The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Torment
Chapter 177: Torment
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Qin Chuan brandished his hands and said, "What are all of you still doing here? Are your boides itching for a beating? Go and continue your work!"

Immediately, every onlooker dispersed in confusion.

The empress was right beside their building and she was about to blow up. At this point in time, no one dared to screw anything up. All of them wanted to keep as far away as possible from the empress.

Actually, many people could sense the empress's aura when she rushed to the clinic. Along the way, everyone wondered what could have happened that made her so angry. As such, they hurriedly followed behind her. However, when they saw Tong Zhenye was beaten up so badly, they instantly decided to stay as far away as possible from her.

It was just that Qin Chuan's sensitivity towards auras was extremely weak, and hence, he couldn't sense the empress's arrival.

When Tong Zhenye returned to the courtyard, he saw the doctor and his disciples trembling down there.

There were some people standing on the walls and roofs outside of the courtyard trying to see what happened. All of them were officials from various ministries.

"Speak, what happened?" The empress was standing outside of a room in the clinic. The surrounding temperature was plummeting, causing the air to freeze. Everyone present could feel a piercing chilliness.

Just now, the empress had already taken a look at Ren Baqian. His most severe wound was at his waist where it was punctured by an arrow. He wouldn't die for the time being but it was still a very thorny problem as the arrow was smeared with poison.

Even though the poison wasn't deadly, it was much more troublesome than those lethal poisons.

This caused the flames of anger within her heart to burn even more fiercely. If she knew who did it, she would kill everyone in Great Xia's imperial palace.

"Your Majesty, Deputy Prefect Ren was attacked after he left and walked two hundred steps from the Ministry of Works. The enemy has obviously made ample preparation. The weapons they used are crossbows and their target was Deputy Prefect Ren. I immediately rushed over when I heard the imperial guard's scream. By the time I arrived, the battle had already ended. One of the two imperial guards died on the spot, and the other one was severely injured," Tong Zhenye recounted the incident. Actually, he did not know a lot of things either. It just so happened that he was the first to arrive on scene.

Now that he had become the empress's punching bag, he could only smile bitterly.

"Your Majesty, Sir Ren is alright for the time being, his wounds are alright as well. However, the poison on the arrow will be stuck in his body. Even though he looks alright on the surface, the poison is actually corroding his body now. Without an antidote, I'm afraid Sir Ren will become a disabled person in half a month's time. By then, he will still be clear-headed but he won't be able to move his body at all. Even if he obtains an antidote, it will not really work anymore," an energetic old man walked out from the room and told the empress.

"What kind of poison is it?" the empress asked coldly.

"Nine Pavilions's Torment. The poison's name is Torment. As its name implies, a person who is afflicted with Torment will be tormented for the rest of his life. The experience will be worse than dying."

Upon hearing these words, the empress's hair drifted on its own. A violent gust of wind then blew across the entire courtyard. Everyone was continuously pushed backward by the powerful wind.

"Your Majesty, there's no point in getting angry now. Right now, what matters the most is to figure out a way to save Sir Ren," Tong Zhenye hurriedly advised the empress. His face turned ashen when he saw the empress's facial expression.

However, he was also shocked by the old man's words.

Nine Pavilions, as the name implied, there was a total of nine pavilions. Every pavilion's pavilion master was a top-notch expert. Every one of them was ranked within the top one hundred experts in the world.

Out of the nine pavilion masters, the most powerful one was Hua Sanliu, the fifth most powerful expert in the world.

With so many formidable experts, one could well imagine the strength of Nine Pavilions.

The nine pavilion masters were famous for their eccentricity.

One moment they would happily chatting and drinking with you, the next moment they could become hostile and go all out to kill you. After killing you, they would even weep for your dead body.

Once, there was a pavilion master who gatecrashed a wedding banquet to drink. The host even treated him like a guest of honor.

After finishing his drink, he suddenly went into a rampage, killing everyone in the wedding banquet. Then, he decorated the scene into a funeral hall and personally put on mourning clothes for those dead people.

Anyone who would encounter such a person would want to stay as far away as possible from him and hide from him.

It wasn't like there was only one or two pavilion masters that behaved like this. But rather, all of them behaved this way. The more powerful a pavilion master, the more eccentric and sick he was.

Especially Hua Sanliu.

It was definitely not an easy task to seek antidote from a place like this.

"Have you found anything?" a burly man in official man asked. Right now, at the scene where Ren Baqian was attacked, there were eight men searching for clues.

The burly man wasn't really tall. He was approximately 1.60 meters, which was considered extremely short among the aboriginals. However, everyone around him was scared of him, behaving as though he was a tiger. When they heard him talking, they immediately gathered around him.

"They walked until here and the four attackers jumped out from behind the walls on both sides of the road. At the same time, four crossbows were aimed at Sir Ren. If the imperial guard never pushed him away, he would be the one that became a porcupine," one of them said.

"The clothes of these four persons are from the Yun Nation."

"Their weapons are from the Yun Nation as well."

"One of the swords is from Dayao, it should belong to the most powerful attacker."

"There isn't anything else on the rest's bodies."

"They are either from Great Xia or the Yun Nation. They are definitely not from the Chen Nation," one of them said after searching through the bodies, making the burly man turn around.

"Even though the people from these three nations look slightly similar, Chen Nation people's skin is slightly coarser. After all, the wind in Chen Nation is stronger. These four are obviously sacrificial warriors trained by a powerful family. Don't tell me they train in their rooms every day?" someone said.

"Continue to investigate. I want to know how long they have been in Dayao, where they stayed, and whom they contacted. Don't miss any detail," the burly man ordered loudly.

Just now, he could sense a terrifying aura heading towards the clinic. One had to know that, from the beginning of the attack until now, it had only been half an hour. When Her Majesty received the news of Ren Baqian being ambushed, she immediately rushed out of the palace. One could tell how much she cared about this matter.

At the same time, the empress's aura let everyone know that she was extremely furious. Under such a situation, no one dared to slack off.

He would be in deep trouble if he did not know anything when the empress questioned him later.

However, at this point in time, the empress wasn't thinking about these issues.

One would take roughly ten days to travel from Dayao to Nine Pavilions even if he travelled at his fastest speed.

According to the old man, Ren Baqian could endure for half a month at most. After half a month, even if he had the antidote, it would be useless.

Therefore, she couldn't send someone to Nine Pavilions to seek the antidote. Given that she did not have enough time, there was no point for her to even think about whether or not could she obtain the antidote.

She must ask someone to send Ren Baqian to Nine Pavilions. Furthermore, that person must be powerful enough to make Nine Pavilions hand over the antidote.

Only two persons in Dayao were capable of doing this.

The empress herself and Hong Wu.

However, Hong Wu was guarding the border right now. And if she suddenly appeared in Great Xia, one could well imagine impact she would cause.

Moreover, the royal family of Great Xia wouldn't look on blankly as she roamed around Great Xia and returned to Dayao.

Was she just going to watch him die then?

With an ice-cold look on her face, the empress slammed the door closed. Standing in the room, she looked silently at the pale-white Ren Baqian.