The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Shock in the Imperial Court
Chapter 178: Shock in the Imperial Court
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Ren Baqian was naked. At this moment, the wounds on his body had already faded to faint scars. Medicine like the black mud cream was readily available at the clinic, and wounds were able to heal in a very short period of time.

But, both of his eyes were still shut, and he appeared very pale, without a single bit of consciousness.

For some time the empress stood in front of him with a perplexed look on her face.

Ren Baqian had brought about many changes to Dayao. That aside, the empress couldn't simply watch him die like that. After all, he was the only person whom she really fancied in so many years.

If she were to leave Dayao on her own to go to Great Xia, it would probably be very risky.

It wouldn't be that risky if she could settle things easily at the Nine Pavilions. But if there was to be a conflict, other people would probably immediately know of her presence. By then, it would be very difficult for her to leave Great Xia.

Based on the way things were handled at the Nine Pavilions, it seemed like the chances of any conflict occurring were very high.

There was still room for negotiation if it was a normal person. But, those people at the Nine Pavilions were maniacs. There was no telling what they would do.

At present, the empress was caught between two difficult situations.

After some time, the empress heaved a little sigh and her expression became a little less cold. With one hand, she lifted the cloth on the bed and immediately wrapped Ren Baqian up. Soon after, she grabbed Ren Baqian with one hand and broke out of the door, transforming into a red streak as she headed for the palace.

Everyone at the clinic felt relieved after the empress left. Many people immediately sank to the floor, and nobody laughed at them either.

They were terribly frightened by the empress just now. She was like a raging volcano, ready to erupt at any moment, and nobody could catch their breath.

Tong Zhenye gazed into the direction the empress disappeared into, turned around and asked the old man, "Are there no other solutions?"

"This type of poison is very rare. Nobody knows the prescription other than the people at the Nine Pavilions. And of course, detoxification will be naturally out of the question." The old man shook his head.

"Sigh." Tong Zhenye heaved a sigh as well. The buildings that Ren Baqian spoke about should at least be completed before such things happen.

He saw hope, but it unfortunately came to an end spontaneously.

He didn't doubt the old man's words a single bit. Previously, the empress also didn't have the slightest suspicion at all.

If he said that there was no other way, then there must certainly be no other way.

There were a few old eccentric people in the imperial court of Dayao, and this elderly man was one of them. The old woman in Qingxin Palace Hall was another one of them. Apart from being labelled as an old monster, there were other reasons why they were labelled as eccentric.

"What about that imperial guard?" Tong Zhenye asked again.

"He is severely injured and almost lost his life. He needs time to recuperate." The elderly man replied.

Tong Zhenye nodded and then shook his head. "What a pity."

Naturally, he felt it was such a pity that such a thing happened to Ren Baqian. If it was before, he would naturally despise him. But after he had demonstrated and spoke about those grand plans, he had changed the perspective of many. Deputy Prefect Ren's capabilities in that aspect were commendable regardless. In future, he would continue to hone his skills and even though he still wasn't a good enough fit for the empress, he was barely acceptable.

What a pity.

Tong Zhenye exerted some force with his feet and disappeared in a flash, landing on the roof of a house far away.

The empress immediately brought Ren Baqian to Yangxin Palace Hall after returning to the palace. She spread her arms and he fell on the couch.

"Go to Pingle Park and get some clothes for him." The empress said in a cold voice.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Both of them replied, and Qing Yuan hurried out of the door.

"Put my hair in a bun," the empress ordered as she sat in front of the mirror. In the mirror was a lady, cold and full of heroic spirit.

After Hong Luan was done fixing up her hair, she traced the words on both sides of the mirror with her fingers. She then turned her body and looked over.

Qing Yuan's face was red as she placed clothes on Ren Baqian. It took her a long while to finish putting it on for him.

The empress took a few steps in the huge palace hall and looked at the surrounding.

Qing Yuan and Hong Luan felt that Her Majesty was giving off a very weird vibe, but couldn't tell why.

They assumed that it could be influenced by the assassination attempt on Deputy Prefect Ren. They didn't know who could be so daring, and also wondered if that person had been caught.

However, nothing much had happened to Deputy Prefect Ren fortunately. Even though he had not regained consciousness and his face was a little pale, his wounds were recovering well and he should be waking up soon.

Otherwise, Her Majesty would be absolutely furious.

Her Majesty aside, the two of them had only seen her treat one person like that in so many years. They wouldn't want anything to happen to him as well, otherwise Her Majesty would be deeply hurt.

As the two of them were preoccupied with their thoughts, the empress suddenly spoke, "Tell Shi Qing that if I were to die, invite that man back. Zhe Kouhai had been thinking about it for so many years. I didn't kill him all this while as I felt that this day may arrive."

Both Qing Yuan and Hong Luan were dumbfounded when they heard what the empress said. Their faces were filled with astonishment and cried out, "Your Majesty!"

"Just in case, that's all. Nobody in this world has been able to defeat me yet." The empress raised her voice and said with a tone full of disdain for all beings.

The two of them panicked when they heard that. "Your Majesty, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going out. Tell the public order bureau and the Department of Inspection to investigate. As long as they find anyone related, kill them. No evidence shall be required and spare no one."

As the empress was speaking, she stood by the couch while carrying Ren Baqian in one hand. As soon as she had finished her sentence, she disappeared from the palace hall, leaving behind an echo of the words "Spare no one".

"Your Majesty!" Both Qing Yuan and Hong Luan shouted and hurried out of the palace door in a futile attempt to locate the empress.

"Hurry, get General Xin Zhe here. Her Majesty is in trouble," the loyal pair frantically shouted.


The empress sprinted towards a corner of the palace while carrying Ren Baqian and landed in a courtyard in a flash. This courtyard had a large pond and a monster with a lion's head, an antler, the body of a moose, dragon scales, and an ox tail lay in it. It was the kirin that Ren Baqian had seen previously.

It stood up the moment it felt the presence of the empress, letting out a cry towards her. Not only did it not sound terrifying, it sounded very intimate in fact, as if it was a greeting.

With a flip, the empress stood on its back and said with a cold voice, "Go, to the north."

"Ooooooowhooo!" This time, the kirin didn't sound as cute as it did just now. It was full of intimidation and its eyes were filled with excitement. Its body rose into the air and landed on the roof of one of the houses nearby. With another leap forward, it jumped across five or six courtyards and landed on another roof.

"Your Majesty!"

"Your Majesty!"

Everyone in the palace was startled by the cry of the kirin. Soon after, they saw the kirin running out of the courtyard with a red figure on its back, and they immediately cried out in alarm.

Her Majesty actually left the palace riding a kirin?

Upon witnessing this incident, over ten shadows immediately leaped from the palace and gave chase. But, the kirin had already disappeared past the palace walls shortly after they started chasing.

Xin Zhe looked very gloomy. Her Majesty didn't normally ride the kirin out. Her actions were obvious that she was travelling far. But, as the commander of the palace's imperial guards, she didn't even know anything. What exactly was happening?

After she heard the things that Hong Luan and Qing Yuan had to tell, she was completely stupefied.

After the time taken for a stick of incense to burn, Shi Qing's face took a huge change when he heard about the news while he was basking in the sun in his residence.

Zhe Kouhai's face turned gloomy after hearing the news as well.

Tong Zhenye was completely dumbfounded when he heard of it. The empress actually went to the Nine Pavilions on her own?

The entire imperial court of Dayao was in shock.

She was the empress of Dayao, and she actually headed to the north on her own. If something were to happen to her, what would become of Dayao?