The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Fraud

"Great Xia is too far away, it'll take a while for the sword to fly over" Hearing this, Ren Baqian felt it like ten thousand alpacas were running through his mind.

"Can't you make these few wolves leave without a sword ?" Ren Baqian saw that Ning Caichen maintained the same posture and said to him with a lowered voice and a look of grievance.

As for the sword flying back from Great Xia by itself, he was reminded of The Arabian Nights. But since they were reaching the critical juncture, he felt Ning Caichen wouldn't speak casually at this moment.

Ning Caichen still held the same posture of one hand clutching at the sky. Prior to this, Ren Baqian thought this posture was worth eight points, but now, he just wanted to give him a tight slap.

"Deputy Ren, I will have to inconvenience you to stall for time. Without the sword, I am no different from an ordinary person." Ning Caichen turned his head to speak to Ren Baqian.

Without the sword, you are no different from an ordinary guy?

Ren Baqian did not know what to make of this postulation.

But at this moment, he had no alternative solution and could only ask, "How long do you need?"

"According to the distance, it should be about the time taken to drink two small cups of tea," Ning Caichen replied.

"Damn it!" Ren Baqian cursed. This was indeed a fraud.

Ren Baqian disregarded Ning Caichen who was still posing, raised his crossbow, and aimed at the opposite side as the wolves crept nearer. They were in no hurry to attack, and the wolves behind, started to disperse and surrounded them.

Ren Baqian hesitated. He could not decide whether it was better to launch a preemptive attack and show some power, or better to stall for time and wait for Ning Caichen to get his sword back.

If he launched a preemptive attack, he might alert them, or perhaps, hurt some wolves to reduce the pressure later on. Otherwise, if they surrounded him and attacked together, the both of them would be directly feeding themselves to the wolves.

To continue waiting was to allow time for the other side to complete their encirclement. How long they could drag on depended on the deterrence provided by the campfire.

Both options had their advantages and disadvantages. For a moment, Ren Baqian was stuck in a dilemma.

But in no time, he gritted his teeth to force himself to calm down. This was not the time whereby "not-being-able-to-decide-means-it-is-best-not-to-do-anything."

At this moment, the distance separating them was down to only about twenty meters.

Ren Baqian raised his hand, aimed and shot an arrow.

"Ooooooowhooo!" The wolf right at the front let out a miserable bawl as the arrow slashed a bloody wound on its body.

Ren Baqian quickly rearmed his crossbow and aimed again. In the meantime, those wolves advanced a few more meters.

He shot another arrow, hit a wolf right in its chest and caused it to let out a scream. Looking at the shaft protruding from the wolf, it only penetrated about four or five centimeters into the body and did not seemed to affect that wolf's fighting capability.

The wolves became more irascible after the two arrows were shot.

Seeing the rest of the wolves coming from two sides to surround him, Ren Baqian aimed his handgun directly at them. He used the other hand to throw the crossbow on the floor and took out the spare magazine from the bag.


Under the night scene, this patch of the forest resounded with crisp gunshots, two wolves had blood erupting from their bodies, and all the other started to become more wary. Howling and screaming, they retreated a little, and the encirclement size expanded slightly.

As a result, Ren Baqian rejoiced as he seemed to have made the right decision.

As long as they did not attack, it would be alright if he could stall for some time.

Drinking two small cups of tea took about ten minutes, and two minutes had already passed. He hoped that Ning Caichen would not leave him in the lurch when the time came.

Otherwise, he would kill him before he died.

Ren Baqian looked vigilantly at the wolves surrounding him. If they were to move slightly nearer, he would immediately shoot to force them to retreat.

Even though several wolves had sustained gunshot wonds, only one was lying on the ground powerlessly moaning in pain. That wolf was hit by chance and wounded in the throat.

As for the rest of the wolves, the gunshots only impeded their movements and were not fatal.

Another few minutes had passed, and Ren Baqian perspired profusely from his head. These wolves alternated and seemed to be testing him. In the next few minutes, they were starting to get smarter as well. Whenever he raised his hand, they would jump to the side.

"How much longer to go?" Ren Baqian couldn't help but to ask Ning Caichen.

"The time taken to drink one more small cup of tea. Deputy Ren, please endure, it all depends on you. Not only your life, but my life is in your hands too." Ning Caichen encouraged him.

"There is no need to feed me encouraging and motivational words," Ren Baqian gruffly complained and raised his hand to fire another shot.

"Their patience is wearing thin," Ren Baqian commented as he changed the magazine.

He could already sense that the wolves were getting noticeably more restless.

The prowling wolves lowered their bodies and growled from their throats, giving Ren Baqian the impression that they were preparing to attack.

Ren Baqian clenched his teeth and took out a grenade. He was reluctant to use it as he did not want people to associate it with the death of Lian Baocheng.

However, the present situation was dire. One cartridge had already been used up, and with the exception of one wolf, the rest were wounded but not dead. If the remaining 13 wolves were to attack together, he would be torn to pieces in an instant.

In such a situation, he could only depend on the grenade as it would not only kill some wolves but also frighten them into submission.

As for other matters, they would be taken care of later. If he could not survive now, there was no future to talk about.

Ren Baqian held the handgun in one hand and a grenade in the other. He was in a stalemate with the wolves for another minute. Every minute was a torment for him, and several times, he felt that the wolves would come the very next second to tear him into shreds.

"Looks like I can't afford to wait anymore," Ren Baqian thought. There were still four minutes left. If the wolves pounced on him the very next second, he would have no time to throw the grenade even if he wanted to.

"I will fight it out with them. Let it be exposed, I have to get past this round first," Ren Baqian thought. He finally made up his mind, opened his mouth, and used the side to bite the safety ring.

Soon after, he threw the grenade to his left side a little more than ten meters away. It landed near three wolves which only paid some attention in the beginning and then ignored it.

Ning Caichen was on his left. If the wolves charged that way, Ning Caichen would bear the brunt of the attack. Ren Baqian pinned all his hope on Ning Caichen, and thus, he made that decision.

After throwing the grenade, Ren Baqian covered his ear with one hand, shrugged his neck, and counted in his heart.



That grenade exploded at the count of five, creating a big blast, and two wolves were blasted like a gunny sacks riddled with holes and debris flying all over. Their bodies were covered with blood and they looked lifeless.

Another wolf, which was slightly further away, suffered many wounds and lay on the ground whimpering nonstop.

The rest of the wolves were frightened by the explosion and retreated with their tails between their legs.

At the same time, the death of two wolves and the heavy injuries inflicted on one wolf deterred them causing them to have the intention to retreat.

Ren Baqian could not care about the wolves anymore as Ning Caichen, who was beside him and still in his original posture, toppled over.

At that time. Ren Baqian felt that he was screwed. He still depended on Ning Caichen and hoped that he was alright.

At the same time, fresh blood flowed down from Ning Caichen's head.

Just now, a rock that was the size of a goose egg hit Ning Caichen on his head after the explosion and caused him to faint immediately.