The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Showing the Empress the Explosion of an Atomic Bomb
Chapter 140: Showing the Empress the Explosion of an Atomic Bomb
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Ren Baqian heard his phone ring as he was tidying up his room.

He conveniently reached over to check and saw that it was his father.

"Don't let it be another one of his stupid ideas." Ren Baqian answered the call even though he was very unwilling to.

"I hope I'm not disturbing you all?" Father Ren put on a familiar smile from the other end of the line.

"What's the matter, say it." Ren Baqian replied in a lifeless voice.

"Bring your girlfriend back for a meal. Your mum and I want to meet her."

"The both of you think too much. That's my working partner, not my girlfriend," Ren Baqian bluntly denied.

"If that's the case, I'm afraid that your mum has to act on your behalf. You do as you see fit."

Ren Baqian raged at once. Did they not think that they have agitated him enough? "If mum were to mess things up and agitate me again, I will bring a boyfriend back."

After he completed his sentence, he immediately hung up and switched off his phone.

"What did he say?" Mother Ren asked from the sofa.

"He said that he was going to find a boyfriend." Father Ren's face turned pale.

Ren Baqian tidied up the house roughly in a state of distraction. The empress was still eating the ice cream when he went downstairs. There were already three ice cream wrappers on the coffee table.

"The ice cream is too cooling, Your Majesty, too much of it can easily harm your digestive system." Ren Baqian couldn't help but to say that. The first thing that the empress learned to do on Earth was to take ice cream from the fridge.

"I want all those that were in that thing just now." The empress finished up the last bit of ice cream and convenient placed the ice cream stick on top of the wrappers which were already on the coffee table. Only then did she point at the television and speak.

The namesake of the movie "Pearl Harbor" was showing just now. There seemed to be only battleships in the show besides planes.

"Your Majesty, I will try my best, but this requires time. After all, the current technology is a very refined system. The thing that you have just seen, comprises of countless minute components. The foundation must be set up properly. It can only be done when Dayao's technology reaches a certain standard. It is similar to cultivation, one will not be able to immediately reach the Earth Wheel level when one hasn't even passed the initiation stage." Ren Baqian was helpless as he spoke.

The empress nodded her head in approval.

"Previously, you mentioned a weapon that can destroy an entire city in a strike from a thousand miles away. How does it look like?" The empress asked with curiosity. The empress saw what was on the television just now. Unless they were experts of her caliber, ordinary aboriginals wouldn't be able to withstand the attack.

The most important reason for this was that the effect of the attack was too concentrated, and it would even be difficult for the experts to evade.

This made her gain some respect for the technology on Earth.

Even though it could be seen on the television that the people here weren't very strong, but those weapons had very formidable destructive powers.

Ren Baqian immediately searched for a channel showing an atomic bomb explosion.

The graphics were in black and white. It started with some epic BGM playing and a group of people talking about something. That easily induced people into being overwhelmed with their emotions

The empress felt very relaxed at that moment, she then evaluated, "This music is pretty good. I like it very much."

"If Your Majesty likes it, I shall prepare some music for you to listen during your free time." Ren Baqian replied promptly.

An image appeared in Ren Baqian's mind while he was talking. It would be such a beautiful scene if he were to play the song "" while hugging the stereo system, and in the background, the empress would be dueling against someone else.
(- soundtrack of an animation called Guilty Crown)

The images kept playing on the television. Along with the loud "BOOM", an enormous cloud of dust soared into the sky from afar. It formed into a large mushroom cloud.

Soon after, it was followed by an overhead shot from the sky. At a distance away, the blaze and dust from the ground soared into the sky, forming a mushroom cloud. The entire ground was vibrating.

At the sight of this, the empress's expression became solemn, and her body bolted upright.

Perhaps, even an expert like her couldn't handle such a formidable power.

In particular, the area of the attack was enormous. It would be impossible for her to evade if she was in close proximity to the attack zone.

Such formidable power could almost be considered as legendary.

"The explosive radius of such a weapon would probably envelop the entire Lan City. There are at least 40,000 of such warheads on Earth, sufficient to destroy the entire world," Ren Baqian timely added on as he observed the empress's expression.

"But you mentioned that such weapons are already prohibited." The empress calmed down and slowly returned to the sofa after hearing Ren Baqian's words. Even though she still had a grave expression on her face, her eyes were nonetheless lit up.

"I want this." The empress' eyes glowed as she spoke to Ren Baqian in all seriousness. Her expression at that moment was just like a little girl that discovered her favorite toy. "Great Xia is making preparations. Inevitably, they will take action within two years. With such a weapon, we can wipe out Great Xia's troops in one fell swoop and capture Great Xia's capital without resistance."

Ren Baqian almost vomited blood.

"Your Majesty, this thing is controlled by various countries. I cannot buy it." Ren Baqian's expression turned dark.

"I can do an exchange. Rare martial arts manuals, etc.whatever that Dayao has." The empress insisted.

"Your Majesty, we shouldn't consider these weapons at the moment. Even if we can get it, I may not be able to bring it over. It may still be possible for other weapons. At Dayao, we can even think of a way to manufacture some weapons, things like grenades, landmines and so on. But, it is going to be quite difficult as things like iron ores, smelting, refinement and gunpowder will all be required as well.

I feel that iron ores and the standardization of weaponry are the most crucial for a start," Ren Baqian said as he looked at the empress. He was pondering over what the empress said about Great Xia taking action within two years. On top of that, the empress had previously asked him about iron ores and weapon forging. It seemed like there weren't enough equipment in the military.

After some thought, it actually seemed quite normal. Dayao was very weak in its industrial foundation. It completely depended on the strength of powerful individuals to intimidate other nations. If the two nations were to wage a war, the empress had to be well prepared since Great Xia was the biggest and most powerful nation after all.

The empress felt a little disappointed, but she knew that what Ren Baqian said was true. She was a little too anxious.

"How many things can you bring back?" The empress asked.

"I have never tried before, but I reckon that I can only bring things that I can carry with me."

"When we get back, we will first extract iron ore and create the weapons." After listening to what Ren Baqian said, the empress finally dropped the idea. She was aware of how weak Ren Baqian was. There weren't many things that he could carry. She reckoned that he could only carry around ten of Dayao's standard sabers at best as they were relatively heavier. It was similar to pouring a cup of water onto a burning cart of firewood.

But, even the smallest number of additional weapons was necessary. She would have to go through many different means to obtain weapons for 20,000 people. It was hard to tell how many she could eventually obtain as well.

"I want the standard sabers. Bring back as many as possible every time you go back," the empress added.

Ren Baqian nodded his head. "Your Majesty, I do not have enough funds here. I'm afraid that I will require some assistance from Your Majesty."

"No problem, I can give you some things from the imperial depository to exchange for money." The empress nodded.

Ren Baqian felt relieved after hearing that. In all likelihood, the empress had quite a bit off good stuff? Furthermore, some things that weren't of much value in Dayao could actually be worth a lot on Earth.

But, which was better between the standard saber and rifle? Ren Baqian felt that the latter was much better.

Even though the people of Dayao were strong in martial arts, casualties in hand-to-hand combat were inevitable.

Whereas, the use of rifles can totally change the way of war.

The thought of the Dayao warriors holding rifles with a back full of ammunitionThey would all look like the incarnation of Rambo.

In Ren Baqian's opinion, the best option would be to smelt metal to manufacture standard weapons in Dayao. It would be better for him to bring back ammunition when he teleports back and forth.

Of course, that was just his opinion. After all, the usage of ammunition was truly too fast. Even the ammunition consumption for practice alone was not something that he could handle on his own.

But on second thought, Great Xia's army attacked in rows, and it would be a concentrated battlefield. It seemed that it would work out as long as the soldiers were able to fire bullets. Given that situation, he could bring back two boxes each time if he only carried ammunition. That equates to 60 kilograms, or 3000 bullets. In two years, he could roughly travel 180 times, which meant that he could bring back around 500,000 bullets.

The thought of that startled Ren Baqian.

Bringing so many firearms into another world, will that be too dangerous?

Besides, it may attract unwanted attention by gathering so much ammunition.

The empress watched as Ren Baqian fell into deep in thought and didn't wanted to interrupt him. She simply just looked at his side profile quietly.

Since the creation of the world, this was the first time she waited so quietly while someone else was thinking.

It was just that Ren Baqian did not respond for a long while and the empress started to get bored. "I want to go out and have a look."