He bravely turned around and aimed his crossbow towards the other party. In the next second, Ren Baqian's face turned as pale as a sheet, and he turned tail and ran.

"Help me!" Ren Baqian shouted as if he was a young lady which about to be molested and caught the attention of the siblings, Quan Yonglin and Quang Yonghe. He ran towards the stream, immediately jumped into it and trudged over.

And behind him was a sharp-toothed tiger with an entire body full of brown fur. It was teasingly looking at Ren Baqian and walking out from the woods unhurriedly.

Upon jumping into the stream, he discovered a huge problem. From the surface, the depth of
the stream seemed like it was only knee deep. But after jumping in and walking a few steps, he discovered that the water level actually reached to his waist level.

He reckoned that the other party could cross the two-meter-wide stream with just one pounce.

However, the sharp-toothed tiger's vision was not on Ren Baqian but rather at the top of the rock. Following which, it growled and retreated a little.

On the rock, Quan Yonglin by no means cared about that sharp-toothed tiger whereas Quan Yonghe aimed his bow at it, making it feel that they were enormous threats.

Quan Yonghe did not wait for the sharp-toothed tiger to retreat before shooting at it. In any case, Ren Baqian did not see anything. Upon being shot, the sharp-toothed tiger let out a blood-curdling screech. That arrow directly penetrated the sharp-toothed tiger's rear leg and pierced into the ground.

When that arrow was shot just now, the sharp-toothed tiger, without warning, threw itself towards them. Otherwise, the arrow might have penetrated its back instead.

After sustaining this injury, the sharp-toothed tiger no longer retreated. It snarled and ran to the side of the stream, suddenly jumped up and threw itself towards the rock. At this moment, the eyes of the sharp-toothed tiger was filled with insanity and ruthlessness.

Ren Baqian cussed in his heart as he frantically tried to escape. Luckily, the sharp-toothed tiger's target wasn't him. Or else, he wouldn't be able to run away at all.

"Hey!" Quan Yonglin stood atop of the rock and laughed. He swung the two metal hammers, which were about the size of two melons, and directly leaped downwards. The two metal hammers posed a great threat and were pounded against the sharp-toothed tiger's head.

Originally, the sharp-toothed tiger had been prepared to pounce onto the top of the rock, but after seeing Quan Yonglin's mightiness, it immediately moved its body towards the sides. Soon after, it opened its ferocious mouth and advanced towards Quan Yonglin's waist to bite it. Just by seeing its mouth full of sharp teeth, anyone could predict the consequences of getting bitten by it.

At the same time, the sharp-toothed slapped its pair of front claws toward Quan Yonglin's body. This action was similar to pouncing on him.

After running for tens of meters, Ren Baqian turned his head and saw the whole scene. He only felt that if the sharp-toothed tiger was confronting him, he would definitely be screwed.

Quan Yonglin was not at the least bit worried. He flipped the hammer with ease in mid-air creating a swoosh sound, pounding it into the sharp-toothed tiger's face, creating a "bang". The sharp-toothed tiger let out a disastrous growl.

Typically, if such a huge metal hammer was used to pound a face, it would certainly be pounded into bits and pieces. Besides, Ren Baqian totally understood the strength of an aboriginal. He witnessed the kind of scenario where an aboriginal kicked another party and sent them flying 70 to 80 meters into a wall not only once or twice.

Someone like Quan Yonglin, who was a child of one of the powerful officials, definitely wouldn't be any weaker.

But what made him very astonished was that, the sharp-toothed tiger actually only let out a miserable howl and only dropped a few of its teeth. Following which, it became even more ferocious and sent Quan Yonglin flying.

Is this sharp-toothed tiger made of iron?

Is this really a sharp-toothed tiger?

Not a Decepticon?

Looking at this round of confrontation between the two parties made Ren Baqian exhale cold puff of air.

Ren Baqian was thoroughly intimidated. He had not felt that way when he saw a sharp-toothed tiger caged in the beast park, and never did he expect that it was actually this violent. Let alone when coupled with other factors, the ability to resist this kind of attack was already somewhat terrifying.

Quan Yonglin was sent flying into the stream. The sharp-toothed tiger's very red eyes were filled with violence and insanity. Immediately afterwards, it threw itself at Quan Yonglin.

Quan Yonglin just fell into the stream and his entire body was submerged inside. He used both of his legs to tread water and lifted the hammer up high, and, once again, advanced towards the sharp-toothed tiger and pounded at it. He gave off an indomitable vibe. Even if he was facing a mountain in front of him, he would still try to pulverize it violently.

"Thump" Quan Yonglin was sent flying once again. The sharp-toothed tiger also growled miserably as it was being pounded. This time, the hammer directly pounded its head and the eye, which had already been slightly injured back then, instantly exploded.

At present, both Quan Yonglin and the sharp-toothed tiger's eyes were red. They collided into each other again, and the sharp-toothed tiger was attacked till it went insanegenuinely insane. As for Quan Yonglin, Ren Baqian felt that he was probably just stunned.

You also did not sustain many injuries, why on earth are your eyes red with fury?

Both parties collided into each other yet again. All of a sudden, the sharp-toothed tiger turned around, used its tail to whip Quan Yonglin's body, and sent him flying. Its own tail bone was also firmly pounded by Quan Yonglin's hammer, and a tragic growl could be heard once again.

At present, he was uncertain whether Quan Yonglin or the sharp-toothed tiger seemed more like a wild beast.

Anyway, the vibe that Quan Yonglin gave Ren Baqian was: I don't care about dodging, don't care about tricks, don't care about skills. I don't care any of these. I must not be terrified and just kill. All I have to do is to turn the hammer and pound.

During the fourth confrontation, along with his shouts, Yuan Yonglin used both hammers and solidly pounded onto the sharp-toothed tiger's head. Before the sharp-toothed tiger could let out a complete groan, it was pounded onto the ground again. Its body twitched slightly; it might have been pounded to death. At the bare minimum, it should have sustained a severe head concussion.

Ren Baqian reckoned that even a Decepticon would be handicapped after getting pounded by the two hammers. Let alone that animal which was only a sharp-toothed tiger.

Quan Yonglin was sent flying with his body inverted one more time. He somersaulted on the ground before leaping up. Then, he returned to the sharp-toothed tiger's side, swung the hammer and pounded it on its head repeatedly.


Ren Baqian looked at him, and it seemed as if he was forging iron. The surface of the ground was also vibrating. He felt a burst of trepidation.

After pounding the hammer onto the sharp-toothed tiger's head for a few times, it was completely pounded into pieces. Even though red and white bits from its head were sprayed everywhere, Quan Yonglin still continued to swing the hammer onto its body. Every swing of the hammer produced minced meat, and from what he saw, it seemed like it was going to turn intoa minced meat sauce.