The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Poison Gas
Chapter 192: Poison Gas
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"Kill her and take revenge for Grand Pavilion Master!" the onlookers shouted. The Nine Pavilions was able to have a high standing in this world because every generation of Grand Pavilion Master was ranked among the world's top ten experts. In addition, nobody dared to underestimate the rest of the pavilion masters either.

One could imagine that the recent death of Hua Sanliu was a great shock to the members of the Nine Pavilions. All of their eyes were filled with fear and a murderous intent.

They feared Qi Zixiao's power, but the intention to kill pervaded the air.

Besides some pavilion masters achieving fame through battles, many disciples of the Nine Pavilions were like mad dogs, who risked death just to attack their rivals. And as such, the Nine Pavilions received fame for its fighting prowess.

What's more, the unstable stature of the empress was clearly visible to all.

Following the shouts of "serious injury" and "kill", everyone looked at the empress with bloodshot eyes and charged vigorously towards her. Among the fastest was none other than the chubby guy seen earlier, Ninth Pavilion Master Zhu Lang. His movements were slow, and the ground shook whenever he walked. He was seen taking a deep breath and his whole body expanded by one more layer. Then, he leaped into the air like a meteorite and with a whistling sound, smashed into the empress.

The empress raised her head and saw up to a thousand people rushing at her, and her eyes were cold and ruthless. " All of you are courting death!"

But, her current top priority was Zhu Lang, who was speeding menacingly at her like a meteorite.

The empress clenched her fists and a series of snapping sound was produced. Just now, she suddenly showed amazing strength and obliterated Hua Sanliu, who was of a higher ranking than her. But, the price she paid for doing that wasn't small.

That burst of energy just now had damaged her body. Now that the energy had receded, the feeling of weakness and pain from her whole body was alternately sent to her brain.

Now, her power had fallen to only thirty percent of what it was at her prime. She needed at least one month of cultivation to recover from the injury and return to peak condition.

The pain caused by each bone and muscle in her body slowed down her movements by a lot.

Facing Zhu Lang, who was smashing into her from the air, the empress didn't dodge. She gritted her teeth and delivered a punch upwards.

"I am Qi Zixiao, how can you underestimate me," the empress silently voiced her thoughts. Her eyes as sharp as a knife.

At that very moment, her fist met the soft body of Zhu Lang, it was surrounded by fat which trembled and absorbed her energy.

"Bang." After the collision, Zhu Lang flew back into the air like a ball and the ground under the empress cracked.

Yet another person, who endowed his whole body with gleaming gold and rushed to attack the empress like a raging cow. This person was Third Pavilion Master Zhong Feng. He and Zhu Lang individually combined their skills with the Spirit Martial. However, Zhong Feng grew a gleaming gold body that was impervious to knives and swords, whereas Zhu Lang's body was like a sponge which could absorb energy.

Both fists of the empress and Zhong Feng collided and powerful shock waves were emitted. Zhong Feng retreated six or seven steps, while the empress retreated seven or eight steps.

This made the onlookers even surer that the empress was in a bad condition.

One must know that at her peak condition, even if Zhong Feng condensed his Heaven-grade weapon's energy to double it, he wouldn't be able to take a single punch from Qi Zixiao. This time, he had the upper hand, and from this, everyone could see how bad the current situation of the empress was.

At the same time, Shi Qingjiao appeared behind the empress like a ghost and stabbed her waist with a short knife. The empress flipped her fists to pound the blade, causing a metallic clashing sound to be produced and two more wounds bloodied her fists.

A long stick from the left spun and created seven to eight fanciful patterns, which hit the key points of the empress's body.

In unison with the other attacks, a veil of sword shadows enveloped the empress from above.

The empress had no choice but to retreat as the attacks were coming from all directions. She would not even deign to look at them if she was in tiptop shape. With her strength at thirty percent and her speed also decreasing, it put the empress at a disadvantage. Furthermore, the eight pavilion masters banded together with the Heaven-grade weapon to greatly increase their power. After forcing herself to intercept the stick, she received some bloody cuts from the sword shadow that could be seen everywhere. Seeing a gap in the enclosure surrounding her, she leapt in the direction of the archway.

The empress was filled with murderous intent and her inverted brows displayed her anger. If it was prior to these attacks, she was still unwilling to use this poison gas. But, if she still did not utilize it now, she would be left over here.

The antidote was not in her hands yet, so she couldn't even leave, let alone escape.

"Qi Zixiao is dying, thinking of escape? Stop her!" Jiang Hailiu was excited with the situation.

In front of the empress was a raging crowd of the Nine Pavilion members. She abruptly jumped up wanting to cross over their heads, but twenty or thirty of them, carrying all sorts of weapons, jumped up concurrently.

The next moment, those twenty to thirty people fell back to the ground like dumplings in a pot, but the empress was also blocked by them, and she was forced to pause for a while. Once again, Shi Qingjiao appeared like a ghost behind the empress and continuously stabbed her back twenty-seven times and turned into a trail of knife light.

"Get lost!" The empress's expression was as cold as ice. She turned and threw a punch in return. The impact sent Shi Qingjiao flying out with a muffled voice, and the empress had fresh blood flowing from her hands.

Relying on the rebound from this punch, the empress flew for a few meters, but more than ten people jumped up to intercept her again.

"Get lost!" She kicked everybody away. Simultaneously, she stepped on one person and headed for the door.

Was her goal the bag hanging on the door? Jiang Hailiu, who was chasing her knew there was certainly something odd with that bag. Otherwise, why would she make such a strange move?

However, it was too late to say anything, the empress somersaulted through the door, and the black bag had already appeared in her hand.

Meanwhile, a ball of meat raced like a meteorite at her. The empress turned in mid-air and stepped on the ball of meat. Although her action repelled Zhu Lang, she was also knocked back to the ground and immediately surrounded by many Nine Pavilions disciples.

The empress took out two bottles from the bag, broke the bottlenecks and swallowed the content.

"Oh no, stop her." Jiang Hailiu thought the empress was taking medicine to restore her condition and hastily shouted. But by this moment, it was too late, and he could only look on helplessly as she took the medicine.

"The effect of the medicine will take some time to materialize, surround and kill her," Jiang Hailiu shouted and rushed over.

It wasn't only him that thought that way, everyone else thought so too. Nobody expected the empress to take the antidote for the poison gas.

The empress threw the bag on the ground, stepped on it with one foot and the bottles inside broke instantly. She flexed the tip of her toe, split the bag and directed it at the crowd, injuring more than ten people with the broken shards.

The sarin gas in the backpack was released in all directions and dispersed into the air.

0.5 milligrams of Sarin were enough to kill a normal adult. Furthermore, it was colorless and tasteless. The amount in the backpack was at least ten kilograms and the concentration level could only be imagined when dispersed in such surroundings.

However, nobody in the crowd noticed it as in this world, poison was only in either pill or liquid form. One method was to orally consume the poison, which was an intrusive method to the human body; whereas another method was through the burning of poisonous substances. They had totally no concept of such poison gas, which utilized liquids evaporating to invade through the respiratory tract and mucous membranes.