The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 185

Chapter 185: She Missed!
Chapter 185: She Missed!
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In the instance where the four of them stared at each other, Ren Baqian's face looked dumbfounded. How could it be so coincidental?

The next moment, without even having the chance to say anything, the two men flew up into the air, lifeless.

Previously, Ren Baqian and the empress disappeared behind a huge rock near a dirt road that led to the city in the distance. At that time, there were three vehicles on the road: two modified pickup trucks and one army truck. At this point in time, there was a line of men wearing camouflaged helmets peeing at the roadside. At the same time, they were roaring with laughter. They were mocking the two men for behaving like girls, having to hide somewhere to pee.

In the end, they saw the two men flying up into the air from behind the rock.

At first, they were all were dumbstruck. Following which, someone yelled, and everyone pulled up their pants and aimed the guns in their hands at the rock. Simultaneously, they were cursing repeatedly as well.

By this point in time, behind the rock, the empress's face was ice-cold. Actually, she had not known what the two men were trying to do. After all, no one had done such a thing in front of her before.

She was actually annoyed by the fact that she encountered the two men the moment she appeared on Earth.

Upon hearing a clamor that was shouted in a language she did not understand, the empress picked up Ren Baqian and jumped out from behind the rock. Opposite them, more than twenty men aimed their guns at them while cursing in a language foreign to them.

None of them felt the need to use the machine guns on the pickup trucks as there were just two people after all.

Ren Baqian and the empress were less than twenty meters away from the men. At this moment, both parties could see each other.

Instantly, the empress vanished into thin air. Before anyone could react, she appeared above the person at the most front and stomped her foot on his head. However, unlike the person whom she stomped into the ground like a nail previously, the head of this man was stomped right into his thoracic cavity. Using the dead man as a stepping stone, she jumped onto another person's head, appearing as though she was playing hopscotch.

Less than two seconds later, a total of nine persons collapsed to the ground with bones sticking out of their backs.

The rest could only see a red shadow holding a man flying back and forth above them at an incredible speed while hearing bone-shattering sounds erupting from their comrades' bodies. Fear arose in their hearts. Cursing loudly, they raised their guns and fired wildly at the air.

They simply could not lock onto the empress.

The next moment, the red shadow descended from the air like a demon and flew back and forth across the group of men. One by one, the men flew into the air. From the start till the finish, all they could see was two shadows flitting up and down the air.

This battle lasted for less than ten seconds.

The sound of guns firing stopped spontaneously.

By the time the empress stopped in her tracks, she was surrounded by corpses.

Half of the corpses had all their bones and internal organs crushed to smithereens.

The other half of the corpses had their heads in their thoracic cavities with their backbones sticking out of their backs.

Ren Baqian finally experienced the feeling of getting caught in a hail of bullets. However, not a single bullet touched him.

In the situation just now, he actually did not feel worried or scared at all.

He had absolute confidence in the empress's strength.

"There still might be people in the vehicles," Ren Baqian warned.

Just as Ren Baqian finished his sentence, the doors of the two pickup trucks flew open.

"Bang, bang, bang."

As soon as the doors were opened, the sound of gunfire resounded through the air.

There was a total of three men shooting at them. Right now, their faces were filled with nothing but fear, appearing as though they had seen the devil himself. As they were yelling and cursing, their fingers were pressing against the triggers of their guns.

Holding Ren Baqian in her arms, the empress moved three meters to her side. Following which, she jumped onto the head of one person and then onto another person's head.

With a fearful look on his face, the last person hid behind the car door while shooting at the empress.

Suddenly, the empress brandished her hand in the air. Out of nowhere, a few bullets appeared in her hand. With a swing of her arm, a few holes immediately appeared on the window of the car door. The man was still pressing the trigger on his gun while yelling frantically. He did not even realize his gun was out of bullets. At the same time, a liquid was trickling down his pants.

That man felt that he was in a dream. He was definitely in a dream, otherwise, how could such a thing happen in this world? Everything would make sense if he was in a dream. These two persons must be devils... He will not surrender to them...

The empress's movements were too fast. Neither Ren Baqian nor that man realized that she had caught the bullets and threw them back. Furthermore, she missed! She missed! She missed!

A cold aura exuded from the empress's face. Instantly, she appeared in front of the car door and gave it a kick.


The car door distorted and slammed into the man with immense force. The legs and head of the man that were extended over the car door remained in the same spot, but the rest of his body flew into the car and out of the door on the other side with blood spurting everywhere.

With a dark look on her face, the empress picked up Ren Baqian and left the scene quickly.

Ren Baqian was speechless. The last man died a horrific death.

The empress purposely walked along a secluded path. After a while, they arrived at the city which they saw from a distance just now. As they got closer to the city, they realized there was something wrong with the city.

It was completely different from China, where tall flourishing buildings stood in abundance.

Not far away from the pair, there was a sea of dilapidated single-story houses. Most of the buildings were broken-down, with only one or two walls intact. Every structure was riddled with bullet holes and traces of artillery fire.

There were some buildings that were slightly taller in the distance, but they couldn't make those out clearly.

Right now, all they saw was debris, completely filled with the aura of death.

However, they had to enter the city first before knowing its exact condition. Holding Ren Baqian in her arms, the empress jumped into the air and landed on the roof of a house and continued to move forward. Occasionally, she would stop on a tall building and search for the right direction to move forward.

By now, both of them discovered that there were still many people in the city. Most of them were soldiers who wore camouflaged helmets like those that they saw earlier.

There were very few civilians. Some of them were wandering on the streets while avoiding the soldiers that they came across.

Some were standing together while shouting in a language that Ren Baqian and the empress did not understand.

There were also young men that waved their hands fervently when they saw those soldiers.

Ren Baqian and the empress stopped on the roof of a tall building. Then, the empress asked, "What shall we do next?"

"Seize someone to ask for more information, I think the stuff we want isn't here. We have to ask him or her the location of the most important city and of the leader. Our best bet would be to find someone who isn't a local. From what I know, there are many brainwashed young people that come here from other countries. They aren't as loyal and zealous as the local soldiers. We will have an easier time extracting information from them," Ren Baqian said. "You can leave me here, there shouldn't be any danger."

The empress nodded her head. She properly placed Ren Baqian against the wall and jumped down from the building.

"Nasha, it seems that we have made the right choice by coming here." Two Caucasian girls dressed in army fatigues were smoking under the shade.

"Yes, I like it here. Fighting alongside everyone for a noble cause is so much better than the boring life I used to live. I have found my life's purpose in this place," a girl with freckles on her face smiled and said.

Both of them were roughly twenty years old. They gave up their peaceful and abundant lives and came to this place secretly. It had been half a year since they arrived here, and they were beginning to get used to the life here.

In this place, they had found the things they desired.

Even if they died here, they did so for a noble cause.

Therefore, they didn't fear death.

And at this moment, a person appeared right in front of them. The person was wearing a red dress and her appearance was stunning. She did not look like someone that belonged to this place, but rather, on television or banquets.

However, the two girls weren't bothered by these things, but rather, by how this lady appeared right in front of them.

Anyone would be startled when someone suddenly appeared in front of them. The two girls were no exception. They opened their mouths at the same time and were about to scream for help.

The empress slapped one of the girls on her forehead.

Instantly, the back of her head slammed heavily onto the wall behind her, spurting out blood everywhere.

At the same time, the empress seized the other girl and disappeared.

After a while, someone discovered the dead female soldier lying on the ground with both her eyes wide open. Immediately, that person screamed to alert everyone.

Soon after, many soldiers in the city were mobilized.