The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Pretending to Faint
Chapter 186: Pretending to Faint
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Nasha once thought she held lofty ideals in order to absolutely uphold justice. She had already prepared well before coming here from her hometown.

However, she was trembling at this time. Not only from the severe pain in her left arm, but also from fear.

Right now, there were two people in front of her. A man who was leaning against the corner of the wall and a woman who at first glance looked stunning. After being brought here in a totally unimaginable way and having her arm broken, she was full of fear.

If they were from the government army, she wouldn't be in this state. But, the woman in a red dress actually brought her along as she jumped seven or eight meters high at lightning speed. This made her abnormally frightened. She was simply not a human, but a devil dressed in human skin.

A gentle smile covered Ren Baqian's face and he spoke gently, "Be good, just tell us what we want to know and you will stop suffering such pain. What we want to know is very simple, and others will talk even if you refuse to. Why make things difficult for yourself?"

The translation software in the phone the empress was holding translated what Ren Baqian had said.

Fortunately, he carried along a solar energy power bank which was bought before he last set out. When he was hurrying along during his journey in the other world, he hung the charger outside his backpack so that he was able to charge his phone.

Nasha understood what the man said and hesitated for ten over seconds before a sharp pain wracked her right hand. The pain of another broken bone made her blackout and the injured hand was being shifted up to her neck again.

"If you refuse to talk, we can only continue on to find the next person. It is not difficult for us, someone will definitely talk," Ren Baqian continued prompting gently. Nasha was full of fear, shouting madly and crying bitterly, "What do you want? I will tell you everything. Let me go, please let me go"

No matter what, she was just a young lady that was only twenty years old. Although she came here to fulfil her dreams because of her ideals and had received some basic training, she was still a young lady without much experience in life.

"Good, this is very good, talk slowly..." Ren Baqian said softly.

Following which, he managed to obtain a portion of the required information after the question and answer session.

As a matter of fact, this girl didn't know much, and it was in fact not possible for her to know too much, like for example, which location had sarin gas and where the leader of the organization was.

But, it gave Ren Baqian a clue on the whereabouts of this organizations headquarters. It was about one day's travelling distance away, and at the empress's speed, it would take at most half a day.

The top levels of the organization, including the head, must be there. Perhaps, they could obtain what they wanted there.

After learning what he wanted to, Ren Baqian felt some regrets and gently said, "It is good to have ideals, unfortunately, this world is very cruel."

He lifted his head to look at the empress. "Send her on her way."

Before Nasha had a chance to respond, the empress put a finger on her forehead and then threw her dead body on the ground. After which, she picked up Ren Baqian and departed at high speed.

Occasionally, someone would see a red shadow flashing by from a window or something leaping between two buildings when raising their head. They failed to see anything on the second look and it seemed like an illusion.

After leaving this place, Ren Baqian phoned Chen Qing to ask about the progress at the laboratory. It would be great if an antidote was found. Unfortunately, although Xu Shan sought help from her mentor, the progress was still unsatisfactory.

Ren Baqian hung up the phone. It seemed they must continue pursuing this process.

After the both of them left, the entire army in the city searched the whole city thoroughly. But, they ultimately couldn't find anything. It was not until more than an hour later that the dead body on the rooftop was discovered. By that time, the two were already very far away from the city.

And the convoy outside the city was also soon spotted.

All the people at the scene were shocked by what they saw. Twenty or thirty people were lying down haphazardly on the ground. Half of them had their heads in their chest and their spines poking out from their back. No one knew how this operation was carried out.

The crowd found some clues from some other bodies.

Shoe marks.

Those bodies considered in good condition had shoe-like wound marks.

These people were kicked to death with a single kick? How was that possible?

So many people had no ability to resist the attack at all?

Although bullet marks were found in the surrounding area, there were no bullet holes on the dead people. They died in one of two ways: with their heads in their chests, as if stuffed inside, or with broken internal organs and the single shoe mark on the body.

Furthermore, the shoe mark wasn't very large and seemed to come from a lady.

In addition, there was one body that was different from the others. The head and two legs were outside the totally deformed right car door while the body and left car door was somewhere nearby.

The way this person died was beyond the comprehension of anyone.

At last, someone speculated that this person was standing beside the car door and the door was swung back by a gigantic force, as could be inferred from the degree of deformity of the car door.

The car door slammed on the body with so much force that the body was cut off by the car door, car roof, and underbody. The middle body portion flew out through the other door as a result.

If one was at the scene, it was a possible explanation of the situation, but also the most unlikely.

In any case, a group comprising of dozens of people were killed by maybe two or three people using their bare hands. This was the message conveyed to the people by the scene. They couldn't understand and were panicky because this wasn't possible.

Even the best soldiers weren't able to do this.

Half a day later, the empress brought Ren Baqian to the outskirt of another city, LK City, which was the headquarters of the organization. Although it was very old, it was bustling in general, with many more vehicles, and it took them some time to enter the city center.

Their hiding place was still on the roof of some building. After all,with her skills, tall buildings were like flat ground to the empress. They would not be easily discovered by others either.

The pair stood behind a wall on the rooftop and peered below. There were many people here, and it was more like a normal city. It was unlike the previous city, which looked like a ruin with many soldiers and very few civilians.

The only difference with other cities was that it was filled with a frenetic atmosphere.

"Zi Xiao, be careful, this place is very dangerous. Although those people armed with guns cannot harm you, the army can still pose some danger to you."

"The weapons of this world are not limited to what you saw, there are cannons, bombs and such, which are weapons with very destructive power. We are not here to do anything, but just to get some things," Ren Baqian admonished.

Although he knew this city should pose no threat to the empress, what she knew of the weapons in this world was too little, and Ren Baqian didn't want her to get hurt because of her carelessness.

At this moment, the sky began to darken. The empress poured some water for Ren Baqian and after hiding him, she disappeared into the night scene.


Three hours later, not far away from where Ren Baqian was hiding, five corpses were found.

The mission conducted by the empress went without a hitch. She focused on catching those who looked like high-ranking people living in the big houses. Out of the five, two were officials from this city, but they did not disclose the information wanted by Ren Baqian.

Listening to the buzz of the city and the increasingly dense traffic noise, Ren Baqian felt that someone might have already found something amiss.

After all, catching five people was not the same as catching five chickens. It was not the time to rest yet, and they were not necessarily all alone.

The corpses of the five executed people should have been discovered by now.

Ren Baqian mulled over changing their location once the empress was back.

While waiting for the empress, a group of uniformed soldiers from the organization rushed up instead. The door to the rooftop platform fell with just one kick. The corpses that were not deliberately hidden were soon found together with Ren Baqian, who was hiding in the corner.

When he heard the sound of rushing footsteps and the platform door breaking down, Ren Baqian closed his eyes and pretended to faint.

In his heart, he cried out, "Your Majesty, if you don't come back soon, you will not see me again."

Pretending to faint was the most appropriate move to make now.

Even though his clothing and appearance were different from the people here and several guns were pointed at him but, pretending to be unconscious would buy him some time and lessen the beatings.

After all, he was here with the corpses of some officials, and they were not likely to kill him immediately. They would want to know his identity, who his accomplices were, how many of them there were, and why he wanted this information.