The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Exceptional Bootlicker
Chapter 118: Exceptional Bootlicker
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"Great Xia's Mister Ning, please talk about this painting that depicts one hundred beauties." The empress carefully looked at it once and couldn't spot anything weird. The women in the painting were indeed remarkably beautiful.

Could it be possible that Ning Caichen took this painting out to compare those beauties with me?

It would simply be a joke!

Ning Caichen got up and cupped his hands in obeisance, T"he empress of Dayao, please forgive me for my impetuous move. This painting was painted by a talented individual. His life goal was to paint a picture of the top one hundred beauties in this world. After painting ninety-nine of them, he wasn't able to paint the last beauty anymore."

"Why?" A bystander asked.

"This was because, the ninety-nine women obtained four points for beauty, liveliness and elegance. But, there is only one person among the women in this world, who obtained a perfect five score. As such, he couldn't paint her no matter what. Thus, after getting hold of news that I was heading to Dayao, he entrusted me with this painting. Since I'm able to present it in front of Dayao's empress, I have completed his wish. Your Majesty can burn this painting, or do whatsoever you please with it afterwards. How can there be one hundred beauties in this world when one beauty is sufficient. What more, how are the rest of them be even comparable to you?" Ning Caichen said with his hands cupped in obeisance.

His speech made everyone dumbstruck. Even Ren Baqian was cursing "F**k" in his heart.

Must you bootlick to such degree?

How are you going to survive when you return to Great Xia?

Ning Caichen was also a talented person. He was a huge rival. If Ren Baqian had known, he would have left him behind to feed the wolves.

Everyone else could save their breath. The poetry verses which that group of pretty boys prepared to praise the empress, weren't required anymore. Ning Caichen's praise would make whatever anyone else said pale in comparison.

Only the Seventh Prince frowned. A hundred Xiu Wu, who was always by his side, wasn't even comparable to one Qi Zixiao? Among all the women in the world, only Qi Zixiao obtained a perfect five score for beauty, liveliness, and elegance? How did this make him feel? It was as if he treated something ordinary as a treasure.

His mood immediately turned sour.

The empress was a little displeased previously, but now, she was more relaxed and her lips curled into a smile.

At this moment, everyone could see that the empress's mood was indeed excellent.

"Great Xia's Mister Ning, I will accept this painting." The empress nodded.

Ning Caichen cupped his hands in salute and returned to his original seat.

"If we are talking about all the women in the world, Your Majesty will naturally score a perfect five score for beauty, liveliness, and elegance." A burly man touched his bald head and laughed mischievously.

"How can it be only five points. If necessary, she is even six points or seven points. I feel that the talented painter's scope is too shallow," another burly man immediately continued.

A group of burly man with spare tires began to brag about the empress.

But, these kinds of praises would only be effective for the first person who said it.

The empress spoke, "Bring Ren Baqian's gift up here. I believe that everyone here is curious as I am incessantly curious."

When the empress began to speak, everyone nodded one after another. They were indeed curious what exactly was the "The Ultimate Mirror That Is Only Fit for Her Majesty".

The name was eccentric and sounded out of this world.

Following which, two people carried a box to the center of the Empress Hall.

From the external packaging, it wasn't considered exquisite looking at all. The external packaging looked very coarse and it seemed like a normal box made of wood. From the chink in the box, an object could be seen but nobody was able to tell what it was.

"Ren Baqian, you can take your gift out for everyone here to see," the empress said.
Ren Baqian got up and walked to the center of the Empress Hall. He thought to himself, luckily, he was well prepared. Even though Ning Caichen's bootlicking skill was excellent just now, he wasn't lacking either and ought to be the most exceptional bootlicker over here.

"May I request any sirs to help open this box. Please do not spoil the thing inside by all means." Ren Baqian faced the left side with his hands cupped in salute.

Everyone took a glance at one another. If it was something more troublesome, everybody would take more interest in it. However, it was only a wooden box and everyone was truly lazy to lend a helping hand.

"Let me do it.' At last, a burly man who was at the far end got up from his seat and walked to the front of the Empress Hall. He did a salute to the empress before using his fingers to gently crush the top of the wooden box, immediately breaking it.

He crushed from the top to the bottom of the box. After which, he used both of his hands and pulled it apart. The entire wooden box was broken into pieces.

Ren Baqian supported the half-length mirror that was wrapped in kraft paper. He then nodded to express his gratitude towards that burly man, "Many thanks to this sir."

Soon after, he tore the kraft paper and a silvery, sparkling mirror was revealed. The metal of the mirror frame was made in Europe and was complicated to make. Just this decorative design alone caused the blacksmith to go through a whole load of trouble.

And what attracted people was the mirror itself. It was different from the copper mirrors, which produced blurry and dark images, that they were currently using. This mirror reflected the outside world which was shone on it, and there wasn't a tiny bit of blurriness either. The images reflected from the mirror were extremely distinct.

The image on the mirror was as if there was another Empress Hall, and every single minute details could be seen.

Upon seeing this mirror, all the women present were aroused.

Also, there were words written on both sides of this mirror.

"Without the birth of Your Majesty, there will be eternity of darkness!" Someone read this sentence aloud, word by word.

Ren Baqian faced the empress and cupped his hands in obedience. "There is only one of such mirror in this world. I believe that only Her Majesty has the qualifications to possess it. Just as the words on the mirror 'Without the birth of Your Majesty, there will be eternity of darkness'."

One had no choice but to admit that Ren Baqian's bootlicking skills were too awesome. Just now, Ning Caichen's "One Hundred Beauties" had already made everyone astonished. At this moment, everyone was overawed by Ren Baqian's mirror.

The mirror was a rare treasure. But, the words on top were the most significant.

Without the birth of Her Majesty, there would be eternity of darkness.

Prior to the birth of Her Majesty from the heavens, the world was shrouded in boundless darkness.

These words were too imposing. Everyone could feel the imposing aura from just these few words.

Previously, Ning Caichen said that out of all the women in the world, Her Majesty obtained a perfect score of five for beauty, liveliness, and elegance. The other ninety-nine beauties scored four points, and the rest of the women only had one point. Only when the scores of all the women in the world were added up, then they would be considered as Her Majesty's rival.

This was already the most extreme and exaggerated praise, and Ning Caichen was afraid that he would get into some trouble. But ultimately, he was comparing Her Majesty with other women in the world.

When it was Ren Baqian's turn, he was one step ahead. His praise included all the astounding literary talents from the olden days, all the magnificent heroes who reigned in this world, and also all the rulers of the different nations.

Before Her Majesty appeared in this world, even with all of you, this world was still in darkness. Only after the birth of Her Majesty, did this world became truly filled with radiance.

As compared to Her Majesty, all of you were merely fireflies.

The other people could still respond after what Ning Caichen said. But, after Ren Baqian spoke, nobody dared to say anything.

These words were too imposing.

Genuinely regarding the magnificent heroes in this world as nobody and regarding the countless magnificent heroes over the million years as nothing. Nobody would even dare to say such words among their own family, let alone saying it at such a location.

After recovering from the astonishment, the people from Great Xia, the Yun Nation and the Chen Nation side-eyed Ren Baqian. Isn't your bootlicking too excessive?

This time, everyone felt that Ren Baqian's bootlicking was too excessive and might have bootlicked the empress the wrong way.

Qi Zixiao might not necessarily receive this praise.

Without mentioning other factors and only basing on strength, she was only the seventh most powerful expert in the world and still not the first.

If she received this praise and word got out, how would the six experts before her feel? How would the Great Xia's emperor view this?

Did she really think that there was no one else besides her in this world?

Silence fell on the Empress Hall. Everyone kept their mouth shut and was waiting for the conclusion.

The people from the three nations believed that the Dayao officials opposite them certainly had the same thinking as well.

Didn't they all keep their silence as well?