The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 143

Chapter 143: With Me by Your Side, Its Definitely Possible
Chapter 143: With Me by Your Side, Its Definitely Possible
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After a long while, the empress finally finished changing her clothes and walked out of the room. Instantly, Ren Baqian's eyes lit up.

Even though she was still wearing a red dress, the modern exquisiteness of the dress still slightly altered her air, making her more lovely.

It was just that her face continued to look ice-cold. It seemed colder than before, reducing her overall charm.

"Let's go, follow me outside," the empress said coldly. She returned to her normal self, acting as though nothing had happened.

Ren Baqian suddenly felt that the empress he saw trembling in his room just now was merely his own imagination. Right now, this was the real self of the empress.

As an empress, she should behave like this.

"Alright." Ren Baqian nodded his head. He went into his room and changed his clothes. After getting his wallet and keys, he cut off the label on the coat and draped it over the empress.

"It's quite cold outside. Even though you might not be able to feel anything, you still have to put on an act for ordinary people to see," Ren Baqian said softly. Even though he knew this was the empress's real self, his impression of her still changed slightly.


She had touched his soft spot.

He wondered whether he feared the empress more or liked her more.

When a lady like the empress chose him as her husband, he would be lying if he said he wasn't touched. It was just that the empress's might and status suppressed this feeling of his all this time.

And at this moment, this feeling began to sprout and grow. It was just that he did not know when it would blossom flowers.

The empress did not reject him nor look at him. She merely stood there and let Ren Baqian drape the coat over her.

The coat was black in color and made of wool. Its design was simple, and it was easy to match clothes with.

Jiang Nang had indeed put in a lot of effort in choosing the clothes.

After Ren Baqian put on the coat for the empress, both them then took the elevator and headed downstairs. "This is an elevator, it can carry humans and goods up and down a building rapidly," Ren Baqian took the opportunity to explain to the empress.

The empress could feel a slight feeling of weightlessness as the elevator descended.

"What are written on them?" the empress finally said as she pointed to the button panel of the lift.

"They are numbers. 1, 2, 3, Every number denotes a level," Ren Baqian explained patiently.

The empress silently memorized those numbers.


"They're coming out, I want to see how she looks like." On the driver seat, Chen Qing chuckled as he looked at the two people walking out of the building in the distance.

"You're so bad." Jiang Nan smiled gently. She knew Chen Qing was just being curious.

As the two walked closer, Chen Qing and Jiang Nan's eyes widened with surprise.

The girl that was walking beside Ren Baqian looked like a goddess. Even though the both of them lived in a modern society and had seen countless movie stars and idols, they still felt this girl looked extraordinary, classic, and grand. They could use all sorts of positive words to describe her.

Even Jiang Nan, who was also a girl, was mesmerized by the empress.

"Pinch me, I want to see whether or not I'm dreaming. Exactly where did he find such a girl?" Chen Qing smacked his lips and said.

"What do you think?" Jiang Nan asked.

"She is too imposing and too cold. It's good enough for any guy to look at her from a distance. Ren Baqian is definitely not worthy of her," Chen Qing shook his head and stated.

Indeed, she was too imposing and too cold. Chen Qing 100 percent believed that she came from an extraordinary background. No matter how beautiful a girl was, if she came from an ordinary family, she would not exude such an air. Even a rich man's son like Chen Qing felt that he was unworthy of her.

Nowadays, those who were from rich and influential families more or less had seen various aspects of the society. All of them could roughly tell what kind of background a person was from.

"I only want someone that I can live together with to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss. We better stay away from those high-end people," Chen Qing held Jiang Nan's hands and said.
Jiang Nan felt the warmth of Chen Qing's hands and gave a smile.

"But I'm still very curious how Ren Baqian ended up together with her." Hearing Chen Qing's words, Jiang Nan nodded her head as well.

A phoenix and a swallow couldn't fly together, but these two persons made it possible.

Ren Baqian did not notice the presence of Jiang Nan and Chen Qing. The empress noticed them, but she did not care.

After all, why would she mind ordinary people looking at her?

Right now, both of them were in the underground carpark. The empress looked at the metallic beasts with curiosity.

Ren Baqian opened the door to the front passenger seat for her. This way, he would have an easier time talking to her and introducing certain things to her.

As Ren Baqian steadily drove the car out of the carpark, the empress asked, "Is this the thing that you said can run without the use of horses?"

"It's propelled by gasoline, and it's completely made up of mechanical parts. It is the main form of transportation in this world," Ren Baqian nodded his head and explained. He was surprised that the empress could remember his words so clearly.

Just now, the empress indeed saw many cars in the underground carpark. It seemed that cars were very common in this world.

It was still snowing outside. Ren Baqian wasn't driving very fast as he wanted to let the empress view the scenery on both sides of the road.

The neighborhood Ren Baqian stayed in was quite secluded. As Ren Baqian drove out of the neighborhood, the number of cars on the road began to increase. The number of people on both sides of the road began to increase as well. The shops and buildings they passed by were becoming more beautiful and taller respectively.

By this point in time, the sky had already darkened. The shops on both sides of the road had their signboards lit up. Similarly, the street lamps were also shining brightly. Everywhere was illuminated splendidly.

Along the way, the empress stared at the scenery outside. She did not speak to Ren Baqian at all. Everything she witnessed slightly stunned her.

Even though she had already seen many things at Ren Baqian's house, she was still amazed by the things outside.

Right now, she saw a highly-developed society, a society that was completely different from Dayao.

"Who built the lamps on those poles?" the empress could not help but ask when she saw the street lamps erected in intervals.

From their departure until now, she had not seen a single dark place. Everywhere was lit up by the lights.

With snow drifting through air, the city looked like a fantasyland.

"They are built by the city council. Street lamps are considered a basic amenity of a city. The basic infrastructure of a city includes many things, for example: aqueduct, a sewage system, electricity, street lamps, roads, etc. These are the cornerstones of a city. There are public facilities as well public squares, parks, etc. These facilities are for people to relax and carry out recreational activities," Ren Baqian clarified to the empress while keeping his eyes on the road.

"Will my nation become like this one day?" The empress looked at her surroundings with envy in her eyes.

Looking at such a scene, she couldn't help but feel emotional.

"With me by your side, it's definitely possible," Ren Baqian replied with confidence as he shifted his gaze from the road to the empress.

The empress turned around to look at him and nodded her head. She was very pleased with Ren Baqian's words.