The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Sword Mountain, Spirit Sword, Sword Master, Sword Slave

Ren Baqian looked at the shabbily dressed Ning Caichen who was holding his sword and bawling his eyes out. He thought to himself, "F**k, is this really happening?'

Tonight's full-scale drama involved waves of plots succeeding one another. From the summoning of sword to Ning Caichen fainting due to the explosion and followed by the arrival of the sword, things had practically taken a new turn suddenly and only plummeted since the start.

Even though Ren Baqian did not know the original position of the sword in Great Xia, Lan City was actually quite a distance from the border. For the sword to fly over in 10 minutes, it must have travelled at the speed of sound at the very least? Or possibly at an even faster speed.

A tiny sword travelling at the sound of speed in air actually got shot down with a single arrow.

It gave Ren Baqian the feeling of a fighter jet being shot down in just one try, and the entire Earth trembled. He did not consider the fact that the sword could fly on its own or could even accurately control the course of its travel. Rather, what made Ren Baqian astonished was that it was actually shot down with just one hit.

But, such a situation actually happened right before his eyes, and Ren Baqian looked at the sword in Ning Caichen's hand. There was a small dot in the center of the sword blade and cracks radiated from it, giving people the feeling that it would break into pieces with just a light tap.

Previously, when the sword arrived, there were booming noises in the air. But after a series of explosions, the booming noises gradually disappeared.

It seemed like the only person in the vicinity that would be able to shoot the sword down in one try was the empress? Ren Baqian was unsure if the empress knew how to shoot an arrow. But, if it was talking about capabilities, since she was the seventh most powerful expert in the world, she would certainly have that kind of capability.

After thinking through, Ren Baqian concluded that it must be the empress who shot the sword down.

He had seen Quan Yonglin and Quan Yonghe in action before. Although they made him very shocked as well, it was totally a world of difference between what he just witnessed.

Even if any others were more powerful than the both of them, it was still impossible for them to achieve this degree of power.

Also, it was impossible for the imperial guards in the palace to have such capabilities.

The only possible candidate would be the empress. In addition, it was highly probable that she was in a bad mood as well. It was just like last year, whereby the 10 unlucky people challenged the empress and got destroyed.

When he thought of these facts, Ren Baqian looked at Ning Caichen with somewhat pitiful eyes. He had no choice but to agree that he was really too miserable.

Even if Ren Baqian did not understand anything, it was not difficult for him to imagine how precious this sword was to Ning Caichen.

When Ning Caichen experienced life-threatening moments and summoned his sword, it actually collided with the empress who was in a bad mood. At last, it resulted in such a conclusion.

Presently, Ren Baqian was in a relaxed state of mind and lost in fanciful thoughts. When the sword flew and arrived just now, he wondered how those wolves actually felt. All of them retreated into the darkness and left behind two carcasses and the two severely injured wolves who were on the brink of death.

After Ning Caichen cried for a period of time, only then did Ren Baqian pat his shoulders with a face full of pity for him, "My condolences!"

Ning Caichen cried even more miserably after hearing what Ren Baqian said.

Seeing his devastated look, Ren Baqian felt that he should let Ning Caichen cry it out for a short while.

It isn't a crime for a man to cry.

Ren Baqian was idling as he filled the magazine of the handgun with bullets. After which, he stared blankly into space, and after quite some time, Ning Caichen finally calmed down. He fondled his sword and looked as if he had nothing to live for anymore. Ren Baqian asked curiously, "Can this sword be repaired?"

"It requires a large amount of materials for it to be fully repaired," Ning Caichen said gloomily.

"That's not that bad." Ren Baqian consoled him. "At least it can be repaired."

Ning Caichen was still downcast.

"You are a sword cultivator?" Ren Baqian asked again. Without mentioning other factors, at the very least, he was able to summon a sword all the way from Great Xia. This ability was too awesome.

"Just a sword slave," Ning Caichen shook his head and replied in agony.

"Why did you say it this way?" Ren Baqian asked with curiosity as he was very interested in it.

"Haven't you heard about it before?" Ning Caichen turned his head and looked at Ren Baqian. Seeing that he nodded his head, he lowered his head, fondled his sword and began, "There is a Sword Mountain in this world and there are 3000 spirit swords on top. Green Pearl is one of them.

Every once in a while, a spirit sword will sense that there is someone new in this world who conforms its the requirements and will automatically fly out from the mountain, arriving by the person's side.

The others called such people as a sword master, whereby they were being chosen by the spirit sword due to them conforming to its requirements. These group of people were the envy of others. In reality, we are actually only sword slaves"

Ren Baqian questioned Ning Caichen and he answered accordingly. Ning Caichen also didn't conceal the issue pertaining to sword masters. This gave Ren Baqian a clearer understanding about sword masters, and he realized that it wasn't easy being one.

Basically, the sword master would be chosen by a spirit sword. In one aspect, it was good as one wouldn't need to cultivate at all. As long as the spirit sword was in one's hand, the person would be able to skip the process and become a well-known expert.

In addition, following the different types of spirit swords wielded, the strength would be different as well. Among them, the lowest level would be an expert at the level of Earth Wheel. Furthermore, their capabilities were stronger than an ordinary expert at the Earth Wheel level. This was an achievement the majority of practitioners could only look upon their entire life.

However, in this world, if there are gains there will definitely be losses. This sentence would be most apt if used on the sword masters.

First of all, they weren't able to cultivate.. It was not known if it was because of a certain special constitution that disallowed them from practicing that also allowed the spirit sword to choose them as sword master. Never before was any sword master able to practice any in-depth martial arts. At most, they were only able to practice a few simple punching and kicking moves. They were no different from ordinary people in all other aspects.

For example, Ning Caichen was one of them. If the spirit sword was in his hand, he would be recognized as an expert that was higher than that of the top positions at the Earth Wheel level.So much so, that the top positions at the Earth Wheel level are not even his match. However, if the spirit sword wasn't in his hand, he was no different from any ordinary person. As a result, this was why he was so flustered.

Next, in general, sword masters wouldn't carry their spirit swords near them all day long. This was because spirit swords would absorb their sword masters' essence qi. There wouldn't be any effects in the short term. But, in the long run, it would severely reduce the lifespan of the sword master. In the earlier days, there were only a few sword masters who lived past 40 years old.

Therefore, even though the other people called them as sword masters, they felt that they were just sword slaves in general. As the name implies, they were just like the slaves of the spirit swords. Although the spirit swords permitted them to become more powerful, but, they also had to invest an extreme amount of time and energy.

Later on, someone with an innate talent created a type of sword-nurturing pool through research. He constructed a pool according to a specific method, following which he threw in all types of valuable materials and used it to nurture swords.

Thus, besides reducing the damage inflicted on the essence-breath-spirit's lifespan of the sword master, one would also be able to upgrade their spirit sword's formidable power through a few particular materials. It was equivalent to upgrading the sword master's power.

These minerals, plants and even a few specific animals' blood were included inside. It also required a customized blended liquid. However, the property of each spirit sword was not all alike. Apart from the customized blended liquid used to nurture the swords, the other required ingredients were not exactly the same.

Often, it required the sword master to personally bump into an opportunity to seek for materials that would match with the spirit sword. This was because both parties were actually in a type of partnership, and they would be aware once the sword master discovers the suitable material.

Previously, Ning Caichen's spirit sword was at the Sword-nurturing Pool and was in the midst of nurturing. If he met with any danger, he would be able to summon the spirit sword as and when he wanted.

If the location was near the Sword-nurturing Pool, the spirit sword would arrive instantly.

Arriving at Dayao, Ning Caichen wanted to seek an opportunity and in passing, exchange some items as well. Never did he expect that he would be out of luck at this moment, the Green Pearl actually got shot down when it was about to reach him. What more, the Green Pearl also suffered severe damage. It was not known how much material would be needed for it to be completely repaired.

It can be said that he lost everything that he had invested in.

It was no wonder that Ning Caichen looked as if he had nothing to live for anymore.

After listening about the spirit sword and sword master matter, Ren Baqian felt that this world was getting more and more interesting.

This world had too many unknowns and too many aspects that Ren Baqian felt mysterious.

It was already so interesting just by uncovering the layer of light muslin on the surface at this moment. It was not known what else could be found beneath that layer.

At this instance, Ren Baqian was being possessed by Christopher Columbus, Zheng He, and Monkey D. Luffy. His innermost being was filled with the desire to find out even more about this world.