The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 190

Chapter 190: I Will Grant You Your Wish
Chapter 190: I Will Grant You Your Wish
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In front of everyone, was a man donned in a robe that was embroidered with flowers. His hair was draped over his shoulders, his face was powdered, and a cinnabar dot was between his eyebrows. He was considered good-looking, but it was just that he gave off a gloomy and cold aura.

This person was the grand pavilion master of the Nine Pavilions, Hua Sanliu. He looked as if he was in his early twenties, but in actual fact, he was already in his fifties.

And behind him stood eight people. They had nothing in common as some were tall, some were short, fat, or skinny. There was an old man with saggy skin as well as a young lady who seemed to be in her sweet sixteen.

These nine people accounted for nine of the top hundred experts in the world.

It could also be said that all are notorious.

After Eighth Pavilion Master Zhang Zijiang became one of the top-notch experts in the world, he hunted down every one of those who looked down on him in the past and killed everyone including their families.

That old man who was about seventy or eighty years old, was the Fourth Pavilion Master Lu Wu. When he was young, he had killed his parents as well as his entire clan. After which, he minced their bodies up and fed them to the dogs.

As for that young lady who looked as if she was in her sweet sixteen, she was the Fifth Pavilion Master Shi Qingjiao. Previously, she had concealed her own identity and married a rich man. On the night of their marriage, she actually murdered everyone and disappeared with the wind.

At first, there were some people who thought it was due to hatred or some emotional entanglements. However, there was something she said that got passed on by people, "I fell in love with him when I first met him and wished that we could live together till a ripe old age. It was just that afterwards, I suddenly didn't like him anymore and that's why I killed him."

Several other people also committed different evil deeds.

It was just that they didn't leave such a huge impact. The people in the Nine Pavilions were powerful. Even if everyone else in the world couldn't put up with it, there wasn't anything the

"The pavilion master is here!"

"Greetings, pavilion master!"

Upon seeing this bunch of people, who were rarely seen gathered together, a look of respect emerged on the faces of the onlookers.

At this moment, the few of them were sizing up the legendary woman, Qi Zixiao.

As for Qi Zixiao, she was staring at Hua Sanliu.

"Aiyaya, what day is it today, such a distinguished guest actually came to my Nine Pavilions. If I had known earlier, I would have come to the door to welcome you. What is the Dayao empress doing over here? Aren't you afraid that you can come but can't leave?" A surreptitious smile formed on Hua Sanliu's face as he spoke in an exaggerated tone.

"Give me the antidote for Torment. You can tell me whatever it is that you want." The empress got right to the point and didn't even say a single word of bullshit.

"Eh, Torment, is there an antidote for that?" Hua Sanliu was astonished. Then, he turned around and looked behind with suspicions, "Is there an antidote for Torment? Why haven't I heard of it before?"

"If the Grand Pavilion Master hasn't heard of it before, naturally, such an antidote doesn't exist." Shi Qingjiao covered her mouth and laughed softly.

Upon hearing his words, the empress's heart suddenly tightened and her killing intent skyrocketed. If there wasn't any antidote for Torment, wouldn't that person be similar to a log of wood in the near future?

"Aiyaya, I have recalled. I think there is an antidote after all. My memory has been deteriorating for the past two years. However, I am actually curious to whom actually got poisoned by Torment and could actually get the noble Dayao's empress to come over here personally?" Hua Sanliu laughed in a low voice.

"I have heard that you have been raising a gigolo. Don't tell me that the antidote is for him? With the exception of Hong Wu, there is no one else in Dayao's imperial court that deserves such attention from you."

A cold vibe was given off from the empress and the surrounding temperature was a few degrees lower. On top of that, the wind blowing in the field made the empress's hair flutter in the wind.

"Hand over the antidote." There wasn't any warmth in the empress's voice at all.

"Aiya, you are the one who is pleading to me now. I'm so afraid when you talk like this!" Hua Sanliu spoke in a strange voice and the onlookers roared with laughter.

If anyone of the onlookers met Qi Zixiao outside, they wouldn't dare to behave this way.

But over here, there was Hua Sanliu, who was even more powerful than Qi Zixiao. As such, nobody showed any trace of fear and ridiculed the seventh most powerful expert in the world in her presence, while looking at her surrender. Such an opportunity may never again happen in their lifetime.

The empress frowned slightly and the cold vibe she emitted became even stronger. This Hua Sanliu was indeed worthy of being the most inelegant and disgusting person out of the top ten experts in the world.

If it wasn't because she needed to obtain the antidote, she would have beaten him up without saying anything further at this moment.

"As long as you give me the antidote, you can state the conditions that you want," the empress said once more.

"So magnanimous, so impressive. Indeed, you are Qi Zixiao. Since you have put it this way, I will raise my conditions." Hua Sanliu laughed in a weird manner and used his fingers to point at the empress. "I want you!"

Everyone laughed once again.

By this time, a layer of frost could even be scraped off the empress's face.

"Your gigolo that you have been raising. Hand him over to me. After I have saved him, he will stay here. How's that? I'm incessantly curious about this man, who can enchant a person like you," Hua Sanliu's tone changed as he continued his previous sentence.

"You are courting death." The empress clenched her fists. Who has ever spoken to her this way in her entire life?

"If you brought your one thousand five hundred winged cavalry warriors along or Hong Wu with you, I might really not dare to do so. What should I be afraid of since you are here alone?" Hua Sanliu laughed heartily.

"Under what conditions will you hand over the antidote to me," the empress gritted her teeth as she asked.

"Ahaha, Aiyaya, you are indeed cute. You actually haven't turned hostile up until now. It seems like that person is really that important to you. Such an opportunity is rare, I have to consider the conditions properly." Hua Sanliu laughed heartily once again.

"Go, bring the antidote over." Suddenly, Hua Sanliu ordered the person behind him.

Ninth Pavilion Master Zhu Lang was a little plump, as if he was from a rich family. Since he arrived, he had been continuously wiping off his perspiration. Upon hearing Hua Sanliu's words at this moment, he sighed and ran towards the back. Even though his movements weren't quick, every time he stepped on the ground it shook. This made people suspect whether or not the Ninth Pavilion Master was made out of metal, otherwise, how could he be so heavy.

But, Zhu Lang was the person in the entire Nine Pavilion who knew the most about medicine.

At this moment, there was absolute silence. Hua Sanliu was racking his brains, what should I ask from her?

After a long time, Zhu Lang ran back with an additional small box and threw it to Hua Sanliu.

"Do you want it?" Hua Sanliu raised his head and looked at the empress as he fiddled with the box.

"Do you want it that much?"

"Name your conditions." The empress was a little relieved when she saw that box.

Whatever the case, as long as she took the box back, she would be able to save him.

"Condition, condition, I can't think of any. Suddenly, I realize that there's nothing that I want at the moment. If I'm into women, maybe I can get you to accompany me for some fun. But, I don't even like women. In that case, what else do I want?" Hua Sanliu was distressed all of a sudden.

"All of sudden, I feel that my life is so boring. I don't like men, neither do I like women. I don't like gold and silver either. Everyone, tell me whether my life is boring or not?" Hua Sanliu turned his head and looked at the onlookers behind him.

"Indeed, it's boring. Practically too boring." The burly man who looked as though he was cast out of iron nodded in agreement.

"If it were me, I would rather die." A skinny man, who looked similar to a bamboo pole said full of schemes.

"Aiyaya, this is a good idea. Such a good idea." Upon hearing these words, it was as if Hua Sanliu heard something amusing and he began to smile cheerfully and lightheartedly.

He then passed on the box to Zhu Lang and sneered at the empress. "Let's do it this way, you kill me and the thing is yours. If you aren't able to kill me, I will peel your skin and manufacture the most beautiful puppet ever. I will place it over here for everyone to look at whenever they feel like it all right?"

The empress relinquished her grip and hung the black backpack on the top of the archway. Then, she surged towards Hua Sanliu.

"Since you want to die, I will grant you your wish!"