The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Eating Hotpot in Yangxin Palace Hall
Chapter 152: Eating Hotpot in Yangxin Palace Hall
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The next day, Ren Baqian returned to the place where he had bought his handgun the previous time. He requested the contact number from Chen Qing once again.

Just like the previous sequence of events, he was blindfolded and brought inside.

"I'm looking for a rifle as well as the kind of explosives that are used in mines," Ren Baqian removed the head covering, saw the same burly man as last time, and immediately spoke.

"You want to rob a bank?" The burly man was flabbergasted.

"I'm going up to the mountains and might need to blast a hole. I'll need easy to operate, very stable, and powerful explosives that can be used to mine." Ren Baqian straightforwardly explained.

"The risk of selling these things to you is too high," that burly man stared at him and replied. He hadn't suspected anything the previous time. But, if Ren Baqian wanted to use explosives combined with blasting a hole, this immediately got him thinking of one occupationa pirate.

Ren Baqian forced a smile.

I am a genuine good citizen, alright?

"I can pay more. Moreover, I will be using these explosives deep in the mountains and places that are uninhabited. You don't need to worry about the risk. I'm more worried than you in this aspect. After all, I'm some who doesn't lack money. This time, I have something to settle in the mountains and might need explosives to open up the paths in some places. Otherwise, I wouldn't need mine explosives.

If, due to certain things, I have to go into the jail, it wouldn't be worthwhile at all."

At long last, Ren Baqian's words moved the other party. Those who were able to find this place were definitely nobles and not those hooligans who mingled on the streets.

"How much mine explosives do you need for the mine?"

"100 kilograms worth," Ren Baqian said frankly.

The burly man pondered for a while. Mine explosives are extremely cheap, one ton would cost only 3000 yuan. Even if Ren Baqian wanted to pay more, how much higher could he sell them at? As a result, he raised his head and looked at Ren Baqian. "How about TNT mine explosives? 20 kilograms of it would suffice. Also, its stability is even better and not easy to give problems. In addition, it is more convenient to carry around."

Ren Baqian was somewhat taken aback by this burly man's boldness. Previously, when he wanted to buy mine explosives, the burly man had hesitated, but in the end, the burly man actually dared to sell TNT explosives.

That man needed to know that, here, they were in China and not in any of those less regulated countries abroad.

Thinking of abroad, if Ren Baqian still needed anymore weapons, explosives and so on, he felt that it would be better to buy them overseas. It was indeed too easy for something to go wrong locally.

"Sure, I want 40 kilograms of it. It would be best if it's the detonator type that explodes upon trigger." Ren Baqian nodded. Previously, he wanted 100 kilograms worth of explosives, but he could only bring 60 kilograms back to Dayao each time. He was afraid that it wouldn't be enough, so he had prepared to bring them back in two batches. Such things were too dangerous to be left at home.

If they used TNT explosives and he could bring it all over in one go, in addition, with it being more powerful, this would be the most ideal solution.

After the other party acknowledged, Ren Baqian chose a type eighty-one rifle. It was an imitation of the classic AK rifle and had the best reputation internally.

[type eight-one rifle - Chinese-designed Kalashnikov and SKS based, second-generation, selective-fire, gas-operated 7.6239mm assault rifle adopted by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) since the mid-1980s]

[AK - also known as the Kalashnikov, is a gas-operated, 7.6239mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov]

Using the 7.62mm bullet, the firing speed was double that of a handgun. The penetration ability was also much better than the handgun. One magazine had 30 shots. Ren Baqian felt that if he held this rifle, there was a possibility that he could heavily injure the sharp-toothed tiger that he came across the last time.

If he encountered another practitioner like Lian Tong, who had just stepped into the Earth Wheel level, Ren Baqian could fire a burst of gunfire and the other would absolutely not be able to dodge and block the shots.

He bought one rifle, three magazines as well as five hundred additional bullets.

After he paid, Ren Baqian was sent back to the car along with his gun that was packed into a bag.

As for the TNT explosives, the deal hadn't quite taken place yet. In two days' time, he would be informed of the collection site and had to head over immediately to retrieve them.

The payment for the TNT explosives had already been made together with the rifle.

The following few days, Ren Baqian waited for the explosives while pondering if he should find another place to buy such items abroad. At the very least, it would be more convenient for him to purchase weapons and explosives.

After retrieving the TNT explosives on the fourth day, he did not delay any further and immediately headed to Pingle Park, while carrying two big bags in his hands.

What he brought back this time was the TNT explosives. Even though he could have brought them back after reaching the mine, he dared not leave them back at his home on Earth.

The other items were the type eighty-one rifle, bullets, magazines, as well as the empress's hotpot, base ingredients, sauces, some sweets, and a pair of shoes which she liked a lot.

Ren Baqian looked at the familiar view around him. He put the things down, pushed open the windows and saw from the color of the sky that it was already evening. Then, he grabbed the hotpot and the shoes and went to see the empress.

Ren Baqian stepped into Yangxin Palace Hall after waiting outside for a while. The empress was still drinking on the couch and was bored stiff. All of sudden, Ren Baqian thought that he ought to bring her a laptop to watch movies, cartoons and so on.

But, if he were to groom the empress into an expert of both dimensions, then he would have sinned much. He decided to scrap that idea after he thought of that.

"Your Majesty, I'm back." Ren Baqian said as he revealed the hotpot from the bag.

After seeing the hotpot, there was an additional trace of smile on the empress's cold face. "Not bad."

She turned around and told to Qing Yuan, "Inform the imperial kitchen that they don't need to prepare dinner tonight. Cut some thin meat slices and vegetables, a little of every kind. Also, get some charcoal."

Qing Yuan acknowledged the empress's words, and when she went out, she felt rather curious.

What is Her Majesty doing?

Following which, the table was brought out and a metal dish was placed on it. Then, Ren Baqian put the copper hot pot onto its surface. At the same time, he brought out the base ingredient and added it in. This was followed by adding some water into the pot. Everything was prepared and what was left were the meat and charcoal.

Seeing that Ren Baqian was occupied setting up his things, the empress opened her mouth and said, "You are going to set off this time, right?"

"Yes, I can set off tomorrow. After all, this is a major matter." Ren Baqian responded.

The empress nodded her head. It was indeed time for Ren Baqian to set off.

The order for recruitment should have already reached the mountains. Three months was sufficient for them to recruit 20,000 practitioners. Even though training still required an additional period of time, the supply of weapons however, couldn't be delayed any longer.

In a moment, Qing Yuan and the cook from the imperial kitchen delivered all kinds of items over. The empress then waved her hand to dismiss both Qing Yuan and Hong Luan.

After the both of them left, the empress used one of her hands to prop up her chin as she looked at Ren Baqian, who was still busy over there. She was somewhat happy as Yangxin Palace Hall wasn't that cold and solemn anymore.

Soon enough, the water in the hotpot began to boil and Ren Baqian put the meat slices inside. He wanted to raise his head and inform the empress that it was ready to be eaten, but, it just so happened that he looked directly into that pair of clear and beautiful eyes.

"Your Majesty, you can start eating," Ren Baqian said softly.

Such a huge Yangxin Palace Hall only had two people seated and facing each other at this moment. The copper pot constantly emitted steam while the meat slices were boiling within.

"Pour a cup of wine for me."

After Ren Baqian poured the cup of wine for the empress, the empress said, "Fill your cup with wine as well."

Following which, the empress raised her wine cup and gave a toast, "Wishing that your trip will be successful."

"Many thanks, Your Majesty," Ren Baqian said and he drank the wine in one gulp.

Then, he filled both of their cups to the brim.

The empress continued, "I will assign an entourage to accompany you. You also have to be careful of any danger."

Upon hearing words of concern from the empress, a warm feeling arose in his heart. It seemed that after the trip to Earth, there was a drastic change in the empress.

At the very least, when the both of them were facing one another, the empress became more feminine. It was as if she unloaded a layer of ice-cold armor from her body.

Such a change actually made him very happy.

The two of them took almost two hours to finish the hotpot meal. They merely said a few words from time to time and took sips of wine every now and then. As for the rest of the time, they spent it staring at the boiling meat slices in the hotpot.

There wasn't any need for words. Just sitting opposite from and looking at each other made them felt an inexplicable joy.

The both of them felt comfortably warm, as if something was quietly germinating in their hearts.