The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Panic
Chapter 120: Panic
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Her Majesty was the empress. If she were to choose her husband, the other party would have the title of 'Prince Consort'. As a result, the empress answered with a, "I hereby proclaim you as my King."

"Her Majesty, please think twice!"

"Her Majesty, please think twice!"

"Her Majesty, please think twice again!"

In a split second, the Empress Hall boomed with noise and immediately turned into a marketplace.

Seeing the reaction of these people and recalling the empress's words once again, an unfathomable thought arose in his heart.

"It can't be? What kind of situation is this?"

At this moment, Ren Baqian's body was not only stiff all over, he had practically became a log of wood.

Proclaimed as her king?

If I did not guess wrongly, I will be getting married with the empress?

Otherwise, why would the reactions of those people be so huge?

How is this possible?

The seventh most powerful expert in the world and also the empress of Dayao.

Why would she make such a hasty decision all of a sudden?

Am I crazy, or is she the crazy one?

Presently, the entire Empress Hall was in a complete mess. Everyone got up from their seats and requested for the empress to "think twice".

The nobles from the other three nations and the Seventh Prince who were seated on the right-hand side, were all stunned.

Qi Zixiao actually chose a Secondary class, Rank 6 official with an unknown background as her husband?


Everyone couldn't help but to only think of one thing, "Why?"

There were even some people who pinched their thighs.

Was this a dream?

Everyone was at a loss.

Mister Emptiness burst into a violent coughing fit. He shifted his gaze towards Ren Baqian and revealed a smile. He came here for other reasons and never had the intention of being the empress's husband. Thus, he actually found the ongoing situation at the Empress Hall rather interesting.

Ning Caichen gave a weird expression.

If I had known, I wouldn't have wasted so much energy to curry favor with Qi Zixiao.

I have also implicated myself.

I might as well make up to this new Prince Consort Ren.

Fortunately, he and Ren Baqian were considered to have gone through thick and thin together on top of the mountain. Even Green Pearl was taken down in one shot by Qi Zixiao. There should somewhat be a little sentiment between the both of them.

He felt heartbroken upon thinking of Green Pearl.

The Seventh Prince sat there with his soulless eyes. It was as if he received an enormous shock. How could this chap, which was a carbon copy of him, receive Qi Zixiao's appreciation?

Seeing the group of people that were roaring with laughter, the empress felt ineffably pleasant. "The banquet ends here. Everyone else, please leave. As for those who have something to say, follow me to the throne room."

She stood up and left the Empress Hall after she finished her sentence. All the court officials of Dayao promptly followed behind her.

Hong Wu placed his hand on Ren Baqian's shoulder when he passed by, and his brows were twisted into the shape of a Fried Dough Twist. He immediately left without saying a word.
[Fried Dough Twist - a Chinese dough twist that is fried in peanut oil. His twisted brows were being compared to the appearance of this snack.]

Only Ren Baqian was left behind. He was unsure of what to do next.

It seems like nobody asked for my opinion?

Should I catch up with them or stay over here?

"Prince Consort Ren, congratulations. I will call on you some other day." Ning Caichen was the first to approach Ren Baqian with a smile, and gave him a pat on his shoulder. Soon after, he staggered out of the hall.

"Prince Consort Ren, cough, cough, congratulations." Mister Emptiness followed closely behind Ning Caichen.

Regardless of whether the other people had any sorts of thoughts in their mind, they all came up to Ren Baqian to congratulate him.

However, these people were not as easy going as Ning Caichen and Mister Emptiness. After all, neither of them had the objective to win over the empress's hand in the first place.

The others looked at Ren Baqian and felt that his appearance wasn't fantastic and looked as if he was too feeble to stand up to the wind. Ren Baqian was merely just a Secondary class, Rank 6 official but in the wink of an eye, he was actually Qi Zixiao's husband. They couldn't understand no matter how they thought about it. Also, they felt indignant about it.

There were so many other people who were more powerful than him. Why was he the chosen one?

It seemed that the impression Ren Baqian gave them could only be based on his ruthlessness and him using connections to intimidate people in Honglu Bureau. Apart from that, it would be based on him bootlicking the empress tonight.

But, such a person could actually become the husband of the seventh most powerful expert in the world, who was also Dayao's empress, Qi Zixiao?

Indignant! Indignant! Indignant!

This word was practically written all over their faces. But, they still forced a smile from their crumpled faces and congratulated Ren Baqian. After which, they quickly left the Empress Hall.

The two brothers from Zhang Family were included among them. Since they left the palace, they had lost their wits.

Zhang Heqi, "Why?"

Zhang Heju, "Why?"

They had been harping on the same thing, all the way from the palace to Honglu Bureau, "Why?"

Zhang Jun looked at his two nephews and shook his head faintly. He was aware why they were behaving this way. Not only them, the rest of the people also had the same mentality as well. Everyone felt a psychological disequilibrium in their heart upon seeing a person who was nothing like them being fawned upon by a person like Qi Zixiaowhat more selecting him as her husband.

But, deep down inside, he was actually thinking of another issue.

Dayao's Qizixiao actually chose such a person to be her husband.

Leaving the other factors aside, what kind of changes would there be in Dayao's imperial court?

This person isn't an aboriginal.

If he wants to receive support from the aboriginals, it will be very difficult to do so.

In this case, what will he do?

After half of the crowd left, Ren Baqian was surrounded by a few guards. Things happened too quickly just now and nobody had the time to react.

Ren Baqian had to be protected no matter what.

Otherwise, if Ren Baqian met any lunatics in the Empress Hall and something happened to him, nobody would be able to shoulder the burden.

However, none of the sirs just now raised any issue. It wasn't necessarily that they had no such thoughts.

"Storyteller Ren, I will be escorting you back to the beast park together with a few others, to retrieve your things and shift them into the palace." Xin Zhe appeared in front of Ren Baqian in an instant. She swept her gaze across him over and over again as she wanted to find out why Her Majesty actually made such a decision.

"Storyteller Ren!" Seeing that Ren Baqian was still rooted there and had yet to return to his senses, she called him again and repeated whatever she said.

This time, Ren Baqian returned to his senses and heard what Xin Zhen said.

He couldn't help but felt like asking, "Must it be so quick? The empress only said it a moment ago, and the discussion over there hasn't ended yet. Must I move into the palace now? Moreover, even if the discussion was over, they shouldn't let me move into the palace directly. No matter what, shouldn't I move into the palace only when the wedding is over?"

At this moment, he did not know what to say anymore. He was getting really panicky.

The empress's husband, the husband of Dayao's number one expert, seventh expert in the world, and at the same time a woman of unmatched beauty. All these terms sounded beautiful.

But, this issue was definitely not as simple as it seemed.

Who's Qi Zixiao? An extraordinary expert who was ranked seventh in the world and also had the ability to tear down a city wall single-handedly.

As for himself? Neither could he shoulder a pole nor lift anything heavy. Besides having some knowledge of things which people in this world didn't know, what else did he have?

Wasn't it like an elephant falling for an ant? How could it be possible that the empress took a fancy to him?

It was impossible no matter which way he thought about it.

Changing his perspective, even if the empress really did fall for him, would he dare to be by her side?

He couldn't say for sure but at any time, if she didn't pay attention, his bones and flesh might turn into pulp.

The difference in their strength was indeed too drastic.

Ren Baqian understood that there was no use in him panicking at this moment. He could only hope that the big shots over at that side persuaded the empress to rescind her edict. He would certainly be deeply grateful and would make offerings at their memorial tablet in the future.

Even though he used to feel that Zhe Kouhai was a scoundrel, but now, he felt that he was truly a good person.

If Ren Baqian had known earlier, he would have definitely been more low-profile. Originally, he wanted to present a red packet to the Fire-beacon eunuch whom he was very fond of when he returned to Earth. But, at present, he only wanted to fight it out with him.

[Red packet - monetary gift usually given out during special occasions]
[Fire-beacon eunuch - a eunuch from another Qidian novel. "He" gave Ren Baqian the idea of praising the empress with those imposing words.]

That sentence was indeed good, and it should have bootlicked the empress rather well. But, never did he expect Her Majesty to play her cards without using common sense.

Back at the beast park, Caretaker Shi looked at Ren Baqian, who was being escorted back by a few guards. Of which, one of them was the commander of the imperial guards. Caretaker Shi promptly welcomed them and saw Ren Baqian with a deeply worried expression on his face. He then whispered and asked Xin Zhe, "Madam, did Storyteller Ren commit a crime?"

"No, we are here to pack his things up and bring him back into the palace," Xin Zhe immediately replied.

Everything was in disorder in Ren Baqian's house. There was a sleeping bag, handgun, grenade, bed sheets from Earth, an e-book reader, a camera, small bag of sweets, and also a short sword given by someone else.

Ren Baqian looked at the imperial guards who were helping him to pack his stuff. Then, he scowled miserably and turned his head towards Caretaker Shi, "Help me raise the two chaps and don't let the workers at the two pieces of field skive."

At present, he felt as if he was an ordinary woman who had just been robbed of her gun.