The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Surprise Attack
Chapter 132: Surprise Attack
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Seeing that the four mounted soldiers had returned, a smile formed on Wei Gu's face. After passing the Sleeping Dragon Gorge, there was a wide expanse of flat land right beyond it. It would take another half a month to return to the capital if he picked up speed. At that time, he would be able to relax and also visit his son to see if there was any progress in his practice.

(P.S. It used to be called Broken Dragon Canyon, but Great Xia named it Sleeping Dragon Gorge.)
(Wei Gu - leader of Seventh Prince's guard)

That fellow was already 13 years old, and he ought to be sent to the martial arts institution next year.

He turned his head and looked at the horsemen. They all wore a relaxed look on their faces.

In fact, after entering the borders of Great Xia, their nerves had already calmed down.

After all, this month-long journey was already considered rather exhausting. Previously, within the Dayao borders, everyone had to be more or less alert. They immediately felt more relaxed after returning back.

It would be a joke if the Seventh Prince of Great Xia got ambushed within the borders of his Great Xia.

With a hundred intermediate Man Wheel level horsemen, even if they run into unwary thieves, they could pulverize them in no time.

Besides, the convoy still had two Earth Wheel expert who had achieved the apex of the Earth Embryo State. They were just one step away from breaking through to consecrated expert at the Celestial Gate.

With such potential, one can be considered an expert wherever he goes.

As a matter of fact, there was no need to even utilize them. For ordinary situations, an intermediate Earth Wheel level person like himself was sufficient to resolve all of that.

"Set off." Wei Gu stretched his right hand, waved forward and the convoy continued on its way.

After moving a hundred meters forward and just about to enter the Sleeping Dragon Gorge, a couple of big rocks the size of a square meter suddenly whizzed through the air and smashed down from the sky. They came from the top of the hills on the sides.

"Enemy attack!" Wei Gu roared with a ferocious look on his face. "Call on the assistance of the consecrated experts."

The hills at the sides were at least over a hundred meters away from their position. Only the experts of Earth Wheel level and above were able to throw over a rock this big with such might.

Why are there several Earth Wheel experts attacking the Seventh Prince's convoy at the same time?

Do they not know who they are facing?

Along with Wei Gu's voice, a carriage within the convoy exploded unexpectedly. Two figures with faint shadows emerged from the sky, landing their fists on two of the big rocks and instantly sent countless small pieces of rocks flying around.

"Ah!" A few miserable shrieks could be heard from within the convoy. Exactly ten horsemen were struck by arrows and fell off their horses.

A total of five big rocks were hurled over. Other than two rocks that were targeted at the carriages, the other three rocks were targeted at the leading and trailing end of the troops. But, most of the horsemen successively dodged them.

"Who are you, come out now!" A roar resounded as the consecrated experts stepped on the ground.

"Ahaha haha, the old man is here." Over ten figures shot down from the hills, surrounding the entire convoy.

There were a total of five carriages and one hundred intermediate Man Wheel level horsemen, but they were surrounded by just over ten people.

It seemed a little ridiculous, but neither Wei Gu nor the two consecrated experts could laugh. The remaining ninety horsemen were also tensed up.

There were sixteen burly men encircling everybody. Leading the pack was a two-meter-tall man wearing coarse clothing. He was holding two large axes each the size of a wheel. There were strands of short stubble on his head, similar to arable land. Besides the aboriginals, no one else had such an appearance.

The remaining fifteen were of various heights, with the shortest one being around 1.8 meters and the tallest one reaching 2.2 meters. They seemed like small giants with each of them holding large caliber weapons that even Earth Wheel experts would consider taxing.

All sixteen men were aboriginals and their blood and vital breath were formidable from head to toe. The two consecrated experts felt extremely oppressed by the burly leader of the pack.

As for the other fifteen men, just a glance at them was enough to know that the weakest one had the strength equivalent of the Earth Wheel level.

Everybody's expression took a disastrous turn when they realized the fact that they were facing sixteen Earth Wheel experts, with one even exceeding the apex of Earth Wheel level.

"You people dare to ambush the Seventh Prince's carriage? Ambushing the Seventh Prince within Great Xia's borders, are you provoking a fight between two nations? You had better quickly retreat!" Wei Gu shouted violently.

"Ha ha ha ha, a load of bullshit, ptui, kill." Hong Bao laughed loudly, spat a mouthful of saliva in disdain, and shouted the word 'kill'. At the same time, with a rotation of his right arm, an axe the size of a wheel whizzed through the air and spun towards the convoy. It kept going until one of the consecrated experts reached out his arm and tugged the axe, then it flew into the sky.

Prior to that, that axe had already brought about a trail of blood. About five or six men and horses had been chopped into two. The scene was filled with anguished wailing.

After Hong Bao hurled that axe over, his right arm reached for another from his pair of axes and ferociously leaped towards the front. The large axe struck directly at Wei Gu. He didn't dare to block the blow, and it went straight through the back of the horse.

The blow of the axe from Hong Bao split the horse's hindquarters apart. He then leaped over everyone's heads and dashed straight towards the carriage in the middle.

"You stay put." The consecrated expert who previously diverted the large axe immediately went ahead with a long sword in his hands. It transformed into a streak of white line; it was as fast as a shooting star.

Hong Bao managed to block that blow in the air just by traversing his axe.

The other consecrated expert then dashed into the Seventh Prince's carriage, picked him up with one hand and broke out of it.

Xiu Wu was filled with panic and disappointment as she looked upon the Seventh Prince being brought away by the consecrated expert. The Seventh Prince didn't even think of reaching out for her. She felt extremely disheartened at that moment and didn't even feel the wood shavings spatter upon her face when the carriage broke open.

It turned out that she was just a plaything in the Seventh Prince's eyes.

"These people are unstoppable, aren't they? If not, that consecrated expert wouldn't have escaped with the Seventh Prince like that." Xiu Wu looked at the over ten figures weaving in and out of the convoy. She let out a bitter smile as she heard the blood-curdling screeches around her.

A perspicacious person could tell that they were unstoppable, completely unstoppable. Even with double the strength, no one could stop them.

"These people will not spare my life." Xiu Wu understood that fact.

How big of a matter is this, that the aboriginal experts are assassinating the Seventh Prince within Great Xia's borders?

If this news were to spread, the entire Great Xia would probably be in shock.

"Forget it. To my heart's content." Xiu Wu took out a knife and pointed the tip at her chest, waiting for those people to attack her then she would then take her own life. At least she would not die an ugly death.

At the same time, she turned her head and looked at the hills to the side. Some of the trees were already suffused with red: it was the color of falling leaves.

In this season, at this place, this makes a truly suitable burial ground for myself.

I wish I can have a few more looks

At this moment, Wei Gu's opponent was no longer Hong Bao. It was another burly man wielding a standard broadsword used by the aboriginal army. Even though he was at a disadvantage, he could still persevere for a bit.

He swept his gaze to the side occasionally. Almost the entire troop was decimated and was in disorder.

The most conspicuous figure of all was the 2.2-meter-tall burly man. Even though his movements were not very agile, he was still slightly faster than those ordinary Man Wheel people. A shower of blood rain emerged as he swept his mace across.

"We are ruined!" Wei Gu was distressed.

I hope the Seventh Prince can escape and take care of my family on account of the fact that I have always been loyal and responsible.

Hong Bao howled with laughter as he struck his axe. The Earth Embryo level that he was facing dared not resist his attack and had to retreat.

"Are you all ball-less girls? Is hiding all you can do? Come come come, fight thirty rounds with this old man. If you survive, I'll give you my head." Hong Bao let out wild laughter as his eyes were filled with disdain.