The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Kill
Chapter 133: Kill
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The consecrated expert that was of Earth Embryo Level had a solemn look on his face. The huge man he was facing now was giving him too much pressure.

As long as his attacks weren't directed at vital areas, his opponent would not bother dodging them. His opponent was fighting him with in a kamikaze style.

"Damn it, where's my axe? Someone pass it to me," Hong Bao roared, feeling frustrated that he couldn't take down the consecrated expert.

"Sir, catch it." Someone immediately broke away from the battle, ran to a distant area to pick up his axe, and threw it in his direction.

At this point in time, the outcome of the battle had already been set. Less than thirty horsemen were left, and the number was still decreasing rapidly. They couldn't flee even if they wanted to do so.

Some tried whipping their horses to escape but were immediately shot down by arrows.

The remaining men were not able to exert any pressure on the aboriginals.

Hong Bao's opponent naturally did not want him to catch the axe.

The consecrated expert already had trouble holding off Hong Bao when he had only one axe. Furthermore, he could tell that Hong Bao had yet to use all his force. If Hong Bao had two axes, he definitely be unable to withstand him.

"Has Seventh Prince escaped? If he has escaped, then I can flee as well," the consecrated expert thought to himself. However, from his angle, he couldn't tell that Seventh Prince had already been stopped by someone.

When the consecrated expert that was accompanying Seventh Prince saw two men appearing in front of them, he spoke softly to Seventh Prince, "Your Highness, you leave first."

Seventh Prince gritted his teeth and fled in haste without turning back.

He could not understand why these people wanted to kill him. Only Qi Zixiao or Hong Wu could send so many experts.

Since these people did not look like they were from the army, it implied that they were sent by Qi Zixiao.

Why? I am not a gifted individual and am not considered extraordinary out of us eleven brothers. Furthermore, I did not do anything that offended Qi Zixiao. Why does she want to kill me?

Seventh Prince clenched his teeth. He did not understand what was going on. However, as long as he could survive, he would definitely seek revenge for what happened today.

Just as Seventh Prince was about to enter the forest, he suddenly heard a whooshing sound behind him. Immediately, he jumped towards his side. Following which, a blood-curdling scream resounded through the air.

His thigh was pierced by a javelin, breaking his thigh bone in the process.

A huge man that had five claw-shaped scars on his face walked toward Seventh Prince. If the scars were slightly longer, his eyes would be gone. At this moment, his face was filled with killing intent.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the consecrated expert getting tangled up with two men. If he had any intention of fleeing, the two men would definitely fight him with a kamikaze style.

This sent a cold shiver down his spine.

Aboriginals viewed dying in a battle as an act of honor. If a person died in a battle, his body would be buried in one of the Sixty Thousand Mountains so that his heroic soul could be together with the countless souls of their ancestors.

Therefore, it appeared as though the aboriginals did not know pain and did not fear death.

This was also one of the reasons why other countries were afraid of Dayao.

Upon seeing the huge man walking towards him slowly, Seventh Prince trembled in fear.

The fear of death engulfed his mind.

He never thought that he would die here, under such a situation. If he knew this would happen, he would have never gone to Dayao.

If it weren't for the fact that he wanted the kirin blood, he wouldn't have gone to Dayao personally.

He did not expect himself to end up in this situation.

"Why Qi Zixiao wants to kill me? Why?" Seventh Prince howled in despair. His face twitched with anger as he threw away the bottle that he had been holding tightly all this time.

The huge man in front of him did not have any intention of replying his question. He used another javelin to pin Seventh Prince to the ground and beheaded him with a swipe of his knife.

At the moment Seventh Prince was pinned to the ground by the javelin, a face suddenly appeared in his mind.

Is it because of him? But why?

Near the convoy, the battle had already ended. All of the one hundred horsemen had died, and even the horses were not spared. Corpses were strewn all over the place.

Wei Gu's eyes were staring into the sky, but his body was several meters away.

The Earth Embryo Level consecrated expert that previously thought of fleeing did not make it in time. At this moment, other than Hong Bao, there were roughly six men giving each other a hug and laughing.

"Sir, you're the slowest."

With a pair of reddened eyes, Hong Bao yelled angrily, "Goddamnit, this bast*ard is too cunning."

The two wheel-sized axes in his hands were brandished like pinwheels. He dug out roughly one meter deep of soil from his surrounding ground. The ground one hundred meters surrounding him was covered in cracks.

Even though his opponent was severely injured, he still had not taken him down.

The consecrated expert laughed bitterly. He knew he couldn't survive today. However, as an Earth Embryo Level expert, he was not willing to die like this. Even if he died, he had to drag his opponent with him.

Very soon, he found an opening. Following which, he lunged towards the flurry of swing axes. The sword in his hand suddenly disappeared and appeared at the throat of Hong Bao.

"Pfff." The axe in Hong Bao's right hand suddenly swung much faster, severing that consecrated expert's upper torso from his lower half.

The other axe in Hong Bao's left hand flew into the air, and his left hand appeared in front of his throat.

Aboriginals had very powerful defensive capabilities. The consecrated expert's sword pierced through Hong Bao's left palm and was stuck there, merely causing a small cut on his throat.

"Goddamnit, this was rather troublesome fellow. Even when he was going to die, he tried to drag me along with him." Hong Bao threw his axe to one side. Using his right hand, he pulled out the sword from his left palm. Then, he used the sword to pin the consecrated expert's head to the ground.

"Go and see if there's any survivors. I will go over and stop that bast*rd from fleeing," Hong Bao yelled. He picked up his axes and headed towards the other battle scene.

However, by the time he arrived, the battle had already ended. The consecrated expert was surrounded and killed by eight Earth Wheel experts. Before he died, he managed to kill one person and injure three people.

Hong Bao went and took at a look at a burly man that got beheaded. He felt a slight pity for this bast*rd. Other than having a foul mouth, he was a rather good fellow.

"Carry his body, we can't leave him outside. Later we will find a place to clean up his body and send it to the mountains," Hong Bao reminded his subordinates.

"Yes," everyone replied and did not say anything else. One of Hong Bao's subordinates picked up the body and placed it over his back. He did not even care about the fact that his body was being drenched in blood from the corpse.

After all, this was his comrade's blood. He did not mind it at all.

Following which, Hong Bao stomped and crushed the consecrated expert's head to smithereens. Beside him, the huge man with five claw-shaped scars on his face passed Hong Bao's Seventh Prince's head. "Sir."

Hong Bao took the head and looked at it. Then, he said, "Mission accomplished. Clear up the scene and prepare to retreat."

Just as he was about to leave, someone yelled, "Sir, there is a group of people nearby. I think it's a merchant caravan that is coming back from Dayao."

"Did they see us?"

"Yes, they did. They are retreating now."

"Kill all of them," Hong Bao said coldly. He raised his head and looked into the distance. There was indeed a group of people fleeing in haste.

Eight of Hong Bao's men pursued the merchant caravan. The rest were defacing the corpses to remove any unique-looking wounds.

For example, the wounds that were caused by a mace. People from Great Xia seldom used this type of weapon. On the contrary, it was a weapon favored by many aboriginals.

When Hong Bao passed by Seventh Prince's carriage, he took a look inside. Inside the carriage, there was an exceptional beauty with a dagger plunged into her chest. She appeared to be dead already.

Her face was even covered with tear stains.