The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Countercharge
Chapter 168: Countercharge
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Following the whistle, Ren Baqian and the empress felt the pressure as the plane accelerated into the air. The landscape outside the plane's window also proved the separation from the earth. Peeking through the plane's window and looking downwards, they could see everything getting smaller and smaller beneath them until everything appeared as tiny as ants. The plane stabilized for a moment before ascending once again.

"Qi Zixiao, are you alright?" Ren Baqian asked as he looked at Qi Zixiao who was sitting by the plane's window. He could tell that she was a little tensed up.

On the ground, she was ranked as the seventh most powerful individual in the other world. But in the sky, she felt as if she was out of control. Even with her level of skill, she would not survive if she were to fall from such a high altitude.

"We won't drop down, right?" The empress looked out the window while frowning.

"Safer than driving a car. Basically, nothing much will happen." Ren Baqian comforted her softly.

"Pow!" A sound was heard. As Ren Baqian was looking for the source of the sound, he saw that the armrest between them had been crushed by the empress. It broke into a pile of fragments.

Many people would feel afraid during their first flight. However, the empress merely exerted a little more strength than she usually did, and it ended up in this state.

Looking at the situation, Ren Baqian was considering whether to counter charge by saying that the quality of the armrest was too poor. After all, the strength of the empress must not be revealed. If someone were to find out that such legendary people who could tear apart Gundams with their bare hands actually existedGod knows what those people would do.

It was because such unimaginable strength could easily be associated by others with things like myths, unknowns, longevity, and so on.

Ren Baqian placed himself in the shoes of the others and thought about it. If he were to be some official or magnate, he would settle it at all costs with the exception of using nuclear warheads to plow the ground.
Looking at how tensed up the empress still was, Ren Baqian stretched out his hand and said, "I can lend you my hand to hold, but please don't crush it."

It was not a joke, that was his exact sentiments. His hands were not as tough as the armrest and even the armrest was crushed immediately. His hands would probably have to be amputated if that were to happen to him.

The empress glanced at him and turned away to continue looking outside the window. She finally released the grip of her hands, and the fragments of the armrest fell to the floor.

At this moment, the duo was on a plane flying towards Yazhou.

Prior to this, Ren Baqian had asked, "Your Majesty, do you want to see the ocean?"

Only a few hours later, the both of them were sitting on the plane.

They had to travel to Yazhou to see the ocean during this season because one would freeze to death at the northern coast. Besides, in that bitterly cold weather, there was nothing much to see.

Ren Baqian actually wanted to know if the empress knew how to put on a swimsuit. But that was just a thought. If he were to bring that up, he reckoned that he would be swatted to death.

Previously, when he showed her how to wear a bra, his cellphone was instantly destroyed.

After the plane ascended to the clouds, the empress widened her eyes a little. At that moment, the clouds resembled a floating plot of land reflecting the sun's rays and was an extremely magnificent sight.

A short while later, Ren Baqian called the stewardess as she walked past. With an innocent look on his face, he pointed at the armrest and said, "The quality is too poor. Just by gripping it, it broke."

Looking at the two of them, the impression of the lady in red grew on her. She was very beautiful and full of heroic spirit. Her aura was even stronger. The stewardess actually felt inferior when she looked at the empress. Just now, she was discussing with a few other stewardesses at the rear cabin. wondering what kind of family was the empress from.

She was still pondering what Ren Baqian meant just now when he said that the quality was too poor. But, after seeing that the armrest of the seat was completely crushed, that stewardess was obviously surprised. She was very clear on the quality of the armrest. How could it be simply crushed like that?

However, the truth was right there in front of her eyes.

"My apologies, Sir and Madam." The stewardess first apologized. Whether or not she believed it, the armrest was indeed broken. And it could not have been crushed by the mere strength of a human. It could only be that the armrest already had some problems beforehand that were not detected.

She did not mention anything about compensation. After all, such incidents had never occurred before and she didn't know what to do as well. She could only check with her company after the plane had landed.

But, to think of it, the company would not request for compensation as well. Having the armrest of a plane's seat crushed by a person's grip was a very big snag. The company would be fortunate enough if the other party didn't reveal the incident to the public.

"It doesn't matter. I just want to urge you to do more checks in future." Ren Baqian smiled courteously.

Ren Baqian laughed after the dumbfounded stewardess left. He had never made such a bogus accusation before. The changes in him had grown bigger these days.

"Is it expensive to sit on this thing?" The empress turned her head and asked Ren Baqian after she grew tired of looking at the clouds.

The plane had truly widened her horizons. She had never imagined herself to be up in the clouds. According to a myth of Great Xia, that was where the Gods lived.

But, there were no Gods in this world, and it didn't seem too difficult to get to the clouds.

"A commoner with the most basic monthly salary can probably take two flights? It shouldn't be considered too expensive. The speed is very fast if you were to go on a long journey. It will only take about six hours to travel three thousand kilometers."

The empress did some calculations in her mind. The distance from Lan city to Great Xia was about one thousand five hundred kilometers. It would take half a month by carriage, and a cavalry with increased speed would take around four days.

And it would probably take only less than four hours to cover that distance in this world.

That was the power of technology of this world.

This was what Dayao lacked, the power to surpass the Yun Nation, the Chen Nation, and Great Xia.

It was already ten in the evening when the plane arrived at Yazhou. Ren Baqian could feel the sizzling hot weather as soon as he got off the plane. He left the airport with the empress's and his jacket in his hands.

Even though it was already late at night, it was still brightly lit outside. Furthermore, the fresh and clean air and the vacation ambience made people feel relaxed immediately.

They arrived in a taxi at the Rhine Hotel which had been reserved in advance. They had a luxurious sea view suite with two bedrooms and one living room. Ren Baqian put his things down and went to the window at the living room. He could hear the sound of the waves and also smelled the scent of the ocean.

He had wanted to come here since long ago.

The empress stopped beside Ren Baqian. Even though she couldn't see anything, she could hear the sound of the waves.

As far as the ocean was concerned, she had only seen it in books with very minimal descriptions. The deepest impression she had of the ocean was that salt could be made from it.

If Dayao had oceans, there wouldn't be a need to worry about salt anymore.

After standing in front of the window for a while and finishing dinner, they both went back to their own rooms to rest.

Ren Baqian got up early the next day and stood at the window, looking at the blue skies and white clouds outside. With the bright and beautiful weather, his mood became very good.

At this time of the year, it was indeed more comfortable here when compared to the north.

As he stood there and looked outside, there were already people who got up early and were strolling on the beach.

The empress was already on the sofa watching television when he came out from his room. She had been waking up early every morning to catch the morning news. She would pick up a bit of knowledge through the news every day, but would seldom ask Ren Baqian about it. She kept the majority of the things in her mind and would only ask him if necessary.

She was like a piece of sponge absorbing water, understanding the world's knowledge bit by bit.

Ren Baqian felt that if she really wanted to learn more, it would be best for her to learn the written language of this world and find out more via the internet. That way of learning would be much more efficient than the television. But there was no hurry as there would be more than enough time in the future.

It was better to rejoice and have some fun here at this well-known tourist spot first.

After breakfast, Ren Baqian changed into a pair of long pants and shirt while the empress still wore a red dress, and they went out for a stroll.

The hotel had a pretty good environment. There was nice greenery within the courtyard and there was also a swimming pool. Walking around were all tourists who looked very relaxed.

After taking a turn outside the hotel, facing the duo was a beach full of white sand and azure ocean with some children running about having fun.

Almost everyone was smiling with joy and satisfaction.