The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Pulverized
Chapter 191: Pulverized
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At this instance, the empress squinted her eyes and surged towards Hua Sanliu.

If it weren't for the antidote, she would have flown into rage a long time ago.

In the entire Dayao, who dared to talk to her like this?

Outside of Dayao, who dared to talk to her like this?

Just because you're the fifth most powerful expert in the world doesn't mean that I can't touch you. Do you really think that I can't beat you to death?

Courting death? I will grant your wish now.

The empress instantaneously materialized into an arrow before everyone's eyes. All they could see was a blurry shadow streaking through the air. From this, they could tell how fast the empress was.

Before the onlookers could react, the empress was already exchanging blows with Hua Sanliu. Following which, a loud boom resounded through the air and both parties were knocked back in the air.

Those onlookers who did not manage to avoid the shock wave of the collision were knocked flying through the air. All the structures behind the archway collapsed with a loud boom.

Even though the archway looked archaic, it wasn't affected by the shock wave. Even the black-colored sack hanging on it wasn't unaffected.

The onlookers were overwhelmed with horror. This was the might of experts that were among the top ten in the world?

The empress did a flip in the air and landed safely on the ground. Hua Sanliu stomped and crushed three persons' heads before he could stabilize himself and land safely on the ground. However, he did not seem to care about this at all. Instead, he burst out laughing and said, "Interesting, interesting."

Following which, he jumped ten meters into the air and surged towards the empress. Before everyone's eyes, an enormous, long, black-colored saber appeared in the sky and charged the empress with a boundless aura of might.

The aura alone rendered many people immobile.

Even among Spirit Wheel experts, very few possessed such ability. This ability involved creating an embodiment for one's spirit. This ability was also known as Embodiment of Spirit.

After one broke through Celestial Gate, he or she would attain Spirit Level.

Unlike those at other levels, a Spirit Level expert would cultivate his spirit and transform his essence, qi, and spirit into Embodiment of Spirit. Only by cultivating Embodiment of Spirit could then a Spirit Wheel practitioner become a legitimate top-notch expert. Embodiment of Spirit was their most powerful weapon against their enemies.

However, most people were stuck at the stage of cultivating Embodiment of Spirit. Some Spirit Wheel experts would even die while doing so. This kind of incident was quite common.

Facing the saber that could split mountains, even the empress could feel its might. Her eyes gave off a red glow, and her hair had turned blood-red. This was the mark of an aboriginal gathering all of the qi and blood in his or her body.

For practitioners from other nations, after one attained the level of Spirit Wheel, he or she would try to cultivate Embodiment of Spirit. On the contrary, aboriginals would always try to harness the power of their blood lineage and filled their bodies with the power of qi and blood. This was the biggest difference between aboriginals and practitioners from other nations.

Unarmed, the empress clenched her fists and punched the black saber continuously, causing a series of explosions to ring through the air. The onlookers below saw a red-colored figure colliding repeatedly with a long black saber that looked as though it was held by a giant's hands.

Loud booms could be incessantly heard. However, each time a collision occurred, the red shadow would draw back slightly.

The aboriginal empress, whose strength had always been unrivalled, was actually now suppressed by Hua Sanliu.

As the both of them fought, the onlookers below them retreated further and further away from the action. Those who were slightly slower in doing so exploded into a bloody mist. Thick and long saber scars appeared on the surface of the ground, causing the onlookers to flee in panic. All of them were scared of being devoured by the intense battle.

The shock wave from the battle alone was enough to cause such destruction to the surface of the ground, one could imagine how it felt like to be fighting the empress face-to-face.

The battle between the empress and Hua Sanliu forced the eight pavilion masters to retreat. The strength of the two experts overwhelmed them with fear.

Even though they knew Hua Sanliu's strength was unfathomable, they did not expect him to be so powerful.

To be able to match his strength, the eight pavilion masters would have to combine forces.


Another deafening boom echoed through the air and the empress was knocked flying through the air. Stabilizing herself in the mid-air, she landed on a huge rock roughly one hundred meters away.

The moment her feet touched the rock, the rock exploded into smithereens.

Following which, the empress raised her arms. One could see a few faint-looking bloody traces on her fists.

There were a few wounds on her body as well.

"How can you kill me with this bit of strength? Tell me, how can you kill me with this bit of strength?" Hua Sanliu howled with laughter in the air.

By this moment, the empress's eyes and hair were blood-red. She was standing on the rock barefooted as her shoes had already shattered.



"What is that sound?" the burly man who looked as though he was cast out of iron asked. He was the one that had replied to Hua Sanliu just now. He was Zhong Feng, the Third Pavilion Master of Nine Pavilions.

"It's from her." Shi Qingjiao looked at the empress with a solemn look on her face.

Currently, the aura surrounding the empress kept on intensifying, resembling a ferocious beast that was about to wake up.

"It's a breathing sound!" another pavilion master said with incredulity.

To him, it resembled the breathing of a gigantic beast. It sounded as though the beast was suppressing its blood thirst before launching an attack. Right now, it was conserving its energy.

And at this moment, the empress's body began to transform again. Odd-looking veined patterns began to appear on her skin filling her body.

Then, the empress opened her mouth slightly. As she breathed out, traces of white-colored mist shot out from her mouth like arrows and dissipated into the air.

In the air, Hua Sanliu had already realized something was amiss earlier than the others. Previously, he was already puzzled by Qi Zixiao's attacks. Even though they were powerful, they somehow did not match the strength of the seventh most powerful expert in the world. Furthermore, she fell into a disadvantageous position too soon, way before he activated Embodiment of Spirit.

It was at this moment that he realized Qi Zixiao did not go all-out on him.

Right now, the level of Qi Zixiao's strength had become significantly higher than before. Furthermore, it was still increasing now, almost matching his level.

What kind of martial art could increase her strength so much within such a short period of time?

"Disrupt her, don't let her continue," this thought suddenly emerged in Hua Sanliu's mind.

"Die!" As Hua Sanliu roared, his Embodiment of Spirit transformed into countless saber shadows and flew towards the empress.


The empress breathed out deeply. When she raised her head, one could see that the blackness of her pupils had completely disappeared, and her face was covered with blood-red vein pattern.

"Roar!" The empress suddenly let out a roar. Following which, she disappeared in a flash. By the time she re-appeared, she was in midair surging towards the countless saber shadows with her fists clenched.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!"

A series of explosions resounded through the air, almost causing a sonic boom. This time around, even the eight pavilion masters could not make out what was going on. All they could see was a burst of black light that looked as though it could devour everything. Occasionally, they could see a red dot flying back and forth across the border of the burst of black light, proving someone was still there.
The empress's fists collided with the burst of black light repeatedly. Faint fine cracks began to appear on the huge black saber. Subsequently, those cracks became larger and larger, so much so that they covered the entire saber.


In the air, the empress let out the roar of an ancient beast once again. Ferociously, she landed a punch on the blade of the black saber. Suddenly, the saber shattered into smithereens in the air.

A figure was knocked flying through the air.

"Grand Pavilion Master!" the onlookers cried.

"Roar!" The empress disappeared into thin air in an instant. Following which, she appeared above Hua Sanliu, who was still soaring through the air. She punched Hua Sanliu's chest and sent him flying downward. The empress then followed him like his shadow and punched him continuously.

A black shield suddenly appeared in front of Hua Sanliu's body, forcibly blocking the empress's fists. Hua Sanliu, currently, was violently spitting out blood. Blood was gushing out from even his orifices. His eyes were filled with terror. How could Qi Zixiao be so powerful?

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

"Save Grand Pavilion Master!" Second Pavilion Master roared.


The eight of them looked at each other but none of them was willing to take the first step to help Hua Sanliu.

At this moment, there was obviously something amiss with Qi Zixiao. She even defeated Grand Pavilion Master Hua Sanliu, it was better to let someone else take her on right now. The eight pavilion masters all had the same thought, and hence, none of them moved.

However, the next moment, they all surged forward at the same time.

A long sword appeared in Second Pavilion Master Jiang Hailiu's hand, the body of Third Pavilion Master Zhong Feng exuded a metallic glow, a long rod appeared in Fourth Pavilion Master Lu Weng's hands...

The eight pavilion masters had already activated Embodiment of Spirit. However, theirs had yet to reach the level of Hua Sanlian's whereby it was so powerful that it could be projected outwards. Their Embodiment of Spirit could only maintain stability when it materialized within their hands.

"Bang!" The empress made a flip in the air and heavily landed her feet on Hua Sanliu's body. Immediately, his body exploded into a bloodly mist.

The eight persons immediately stopped in their tracks with their eyes popping out. How could this be possible?

The fifth most powerful expert in the world, Hua Sanliu, was actually pulverized by the empress...

After pulverizing Hua Sanliu, the empress suddenly lost strength and landed on the ground. She forcibly stabilized herself as the veined pattern on her body slowly receded. Her eyes, however, still remained blood-red.

"Give me the antidote," the empress raised her head and demanded.

Her voice remained ice-cold. The manner she pulverized Hua Sanliu just now caused everyone to tremble in fear.

However, they could sense the fatigue in her voice.

"The martial art she used just now has exhausted too much of her energy, she can't take it anymore. Nine Pavilions, whoever kills her will be rewarded handsomely!" An angry roar echoed throughout the village.

"Kill her!" Upon hearing the command, thousands of shadows instantly surged towards the empress.

"Courting death!" The empress's voice was filled with chilliness and killing intent.