The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 195

Chapter 195: The Couple Tour in Istanbul
Chapter 195: The Couple Tour in Istanbul
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While countless people in Great Xia were shocked by the news of the Nine Pavilions' destruction, a man and a lady were travelling through the famous city of Istanbul on Earth like any ordinary couple.

Every day, there were countless couples just like them coming to this city from all over the world. Therefore, they weren't at all conspicuous.

The only conspicuous things about them were the lady's exquisite and charismatic face and the dangerous ice-cold aura exuding from her body.

At this moment, however, the lady was completely devoid of these traits.

She was entirely focused on the Turkish kebab in her hands. Occasionally, she would take a look at the beautiful scenery surrounding her.

Meanwhile, Ren Baqian was holding a bag containing all kinds of local delicacies.

While they were walking down the street, Ren Baqian would buy any street food he spotted, and the empress would eat anything he bought. For every food Ren Baqian bought, he would take a small bite of it and pass it to the empress to let her finish it. Those who saw him doing this had a warm smile on their faces.

Ever since the epic battle with Hua Sanliu, the empress's appetite increased dramatically. A sheep that weighed 70 kilograms usually had 25 kilograms of meat and even this amount was too much for a muscular bodybuilder to eat. The empress could effortlessly eat two portions of such an amount of meat, which was roughly equivalent to her weight.

Any food that entered her stomach would be immediately converted into essence energy, replenishing every single cell in her body.

While they were traversing through the territory of Great Xia two days ago, the pair would occasionally stop for a rest, and the empress would catch a few animals for Ren Baqian to roast. Sitting on the back of Qi Shui, she would eat the food in an elegant but extremely fast manner.

This slowed down their travelling speed significantly.

Now that they were back on Earth, both of them wanted to make use of this opportunity to have a good rest. Ren Baqian needed to nurse his health. After all, he was still feeling weak. On the contrary, the empress was completely focused on eating the local delicacies.

However, Ren Baqian did not know something. Despite having a serene look on her face, the empress was actually feeling pain all over her body. She had been enduring the pain without batting an eyelid.

She would only speak out when she was hungry.

When Ren Baqian saw the empress finished the Turkish kebab and pita wrap, he passed her a bottle of Lion's Milk that he bought from a restaurant just now. Lion's Milk, also known as Turkish white wine, was an anise-flavored, alcoholic drink that had an alcohol percentage of 45%. After adding water or ice to it, its color would turn milk-white.

The empress raised her head and finished the bottle of Lion's Milk that had been added to ice. Her face was slightly red as she had already drunk three bottles of Lion's Milk before this.

That's right. Ever since she arrived on Earth in the morning, she had never stopped eating or drinking. While she was in Great Xia, the amount of food that she consumed was simply not enough for her appetite. Since they were in a rush to leave Great Xia, she could only occasionally catch some animals for Ren Baqian to roast for food.

Now that they had returned to Earth, she could finally eat her fill.

When Ren Baqian saw there was a stain on the corner of the empress's mouth, he used his thumb to wipe it off. The empress froze and looked at him. Following which, she lowered her head, looked at the pita wrap in her hands and gently bit it.

Two of them had toured around the city for half a day. They weren't really interested in the beautiful scenery or intriguing culture of this city. Instead, they had gained a deeper understanding of the local delicacies here.

That afternoon, they went to a beach in Istanbul that was near to the estuary of the Black Sea.

There were many people on the beach. Hot and beautiful girls wearing bikinis could be found everywhere. All of them were lying on beach mats suntanning.

While the empress and Ren Baqian were standing on the beach, the latter's gaze kept on wandering. Hot girls wearing bikinis were a very common sight in this world, but it made the empress raise her eyebrows in disapproval.

"Are they really that nice to look at?" the empress asked coldly.

"No, their beauty pales in comparison to yours. I'm actually not looking at them." Ren Baqian shook his head and said, "Everything here, the sea, the beach, and the people, are just decorations to adorn one person."

The empress looked slightly tipsy. After drinking a few bottles of Lion's Milk, she looked even more alluring.

By this point in time, Ren Baqian felt that the empress was like a burning flame while he was like a moth that couldn't restrain its emotions and fly towards it.

Actually, he liked seeing every frown and every smile of the empress. He seldom saw her like this in Dayao. And as such, he always wanted to tease her. However, he did it half-heartedly every time.

After all, he wasn't a bullfighter and he did not want to die.

However, he did not come here just to tease the empress. In fact, he was a sea-lover. Perhaps this was a desire of someone that grew up inland.

I want a house that faces the sea, with flowers blossoming around it and warm sunlight shining on it.

Such words would never come out from the mouth of someone that lived near a sea. The sea was an inlanders' romance, especially when it came to couples.

In reality, those who lived by the sea did not feel this way. Living in areas situated near the sea for too long, especially houses that had a direct view of the sea, made it easier for one to catch rheumatism and various dampness-related illnesses.

Initially, the empress was feeling unhappy. After hearing Ren Baqian's words, she did not say anything else. With a darkened face, she continued to eat her snack. She was eating a strudel. This kind of sweet-tasting food was her favorite.

"Since you don't like it here, we can go back now," Ren Baqian smiled and said.

He was delighted after seeing the I-am-not-happy look on the empress's face throughout the car ride back.

After returning to the city, both of them stayed in a hotel overnight. The next day, they took a plane back to Beijing. By the time they reached Ankara, it was already nighttime. They stayed there for a night, and the next morning they took a chartered car back to Shancheng. After reaching his house, Ren Baqian threw everything on the floor and collapsed onto the sofa.

All along, his body had not yet recovered from the poison. Now that he was travel-worn, he felt extremely fatigued.

Less than half an hour later, the empress looked at him with her eyes lit up and said, "I'm hungry."

"Alright!" Lying on the sofa, Ren Baqian turned around and gave her a smile. No matter how tired he was, he would definitely fulfil this simple request of the empress.

Ren Baqian drove the empress out for a meal. Then, they went to the supermarket and bought a bunch of food. For the entire afternoon, the empress just lay on the sofa and ate all kinds of food while watching a movie. There were pizzas, KFC Family Bucket Meals, Donkey Burgers, and other various cooked foods.

Occasionally, Ren Baqian would steal some food from the empress's hands to eat. And every time he did this, the empress would cast a glance at him, but he still never got tired of doing it. Even though there was a heap of food on the table, he still preferred to take from the empress's hands.

At night, only when the empress went to her room to sleep did Ren Baqian returned to his room happily and practice [Visualization of Water].

While he was poisoned, every time he visualized [Visualization of Water], the surface of the lake would churn furiously, preventing him from diving into the lake.

As he recovered gradually, he was able to dive into the lake once again.

The lake in [Visualization of Water] was part of his body. Every time he dived into it, his body would be slightly transformed. To put it simply, his kidneys were transforming. After all, kidneys were water-attributed.

However, due to the lack of time for cultivation, he did not discover any other changes with his body other than the increase in his strength after taking the medicinal bath.

The next morning, Ren Baqian woke up and made breakfast for the empress. Then, he gave Chen Qing a call to tell him he was alright.

Upon hearing this news, Chen Qing had a weight taken off his mind. For the past few days, he had been staying at the laboratory but very little progress had been made.

After hanging up on Chen Qing, Ren Baqian received another call in less than ten minutes. After he picked up the call with doubt, he heard a female voice on the other side of the line. "Lucky boy, where are you? Can you come down to the laboratory?"

"I'm not interested." Upon hearing it was Xu Shan's voice, he immediately hung up. Since he had recovered now, he wasn't interested in going back to the laboratory.

In less than ten seconds, his phone rang again. This time around, Ren Baqian hung up without even picking up the call.

When the phone rang for the third time, Ren Baqian picked up the call with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Boss, don't forget you're our boss. Do you know what impact will the R worms has on this world? If we can control it, we can use it to cure an incurable disease like leukemia. The entire world will benefit from it and you can become a billionaire. Right now, we are progressing very slowly, you have to come down to the laboratory."

Fearing that Ren Baqian would hang up on her, Xu Shan spat out a string of words the moment Ren Baqian picked up her call.

"I have no interest in making more money," Ren Baqian mumbled. There was no point in him making more money now.

However, if what Xu Shan said was true, it would be a pity if he just ignored the research on R worms now. There were still some antidotes to Torment left.

If the laboratory really came up with a cure for leukemia, not only would he become a billionaire, he would rise to fame as well.

Furthermore, some of things that he wanted in the future needed social status and social connections to obtain.

For example, a computer numerical control system and other high-tech equipment. Right now, he still did not have any idea on how to obtain this kind of equipment. He even needed Chen Qing to sell his gemstones. If he could enter the social circle of wealthy people and meet one or two influential individuals, he would have a much easier time obtaining whatever he wanted.

"Alright, I will go over later," Ren Baqian replied plainly and hung up.