The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Nine Pavilions
Chapter 188: Nine Pavilions
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After they left, they thought that there would definitely be a major search and upheaval. But, in actual fact, there wasn't.

The matter was suppressed after BGD was brought back.

When he heard of the news that a convoy from another city was destroyed, he immediately knew who the culprit was.

It was hard for him to imagine that a human's strength could possibly reach that level. But he had witnessed it with his own eyes.

As a result, he decided to suppress the entire situation after thinking over. Otherwise, it will cause panic, affect his own position and probably even provoke others into seeking revenge.

However, his faith in his religion grew stronger after this incident. Since there was actually such a strong human that was hidden from this world, the existence of God must be certain as well.

And the two people involved didn't even know what would happen to BGD after they left and couldn't be bothered either. They had already passed the borders of Turkey even before sunrise and returned to Gaziantep. After which, they randomly found a roof to stay on. The nights over here weren't cold at all.

Even though he wasn't sure, Ren Baqian felt that the empress would probably be tired by now.

Both bags were placed to the side, and Ren Baqian lay at the corner of the walls. From his vantage point, he could see the empress standing at the ledge, overlooking the city in the dark and the occasional gleams of light. The night breeze blew and lifted her hair as well as the edge of her skirt.

Ren Baqian increasingly enjoyed gazing at the empress. It made him feel cheerful and lighthearted, even if it was just her rear view, or if she was just motionless.

When dawn broke, they went down for breakfast and returned with some packaging film, carefully wrapping up the bottles with it. Even though they have obtained the antidote concocted with deadly nightshade and pralidoxime, using the antidote after being poisoned would still be dangerous. After all, the antidote would require some time to take effect.

Looking at the empress who was wrapping the bottles with the packaging film, Ren Baqian felt that she had done many things these days which she had never done before.

For example, things such as caring for and feeding another among other miscellaneous tasks. These are things that an empress would never experience.

And now that she was doing all these, she didn't complain at all. The cold look on her face was just her original character.

"Your dress is dirty," Ren Baqian spoke abruptly. The empress's dress was indeed a little dirty. She had been wearing that dress that he bought with her at HN for the last few days. After so many days on the move, no matter how meticulous she was, there was still some dust on her dress as well as some stains along the edge.

The empress ignored his words and brushed the edge of her skirt a little. Even though it wasn't visible, there was still some dust on her.

Ren Baqian laughed after looking at her actions, making her somewhat enraged.

"We will go and buy a dress together after I have recovered." Ren Baqian proceeded with speaking gently. It was unlike how he spoke to Nasha, gentle on the outside but cold on the inside which made the empress somewhat uncomfortable with that feeling. This time, it was actually very genuine and intimate.

"Okay!" The empress replied without even lifting her head.

Two and a half days later, they immediately returned to the other world. Presently, it was three days away from reaching fifteen days in the other world. When they were about an hour's journey away from the Nine Pavilions, the empress asked Qi Shui to stop at a mountain top. She placed Ren Baqian aside, and vanished into the forest. After some time, she returned with her previous appearance of a red muslin dress with a white shirt beneath it.

Given her status here, she couldn't possibly let others belittle her filthy appearance.

"Wait for me here, I'll be back in a while." The empress said as she held the black bag in her arms. She understood how powerful this thing was and one bag of it would be sufficient.

"I would actually like to see their reaction when those people see you. I want to see your heroic posture when you display the skills of a top-class expert. I think it will be the world's most moving sight ever, an image that will forever be etched in my mind.

But I'd better not go now and cause you inconvenience." Ren Baqian laughed.

The empress let out a faint smile, very mild yet beautiful. It was a sight that only a few could ever see in this world.

"I will be back in a while. Qi Shui, protect him."

"If it really doesn't work out, it is still your safety that is most important. Don't try to be overly brave. You are much more important than I am, by a hundred times in fact. I don't want to see you getting hurt." Ren Baqian's face filled with solemnness as he spoke the words that he had always been wanting to say, even when he knew what would become of him if something were to happen to her.

Those words were the most sincere ones that he had ever said in his entire life.

"Nobody will get in my way," the empress replied as she looked at him with a bright gaze. She patted Qi Shui on the head and leaped down the mountain's peak in a flash.

The vision of that figure advancing courageously stayed in Ren Baqian's eyes, and it remained deep within his mind, occupying the whole of it.


The Nine Pavilion's fame for prowess had already spread far and wide by the time Great Xia was just founded. It had been at least more than four hundred years by now.

If someone were to speak of the Nine Pavilions, besides having a psychotic style of work, they were also well known for having many experts.

By saying that the number of experts were equivalent to the number of carps crossing a river, it actually wasn't far from fact.

The Nine Pavilions had a great reputation. Over a few hundred years, at least four people rose to rank within the top ten experts in the world. Based on that fact alone, people would never dare to belittle them in the slightest bit.

But, the Nine Pavilions was so huge that only a handful of people truly understood it. After all, majority did not like to make contact with that bunch of lunatics.

The Nine Pavilions lay within a col. It was said that it was a very large village that was closely packed. The entire village had thousands of families, scattered all over the col, and everything in the whole village was neat and tidy. Known by the outsiders as the Vipers, the disciples of the Nine Pavilions were like ordinary people in the village, always chatting and making jokes.

In the village, there were people who sold meat, fruits, rice, noodles, salt, and metal. It was no different from any other village in this world. Except for the nine tall towers behind the village which sat in succession that could attract some attention.

Many people would subconsciously take a glance at the tall towers as they walked by, with faces full of respect for it.

It would come as a big surprise for outsiders if they were to witness such a situation.

It was beyond imagination how that group of lunatics could live like ordinary people in that village, when they could call you their brother in one moment and kill your entire family in the next.

It was even more unbelievable how the disciples of the Nine Pavilions could live like a group of villagers, while they were dreaded by people all over.

There were no guards in the Nine Pavilions. After all, many people there could be considered experts.

There were at least over a hundred Earth Wheel level experts, and countless of Man Wheels experts over there. A random stone thrown that was off target would probably hit an old farmer who was an Earth Wheel level expert.

Nobody dared to behave atrociously in such a place. Not even the people from the Nine Pavilions.

But today, some actually dared to come and behave atrociously.

There was an archway at the entrance of the village, around the height of four to five meters. After experiencing hundreds of years of wind and rain, the house had long been ridiculously mottled.

And the words "Nine Pavilions" were inscribed on the archway. It was bold and beautiful, and the characters portrayed sword consciousness.

It was said that those words were left behind by the great pavilion master who founded the Nine Pavilions. The words carried his appreciation for swordsmanship.

Consequently, there were often people who studied and practiced under that archway.

Presently, it was the same. There were twenty to thirty men lifting their heads and observing with their full concentration while sitting ten meters away from the memorial arch.

At this moment, a lady in red suddenly appeared on the archway carrying a weird looking bag.
She was overlooking the entire village with both of her feet resting on the archway.

"Hua Sanliu, come out!"

That voice resounded, and the initially quiet Nine Pavilions became as noisy as a sizzling pan.