The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Shot Down

Ren Baqian wanted to cry but no tears were shed.

After carrying ten minutes of hope, his biggest savior was knocked out by his own grenade.

What is going on?

Aren't the injury radius and fatality radius of the grenade ten meters and five meters respectively?

Ning Caichen was at least 14 meters from the grenade when it exploded. How could he be so unlucky?

Ren Baqian felt nothing was going smoothly for him.

Ning Caichen was a fraud. Ren Baqian couldn't believe that he was knocked out after keeping that posture for so long.

Where's your sword? Where's your demeanor of an expert?

Right now, Ren Baqian was thinking seriously whether the wolves would chase him if dragged the unconscious Ning Caichen away if he was to run away now.

"Sigh!" Ren Baqian let out a deep sigh eventually. After all, he was soft-hearted, and he could not bear to leave Ning Caichen.

Fortunately, those wolves were frightened out of their wits, and they had retreated a great distance away. Every now and then, they would howl, appearing as though they were communicating with each other. It seemed that Ren Baqian still had some buffer time.

There was one wolf that was still standing in its original spot staring fiercely at Ren Baqian.

All the other wolves have already retreated, and you're the only that refuses to leave. Do you really hate me that much? Ren Baqian looked at the wolf and raised his gun and took aim.

Thump. The wolf collapsed to the ground.

"I haven't even opened fire yet, are you messing with me?"Upon taking a closer look, Ren Baqian realized this wolf was the one that was hit by his arrow covered with anesthetic earlier.

It was just that the anesthetic took effect a bit slowly.

Ren Baqian picked up his water bag and poured some water over Ning Caichen's head.

After a while, Ning Caichen was woken up by the cold water. "What happened just now?"

Ren Baqian replied coldly, "Is your sword still coming?"

Ning Caichen was really lucky that he did not suffer a concussion.

"It stopped, but it should be quite near to this place. Let me summon it again." There was some blood on his head, making him looked like a martyr. He picked himself up from the ground and made the same posture again. Pointing his hand to the sky, he yelled at the top of his voice, "Sword, come!"

Ren Baqian heaved a sigh of relief. He was glad that Ning Caichen was alright.

However, he was more interested in Ning Caichen's sword. Was it equipped with a guidance system?

Furthermore, it took just ten minutes from Great Xia to fly here, was it flying at supersonic speed?

Ren Baqian could not believe there was such a high-tech weapon in this world.

This world was becoming more and more mysterious to him.

He finally felt slightly at ease. Until now, the wolves did not show any intention of attacking them. They merely encircled them from afar.

Everything would have to depend on Ning Caichen now.

When Ren Baqian thought of this, he put his last grenade back into his bag.

After a while, Ren Baqian heard a booming sound coming from the horizon, sounding as though there was fighter jet flying through the sky.

A look of joy appeared on Ning Caichen's face. "Sword, come!"

Ren Baqian was shocked. Such a power impetus? One had to know that this was just a sword, not an airplane. An airplane could produce such a powerful impetus because it was driven by an engine.

How does your sword produce such a huge impetus?

At the same time, many aboriginals in the mountain looked towards the sky.

Quan Yonglin and Quan Yonghe were sitting in an empty spot in the forest. Not far away from them, there was a pile of bloody mess. From the two broken sword-like fangs lying beside the pile of bloody mess, one could tell its identity. It was the wild boar that had been relentlessly chasing Ning Caichen during the day.

"Are you stupid? How many times have I reminded you? Now that you have smashed the black fatty to this state, how are we going to bring it back? Should we bring back its tail or those two broken fangs? We are going to get laughed at again this time, it's all your fault!"

Quan Yonghe poked Quan Yonglin's head with her finger as she fumed with rage between gritted teeth.

Quan Yonglin's head was lowered as he listened to Quan Yonghe. There were a few wounds on his body. The deepest wound was on his waist, almost causing his guts to spill out.

At this moment, a booming sound resounded through the air. The sibling pair furrowed their eyebrows and raised their heads to look at the sky. What was that?

In the depths of the mountain, Hong Xian rested on top of a rock. Beside her, there was a long-handled broadsword. Surrounding her were corpses of babeasts. Every single corpse was badly mutilated. However, these babeasts were much larger than the ones Ren Baqian had encountered.

Upon hearing the booming sound in the sky, Hong Xian opened her eyes and looked up. She felt puzzled at first. Following which, when she thought of an account that she heard before, a look of realization dawned upon her face. "A sword slave?"

Many people behaved like Quan Yonglin, Quan Yonghe, and Hong Xian when they heard the booming sound in the sky. Du Changkong was flaying a gigantic snake that was as thick as his waist while humming a tune. When he heard the sound, he looked around him with puzzlement. Soon after, he found the source of the sound.

At the foot of the mountain, all of the soldiers raised their heads and looked up at the sky.

The nobles from the other nations came out of their carriages...

On the royal carriage, the empress was about to eat some grapes. Before she could even place one grape into her mouth, she heard the booming sound and furrowed her eyebrows.

"Noisy, bring me my bow."

Hong Luan passed the empress a simple-looking yet ancient longbow and a leather-made quiver. The empress then stepped out of her royal carriage and raised her head in the direction of the sound. She looked as though she could see the sword flying through the night sky.

The empress threw the quiver behind her back and Hong Luan quickly caught it.

The empress held up the longbow and pulled the bowstring. In her hand, there was a white-colored bone arrow. A majestic aura rose from her body. Everyone at the foot of the mountain could feel this aura pressing down on their heads, causing them to bow in the direction of the empress subconsciously.

Only those nobles from other nations and some guards tried to resist the aura.

Thump, thump, thump. A few people couldn't resist the aura and knelt down on the ground.

Other than a few that possessed utter confidence, everyone else tactfully bowed in the direction of the empress.

At this point in time, the empress was not only the ruler of Dayao, she was also the seventh most powerful expert in the world Qi Zixiao.

It was a form of respect to give the seventh most powerful expert in the world a bow.

The empress pulled the bowstring to its limit. The body of the bow was taut, resembling a crescent moon. Following which, she let go of the bowstring. When the bowstring was released, a deafening twang entered everyone's ears.

However, no one could see the arrow that was shot out nor hear any sound from it. It disappeared from the empress's hand.

After a while, a thunderous sound echoed across the air. It was as though the arrow had detonated the air, releasing a series of explosions through the sky.

After releasing the arrow, the empress returned to her carriage without even looking at it.

At this point in time, there was nothing fanciful in the sky. There was only a simple-looking, green-colored sword that had a leather-wrapped hilt flying at a high speed in the sky. As it flew through the air, it vibrated and resonating with the surrounding air to form shock waves. At the same time, the body of the sword produced a joyful chime, appearing as though it was very happy that its master had summoned it.

The sword resembled a besotted young girl that was meeting her boyfriend.

At the next second, a white-bone-made arrow appeared in front of it. Given the sword's immense inertia, it could not avoid the arrow in time.


A loud and crisp sound was produced by the collision between the arrow and the sword.

After making a few tumbles in the air, the sword dropped from the sky. Just as it was about to hit the ground, it shakily stabilized itself. After letting a mournful wail, it flew shakily towards a mountain. When compared to its previous demeanor, one was like a young mistress that was returning home after marrying a wealthy landlord, while the other was like a daughter-in-law of a family who was being bullied in a village.

Meanwhile, Ren Baqian was still waiting for Ning Caichen's sword to descend from the sky with a brilliant sword aura. He was already considering whether or not should he hug Ning Caichen's thighs.

From the look of it, Ning Caichen was the main character.

At this moment, a series of explosions resounded through the air. Following which, the booming sound of the sword disappeared.

The magnificent sword that Ren Baqian had been expecting was nowhere to be seen.

"What happened?" Ren Baqian asked subconsciously.

A puzzled look appeared on Ning Caichen's face as well. "So strange, why hasn't it arrived yet."

"Fraud," Ren Baqian could not help but scold him.

With a confused look on his face, Ning Caichen raised his head and looked at the sky. What exactly happened?

Luckily, the wolves still did not show any intention of attacking them. After a few minutes, a sword shakily descended from the sky, resembling a drunk driver.

"So, this is the sword that is equipped with a guidance system? But why does it look like there's something wrong with it? Even if it doesn't possess a magnificent sword aura, it should at least streak across the sky like an ice-cold gleam, right? Why does it seem like it's drunk?" This thought suddenly emerged in Ren Baqian's mind.

The sword unsteadily flew into Ning Caichen's raised hand. When Ning Caichen saw that there were a few cracks on the sword, a look of agony appeared on his face.

After the sword landed in his hand, it gave off a mournful wail, appearing as though it was telling Ning Caichen about its tragic encounter.

At that instance, tears flowed down Ning Caichen's cheeks.

Upon seeing the sad look on Ning Caichen's face, Rem Baqian could not help but ask, "What exactly happened?"

"Green Pearl said it was shot down by someone!"Ning Caichen wept as he held the sword in his hands.