The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Ruyi Visualization
Chapter 126: Ruyi Visualization
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Following behind the empress as she headed towards Qingxin Palace Hall, Ren Baqian felt uneasy.

He wasn't someone from this world. It was, after all two, different worlds, and he was uncertain whether he would be able to master the martial arts manuals in this world.

If he couldn't master it, then it would be a disaster. It was not just a matter of practicing, but, the need to attain the level of Earth Wheel.

If he couldn't cultivate, how would the empress treat him?

"Are you very nervous?" the empress, who was walking in front, asked without turning her head.

"A little bit, I am not sure whether I have the ability to cultivate," Ren Baqian replied bluntly.

"If you cannot get it here, I will retrieve it for you from other places." The cold frigid voice entered Ren Baqian's ears, and he would be bluffing if he said he wasn't moved. Those words were not said casually.

Even though she was the empress of Dayao, the martial arts manuals that were suitable for Ren Baqian probably had to come from the other three nations. Even if their emperor gave the order, they might not offer to hand over the knowhow with both hands. Besides, it had nothing to do with them.

How then does one obtain it? The only way is to send people from Dayao to rob the other country with a knife.

And the difficulty of this task was obvious.

Countless heads would roll as well.

Regardless of whether it was the aboriginals or the people from the other nations, it would be the same.

It was hard for Ren Baqian not to be intensely moved when the empress said such words.

"To be treated by Her Majesty this way, your humble servant is indeed terrified," Ren Baqian replied from the back.

"Just do your job properly and it will be alright," the empress casually replied.

Qingxin Palace Hall was still in its typical condition; Lin Qiaole was lying fast asleep as usual. When she heard someone coming and realized it was Her Majesty, she panicked, immediately pushed the table down and stood up.

The sound made by the falling table was very loud, especially in such an empty environment.

"Your Majesty." Lin Qiaole quickly paid her respects. Soon after, she saw Ren Baqian standing behind Her Majesty, smiling and looking at her. Immediately, she stared firmly at him.

"There is no need to be so flustered," the empress stated and moved forward. Ren Baqian could see that the empress was very tolerant of Lin Qiaole.

Lin Qiaole wagged her tongue discreetly and then obediently sped up to follow them.

"Your Majesty." The old woman at the second level rose to greet her.

"Supervisor Lin, find him a suitable martial art to practice. You have a better understanding of the second level," the empress said as she slightly turned aside to reveal Ren Baqian.

Supervisor Lin raised her head and flashed a look. It was such a penetrating look that it gave Ren Baqian the chills. The expression in the old lady's eyes was terrifying and almost as sharp a knife.

" I need to know what suits him." Supervisor Lin said to the empress and placed her hands on Ren Baqian's shoulder. She moved her fingers slightly and Ren Baqian could not control his entire body, which followed the directions as directed by her fingers.

Supervisor Lin placed her hands on the back of his head and felt his bones, moving down the vertebral section by section. After a short period of time, she then turned her body and pronounced, "Her Majesty, his body is too weak. He is old and has lost his virginity. If he wants to cultivate, there is only one manual for him here [Ruyi Visualization]."

When Supervisor Lin said that he had already lost his virginity, Ren Baqian felt Qing Yuan, Hong Luan, Xin Zhe, and Lin Qiaole darting their gaze at him. He felt extremely embarrassed about it.

"This [Ruyi Visualization] concept is to use visualization to reach the entry level. The first step is observing oneself, followed by repairing the body with medicinal ingredients. After which, strengthen the body. This round is not easy to get through and the mind must also be clear. If you are talking about him, I think it would be very difficult with his disorderly mind."
The evaluation of his mind being disorderly was indeed accurate. The modern man had too much information, too many desires, naturally leading to a cluttered mind that was hard to purify.

Even Ren Baqian had to admit the old lady's eyes looked malicious enough.

Supervisor Lin's tone changed and she said, "On the first level there is a manual called [Great Pan Boxing]. A normal person can barely reach the so-called Earth Level. As for him, to be able to reach the Man Level, it would already be considered as not a bad achievement."

"If we nourish the blood and refine the bone marrow, will it be sufficient?" the empress inqired.

Supervisor Lin looked at Ren Baqian and shook her head slightly, "His bones have already set. Unless he can do some self-repair, it would be a great waste of effort to nourish the blood and refine bone marrow. At most, that can push him to the initiation stage of Earth Wheel level, but to even take one more step forward would be very difficult. To repair the inconsiderable tiny parts of the body, he needs to fully understand himself and only [Ruyi Visualization] can help him to achieve it. "

"There are only these two manuals available in the whole of Qingxin Palace Hall," the empress frowned and asked.

"There are only these two manuals suitable for him," Secretary Lin replied bluntly.

Ren Baqian understood after hearing this. The first method was the best and would not affect him too much after mastering it. However, his mind was too disorderly for it, and it would be difficult for him to master.

Although he could choose the second method to learn and reach the initiation stage, his physical foundation was too weak, and thus, making it hard for him to achieve the required result.

But, Supervisor Lin not only had venomous looking eyes, but she could also remember all the contents of the martial arts manuals, whether it was good or bad, in Qingxin Palace Hall. She only had to look at a person physically and was able to tell which martial art manual was suitable for him? With so many martial arts manuals, the ability to remember everything was not easy even with a photographic memory.

It was no wonder the empress was very polite with Supervisor Lin as her ability would command respect wherever she went.

Seeing the empress lost in thought, Ren Baqian promptly asked, "Her Majesty, your humble servant would like to ask a question. Can one succeed in learning [Ruyi Visualization] if the mind is clear?"

"A clear and transparent mind is necessary to get past the initiation stage. But after that, it still has to depend on yourself," the old lady glanced at him and answered.

"My original intention was for you to learn [Great Pan Boxing], nourish the blood and refine bone marrow first to strengthen the body in order to reach the higher level of Man Level. Following which, I would then find other ways for you. What is your opinion regarding this?" the empress said to Ren Baqian."

Lin Qiaole slightly opened her mouth in surprise to form an "O" shape. Her Majesty personally brought him here to see Grandma, look for a suitable martial art manual for himwhich was already showing him unheard of favor. She actually asked for his opinion? Did the empress really think so highly of him?

In fact, the news about the earlier incident had quickly spread around the palace. She was the only one who didn't know as she was busy sleeping every day.

Even though Qing Yuan, Hong Luan, and Xin Zhe understood what happened earlier on, they still felt the empress treated Ren Baqian differently.

If it were other people, the empress would not waste her time to pave the way for them.

"Her Majesty, your humble servant would like to consult Supervisor Lin. How long does it take for a person with a clear mind to reach the initiation stage of [Ruyi Visualization]. Also, what is the criterion of this clear mind?" Ren Baqian asked.

"A pure and transparent mind, without disorderly thoughts can be attained in one day with the right perception. But, without the right perception, it might take a month. This martial art manual requires a clear mind and the rest of the requirements are not stringent. However, not many people can achieve a clear and transparent mind," Supervisor Lin warned.

"Your humble servant is willing to try for two months. If I cannot succeed, I will try something else if Her Majesty allows," Ren Baqian looked at the empress and said.

"If you want to try, then go ahead. Meanwhile, I will search for other solutions these two months." The empress nodded her head. After all, Ren Baqian was from another world. Since he requested it this way, he might have his own solutions.

At the same time, she could make preparations to find other methods during this period.
The rest of the people were moved by the empress helping Ren Baqian think of a way out during such a situation. Such grace was really generous.

Indeed, it was what the empress had expected.

Ren Baqian knew he was an ordinary person. If he wanted to attain a clear and calm mind, it was as difficult as ascending the sky.

However, the explanation for attaining a clear mind reminded him of two religions.

Taoism and Buddhism regarded cultivating the mind as the ultimate attainment.

He might be able to seek some advice from the two religions and, perhaps, reap some rewards from within.
After all, [Great Pan Boxing] could only cultivate a person to the level of Man Wheel. Looking at the empress earlier on, he saw a look of perplexity on her and understood that looking for other solutions was certainly not easy. In that case, he might as well try out the [Ruyi Visualization].