The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Assassination
Chapter 176: Assassination
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The item that Ren Baqian was looking for, was actually a type of mineral which was commonly seen. It was very widely distributed and easily found in this world. He just arrived at the Ministry of Works, and Tie Ze and Tie Quan helped him to resolve a great part of his trouble.

After the both of them left, Ren Baqian warned and exhorted Tong Zhenye repeatedly that they must extract the coal from the coal mine. The coal mine was not only resistant to fire, but its temperature was also higher. It was extremely useful whether it was used for burning bricks, making glass or even melting iron ores.

The only inconvenience was that the distance of the coal mines were too far. According to Tong Zhenye's words, it would require them to travel for ten days by carriage. As such, transporting it this way would use up too much manpower and physical resources.

It would be great if they could find a coal mine somewhere in the vicinity.

Ren Baqian bade farewell after he spoke a little longer to Tong Zhenye. Following which, all he had to do was to wait for Tie Ze and Tie Quan to confirm that they found limestone. Then, they would be able to start mining.

"Let's go to the beast park," Ren Baqian said to the two guards as he left Ministry of Works.

It had been a period of time since he had last seen the two little chaps, and he somewhat missed them. Also, the sweet potatoes should also be nearing its ripened stage and he ought to take a look.

As for the money involved in the partnership between him and Caretaker Shi, he no longer cared about it now.

To put it crudely, he didn't have any use for money at this moment.

They left Ministry of Works while riding on the crooked cows. A short distance later, four people suddenly appeared at the top of the wall just when they took a turn. They were lifting something and aiming at Ren Baqian, who was in the center.

"Sir, be careful." Upon seeing this scene, the two imperial guards from behind immediately shouted as their expressions changed drastically. One of the imperial guard threw himself over at Ren Baqian and pushed him down the crooked cow's back.
At the same time, a "buzz" could be heard. Countless of ice-cold gleams were shot towards Ren Baqian from both sides.

The numerous shots practically enveloped Ren Baqian.

Ren Baqian completely didn't have the time to react to what happened and right away, he was being knocked over by a huge force. Following which, he felt a burst of sharp pain in several parts of his body.

As for the guard that knocked him over, he fell flatly onto to the ground full of holes just like a sieve.

At this moment, Ren Baqian also fell to the ground. He was feeling spasms of pain all over his body and was completely confused. Never did he expected himself to be assassinated by others. Moments ago, if the guard's action was slower by just a little bit, he would have turned into a sieve by now.

He actually almost died? This abrupt perception messed up his state of mind. Subsequently, what he felt was immense fear and anger.

However, the pain in his body made him unable to move the in slightest bit.

At this moment, a sharp pain came through the both of his legs, his back and waist area. This kind of pain made him fear that he would actually die in the next second. Soon enough, he blacked out.

The other guard's eyes were already red with fury. He bellowed in agony and blocked Ren Baqian from the front.

"Anybody, please come. There are assassins." That guard shrieked frantically. Naturally, he could make out the abilities of the few assassins. They have yet to reach the level of Earth Wheel. In a matter of a few moments, he could actually wipe them out completely. But, if one of them made use of their skill and attacked Deputy Prefect Ren one more time, he would definitely die.

The four people at the top of the wall took a glance at Ren Baqian, who was lying on the ground. In the next moment, they all rushed towards him.

These four people knew that they couldn't leave Lan City alive. Since the day they received this mission, they came with the mentality that Ren Baqian must die.

Even though Ren Baqian was already shot by a few arrows, it would be better to stab him a few more times to verify that their target was already dead. In any case, they couldn't leave this place alive.

"Pop!" The sword in the guard's hand transformed into a beam of light, and he chopped the person right at the front in half. As for the other three people, it was as if they didn't sense what was going on and continued to throw themselves over.

"Clang!" The guard swept the sword away from the second person's hand and using one leg, he launched him towards the wall. This was followed by a slash from his sword which made the third person's head soar to the sky.

However, the last person, who was also the strongest, held a sword in his hand, dashed as fast as a lightning and went straight for this guard instead of Ren Baqian. Just at the moment the guard chopped off the third person's head, he pierced his sword right into the guard's chest.

Blood spurted out from that guard and his eyes were opened wide. He threw away the sword in his hand and grabbed the other party. Both of his hands were like an iron clamp as no matter how much the other party struggled, he wasn't able to get away.

Then, he knocked his head ruthlessly on the other party's head and subsequently a second time and then a third time.

After a while, that man's head was split into half. His brains and blood spewed all over, and his corpse was thrown to one side. The sword in his chest was left untouched. He knew very clearly that he would die faster if he were to pull it out.

Within a minute, someone rushed to the scene and witnessed blood flowing everywhere.

Of the two guards, one was shot till he became a sieve while the other had a sword erected on his chest.

There was still that Deputy Prefect Ren, who was lying on the ground with a pool of blood around him.

And there were also a few corpses scattered around. Such a scenario actually made the others extremely indignant. There were people who actually dared to assassinate a court official in Lan City and better still, an official with a special identity.

However, they should check on the condition of Ren Baqian's injuries without delaying any further. Both of his legs and one side of his waist were pierced through. His back also had an extra line of blood groove.

But, he was still breathing. Furthermore, his injury wasn't fatal in the short term.

As for that guard, he was fine for the time being. But, if they continued to delay any longer, things might take a turn for the worse.

After a short period of time, Ren Baqian was carried away by people and urgently sent to the clinic.

Tong Zhenye's face was full of tyranny, "You should know who is he, right? You must cure him, regardless of what method you use. If he dies, all of you will die too."

There were too many issues interrelated to Ren Baqian: the husband of the empress, Mount Damo's iron ore mine, and also a better smelting technology, as well as the cement which he had mentioned. Regardless of which issue was it, he couldn't die.

How could the doctors in the clinic not recognize Tong Zhenyeespecially after he placed that young man down and seeing the official robes donned on them. Immediately, they were able to guess his identity.

After all, there was only one outsider who had became an official in Dayao.

After half of stick of incense had burned, there was a loud "boom". The entire couch was smashed into smithereens and fragments flew in all directions.

The empress's face was icy-cold as she suddenly appeared outside of Yangxin Palace Hall. Her body began to soar as she went straight towards the clinic.

Tong Zhenye was looking at the doctor, who was treating Ren Baqian's wound at the moment and somewhere not far from his side was that seriously injured guard.

All of a sudden, he detected a terrifying aura moving rapidly in their direction. This aura was too familiar as he practically experienced it several times a month.

Tong Zhengye then went to the courtyard to await for that person's arrival.

"Greetings, Your Majesty." Following the red silhouette which appeared in the clinic, Tong Zhenye bowed his head and greeted.

The next second, he flew invertedly outwards and smashed three walls in succession. Not only did he get smashed out of the clinic, but he also flew through a magistrate office followed by bumping into another building.

The extremely loud noise and the scene of rock filling everywhere caused a commotion.

In an instance, seven to eight people appeared at that courtyard. This was actually the Ministry of War yet someone actually had the cheek to cause a racket over here?

In addition, there were people who even leaped over the wall, wanting to see who was so presumptuous.

At this moment, there were a bunch of people standing at the courtyard outside the clinic and all of them remained silent out of fear.

Before they even started talking, Tong Zhenye miserably walked out of the building which was partially destroyed while supporting his waist with one hand.

"Sir Tong, what's the meaning of this?" Minister of War, Qin Chuan, asked full of hostility.

"Ptui." Tong Zhenye was also furious.

Whom did I piss off?

"Her Majesty is over there." Tong Zhenye's sentence made the Minister of War, who was eager to get into action instantly listless.

"What happened?" Qin Chuan frowned while asking.

In general, even if Her Majesty was unhappy, she wouldn't hit someone this way.

"Someone has just tried to assassinate Ren Baqian," Tong Zhenye said in an unhappy tone.

As Qin Chuan and Ren Baqian didn't really cross paths, he only recalled who Ren Baqian was after thinking for a while.

"Tong Zhenye, get over here." Just when he wanted to continue asking, an ice-cold voice trailed from the courtyard, making him hold back his stomachful of words.