The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Objective: Sarin Gas
Chapter 182: Objective: Sarin Gas
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Chen Qing wanted to help both Ren Baqian and the empress settle down. In particular, he wanted to arrange for someone to take care of Ren Baqian. However, Chen Qing's assistance was declined by him.

After Chen Qing sent the both of them back, the empress placed Ren Baqian on the sofa and sat at one side.

The both of them sat in silence from evening all the way till late at night. They only ate a little from the takeaway.

"Zixiao, go and get some rest." Ren Baqian used an entire night to sort out his frame of mind. It wasn't beneficial to overthink this matter. They could only look forward to the progress at the laboratory, or, head to Great Xia to retrieve the antidote.

The empress didn't answer him. Instead, she turned on the television.

"I want to watch the television programs." Only then did the empress speak.

Ren Baqian squeezed a smile on his face with much difficulty. He asked, "What kind of place is the Nine Pavilions?"

"A place where lunatics gather," the empress casually answered.

"They must be very powerful?" Ren Baqian asked.

"There is no one in this world that can hinder me." The empress's tone was filled with absoulute confidence in herself.

Even though the empress's tone was unyielding, Ren Baqian could pick up some hints from it. "That means they are really powerful."

"What do we do if they don't want to give it to us?"

"If I have spoken and if they dare to not give us the antidote, I will beat them to death so that they can accompany you at your burial."

"He he." This time, Ren Baqian really smiled. As expected, this was the empress's usual style.

Soon after, the two of them fell into silence again. It was only the sound of the Qing Dynasty television series that kept playing in his ears.

"Only if your heart was of one mind, my love for you will not be in vain. One who has seen the ocean thinks nothing of mere rivers and this is etched in one's mind. Even though thousands of boats sailed by, I didn't even take a look as I only have eyes for you. It is hard to say whether the stars or the moon is better. If you didn't lower your head to cry just because you missed the moon, perhaps, you would be able to see a vast sky full of stars! That isn't inferior to the beauty of the moon as well!"

[This is a line from the famous China television series, Scarlet Heart.]

However, at this moment, Ren Baqian was already immersed in his thoughts. The empress was actually watching the series with her eyes bright and full of expression.

He was an ordinary person and Qi Zixiao was actually the ruler of a nation. The other party had an exceptional appearance and similarly, her martial arts skill was unrivalled. Yet, she was able to treat him this way. She actually carried him towards the enemy's territory without any sleep or rest for days, all ready to face the formidable opponents as well as seizing the antidote just for him.

Why was she doing this? Was it due to the lies he said? Or was it because of his value to Dayao? Or was it because she had a thing for him? Was it something like what Bai Jingjing had for Zhi Zunbao?

[Bai Jingjing and Zhi Zunbao are characters in the Hong Kong version of Chinese Odyssey.]

It was because of the first point and also the third point. The first point was the cause and the third point was the effect. Neither was he blind nor was he a fool. He was completely aware of how she felt.

Whether the second point existed, it was no longer important anymore.

Just for the friendship that only existed in novels and movies, what else was there for him to hesitate? What could he not do? Previously, he had already thought that even if he had to make enemies with the entire world, he was most willing to do so?

"That's right, even if he had to make enemies with the entire world, he was most willing to do so." Ren Baqian reiterated this thought in his mind once again.

Presently, what could he do while he's in such a state? What could he do to help when the time comes? Besides showing affection to disallow the other party from going to Great Xia?

After thinking for a while, there seemed to be something which would be useful. Although it would be difficult to obtain it, but, it wasn't impossible. Furthermore, after obtaining it, regardless of whether the empress was at the Nine Pavilions or whether she ran into any opponents who obstructed her way while leaving Great Xia, this thing would be of enormous use.

"Zixiao, can you bring me upstairs? I have thought of something which might be useful to us," Ren Baqian spoke and a touch of determination flashed in his eyes.

If this matter was exposed later on and he was wanted by the entire Earth, he would flee for his life.

As for his parents and relatives, the worst case scenario was for him to be sent to the other world.

"What is it?" The empress turned and looked at him with her soft eyebrows and bright pair of eyes.

"Sarin gas, one kilogram of it is sufficient to exterminate people that are within a radius of 500 meters." Ren Baqian's used a gentle voice to speak about such a terrifying thing. This was the determination which he had just reinforced.

"As long as you obtain the antidote, Zixiao, if you encounter any problem you'll just have to throw it out. I presume that the danger will be reduced a lot with this item. However, it is somewhat difficult to acquire it."

"Great," the empress answered without hesitating the slightest bit.

With regards to such a large-scale destruction item, she didn't feel uncomfortable at all.

Next, she carried Ren Baqian up and sat him down in front of his computer. Then, Ren Baqian directed her to boot up the computer followed by placing his hand on the keyboard. It was as if she was embracing him and both of her hands were holding onto Ren Baqian's hands.

Ren Baqian's heart was placid when he smelled the delicate fragrance from the empress's body and felt her hair on his face.

He could feel the tenderness of her hands as well as her warmth.

Ren Baqian wore a smile on his face. After this event, even if he became the most wanted criminal after his detoxification and transformed into a terrorist from an ordinary man, it didn't affect his mood at this moment.

He was feeling very warm and very happy.

"Why are you laughing?" The empress asked coldly, but it was as if she was speaking by his ear. Such an intimate action actually made her ears felt somewhat warm.

"When people are happy, they will laugh. As long as you are by my side, I will be happy." Ren Baqian beamed.

"What am I supposed to do? Quick." The empress's tone was getting colder but the smile on Ren Baqian's face was getting wider.

But the main issue was still urgent. Ren Baqian typed on the keyboard with much difficulty while the empress helped him scroll the pages. Firstly, they have confirmed that between the two powerful poisonous gases, VX and sarin gas, VX was the more toxic one. But, sarin gas was the one that better fulfilled Ren Baqian's requirements. It required lesser time to take effect and provided faster results. It would also affect the nerves directly and greatly reduced the opponents' strength even if it did not kill them.

It completely fulfilled all of Ren Baqian's requirements.

Next, he continued to research on sarin gas. Soon enough, Ren Baqian's attention was captured by a news article from few months back.

An organization's plant for making chemical and biological weapons was bombed by U.S.

In the months before that, the organization had just launched an attack with sarin gas.

This news was from a few months ago, but, it has greatly affected Ren Baqian at this moment.

Because in previous attacks, it was inferred from the symptoms of the casualties that the other party was using sarin gas.

Although it was bombed just a few months ago, Ren Baqian felt that there was a higher possibility of finding sarin gas over there.

After all, before that attack, they did not use much sarin gas. As such, there was a high possibility of them keeping it in their hands to act as a form of deterrence.

In addition, it's much easier to obtain sarin gas over here when compared to going to the U.S and trying out their luck. Even though it was possible to find the address of a few underground bases on the internet, but God knows where the sarin gas was being kept. Unless, they caught some military officials for information.

After much deliberation, Ren Baqian still felt that it was a better option to head to that organization rather than go to the U.S.

Although he had already made up his mind before, it wasn't that easy for them to avoid the surveillance and satellites that were everywhere in the U.S. Now, with a better choice before him, he would naturally give up the dangerous idea that he had before.

As for that notorious organization, even if they found out who did it, what could they do?

"Zixiao, we are going overseas to take a look. Perhaps, they will have the thing we are looking for," Ren Baqian said with his head slightly inclined to the side.

"Great." The empress didn't hesitate to nod her head.

The next thing to do, was to find someone to settle the both of their passports.

And, the destination was Turkey.

These days, that country's situation wasn't very stable and there were no direct flights from their airport.

They had to transfer planes in Turkey before arriving at that country.

It was easy to obtain the tourist visa for Turkey. All they had to do was to apply online and they were able to obtain it after a few minutes.

The only trouble were the passports. Fortunately, Chen Qing was able to help him with regards to this issue. Even though Chen Qing didn't know why Ren Baqian was still running everywhere at this point of time, but, he had already sense that the ordinary Ren Baqian had become someone which he wasn't able to read anymore regardless of the things he did, those strange items and poison, or even that woman by his side.

Ren Baqian hung up the phone after ensuring that he was able to collect the passports tomorrow afternoon. He couldn't help but to admit that it was important to have such an influential friend in one's life. Even if he couldn't settle things himself, his connections alone would be sufficient for him to solve some things which seem very troublesome to him.

He calculated the time. They would head to the capital tomorrow right after obtaining the passport. Then, they would take a flight to Turkey.

They would be able to arrive tomorrow, at midnight.

Following which, it would depend on both of their luck.