The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Cant Conceal Any Longer
Chapter 122: Cant Conceal Any Longer
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Ren Baqian looked at the room he resided in and felt a spell of dumbfoundedness in his heart.

Have I been forcefully robbed?

Why hasn't anyone asked about my opinion?

Even though I indeed wouldn't dare to say the word "No".

What is the conclusion now?
Escape? That's not possible. Besides, he couldn't escape as well.

Being a stranger in an unfamiliar place, even if he got out of the palace, where could he run to? He wouldn't even be able make out the directions once he got out of Lan City.

Just by himself, he reckoned that he would be captured by somebody within a day.

It was not known how long Ren Baqian was lost in his thoughts before he heard some footsteps, followed by someone opening the door.

The empress stood at the door and took a look at him. After which, she sat down beside the table in the room.

"Your Majesty!" Ren Baqian promptly got up.

The empress gently nodded. Soon after, the room sank into a brief period of silence.

Ren Baqian had a stomach full of things to say, yet he dared not speak a word.

"Is there anything you want to say?" The empress said abruptly.

Ren Baqian was slightly distracted. He did not expect the empress to actually ask him that.

"Like what I have said previously, Without the birth of Your Majesty, there will be eternity of darkness. Your grace and charm is unrivaled. I am extremely grateful to be able to receive the generosity and fondness of someone of your status. I will not hesitate to go through water and tread on fire just for you for Your Majesty. But, I am also terrified. I am weak and inferior, and haven't made any contributions in Dayao. I compared to Your Majesty, is like a firefly to a blazing sun. How can I possibly receive such generosity and fondness from Your Majesty." Ren Baqian thought for a moment, and decided to deliver a load of bullshit first before saying further.

If possible, he would have wanted to disparage himself into a smelly bug from a smelly gutter.

The empress took a look at him, nodded and said, "You see, you don't seem very loathsome, and you say things that I also love to hear. You are the one."

After listening to what the empress had to say, Ren Baqian was speechless. Did he bootlick her too much?

"Since you know that you are weak, tomorrow you shall follow me to the second level of Qing Xin palace hall to pick up a martial arts manual. You must practice till you attain the level of Earth Wheel. If I am unsatisfied with your progress, you know the consequences," The empress warned as she looked at him.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Ren Baqian didn't know whether to feel happy or sad. He was actually intending to approach Du Changkong to exchange something for his martial arts manuals. In the end, things changed even before his plans could work out. At present, it seemed like there wasn't any need for that anymore as he could directly go to Qingxin Palace Hall to obtain the manuals. The martial arts manuals there would definitely be much better than what Du Changkong had.

"If you think that you haven't made the slightest contribution, then take out what you know. Now I have a question for you. Are you able to forge weapons to equip my aboriginal warriors?"

Ren Baqian hesitated for a while. He had two options now. The first option was to avoid forging weapons so as to prevent himself from losing face. Advantages as good as none. Disadvantagesa whole bunch of them in fact. For instance, if he only knew how to bootlick and was not well liked by others, his treatment would be worrying if the progress of his training did not meet the empress's standards in future.

Previously, he was extremely unwilling to be brought into the palace. But, if he were to be driven out after being brought in, then, the consequences would turn out even more tragic.

That being the case, he could only choose the second option. In addition, he had to excel in everything he did to be able to stand firmly in his position. As for the rest, it had to depend on the progress of his training.

He lifted his head at once and replied the empress. "I'm not sure if there are any iron ore mines within Dayao's borders? If there aren't any iron ore mines, I'm afraid that it wouldn't work even if there was a plan."

"There are two, but with limited production and many people injured every year. Besides, it is very difficult to refine the iron ores that are extracted." Seeing that he indeed had a plan, the empress was in fact very pleased.

"I know the method of refining the ores to metal. As for the expansion of production, I'm afraid that I will only be able to figures something out after looking at the site," Ren Baqian continued talking.

The empress nodded her head. If Ren Baqian had a plan, at least the shortage of weapons could be somewhat reduced.

Following which, she handed Ren Baqian a token. "With this token, you can freely access any part of the palace except the imperial depository, arsenal and a few other places. You shall follow me to Qingxin Palace Hall tomorrow."

She left the house as soon as she finished speaking.

After the empress left, Ren Baqian immediately lay on his bed.

Up till now, he still felt as if he was living in a dream.

After a long while, he got up and opened up his belongings that he placed at the side. Inside were things that he had brought back from Earth. At this moment, Ren Baqian suddenly recalled something.

I will be returning back to Earth tonight, how can I possibly go to Qingxin Palace Hall with the empress tomorrow?

I'm afraid that the empress will send someone over tomorrow and will discover that i have disappeared.

Will they think that I have ran away?

Ren Baqian hammered himself with all his might. His mind was too messed up just now. and he actually forgot about this issue.

What should I do now?

Even though the empress is well aware that I will go missing every three days, it is different this time.

Previously, we were at least some distance away, and the empress, with a heart of a monarch, simply turned a blind eye to it.

Now that I'm going to disappear on my first night of entering the palace, however the empress thought may turn out to be unpleasant.

What should I do?

Should I approach the empress now?

Ren Baqian walked around the house and went back to rummaging through his belongings. He eventually took out the camera and pondered whether he should send a gift over again.

After much deliberation, it seemed like he could not fool her in this current situation. It was better that he came clean with the empress. After all, he was already in the palace and she would find out about it sooner or later.

As for the other matters, he would leave it to fate. What was meant to be, would be. At least it was better off than having to keep worrying.

Ren Baqian placed the camera back in its original position. He pulled open the door and took a big step out, bearing the thought of going all out and risking everything that he had.

Outside the house was a garden, with the size of at least three to four hundred square meters. There was also a little stream which passed through the courtyard. Unknown insects were flapping their wings and making sounds in the night scene.

Ren Baqian took big strides towards the door of the courtyard and saw an imperial guard standing there.

"Storyteller Ren!" That imperial guard hesitated for a moment as he turned his head and looked at him, seemingly unsure of how to address him. But, that was Ren Baqian's current position.

"I have an important matter and I request to see Her Majesty," Ren Baqian spoke as he cupped one fist in the other.

"Follow me, Storyteller Ren." That imperial guard nodded.

After taking a few steps out, Ren Baqian suddenly thought of something.

I can meet the empress as and when I wish?

Is it possible?

Perhaps, the empress had already instructed in advance.

Even though I have erased that matter from my mind, the empress probably hasn't.

Is she waiting for me to confess to her?

Ren Baqian felt a chill at the back of his neck at the thought of this.


The empress returned to the palace and that mirror was placed at a spot not too far from the couch.

She walked towards the mirror and looking at it from the side, she could see the reflection of faraway objects distinctly clear. There wasn't tiny bit of unnaturalness. It was so much better compared to a copper mirror.

The empress stood in front of the mirror, quietly sizing up the woman inside. It was after a long while that she shifted her attention to the calligraphy at the sides of the mirror and stretched her hands out to touch it.

A sheet of glossiness.

The words were engraved at the back of the mirror.

A good while later, the empress withdrew her attention, turned around and lay down on the couch.

Qing Yuan and Hong Luan, who were at the side, hurriedly served fruit and wine.

"The both of you have something to say?" The empress lifted her head and the look on their faces seemed as if they had something to say. "I have always treated the both of you well. If there is anything on your mind, just say it."

Hong Luan placed the fruits at one side, walked to the back of the empress and massaged her shoulders. She swallowed the words that were already at the tip of her tongue and said something else. "Your Majesty already has a person of choice. Both of us are naturally happy for Your Majesty."