The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Full of Confidence
Chapter 196: Full of Confidence
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In the afternoon, Ren Baqian and the empress brought along the antidote and rushed to the lobby of the building where the laboratory was situated at. He gave Chen Qing a call and in no time, Xu Shan and Sun Qing immediately came down to receive the both of them. It seemed like they couldn't even wait any longer as they immediately pulled him over, and cautiously touched him from head to toe without even saying anything.

"Enough, the both of you!" Ren Baqian's face displayed his unwillingness.

The previous time I was poisoned, the both of you researched for such a long time yet there weren't any results. Now, the both of you are behaving like perverts and touching me all over. What do the both of you want?

Furthermore, which bastard touched my buttocks?

Crap, and almost touched my penis as well.

Ren Baqian's face already turned pale.

Only at this moment, the both of them said in astonishment while pulling on to Ren Baqian, "Lucky boy, how did you actually do it?"

"Let's go up and talk." Ren Baqian looked at the empress, and the four words "I am not happy" were written all over the empress's face.

If they were in Dayao, she might have already swatted the both of them to death.

To put it simply, she was just being protective.

With regards to this point, Ren Baqian had long ago discovered it.

However, the empress was already very restrained in this world.

They took the lift up, but Chen Qing wasn't there. Instead, Papa Chen had already been waiting inside since long ago, and his gaze fell on the empress when they entered.

All these years, he had seen all kinds of people and believed that he somewhat had foresight. Even though this woman's appearance was breathtaking, this wasn't the main point. The main point was that when he saw her, his awareness was raised involuntarily as he was afraid to offend her.

For an ordinary person, it probably wouldn't be that obvious. But, for a sly old man like him who had seen all sorts of officials, only then would one be particularly sharp.

This woman was absolutely the kind who was in charge of life-and-death decisions.

However, he only took a glance at the empress before looking at Ren Baqian again. He really didn't dare to be impudent in case he offended her without even knowing the reason. By all means, he should never offend someone like her.

"It's good that you are fine now. Sometime ago, I heard from Chen Qing that you were very ill, and I was very worried. Now that you are fine, it's all good," Papa Chen said as he gave a passionate smile.

"Thanks a lot, Uncle." The relationship between the two of them had always been very good. As such, Ren Baqian also had a great impression of Papa Chen.

Just like this laboratory business. Even though he had managed to save Chen Qing, but if it was someone else, he would never give away sixty percent of his shares for just a formula and a sample. Giving forty percent of the shares was already considered a pretty good offer.

However, Papa Chen actually made that decision when he was just an ordinary salaried worker, who only earned about a few thousand yuan a month. Since then, Ren Baqian felt that Papa Chen was someone that he could work together with.

And as such, he didn't think much when he brought the antidote over.

Otherwise, an ordinary person would definitely not take such an important item out so easily. This was because the prior agreement and the establishment of the laboratory, pertained only to issues of the black mud cream.

However, Ren Baqian didn't care about such things.

It appeared that all the things on Earth had already lost it attractiveness to him.

Even though he still didn't have much money, status, or the young models which he used to think about all day, he didn't yearn for them anymore.

As long as he had a fixed status for him on Earth to obtain the things he required, it would be sufficient.

"This is.? Is it convenient for you to introduce her?" Papa Chen chuckled. Even though he could sense that this woman wasn't anyone ordinary, there wasn't any harm in getting to know her. Who knew he might actually get to know some big shots from her. It was something that a businessman like him, yearned for even in his dreams.

"This is...."

Ren Baqian turned his head and took a quick look at the empress while the other party was looking at him.

"My fiance!"

Ren Baqian spoke as he looked at the empress. The empress's gaze twinkled for a moment before shifting it elsewhere.

"Cough cough!" Upon hearing this answer, Papa Chen nearly choked to death.

"Very well matched!" Papa Chen complimented after coughing a few times and his tone was sincere. In general, if anyone heard how he complimented Ren Baqian, they would have thought that Papa Chen really felt that way.

Seeing that Ren Baqian already said those words, Papa Chen no longer showed any interest in the empress. In any case, he and Ren Baqian were on the same boat at the moment.

Following which, Xu Shan and Sun Qing did a series of examinations on Ren Baqian. To their surprise, he really had recovered. The R worms in his body had already completely disappeared.

"How did you do it? What did you eat?" The pair of scientists were stirred with excitement.

Papa Chen remained unmoved. In actual fact, he was actually aware of this matter. Sun Qing and Xu Shan had directly found him and requested more equipment for the laboratory. They wanted to expand their research on the R worms. In addition, they also described the future prospects of the R worms to him.

Thus, besides expressing his concern towards Ren Baqian, he was also here because of the aforementioned reasons.

"This is the antidote." Ren Baqian took out an interesting and appealing small box. Both Xu Shan and Sun Qing's eyes were practically fixated on it.

Papa Chen also stared at that box. At the same time, he was scheming in his heart on how to get the other party to hand this box over to him.

As a far as this issue was concerned, he understood clearly that their previous agreement only concerned the black mud cream. The value of the item Ren Baqian just took out, didn't pale in comparison to the black mud cream.

After all, his status determined his way of thinking.

"I only have this much. All of you better pay more attention and keep it safely. If it's gone, there's nothing I can do about it anymore." Ren Baqian took another box out and placed it at the side of the table. He felt that if both Xu Shan and Sun Qing wanted to test its composition and find any substances which had a reaction to these R worms, two pills ought to be enough.

There was one more pill in his bag which he kept as reserve.

Ren Baqian's straightforwardness caught Papa Chen slightly off guard.

Papa Chen looked at Xu Shan and Sun Qing opened the boxes as if they obtained treasures before promptly seeing them off. Only then did he said to Ren Baqian, "Baqian, if we are able to achieve results from the research, I will give another fifteen percent worth of stocks to you.

It was foreseeable that the results of this laboratory would bring dozens of billions in wealth later in the future. By giving away fifteen percent worth of stocks out of the forty percent he originally had, not only was he giving away hundreds of millions or even one billion worth of profits to someone else, it also made greatly reduced his authority in the laboratory as well as the medicinal factory in the future.

Of course, the prerequisite was that there must be results. Even if he had to lose fifteen percent of his stocks, his earnings wouldn't decrease as well.

It was a huge matter that affected more than ten billion worth of profits. Naturally, the two once again had to sign an agreement. The reason why he spoke now was because of the woman who was by Ren Baqian's side, who made him felt rather pressured.

Under his preconception, he felt that even a rich merchant wouldn't be able to nurture a woman like her.

Only those evergreen political families or military families would be able to nurture a woman with an ability to control life-and-death decisions.

As a result, he made a timely statement so that others wouldn't feel that he had taken too much.

There were many things that required an appropriate behavior.

"Forget it, Uncle. I have said that I don't have much interest in these things. Just like the sentence you told me before, 'When doing business, having a win-win situation for both sides is the most important thing!' This sentence has been engraved in my memory.

Regardless of whether it is the laboratory or the medicinal factory, Uncle will be in charge of it. I'm not concerned about it. I also don't care about how much money I earn." Ren Baqian gestured with his hands.

When he was in Dayao, he relied on Earth. But now when he's on Earth, he actually relied on the other world.

In particular, there was the empress and the entire Dayao.

He really didn't care about earning money anymore.

He was full of confidence and the way he spoke was also filled with vigor. His carefree appearance actually made Papa Chen a little amazed.

In less than a year, this young man had actually matured into such state, and Papa Chen wondered what in the world he actually experienced. He was actually willing to give away money that was within his grasp at the snap of his fingertips.

Papa Chen smiled after he was slightly surprised by Ren Baqian's words, "Since you call me Uncle, this means that I will be taking advantage of you."

Both parties chatted for a while longer, and Ren Baqian rejected Papa Chen's suggestion once again. As such, Papa Chen didn't say anything more. He only felt that this young man would be someone extraordinary in the days to come.

Ren Baqian delivered the antidote and there wasn't anything else to be done. He declined Papa Chen's invitation to have dinner together and went to the shopping mall with the empress. Previously, he had promised the empress to accompany her and buy a dress. Although she had already changed into a red dress set, it was a dress which he casually bought for her when they were in Turkey.