The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 149

Chapter 149: You Killed My Son, I Shall Kill Your Gigolo
Chapter 149: You Killed My Son, I Shall Kill Your Gigolo
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The Lian family was the second most rich and powerful family in Great Xia. In fact, it was considered the number one most powerful family in Zhijiang Prefecture. The entrance of its residence was always bustling with activity.

However, for the past two days, it had been cold and empty. A dark cloud hung over the entire Lian family.

The family head's favorite son was eaten by a wild beast on the way back from Dayao after celebrating the empress's birthday. Even his corpse could not be recovered. This news had spread throughout Zhijiang Prefecture.

Some people said it was the family's retribution, and some mocked their misfortune.

The Lian family might be domineering in Zhijiang Prefecture but are they bold enough to seek revenge from Dayao? And whom do they seek revenge from?

If the Lian family wanted to seek revenge, they could only seek it from the seventh most powerful individual in the world, Qi Zixiao. After all, Lian Baocheng, for some reason, had desperately wanted to see how beautiful Qi Zixiao was.

All in all, many people rejoiced in their misfortune.

The Lian family had been too overbearing for the past few years. There were many people that did not see eye to eye with them.

Lian Qizhi sat in the main hall as he listened to the report of his subordinate. "We have already handled the family members of those people."

"Do you think I'm ruthless?" Lian Qizhi sighed.

"Why should you feel that way? After Young Master was killed, that group of people fled straight away. If it weren't for that one guilty guy who returned to confess to us, I'm afraid the entire Lian family would be kept completely in the dark forever," Lian Qizhi's subordinate replied.

Lian Qizhi strummed his fingers on the surface of the table. Even though that group of people had run away, they couldn't escape his clutches. Lian Qizhi had already sent his men to investigate the incident. He wanted to capture that group of people and not let them die so easily. He had already killed all their family members that were in Zhijiang Province.

However, he still wasn't satisfied.

How was it possible that both his son and Lian Tong were eaten by a wild beast? His son might act inappropriately towards Qi Zixiao, but why would Lian Tong do that as well? Qi Zixiao was simply too much of a bully.

He could not afford to offend Qi Zixiao, but there was one person he could seek revenge from.

You killed my son, I shall kill your gigolo.

These few days, the news of Qi Zixiao having a gigolo that only knew how to bootlick had spread throughout the city.

Along with this news, the line "Without the birth of Your Majesty, there will be an eternity of darkness" was widely spread as well.

Reportedly, that gigolo used this line to win the heart of Qi Zixiao.

This news had shocked the world, especially those who were well-informed.

Many people were envious of that gigolo.

Not only was Qi Zixiao the overlord of Dayao and the seventh most powerful expert in the world, but she was also an exceptional beauty.

Everyone wondered how much merits that lad had accumulated in his past lives to make such a girl fall for him.


Genuine One Sect had been an obscure sect ten years ago.

Everything changed when one of its members abruptly rose to fame one day. The sect had since then become well-known.

"Senior, that Qi Zixiao is really arrogant. How dare she accept those words? She is disregarding all the heroes in this world," a seventeen-year-old young girl that was dressed like a nun said with resentment.

Opposite her, there was an absolute beauty who did not seem to be angry at all. Similarly, she wore the clothes of a nun. She was adorned with a crown on the top of her head, and a hanging tiara rested on her forehead.

At this moment, this girl was smiling at the young girl.

"Senior, you never care about anything." The young girl was extremely anxious.

"This is merely a small matter, why should I fuss over it?" the girl smiled and replied.

"But you're the third most powerful expert in the world. If was you, I would have taught her a lesson. So what if she is the seventh most powerful expert in the world, how dare she behave so arrogantly? Hey, I'm feeling angry for you, why don't you have any reactions?" the young girl smacked the table and replied with anger.

"If you weren't so impetuous, the level of your strength would definitely be higher. Have you done your homework today?" The girl's smile did not contain the slightest bit of anger. On the contrary, it was filled with serenity and humility. Everyone recognized her as the third most powerful expert in the world, Li Yuanzhu.

The young girl gave a snort of indignation. After a while, she lowered her head and said, "You're becoming a goddess idol."

Suddenly, the young girl's eyes lit up with joy again. Then, she continued, "I heard that Qi Zixiao likes a bootlicking gigolo that does not know any martial arts. It's really quite ridiculous. I can't believe she was actually won over by a bootlicker's words. Even I'm not stupid like her."

Li Yuanzhu smiled at the young girl. After a long while, she said, "That's not necessarily the case."

The young girl wondered whether Li Yuanzhu was referring to Qi Zixiao's foolishness or to something else.

Ren Baqian was naturally unaware of what his reputation was like outside of Dayao. After all, there were many travelers and merchants going in and out of Dayao daily.

Even if he knew, there was nothing much he could do about it.

In reality, the outsiders were not the only ones who thought this way, everyone in Dayao also felt the same.

So long as the empress insisted on marrying Ren Baqian and loving him, everyone else had no choice but to accept it.

These past few days, Ren Baqian had been persevering with his cultivation. He felt that the condition of his physical body had become much better. Nowadays, he wouldn't get tired easily, and his strength had increased as well.

Originally, he could only exert a force of 600 newtons. Now, he could exert up to 675 newtons of force.

In a few days' time, his strength had increased significantly. He was extremely shocked by the efficacy of this medicinal bath.

Previously, his cultivation progress was very slow. However, these past few days, his progress was extremely fast. No wonder this martial art needed the supplement of medicinal herbs.

Nowadays, his diving depth record in the lake had increased from fifteen meters to seventeen meters. Even though he still couldn't see the bottom of the lake, he was very happy about his cultivation progress.

However, he did not know how expensive were the medicinal herbs he was using. If they were used on an aboriginal, his or her strength would have increased by five times.

These few days, he shifted his cultivation to the night time. After he finished his cultivation, he could sleep and rest straight away. This was better than training during the day time and spending half of the remaining daylight sleeping.

After getting up from the bed, before he could wash his face, his surroundings suddenly transformed. His surroundings changed from the room in Pingle Park to his living room on Earth.

Previously, he was still feeling slightly groggy. After the teleportation, he awaked in an instant.

Counting the number of days that had passed, he realized he was teleported back to Earth after five days this time around.

Previously, he would be teleported once every three days. Now, he would be teleported once every two and a half to five days. Furthermore, he could choose the time of teleportation. These changes made him gladdened him greatly.

At least he now had more freedom.

Now, he could come back to Earth whenever he was free. This way, he could optimize his time.

After all, in the past, the situation whereby he suddenly disappeared would occur easily.

After feeling overjoyed about his improved circumstances, he noticed a bag beside him. It contained the things that he bought for the empress. Previously, he had never managed to bring it back.

He could bring it back this time around. He also intended to bring back a hotpot and some hotpot ingredients. The empress had been thinking about them constantly.

The beef and mutton in that world were extremely delicious--perfect for hotpot.

Ren Baqian felt rather good when he thought of having hotpot with the empress in Yangxin Palace Hall.

It was a pity he had to prepare to set off right after he returned to that world.

Walking around the house by himself, Ren Baqian thought of the day where he and the empress were here together. That day, he made breakfast while the empress was situated on the sofa watching the television.

Suddenly, Ren Baqian felt like buying this house. He wanted to preserve that scene in this house forever.

He had to first sell the jade pendants and gemstones he brought back.