The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Why Is It You Again

Ren Baqian started a blaze of fire and roasted a piece of babeast leg. He also used stones to build a circle in the stream, immersing the other leg inside so that the raw smell of blood would wash away with the stream. He placed this piece of leg inside intending for it to be his breakfast tomorrow.

As for the other parts of the carcasses, he had thrown them far away in case the bloody smell attracted any sorts of animals.

At the moment, he only held on to the thought of enduring till tomorrow afternoon before leaving the mountain.

With regards to the Bei and so onto hell with them.

After experiencing that battle, the danger level of the wild beasts in this world had sharply risen in his heart.

He was not Ultraman, and therefore, could not even defeat small monsters.

At this moment, the sky had begun to darken, and the campfire by the stream radiated light. Listening to the distant roars of wild beast from the forest, Ren Baqian it felt considerably peculiar.

Such a pity that he wasn't getting the feeling of being close to nature. Rather, he only felt the eeriness and terror of danger lurking everywhere.

He used a knife to slice a few openings on the babeast leg. After which, he sprinkled some spices before turning it over to roast.

Within a short period of time, the aroma of the babeast leg started to disseminate a distance away.

Wu Fang, who was perched on top of a tree nearby, touched his belly and firmly took a bite of the berries in his hand. This was what he just gathered in the vicinity. The berries were very sour and barely sufficient for him to fill his stomach.

He started to feel a psychological imbalance upon smelling the aroma from afar.

It was undoubted that Ren Baqian was very weak. But to one's surprise, nothing much happened to him even after wandering in the woods for the entire afternoon. After killing two people, he still blatantly roasted meat by the stream.

As for himself, he not only sustained injuries, but also wasn't able to tell anyone about it. This was indeed humiliating for him. In addition, Wu Fang had to witness the other party eating meat while he was having berries for dinner.

Wu Fang felt dispirited when he thought of all this as there was no logical reason to justify any of it.

Even though Wu Fang was mournful, his hand moved at the speed of lightning and grabbed something. When he retracted his hand, there was an additional three-finger thick snake on it. He exerted force on the snake's rear, and the body of the snake, which was originally rolled up on his arm, drooped downwards.

He fished out a knife and slit open the snake from its head, peeled off its skin, and removed the intestines from it. After which, he directly stuffed the snake's tail into his mouth and ate it in one mouthful, imagining that it was actually roasted meat.

Following the fragrance that was emitted, Ren Baqian also felt that he was getting more and more hungry. He stared at the meat impatiently and couldn't wait to satisfy himself in a moment.

Today was considered exhausting for an ordinary person like him.

If it was possible, he hoped that there would not be a next time for the rest of eternity.

Unfortunately in the predictable future, it would be difficult for him to even take a proper rest tonight. After all, even if he took shelter on top of a tree, there was still a certain degree of danger in this woods.

Being on a tree only allowed him to doge a little danger but was not adequate enough for him to sleep peacefully.

A series of footsteps came through and a shadow of a person appeared. Ren Baqian straightforwardly aimed his gun at that direction. "Who is it?"

"Deputy Ren? It's truly great to see you!" Ning Caichen who was dressed shabbily, cheered. He was on the brim of tears of excitement upon seeing Ren Baqian.

Why is it you again.

Ren Baqian couldn't help but have this thought.

Such a huge forest, but we are able to meet twice.

Even Ren Baqian didn't know what he ought to say.

All along, Ren Baqian had always believed that Ning Caichen was disguised as a pig wanting to eat a tiger. But what Ning Caichen displayed was actually similar to himself, a feeble chicken. Moreover, it was evident on his body. There were traces of him going through challenging experiences as his clothes were torn and tattered. It seemed that he had a rather miserable time being chased by the wild boar. But, to Ren Baqian's surprise, Ning Caichen had yet to leave the mountain by this time of the day.

"Why haven't you left the mountain?" Ren Baqian asked the question which he was curious about. Generally speaking, these nobles were only here for a novel experience and would have left the mountain to rest when night fell.

"I saw beautiful scenery just now and was reluctant to leave. After a while, I wasn't able to find the route down the mountain anymore," Ning Caichen replied bashfully. "Deputy Ren, if you are interested, I can bring you there tomorrow morning. Seeing the sunrise and sunset over there is akin to being in a paradise."

Ren Baqian wasn't interested in a sunrise and sunset. Rather, he was more interested in leaving the mountain and returning to his cozy nest to have a peaceful sleep.

"But, it's really awesome to see Deputy Ren." Ning Caichen cheered once again, "I originally thought that I would have to starve tonight. In the end, I saw the blaze from afar and thought of taking a look. If I meet anybody in the wilderness, it will be due to affinity, and I'll come over and take a bite. Never did I expect that the person would be Deputy Ren."

Ren Baqian continued to roast his meat. He actually didn't detest this Ning Caichen that loved to bullshit.

After all, Ning Caichen was someone who was very easy to have good dealings with. He also had not offend the other party in any way in Lan City, and therefore, did not feel that the other party would actually harm him.

In addition, having a companion on such a night made he felt pretty good. After all, humans were social creatures. Even if he didn't enjoy gathering with people, it didn't mean that he was willing to stay alone in the wilderness.

Even if he had to listen to Ning Caichen bullshit the entire night, he would have an easier time with him. As to whether the party was pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, it actually didn't matter anymore.

They glanced at the babeast leg which was about to be done cooking. Even for two people, the portion of the babeast leg was more than sufficient. But, it did not matter to them if they were bloated anyway.

Nevertheless, they shouldn't even bother to roast the other babeast leg which had been immersed in the stream. It was truly a hassle to do so. At present, the sky was already fairly dark, and it was better for them to finish up their food and then return to the trees to take shelter.

The both of them waited impatiently for a long time before Ren Baqian retrieved the cooked babeast leg. The overwhelming fragrance made the both of them itching to start gnawing on the meat.

After the babeast's leg cooled down slightly, the two began to tear pieces of meat and stuff them into their mouth without saying anything further. It tasted like dog meat and was very fragrant.

After a short period of time, the entire babeast leg was gobbled up by the pair of them. Then, they lay at the rocky patch by the stream and let out a leisurely and comfortable sigh.

"Deputy Ren, your cooking skills are really good." Ning Caichen lay at the side and praised Ren Baqian.

Ren Baqian smiled and didn't respond to his praise. It wasn't that his cooking skills were good, but, the spices were good. In addition, the quality of the animal meat in this world was also better than the kind on Earth. It was similar to the enormous goat which he cooked before, and he didn't know why.

After laying down for a few minutes, there were still growling beast noises coming from afar. Some of the growls were near and some were from afar, with the nearer ones sounding approximately about three to four hundred meters away.

Ren Baqian sat up from the ground, "I want to climb up on the tree to take a rest."

After he finished his sentence, he added in a few branches to the campfire. He hoped that the campfire would burn for a longer period of time.

He turned around and walked to the bottom of the tree. Ren Baqian looked up and immediately cursed, "Your uncle."

[Your uncle - a chinese slang word for damn it, but in this context, Ning Caichen actually misunderstood the word literally.]

There were a few additional snakes on that tree.

Ren Baqian couldn't help but suspect that he had the constitution to summon snakes. The snakes went wherever he went. Moreover, they specially waited for him to leave before taking possession of his space.

"What about my uncle?" Ning Caichen was perplexed.

"Your uncle is a nice person," Ren Baqian did not turn his head around and answered. Then, he turned his head elsewhere to seek suitable trees which he could stay for the night. He saw a few appropriate trees just now.

Ren Baqian was not concerned about Ning Caichen who was in the back, walked in the opposite direction, and found another suitable tree to take shelter. In the end, just when he walked under the tree, he heard a hissing sound.

Ren Baqian was depressed to death. Must he be so unlucky? The trees which he thought highly of were also the trees the snakes were optimistic about as well.

I am not even Xu Xian, why are you all doing this to me?
[Chinese legend - Xu Xian, main character from Madam White Snake]

Borrowing the moonlight, he found three suitable trees to take shelter in but there was actually a snake on its branches. In addition, it was more than just one snake.