The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 187: Mission Accomplished
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The soldiers aimed their rifles at Ren Baqian. Following which, someone walked up to them and told them something. Then, that person talked to his walkie-talkie again. Very soon, one of the soldiers stepped up and poked Ren Baqian with his rifle. When he saw that Ren Baqian did not have any reaction, he made a hand signal to the rest of the soldiers behind him.

Ren Baqian tried his best not to move when the person poked him with his rifle. Honestly speaking, it wasn't easy to feign unconscious, especially in such a situation. He could not move at all or open his eyes to look at his surroundings. He was completely unaware of what was going on now. All he could do now was pray that the empress would come back quickly. Otherwise, if anything happened to him, it would be a great injustice to him.

At this point in time, roughly six rifles were pointing at Ren Baqian. A few soldiers were checking the other corpses while some were searching the rooftop.

Two soldiers had already lifted Ren Baqian as they prepared to bring him back for interrogation.

At this moment, a red shadow holding a person suddenly appeared in a corner of the rooftop. When she saw the soldiers on the rooftop, she was stunned.

Don't tell me something happened to that guy?

When she thought of this, she felt a slight panic.

Without thinking it through, she appeared outside of the crowd of soldiers. Four soldiers were stuck with a huge force before they could react. At the instance when they were struck by the empress, their internal organs and bones were crushed to smithereens. Without any sound, they flew off of the rooftop.

Before the sound of bones being crushed resounded through the air and the rifles dropped to the ground, a few more soldiers were knocked off the rooftop.

Even though the remaining soldiers realized something wasn't right, half of the men behind them were already dead and thrown off the rooftop by the time they turned around.

When the people beneath the building saw human corpses dropping down from the rooftop like dumplings, they immediately let out alarmed cries.

Initially, the man kidnapped by the empress was overjoyed when he saw the soldiers on the rooftop. However, when he saw the empress flying back and forth across the rooftop and all of the soldiers disappeared within seconds, his eyes widened and his mouth was agape with incredulity.

"Sorry for being late," the empress picked up Ren Baqian with one hand and said. Her tone contained a trace of guilt and care.

Looking at the empress with widened eyes, Ren Baqian smiled and said, "You aren't late, you came back at the right time."

Just now, when he heard fleeting alarmed cries, his mind was set at east. When the two soldiers holding him suddenly let go of their hands, he did not panic at all, remaining calm and composed.

Actually, nothing much happened to him due to the timely return of the empress. Those soldiers only intended to bring him back for interrogation and had not done anything to him yet.

However, he still silently praised himself for his resourcefulness and the hard work that he had put in to feigning unconsciousness.

"Let's change locations, we have been discovered here," Ren Baqian said. Holding him and the man, the empress quickly left the rooftop. Within a short period of time, they arrived at a secluded corner at the border of the city.

The empress then placed Ren Baqian down carefully. The man that she was holding on with her other arm was nearly suffocated to death. After she let go of him, he lay on the ground and coughed non-stop.

"Eh?" When the surrounding light shone on the man's face, Ren Baqian looked as though he thought of something.

Could he be that person? If he's really that person, the empress would have done a great service to the world this time around. She should at least be awarded a Nobel Prize for this.

"Zixiao, pass me the phone," Ren Baqian said. The empress took out the smartphone from the bag and passed it to him.

Ren Baqian pressed the search button on the screen. Very soon, the picture of a man giving a speech appeared on the screen. After comparing the guy in the picture with the black-robed, bearded man with a black hat panting heavily in front of him, Ren Baqian smiled.

He did not know what to say at this moment. Is this the will of Heaven or is Lady Luck smiling upon him? Is this considered "a misfortune that comes with blessing"?

"Where did you find him?" Ren Baqian looked at the empress with a smile on his face. His voice was filled with joy.

"I saw many people surrounding him as he walked out of a house."

"If I could move now, I would give you a thumbs up. You have done a great job," Ren Baqian said happily.

Upon hearing Ren Baqian's words, the empress could not help but feel a tinge of joy in her heart.

"You're BGD, right?" With a wide smile on his face, Ren Baqian shifted his gaze to the black-robed man.

When the man heard Ren Baqian's voice, he trembled in dread. Then, he looked at the empress with fear in his eyes. Just now, within a short period of time, he had already concluded that this woman's strength was inhuman.

He even suspected whether or not was she sent by the gods to punish him.

"Who're you?" BGD forcibly composed himself and asked in English. The calm look on his face was merely a front.

Upon hearing his question, Ren Baqian used the translation software to reply, "You don't need to care who we are. We are here to look for something, you have sarin gas, right?"

"What do you want to do with it?"

"It's none of your business. We will leave once we get the sarin gas and its antidote. Otherwise, we will kill you. These things aren't valuable to you anyway. Furthermore, you can get more of them through various channels. No matter what, I think they are not as important as your life."

"And I can tell you that we won't be using the gas on you or your soldiers," Ren Baqian added.

"I don't know who you are, so why should I believe you?" BGD's eyes were filled with doubt. After speaking with Ren Baqian, he felt slightly at ease. He believed that as long as he could continue the conversation, he would live. After all, as the leader of such an organization, he wouldn't be intimidated so easily.

"It may sound very hackneyed, but I still have to say it. You have no other choices now. Even if we kill you, we still can continue to search for it. By now, you should have seen her skills. No one can stop her, not even your army. It's not worth getting killed over this matter. Furthermore, the noble cause that your people fight for might get caught up in power struggles after your death. You should know this better than me."

Ren Baqian made threats and promises at the same time. He strongly believed that BGD valued his own life more than the sarin gas. Given his status, he also wouldn't care whose hands the sarin gas fall into.

"I can promise you to get you the sarin gas, but you have to promise me not hurt me." Like what Ren Baqian had expected, BGD did not seem to be serious about getting him the sarin gas.

"Deal, so where do you keep your sarin gas?" Ren Baqian smiled and asked.

"It's kept in an underground base. That thing is very dangerous, you can follow me to get it," BGD's eyes lit up.

"I think you're lying to us, perhaps I should let you know how you will be treated if you aren't honest with us," Ren Baqian said this line word by word while looking at BGD.

The next second, BGD let off a miserable shriek while holding his leg. The empress stepped on the center of his lower leg and broke it.

"This is just a gentle reminder to remind you not to do anything stupid. Don't forget, you have the lives of tens of thousands of subordinates in your hands. It's definitely not worth it to sacrifice them for merely sarin gas."

"I know, I know what I should do. You don't have to do this, I'm not lying to you," BGD mumbled in agony with beads of perspiration trickling down his forehead.

"I really hope that you won't do anything stupid. Be assured that you can continue to be the leader of this organization in peace after we leave. If you don't listen to us, you will become a mere corpse," Ren Baqian repeated his words.

Actually, Ren Baqian wasn't feeling really confident deep down. After all, BGD was a man that had tens of thousands of soldiers and was in control of many people's lives. He did not understand BGD's character very well, and he did not have any experience in dealing with him before.

Therefore, he could only bare his fangs to intimidate him, hoping that he would do his bidding.

Following which, the empress picked up BGD and Ren Baqian's backpack and left. Ren Baqian was hidden in a corner and waited for the empress there.

Screams and sound of cars moving could be heard in his surroundings. It sounded as though there were a lot of soldiers searching the city for something.

Ren Baqian knew that this would definitely happen after BGD gone missing. His current location should be quite safe, and the soldiers shouldn't be able to find him for the time being.

After half an hour, the empress suddenly landed beside him. The backpack in her hand was bulging. There was a black-colored sack in her other hand. It seemed to be made up of the same material as BGD's robe.

"Is this the thing we're looking for?" the empress took out a black-colored can that resembled a pull-top can and asked.

Looking at the size of the sarin gas can and how big the backpack was, Ren Baqian reckoned that there should be at least twenty cans of sarin gas in the backpack. The black sack must have contained roughly the same number of sarin gas cans as well.

"We will know once we try it," Ren Baqian replied. He felt that he was becoming more and more cold-blooded, no longer valuing the importance of human life.

Soon after, a unit of armed soldiers walked on the street searching for something. Suddenly, a can flew out from the darkness and landed beneath their feet.

Immediately, everyone raised their guns and scanned their surroundings while cursing non-stop.

However, after one minute, the few soldiers that stood near to the can collapsed to the ground while clenching their necks. White foam spilled out of their mouths.

Within three minutes, everyone was lying on the ground.

In a distance, after witnessing this scene, Ren Baqian and the empress disappeared into the night scene.

"Is that person still alive?"

"Since we have promised him to spare his life, I will not go back on my words," the empress replied. It was beneath her dignity to do such a thing.

Ren Baqian nodded his head, having no objection to the empress's decision.

The world was so big, why would he be scared of BGD hunting him down?

It all depended on the trip to the Nine Pavilions now.