The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Trampled to Death
Chapter 184: Trampled to Death
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"That person is severely injured, it's hard for him to move!"

"So what?" The other person replied. What could they do even if he was severely injured.

Cheng Wu was a 30-years-old skinny man. The lines on his face looked as if they were carved out by a knife or hatchet. He stood where in place with a hesitant look on his face.

"Let's go back and take a look!" After some hesitation, Cheng Wu appeared decisive.

The man heard what he said and looked at his expression. He immediately cried out involuntarily, "Are you mad?"

Previously, Cheng Wu was the one who pulled him away. Now, he wanted to go back. Together with what he said about that man being immobile, it was not hard to decipher what he was planning to do.

Cheng Wu's eyes glittered with radiance. "We are just going to take a look back there. If that man is indeed severely injured, then that just leaves us with that kirin. Since he is associated with the kirin, there might be something valuable on him. A rare martial arts manual, or treasures. Don't you want them?"

"You are indeed crazy. There is still a kirin over there." The other man was astonished. Cheng Wu had always appeared to be bold and scrupulous, but he didn't expect him to have such great nerves.

"Didn't that kirin not have much reaction just now? We will just look from afar. What if that guy had already died from his injuries? If that is the case, we can just directly take it. That kirin will not be on guard the entire time, will it?" Cheng Wu stated his opinion.

"But if he recovers, I'm afraid that the both of us will not be able to escape." The other man was a little worried.

"Let's check the situation first. If he's not dead yet, we can use other methods to make him die. But that kirin is not human, it's not possible for it to have the awareness of a human. I have something here. Three bone piercing needles from this can penetrate skin from a hundred steps away. I'm afraid that man may have already died, and that kirin doesn't even know what is happening," Cheng Wu added.

He took out a cylinder from his sack as he spoke, shook it in front of the other man for a while before putting it back into the sack.

"You actually have this thing?" The other man was surprised when he watched him take that thing out. That cylinder was only sold at the Hundred Machines Pavilion, and was very expensive. It could fire up to three rounds with three needles each. It was very silent and very fast, and probably even newly risen Earth Wheel experts would be unable to detect it and fall for it.

"Bi Su gave it to me previously. She probably wouldn't have died if she had this for self-protection." A wisp of haze flashed across Cheng Wu's eyes as he spoke.

"So, I will grab any opportunity that has a chance to make me stronger. If not, how am I going to seek revenge for Bi Su?" Cheng Wu said as he clenched his teeth.

The other man could understand how Cheng Wu felt. No matter who's beloved junior was killed, the only thing on that person's mind would probably be revenge,. It was not easy for Cheng Wu to endure this till now.

However, Cheng Wu's plans seemed quite feasible indeed.

If that guy was dead, the kirin would certainly not be standing guard throughout.

The both of them just had to keep watch at the side without getting discovered.

It would not be too dangerous if they were only keeping watch from afar.

The other man nodded his head at the thought of that. "I'll go with you, but let's make things clear. Do not be rash. Let's check out the situation first."

Cheng Wu smiled a little and gave a pat on his partner's shoulders. But, he thought to himself, "Sorry, I can't die without getting revenge."

After all, the reason he must convince his partner was because of that kirin. Nobody knew what powers that mythical creature had.

If anything were to happen, at least he would have an additional trace of hope.

Besides, Cheng Wu could run faster than him.

The both of them made up their minds but were in no rush to go back there. They actually walked in another direction before carefully heading towards the place.

Even though they only caught a glimpse of it just now before hurrying off, Cheng Wu noticed a tree at a distance away that was nearer to Ren Baqian. That meant that they could move nearer to the kirin and Ren Baqian.

Most importantly, Ren Baqian was facing another direction.

They took a detour before carefully moving in towards that direction, keeping as silent as possible.

As they neared that place, they peered through the forest and saw that open space again.

They cautiously peered over and saw both the kirin and the man there. But, there was another person with them. It was a woman in red, wearing a seemingly odd looking red dress. She was squatting down beside the man, feeding him something.

"It turns out that he had a companion," that thought flashed across their minds.

That woman suddenly lifted her head and looked over in the next second. Her face looked cold. They could sense the murderous intent and cynicism from her eyes, even though they were quite a distance away.

"We've been discovered, run." They turned away and ran. A glare from the woman gave them goosebumps all over, and they felt as if they were drenched in ice water. They knew immediately that she was an expert, probably even more superior than their master.

The empress unhurriedly put down the bowl. The next moment, she disappeared from where she was and appeared somewhere not far behind the two men. In a flash, she re-appeared above them, stomping down on one of their heads with both feet.

Even before he had time to react, he was stomped into the ground like a nail with only his hair above the ground. He was trampled to death instantly.

Cheng Wu, who was a few meters ahead, looked back when he heard the noise from behind, only to find that his companion's hair was the only thing left above the ground. And that lady was looking at him while still standing atop his partner's head. Her face was full of heroic spirit and it looked as cold as frost.

He subconsciously took out the cylinder. This cold looking woman dressed in red, coupled with that kirin suddenly got him thinking of that legendary figure.

How is it possible that this person is here?

Besides her, who else can it be?

Cheng Wu's mind went blank at this moment. It seemed that his plan prior to this was nothing but a joke.

But how can she be here?

How is it possible?

I can't accept this!

A rock shot over from beneath the lady's feet the next second. Together with a piercing sound, it directly hit Cheng Wu's head. It penetrated his skull and emerged from the other side along with his brains and blood, and it ended all his thoughts as well.

Cheng Wu took another step before falling to the ground. At this moment, there was an empty hole in his face and blood was splattered all over.

It took less than a minute for the empress to disappear and return to where she had been.

"What happened?" Even though Ren Baqian couldn't move his body, he could still hear the sound of something running in the forest. It subconsciously led him to think that it was the two men that he saw previously.

"It was just two bugs." The empress paid no heed to it.

Upon hearing the empress mentioning two, Ren Baqian was quite certain that it was the two people he'd seen previously.

They actually left and came back, and he reckoned that they were up to no good.

Even death couldn't erase the crimes committed.

In fact, Ren Baqian spoke about the incident to the empress after she returned. But, it was obvious that she paid no attention to it. She wasn't bothered by them as long as they didn't show up in front of her.

The empress squatted down, picked up the bowl, and fed Ren Baqian the remaining half of the congee. She then carried him onto the kirin's back and continued on their way.

A day later, they returned to Earth while they were in the mountains about a day's journey away from the Nine Pavilions.

At present, Ren Baqian had already been poisoned for nine and a half days. There was still five and a half days left.

Both Ren Baqian and the empress were shocked when they appeared on Earth even before looking at the situation around them. There were two hooded people beside them. One of them pulled down the hood revealing a man's face. He was holding his pants, and it seemed like he was just about to use the toilet.

The two people were obviously dumbfounded as well. Their mouths gaped slightly with their eyes wide open as they looked at the man and the lady who appeared beside them.

Both parties stared at each other in consternation.